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Poor Moog... In the epic battle of the blue 2 door Subaru coupes, the BRZ was victorious setting a lap time 3 seconds quicker than before we turbo'd it. Sadly, the STI was left behind. But the WRX was not the only blue coupe that Marty brought to the track that day...
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Sep 14, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 months ago
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john stone
john stone 2 months ago
If you want a head thats built id give you one just to get my name out there i rebuild kia / 4g63 heads im trying to make a name for my self in the 4g63/4g64/4g69 platform i have followed your show for the whole time and i build heads and want to give you one if you are interested also id give u the whole water pipe assembly as well every valve brand new oew evo 8 valves just to help 2 sexy win
Radbug 2 months ago
"Well that was an expensive day!" LOL #TrackLife
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
Maybe your next project should be to get and pimp a tow truck!
LimeSupra 2 months ago
Hope you guys can make it back to Japan after this whole craziness ends. I daily drive a Jza80 and would love to cruise with you guys here
Ljubo's Car's Adventures
You should definitely prepare 2sexy for battle against the so called supercars on the racetrack with the IT geegs but kind Person's😁.
Gst Sketches
Gst Sketches 3 days ago
keeping the tow truck business going
Sen9733 7 days ago
"cardboard aided design" made me crack up
DreamGamingS2 9 days ago
So hard to watch with all the short shifting and lifting, can really tell Marty is scared it's going to explode the whole time. The car sounds like it would be an absolute beast if driven at 100%
Lightning McKurt
Lightning McKurt 19 days ago
Absolutely loved watching Martin scare himself with his track weapon! Can't wait to see it sorted out!!
D C 20 days ago
omg, that sound when revs hit up
Alex Flores Jr.
Alex Flores Jr. 22 days ago
Any update on 2sexy???
Denys B
Denys B 29 days ago
Way to go Marty! You the man!
Jack Sibley
Jack Sibley Month ago
Marty: 'Some fast GT looking Porsche' Reality: 987 Cayman with some stripes
3000xx Month ago
marty’s lack of rev-matching hurts my soul.
Trevor Weir
Trevor Weir Month ago
the most epic race starts at 10:52
Yeah Nah
Yeah Nah Month ago
In comparison for giggles, a stock RX8 with decent tyres and a good driver can do a 1:48.1 Which is pretty impressive considering I picked up a RX8 for $2,500 AUD!!
Brutalford Month ago
You should find somebody to drive to sexy to its limits and see how fast it can go. Cuz it seems like it could possibly be ask fast if not faster than some high-end supercars or at least low-grade supercars
Lawrence Woody
Lawrence Woody Month ago
Marty looks like he is having 0 fun on that track. So much concern on that face!!
Joshua Swart
Joshua Swart Month ago
I would've done more holes in the front bumper for the radiator
Timothy Meads
Timothy Meads Month ago
7:10 Martin's actually scared face
Great driving! Well done m8
Marcus Coster
Marcus Coster Month ago
I reaaaaally wanna see a 2sexy lap that isn't held back by brakes and cooling. Get him upgraded and proper so you can get used to it and give us a good lap!
Twyst350 2 months ago
This has to be the most heartbreaking episode I've watched since Gramps drowned :'(
cheese 2 months ago
I like that you guys do these retrospectives explaining what you did to old cars. It makes it easier for new people to digest your videos, which is why I've been watching so long. Thank you for not just putting a link in the top right and saying "Follow that link if you want to see what the hell we're talking about!"
john stone
john stone 2 months ago
Would you want a rebuilt kia optima head to make that fast mirage even faster let me know i rebuild them id be glad to help the mitsu win i have a fully built 3g eclipes 2.4l dohc as my personal project well its finished now im confident in ur car man
john stone
john stone 2 months ago
I got an idea that 2 sexy plus dohc would be sick
john stone
john stone 2 months ago
Head swap it bro
MAD MIKE 2 months ago
Sick vids keep it up. Can’t wait to be a your level. Cheers. Any pointers or help would be appreciated
J_Litter 2 months ago
Awesome driving Marty! “Go 2sexy go!”
MK6CHRIS 2 months ago
is it expensive to take you car to the track like this? I want to do it but dont know how to start. this looks like fun. I'm in America tho
Kevin Bias
Kevin Bias 2 months ago
You guys turned into Roadkill in just one episode. Congrats!
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 2 months ago
robrath31 2 months ago
Kudos for keeping it real, sometimes things just don't go to plan but thanks for sharing the experience none the less!
BeardMat 2 months ago
I love 2sexy! But I think it’s time for Marty to forget worrying about any of its street ability and just take it to the level of full race car.
Wray 2 months ago
That wrx you chopped is what I’ve been driving for the last 6 months
Pheng Bun
Pheng Bun 2 months ago
Oh man! Wish the over heating issue didn’t happen
Liddz 2 months ago
I thought 2sexy was kaput before this race!? Has it been fixed?
Pengajim 2 months ago
You need to learn how to put your belts on properly.
Djouneyt Hadjiveliev
The guy in the cayman drove it home tho 🤣
Hebu The Lone Wolf
Hebu The Lone Wolf 2 months ago
gotta love that mitsu. outside it just looks like a normal mitsubishi but under the hood is sleeping a monster waiting to be tamed :D
Justin Gray
Justin Gray 2 months ago
That porsche must be spewin!
Tushar Raval
Tushar Raval 2 months ago
That Porsche was so butthurt!
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 2 months ago
I love how toosexy sounds. Sounds mean but good
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 2 months ago
Put the radiator in the trunk like the drift cars with a high flow electric water pump
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera 2 months ago
I love to see toosexy out again
Steve Evans
Steve Evans 2 months ago
10:30 - Does the driver of that porker not know how to turn a steering wheel? lol! Apex is over there mate ----> Here, borrow my binoculars so you can see it! lol!
fetterFriB 2 months ago
isn't that racingseatbelt release way too high? I understand you need room for your massive balls of steel but in case of an accident it can be dangerous to wear it like this. Anyway, keep up the good work!
Hagop Shishmanyan
Hagop Shishmanyan 2 months ago
It is time to complete 2sexy! Let's go, boys!
N4CR 2 months ago
It's strange you have not figured out most car manufacturers making track cars stick to NA for a reason...
Roimata Céitinn
Roimata Céitinn 2 months ago
Would be mad idea to do a rear mount radiator under the boot with upgraded fans 🤙 dry ice in a double skinned piping/water to air IC before the ATA IC would be mean as for some hot laps
markoh 2 months ago
10:15 The greatest rivalry of all time
Eric Prosch-Jensen
Eric Prosch-Jensen 2 months ago
So much for Japanese reliability.
Zedrei 2 months ago
Tow truck guys won
Eric Glueckert
Eric Glueckert 2 months ago
Bring back Yaris Hilton.
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 2 months ago
Has anyone's Mira poster come yet? Mine never got here :/
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 2 months ago
Unless it's still on its way, too excited but worried where it is
555jaybo 2 months ago
That Porker was all over the place and needs to learn how to drive
C4188 2 months ago
This is the Devil Z of Evos
Meth Mouth
Meth Mouth 2 months ago
Instead of bigger radeator you can double up 2 of the smaller Honda's 1 infront of the other. this might save you some space, and good luck
kandlrex 2 months ago
Lesson learned: don’t flog your street car on a race track or it will break 👍
Marty Kath
Marty Kath 2 months ago
Next time your car overheats turn your heater on full bore and it will assist the cooling of your engine if you can stand the cabin temp. HINT
Justis Bateson
Justis Bateson 2 months ago
at 2:10 is just pure sound porn
Speaking Out
Speaking Out 2 months ago
I’m in NY like where’s the new MCM drop???
James 2 months ago
Unfortunately being Subaru's on top of a tow truck is their natural habitat 😜
Mike Vivirito
Mike Vivirito 2 months ago
That little Lancer is so RAW it's not even funny.
Derek Addy
Derek Addy 2 months ago
big surprise the only one at the end of the day that could of driven away is the lancer...
Ryan Barrimore
Ryan Barrimore 2 months ago
Much bigger radiator and a proper racing seat to stop you being thrown around and your times elk get much better
Good one!
Good one! 2 months ago
They've accidentally made a ridiculously good track car. And it's a lancer still! 😆
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 months ago
I really like how Marty forms bonds with the cars he buys and modifies.
borys104 2 months ago
Toosexy Has the same rims as vaseline Civic ???
Kevin Gaijin
Kevin Gaijin 2 months ago
Time for a sequential gearbox upgrade
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 months ago
without the bonnet entirely. pouring water over the radiator = evaporative cooling. cool side effect: it will steam like you've blown something, but you can keep going for a bit
Hayden M
Hayden M 2 months ago
On that porsche like white on rice!! Cheee Boi!
Nathan 99
Nathan 99 2 months ago
This video was brilliant 😂 don’t go bust getting them all fixed lads 🚙🚙🚙
SHAK TECH 2 months ago
Any of you guys know a good tuner for haltech ecus rb30 melbourne?
Fern_V 2 months ago
This episode is absolutely epic.
NeoIsrafil 2 months ago
Poor 2sexy... she needs a cool drink. Id like to see you guys actually go over the top for once. Upgrade to like..stage 6. Pick one of your cars and go to the moon. No limit except its gotta have the stock engine, no dropping a hellcat engine in there (if its 2sexy that u pick we'll count the engine that's in there now as the stock one since it's already been done. The ultimate rivals fight, Marty vs Moog in the ultimate battle of the mightiest car mods. A track battle, a drag battle, and a drift battle. Make the ultimate episode guys....cmon, itll be fun!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 months ago
You didn’t ‘keep up’ with the Porsche. He was slowing you down 👌
djgyixx 2 months ago
Hey Moog and Marty I wanted to see if you heard songs buy a guy called dixi he uses turbo sounds in his songs and makes car songs you should check him out us-first.info/player/video/gNimZ457YW2FdYU.html us-first.info/player/video/fpiGmqekeJ2blZM.html
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 2 months ago
Get super Gramps out 😝
Paul Nikiel
Paul Nikiel 2 months ago
watched this episode 3 times, oh man
Lewis Spear
Lewis Spear 2 months ago
i told you all ages ago that it was all about team 2sexy
David Sharp
David Sharp 2 months ago
Star Trek Scotty, "she kanna take the power"
Dale Comedy
Dale Comedy 2 months ago
That engine sound is 2sexy
Ethan Howard
Ethan Howard 2 months ago
It's back!!!! 😱😆
jack watson
jack watson 2 months ago
On a completely separate note when could we a Nissan 300ZX nugget feature 👀👀
Glen Grimm
Glen Grimm 2 months ago
I want to Turbo my Nissan pathfinder. Is there a kit or do I need to make it all myself, Is twin turbo the way to go or is single enough. It's a 3.3Ltr V6 same design Engine as the 300Zx Twin turbo but pathfinders never came out in Australia as a turbo Only the 4 cylinder diesels. It's a 2001 series 2
Nigel's 2 months ago
You guys need your own tilt tray!
Ivo Kraaier
Ivo Kraaier 2 months ago
would it help if you fitted a copper core radiator? it transfers heat faster than aluminium i've learned a lot about (emergency) cooling while i traveled Oz in an XC wagon: lifting/raising the bonnet at the hinges so the heat can get out! (hot air goes up, don't expect it to go to the undertray) or cut some slots in the bonnet, some aboriginals did without the bonnet entirely. pouring water over the radiator = evaporative cooling. cool side effect: it will steam like you've blown something, but you can keep going for a bit longer. the evaporative cooling is now "installed" on my 2000 volvo V70: i rerouted the headlight washer hoses to point at the radiator so if the car does cook, i spray the windshield and radiator at the same time.
Jamei McLeod
Jamei McLeod 2 months ago
too bad this motor isnt in wrx, slap a barra in wrx & supercharge it
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 2 months ago
The raw emotion on Marty's face when he sees just how fast the car is... wait until it's cooled better... and goes from "slight worry" to "brown pants mode".
Jaime Ruiz Palacios
Jaime Ruiz Palacios 2 months ago
Only MCM can break 3 cars in one day
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 2 months ago
What happened to the 180??? Wasn't that suppose to be after the wrx
MrTexxxy 2 months ago
Got any solid plans for the cooling issues yet?
Billy L
Billy L 2 months ago
"cardboard aided design"
gav240z 2 months ago
14:13 - Nice, you installed the wood pecker mod. :)
Thomas William Firby
Get super Gramps out 😝
Paul Ford
Paul Ford 2 months ago
Great to see too sexy again.
fat420cracker 2 months ago
Once you get it sorted it you're going to have to change the name to Porsche Slayer.
diavo009 2 months ago
No one going to comment on how awful he was at driving on track? Definitely needs to get more track time in if that's how they drive..
Rimantas V
Rimantas V 2 months ago
should have broght the MR2
Niklas H
Niklas H 2 months ago
Marty, are you wearing the belt up under your sternum? That can cause submarining in an accident with some nasty internal injuries (blunt liver trauma and bucket handle for example). Please get a 5/6-point or at least tighten down the side belts.
Jesse Asher
Jesse Asher 2 months ago
shouldnt have let that porsche pass xD
devisionhun 2 months ago
all 3 on towtrucks... proper track day!
Andrew Slaven
Andrew Slaven 2 months ago
Speed factory makes a thicker version of the civic radiator that will fix all your problems
cameron jefferies
cameron jefferies 2 months ago
When you think it's all over 😂😂
Jun Kitami
Jun Kitami 2 months ago
I wouldn't have the cheek to be like Marty flogging a FWD with 394hp and questionable differential. It's understeering pretty much and I drive a modified Honda Accord Euro R myself in the past where the HP never got above 265hp and that still scared the shit out of me in the corners but with 394hp? Hell naw. Marty gets my respect.
Jameson North
Jameson North 2 months ago
This video is just pure MCM joy.