Yaris Hilton - What went wrong? (Engine Inspection) 

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After blowing our eBay boosted wrecker Corolla engine, we bring Yaris Hilton back to the shed to try and work out what's wrong with it and what we should do next.
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Feb 19, 2020




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José Alejandro Mérida González
sooo, parted out?
mason keller
mason keller 2 days ago
first i saw the can move in the turbo vid, now the cherry picker... you guys moving or just a running joke?
JRRacefab 5 days ago
Should of put a Honda engine in it... would of made more power and been able to drive it home after
10GTE 5 days ago
Can an actual mechanic look at it??? 🤷‍♂️ moving a big end side to side tells you nothing.
Freddy rosenberg
Freddy rosenberg 9 days ago
DON'T GO ROAD RACING WITH A STOCK OIL PAN. It has to be baffled to prevent oil starvation during hard cornering. That's what killed this engine.
Nick Hanlley
Nick Hanlley 9 days ago
Does anyone know what happened to this cool project? Did they give up
3dw3dw 11 days ago
A common issue with some toyota 1.8l engines on a road course causing oil starvation is the lack of a baffled oil pan. So on high G corners at high rpm the oil will slosh to the side and as such a lot of the oil that has gone to the head will a accumulate up top lowering the level in the pan. Top slosh and bottom slosh work together to expose the oil pick up to air. This will only happen a couple of times before you see the bearing spin and its downhill from there. The cheap turbo likely had little to do with it. To prevent this in my car it was necessary to install a baffled oil pan.
Leo XL
Leo XL 11 days ago
"I need that turbo in mine ., Sir" 2012 Toyota Yaris Supa Car. Great video. did y'all upgraded the clutch.
Mlg Gaming
Mlg Gaming 12 days ago
Why did the engine crane move wtf
Mashu Haraguni
Mashu Haraguni 14 days ago
bruh just buy new rods and pistons that are forged and not shitty oem ones
Compeer Raa
Compeer Raa 14 days ago
Boys i just bought a Yaris...2006 1.5vvti lol..shes manual tho! Actually goes bloody well and only had 127km! Needs a turbo
Mickey J MTB
Mickey J MTB 14 days ago
5:30 😂
Making Stuff Awesome
sounds like my experience of track racing ..
SadFlex 19 days ago
Y’all the ghost thing is a running joke
Swarl-O 20 days ago
i miss this car. i hope you guys resurrect it in a future build series.
Rob Dixson
Rob Dixson 25 days ago
Those Lego men...so annoying.
labakis1 27 days ago
make a turbo engine without low engine's compression ratio is the result that you'll expect
Henrik Adman
Henrik Adman 28 days ago
Rebuild the motor it’s cool
Michał Stankiewicz
You have a ghosts in a shop. 5:55 trolley at the back moves.
boost junkie
boost junkie Month ago
if it had meth injection it might have survive the boost it was taking
Elmer Ureña
Elmer Ureña Month ago
You guys. Thank you for this. I have the exact same motor 2ZR-FE in a matrix. And was thinking of building it for boosted fun for weekend track days. But this thing happened in the past not boosted ... my 2nd motor. So nvm I won’t build this engine anymore lol
iansrving 2 months ago
We do have Ryobi bendi-lights in the U.S. they're wonderful to have.
KDJ Trojak
KDJ Trojak 2 months ago
At this point I'm convinced that shop is either 100% haunted or they are playing some dude to go move that shit around 🤣
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 2 months ago
Good ole Ryobi. We get the light. Just gotta order from the depot.
David Heald
David Heald 2 months ago
Your guys shop is haunted.
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 2 months ago
Celica GT engine with the turbo kit.
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 2 months ago
Yes,we get those Ryobi lights in Canada.
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 2 months ago
Suspension upgrade would've shaved a few seconds off that lap time.
zaebamarama 2 months ago
подачу масла на турбину надо было жиклёром ограничивать
Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez 2 months ago
Definitely wouldn't push more than 7 psi on stock internals imo
Natie Muller
Natie Muller 2 months ago
5:54 the jack heist moves on its own
jeff smith
jeff smith 3 months ago
Build it!!!
Sebastian Vargas
Sebastian Vargas 3 months ago
The ghost was ready to pull the engine 🤣😅
Jayjucker expedition
You have a ghost in your video at 6:00mins look behind the car
FreakkyJack 3 months ago
Keep it! :D I love the "yaris hilton" series! :)
Adrian Caruana
Adrian Caruana 3 months ago
Boys why is you engine crane moving by its self lmao. Look from 6:5 on the clip and you will see very spooky.
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 3 months ago
3:16 Marty using the windshield wiper as a hood prop xD
Marvin Cross
Marvin Cross 3 months ago
Since you are wanting to go crazy fast in Yaris Hilton. How about dropping a three rotor rotary engine in it?
cameron G
cameron G 3 months ago
Forged rods and forged pistons make it a top this way u won't have to worry about the turbo making to much power
cameron G
cameron G 3 months ago
Rebuild it with forged rods
The-Wigg 3 months ago
My guess, ring gap, broken ring landing on piston......lets see After watching: spun rod bearing, would have been my 2nd guess. Still would like to see the pistons. Adding ring gap is very important when doubling engine power, plus running it on a track, the contant increased cylinder temps will make a stock gapped ring grow and when the ring lands touch, game over.
2012listo 3 months ago
Nah, ye stepped on the hoses and pulled it down. That board thing, though...
ExperienceTesla 3 months ago
Next episode: tesla swapped yaris
Darren-Edward Oneill
Wait, I missed her meeting her end?
gizmofoto 3 months ago
Anybody notice the motor lift
RUSSELL KERFOOT 3 months ago
Oil starvation from hard cornering. The old Ford 3.0 lit v6 Essex Engine had the same problem and would do the crank in. Deeper baffled sump is the only cure. Marty looks like my eldest Son that lives 300 miles away now and is a Mechanic. You had a lot of hassle geting that Turbo in. Theres a vid from a few years ago that was on youtube of a guy doing a big engine swop. He put an LS 1 V8 into a small car and there was no room left under the bonnet. He did a very odd thing he put an aluminium raceing fuel tank in the boot. Dropped the old tank out that was under the car around the back seat area. He mounted a big Turbo under the car where the old fuel tank was because of the length of the pipes to the intercooler the air was super cool at the Manifold. I had never heard of rear mounting a Turbo before but it worked well getting 17 psi at the manifold. The LS1 5.7 Lit is very powerful but the Turbo made it awesome.
boomer 3 months ago
i,d like to see the boyz build a fast honda element . at least it hauls parts
John Alvin Gonzales
John Alvin Gonzales 3 months ago
Did that cherry picker moved on its own?
Kevin Brock
Kevin Brock 3 months ago
Just grab another yard engine, do it right and pull the pistons and gap the rings for boost, then you should be good for what you're running.
mat den
mat den 3 months ago
Donate that haltech to me🥺
kraash k
kraash k 3 months ago
I love watching this swap. I just to comment to say, "There was too much page up!" Lol (in reference to the tuner pushing page up while pushing for more power for the other that didn't watch the previous episode.)
David Russell
David Russell 3 months ago
Mid engine swap it
KristianVonRandom 3 months ago
1jz swap
Clyde D.
Clyde D. 3 months ago
well time for an ls swap
Darryl Kimble
Darryl Kimble 4 months ago
put some good rods, pistons and bearings in it and terrorize the local car scene.
Scrapyard Computing
Scrapyard Computing 4 months ago
R32 drivetrain and engine HILTON!
Greasemonkey2k4 4 months ago
you guys need to dress up like the ghost busters and get rid of your garage spook infestation, it's bad when even the engine hoist on the background starts to move, your dealing with a level 3 slime spuwer😂😂😂🤟✌️👉
Alex Caballero
Alex Caballero 4 months ago
Yaris Hilton, much like Paris Hilton blew a rod on camera!
Nathan Squire
Nathan Squire 4 months ago
The thing with turbo is it's not consistent, cylinder pressure/temps will rise as you drive it, you probably had some detonation from a hot spot over boost. With stock components it's very dangerous to go above 5 psi, they just can't handle anything.
Alvino Lexy
Alvino Lexy 4 months ago
4:13 It happened again What's different from before is because of your foot now, mate. XD
Uncle Reeko
Uncle Reeko 4 months ago
Who are the knobs that put a thumbs down ? You knobs !
Shut Up And Pick
Shut Up And Pick 4 months ago
Everyone's on about the engine crane but something moves in the background of every video. And if you're reading this, I'm ready to claim my prize for naming them all.
John Doe
John Doe 4 months ago
This clearly calls for a good Balls Scope and one night in Yaris 🧐 ...
RicDenAed Carpio
RicDenAed Carpio 4 months ago
Haunted garage with a ghost mechanic waahhhh
Azz _
Azz _ 4 months ago
If your shocks are good, go springs. If not and you want a nice street ride get Koni yellows or whatever shocks and do research for streetable springs that give you the lowered look If you're hitting the track moreso, obviously you know you choice lol.
Marvin Buchmann
Marvin Buchmann 5 months ago
What broke on the engine?
Seth Booney
Seth Booney 5 months ago
Rebuild it bigger boost hahahah
Rick van der wijst
Rick van der wijst 5 months ago
Why not put a celica tsport engine in it is faster from te factory and because this engine fits that wil to
Herry X Gamers
Herry X Gamers 5 months ago
Why your engine crane move by itself???
Sukh S.
Sukh S. 5 months ago
5:33 ... Oh wow, semen 😂😂😂
Lim Ri Bing
Lim Ri Bing 5 months ago
5:55 what is happening behind there...
Brandon Lalonde
Brandon Lalonde 5 months ago
We get the lights in Canada
Vanadeo 5 months ago
Ongoing gag with the falling objects and randomly rolling equipment cracks me up....
Matthew Ridgeway
Matthew Ridgeway 5 months ago
Arnulfo Delcompare
Arnulfo Delcompare 5 months ago
That garage is definitely haunted
Jack Hanlon
Jack Hanlon 5 months ago
That engine crane at like 6:00 scared the shit out of me not cool guys 🤣
AmieSports 5 months ago
5:59 I'm pretty sure by now this garage is haunted
Miguel Figueroa
Miguel Figueroa 5 months ago
A just saw the motor jack move and got scared and started laughing at the same time...
Ben Featherstone
Ben Featherstone 5 months ago
@ 6:00 😶 ghost alarm ! 🤔 😂
Joseph Samuel
Joseph Samuel 6 months ago
Something going on in the background there
Med Bukenya
Med Bukenya 6 months ago
Put the legendary 2zz
rana ali
rana ali 6 months ago
Each of their videos includes some kind of object falling down in their garage but in this video it started moving im sure pretty sure that in next videos they will start flyinv
•Finn• 6 months ago
2jz swap
jesse petrella
jesse petrella 6 months ago
Should have left it at 88kw
Larry D
Larry D 6 months ago
I want that work light and that portalift
Corza 04
Corza 04 6 months ago
Boys!!! Turn it into a ute.... and call it the yute 😂😂😂😂👌
BEA5T379 gaming
BEA5T379 gaming 6 months ago
5:56 yo I think your house is haunted, that engine lift moved by it’s self
AmericanNuke 6 months ago
We gon ignore the fact that moog got a damn caboose on him?? Hes thhiiccccccc
Jason King
Jason King 6 months ago
You need to think about this. Your putting out nearly three times the power of the regular engine. If you want to a reliable engine, quite a few things in the engine will need to be replaced with high performance/race bits. Bearings will need to be high grade, maybe need to replace the whole of the crankshaft, engine block, pistons, connecting rods, rings, valves etc. Every time you rebuild that engine with stock parts, something that was not designed to take the amount of force being generated will fail.
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez 6 months ago
Un fantasma movio el gato de motores 🤣😂😂
Pet Leonard
Pet Leonard 7 months ago
hehehe @ Tree Fiddy plate on the wall. Obv. stolen off the Loch Ness monster.
Christopher Grimm
Christopher Grimm 7 months ago
All these things moving from a "ghost" is probably adding up to them finally saying they are moving. Marty said he doesn't know if he can work in there anymore. They also said previously that they can't install a lift because they can't drill into the ground there. So they are moving just to be able to have a lift.... Watch. Lol
Justin Couch
Justin Couch 7 months ago
6:55 No matter where you are in the world we all have that exact same jack haha. Edit : Not one minute after I pause to comment this Moog asks if we have the Ryobi light in America. Yes we have them and yes I need one, I'm always using my phone and that's how I broke my last phone when I left it under the hood and closed the hood on it.
Rod Rissanen
Rod Rissanen 7 months ago
Haunted shop huh guys? fun fun, see that engine hoist slide accross the floor?
The white beast
The white beast 7 months ago
Please get the oil out of the turbo cause it has metal and it can get damaged
Jules bellinger-brown
Hayabusa engine swap!
bigmandarr 7 months ago
Fix it up and i'll buy it. Give yah a thou cash.
William Peterson
William Peterson 7 months ago
New motor, lower boost, let her live.
Mike D
Mike D 7 months ago
Since it's had glitter run through it, it's got to come out. Forged pistons at the minimum, rods if you have the budget. MLS head gasket, and get the compression ratio down a couple points, and turn the boost up. Clutch will be a failure point. Keep it that way.. Then stay off the track, and you'll have a super fun street car.
Devon Holder
Devon Holder 7 months ago
Think you'll should keep it work on it, looks like a fun car and it's nice content on a Yaris don't think much ppl actually turbo charge a yaris lol
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