Yaris Hilton vs Daihatsu Mira 

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We battle our JDM 4WD Turbo Daihatsu Mira against the crappiest Toyota Yaris on the internet
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Sep 14, 2019




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Shed hakim Shed majid
Hi , what happen to your mira now. I m still driving perodua, with turbocharge 660 engine, so excited to see you adore the car.
Kancil Turbo
Kancil Turbo Month ago
Demo kenal bare
MN Fakhruddin
MN Fakhruddin 2 months ago
in Malaysia it's call KANCIL
daniel bilorian
daniel bilorian 4 months ago
Toyotas are very reliable cars , but their driving dynamics really sucks!!!
YaBoiSenna 5 months ago
Reminds me of Gran Turismo 5 when you fist had the slow Suzukis and Daihatsus
Arthur 242630
Arthur 242630 6 months ago
You should see how much power the engine can take on the Daihatsu, forge it and hybrid turbo and see what 1/4mile you can get
Umaxen 00
Umaxen 00 6 months ago
Australia: Took away guns citizens. Crime skyrockets! Modified cars and beer are next. Then you can all go F yourselves... 🚲
Hari Clay
Hari Clay 6 months ago
Great work.. if you have some times can u do a cappuccino kei. Looking forward to it.
Jonathan 8 months ago
that squirrel omg. "YARRIIIIISSS"
MickMaan 9 months ago
I have a 1ltr 3 cylinder Vauxhall Corsa i'm dying to stick a turbo in it just for the lolz
scooter979represent 9 months ago
That daihatsu did it on pure power,grip,mods and if it was entering corners correctly it would have been long gone
deoeers 9 months ago
That was more entertaining than any f1 race I’ve watched in the last decade.
Alp Bilenler
Alp Bilenler 9 months ago
Air up the back tire and chuck it into the corner, the yaris loves to drift around because of its short wheelbase. You dont even need a handbrake (mine doesnt work)
Gisele Yousif
Gisele Yousif 10 months ago
Saucylemon 10 months ago
How bout a rematch now that yaris Hilton got a engine swap and a spooly boi
Jazmi Hamizan
Jazmi Hamizan 10 months ago
half of the creation of life am i wrong for immediately understand the meaning?
Icebon 10 months ago
Haters Gonna Hate
Haters Gonna Hate 10 months ago
I thought that Mira would lap that Yaris ................ shows the Yaris is a sleeper .......... lol kinda lmao.... well ... no I feel like trading the Tommie Mak for a Yaris ......and ............. maybe ............................... actually nah
kennytheamazing 10 months ago
Where did the momo wheel go for the mira that you got in japan?
I am Niss
I am Niss 10 months ago
Swap the mira to a bike engine. :3
Finish Dude
Finish Dude 11 months ago
Nice one
krusher74 11 months ago
nice of limp biskit to do the yaris hilton theme tune
KILLA VID 11 months ago
its called the Cuore in the UK
Ginja 11 months ago
You Have to get a Hyabusa engine into Paris Lads.
Zain Ahmed
Zain Ahmed Year ago
its so surreal seeing my car on mcm loool
Anime4 LaijFuh
How about a lawnmower engine in the mira
Quietest race ever
Cosmyna Pîciu
1:03 we need this song
Ken Tremendous
Ya shoulda gotten the 1.5 LTr, a Yaris is a beast with that extra displacement
Jonny Santoro
Jonny Santoro Year ago
I absolutely NEED the Yaris Hilton soundtrack !!
In Malaysia this car is owned by perodua so the appearance is near same as daihatsu
King Davinski
King Davinski Year ago
In my country the yaris is called Toyota Vitz. If you get the Vitz Rs with a 1.5L engine its pretty fast. The tuned version includes a turbo and 5 speed manual.
Labour Work abroad
I thought Yaris driver not good
C7Plague Year ago
Hey there Marty(matter of fact my name is also marty, but my looks are more like Marty-height Moog..) and Moog, I would like to one day start off my channel the right way and somewhere inbetween second year of the channel being live I would like to do a nugget/rust bucket battle! Neons and Civics sedans gallore down here!(even got cavaliers and sunfires) We, at Acadie Racing, reside in an Acadian community(derived from the original french colony) in a very small province with very poor advancements in terms of motorsports coverage or even events. Speaking of which: as it stands right now we have to go out of province to be able to enjoy any type of ON CIRCUIT racing/solosport(lapping and time attack).. But wait there's more.. the second closest track, but more frequented(although slightly more expensive), Autodrome St-Eustache closed down by city and neighbourhoods complaints. The closest track is a modest, althought pretty good quality, called Atlantic Motorsports Park. Not a whole lotta reach as for publicity, could probably host more as infrastucture develops. Very good tarmac. Very out of reach and remote. Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. ..Oh and the "for now" part at the beginning. My cousin is starting his own racetrack. Him and his collegue got their hands on some land, and they're currently as we speak prepping the land to be bulldozed and sapped to lay fresh layers of tarmac. So technically it's gonna take a little while for things to really start gears turning.. Well let me know what you think, if I'm dreaming too much ahead of myself, or if right now would be the best time to set everything up for a mahbe begining of motorsports in my region? Martin B.
Callan Davey
Callan Davey Year ago
If they had the "big block" yaris it would have won.
Harith Daud
Harith Daud Year ago
I look up to you guys because MCM taught me a lot on how to modify a Mira! I had a Kancil EX850, basically the same car. And you guys are the only people on the planet that have guide videos on these nuggets 🤣 even though with your credibility and budget, you can be wasting time on more worthy expensive cars, and for that I thank you.
Rami Omar
Rami Omar Year ago
3000 for that yaris . You got ripped off
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Year ago
They should also have gone for a spin on that cart track
When is Yaris Hilton getting turboed!?
Yudhi Setyawan
It still 9000 us dollar in my country for a used car toyota yaris...
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Year ago
God no bs that was such a good race
J-N-H-M Year ago
lol this was so wiggly
in malaysia..mira is rebadge as perodua kancil....but it n/a....but turbo mira engine cannot beat proton savvy 1.2l(renault engine)... please review proton savvy....hope too
LeadBlastin22 Year ago
LOL - Your video views are less then half what they were a few months ago cuz you guys keep doing videos about shitbox cars like the Mira and some lame ass Outback with a lift kit on it. No matter how many stupid nicknames you come up with for them, it's not going to make these vids interesting. Get back to cars with more then 100HP plz
Patrick Lima
Patrick Lima Year ago
Slowest race ever, I fell asleep for u guys lol
Michael Gleason
It took Marty years to build that shit pile only to be passed by a bone stock Yaris with shit tires.
Faizal Asrof
Faizal Asrof Year ago
While in malaysia we have perodua kancil......cute car ever..
berettagt88 Year ago
cool race
Enzo 1965
Enzo 1965 Year ago
So, the Yaris Hilton is a modified Yaris annnnnd it *sucks* in more air?
Syeikh Nahar
Syeikh Nahar Year ago
D/Mira in malaysia perodua kancil
Why are all MCM fans such absolute fuckwits?
Mir Rind Baloch
wah panda1
wah panda1 Year ago
my sibling got spanked, how embarrassing.
Dorran Robinson
Lol..the toyota yaris i a fast..1.8 supercharge it u see
555jaybo Year ago
@mightycarmods, love the channel but as most of your subscribers are likely from outside Oz why do you still continue to give power figures in KW rather than BHP? I'm from the UK and have to use a converter all the bloody time :D
G G Year ago
I have a Daihatsu, super car.
Denilson Dennis
oh it's Perodua Kancil a.k.a Daihatsu Mira🤣🤣🤣🤣
Op Hadihf
Op Hadihf Year ago
Lagi best kalau mira Daihatsu turbo (jpn) vs kancil mira turbo (Mas)😅😅😂😂😂👍
faiz88 Year ago
Ali Haider
Ali Haider Year ago
Still Yaris is better than 660cc dinky There's a 1.5L AWD version of Yaris hatchback swap in that engine with a supercharger & Chop that dinky Lil Mira 👌🏼
zoe jordan
zoe jordan Year ago
I was smiling the whole time
mirul81 vnt
mirul81 vnt Year ago
slowest car race ever...haha..hebat kancil ni wei...hahaha...
Ben Robinson
Ben Robinson Year ago
I've probably missed a couple of Mira vids but has the supercharger honk gone???
malamri424 Year ago
watching slow cars race is so much fun
Plixr Gaming
Plixr Gaming Year ago
My Honda jazz would leave both these cars behind and it’s absolute shite 😂
Mekik Kemik
Mekik Kemik Year ago
Both cars very slow on track. Why don't you put black top engine on both cars and race again. Looking forwards.
Adrian ADOR
Adrian ADOR Year ago
meake from yaris turbo yaris :D
R Year ago
Should put some extra effect and The car are fcking slow 😂😂😂. But vid was awesome 👏
Rene Stanneveld
In the old day's you guy had some content, but that kinda dropped to zero after buying a pub. what happened to that btw, just crap talk like with the evo and the other crap cars you "own" but actuality don't ? Oh wait to you actually OWN that pub or was it fake like most shit you did the last 16 months ? L8 boy's...
Lloyd Howe
Lloyd Howe Year ago
So basically if you got the 1.5 version and a set of decent tyres on the Yaris, it would smash the turbocharged, all wheel drive, 6 year build Mira.
Dreaming of dirt’n diesel Whistle & soot
So you spent 6 years building a turbo all wheel drive with coil overs and sticky tyres that can’t pull away from a broken down Yaris with cheap tyres? Cool story bro.
The Great One
The Great One Year ago
Me: Give me that yaris
rob lucci
rob lucci Year ago
Now this is the kind off racing we can relate to.
Money Collector
it is given mira is already modded, only problem on yaris is the stock tires,
Steven Pam
Steven Pam Year ago
Daniil Bludov
Daniil Bludov Year ago
It’s so interesting, what you’ll make with Yaris... I understand that Yaris is shit)) thank you, gays, very much for so cool content
Léandre Year ago
I say: pimp up that Yaris and do it again 🤣
leon gumoleon
leon gumoleon Year ago
I can't wait for the yaris mods. Strangely i find yaris to be quite nice looking on the outside. And guys, please take some race driving lessons.
MAC Year ago
All motor honda k-swap the yaris!!
neo Man92
neo Man92 Year ago
1.3 turbo yaris beat 2.0 car
Ondřej Brandejský
8:05 that looks really healty
BushBaller Year ago
still thirsty for some kei car battles us-first.info/player/video/ndBprYuCl6V_oXk.html hotversions 1990 review / track day. Subtitles are great in the race
catchmedoctor Year ago
Especially Marty might enjoy this 90’s Japanese Kei Car Competition with the Mira coming out on top 🤟 us-first.info/player/video/ndBprYuCl6V_oXk.html
Daniel Schultz
Yares suck no matter what no balls
Pwrswitchd Year ago
Big turbo Yaris time.
greggy weggy
greggy weggy Year ago
Marty heres something for you and all Kei car Lovers. us-first.info/player/video/ndBprYuCl6V_oXk.html
Edward Kwak
Edward Kwak Year ago
Its like a turtle race.
Vesa Tormanen
Vesa Tormanen Year ago
It’s time for the Australian WRC event soon. How fast/cheap can you convert your Yaris Hilton to a replica of the Yaris WRC? (www.wrc.com/en/wrc/about-wrc/manufacturers/toyota-yaris-wrc/page/4178-18667-4178--.html). Full roll caged AWD turbocharged 400bhp gravel weapon?
Mustafa Doğramacı
us-first.info/player/video/rcp9jW5jgqyroKM.html mira
Senji Year ago
Driving a slow car fast is way more fun than driving a fast car slow.
MickMaan 9 months ago
Can confirm with 100% certainty. Just getting to 70mph while hitting 6.5k rpm joining a motorway is all win!
Haters Gonna Hate
Haters Gonna Hate 10 months ago
@Keld Tundraking lol yep like driving go carts with 3 hp and wringing the neck out of it , then driving home doing 60km in the Mazda 3 ....... rather be in the cart lol
Keld Tundraking
Keld Tundraking 10 months ago
Feel like a complete knob puttering around in a 400hp car, or feel like a legend wringing a 80hp car out. No contest.
Haters Gonna Hate
Haters Gonna Hate 10 months ago
100% true, can confirm
Rendy - Sama
Rendy - Sama Year ago
Kai Wagner's Fishing
That’s the best thing ever hahah, plz send your yaris parts to me when your done with them so I can fix mine hahaha
GLOCK 18 super charger
Mood car Vs Normal car Lol No real win
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Year ago
Chuck up a speedo graphic for these races boys !!!
Ken Christensen
I want to download the yarris Hilton song
Amex Chou
Amex Chou Year ago
Driver problem..not car 😁
The Michael Vortex
ThaJay Year ago
The only reason the Mira is so slow is because Marty cares about it I reckon
Boosted Fool
Boosted Fool Year ago
That moment when I dont bat an eye to LeMans but I watch this lol
Yes the better car won now crush the pease of shit yaris