Why I sold my car - DON'T GET MAD! 

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I know a lot of you loved this car. I did too. But it was time for it to go.
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Oct 19, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods Month ago
Want CHOPPED SOCKS? Yes you do! mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/chopped-socks
Tevah Buchanan
Tevah Buchanan 20 days ago
I literally bought a gti a few weeks ago because of you golf builds
Dougy Ducati
Dougy Ducati Month ago
Weird? K swap that lotus and it will be faster then a k swap mr2, an you aussies know what they run at the air strip. Plus the billet k series engine is only $6500 (1700hp). Billet 2jz 30k(3k hp), 4g63 is 20k(1800hp), MMR does a coyote v8 for new mustangs 10 or $12,000 and makes 3500hp. Ppg 6 speed gear set rsx manual trans for the billet k is 4-6,000. A sequential for the k is over 10k. My dream car is that setup in a Honda NSX. They are finally cheap at the Asian auction sites
YTEntertainment Month ago
Of course I do! My birthday is on December 10th.... Thanks Moog and Marty!
Project 2OH9
Project 2OH9 Month ago
Looking for Chopped rubbers/condoms - preferably in new or like new condition. 👍
Si Raff
Si Raff Month ago
Guys and gals when you're guessing try to remember he said RWD, no back seats, completely impractical and a bit weird. Most of the guesses don't even fit that criteria. Think along the lines of a Lotus Elise/Exige, MRS, Atom, TK ZZ2, Mclaren 12c or anything inbetween. Also remember he can probably afford an expensive car but thats not necessarily what he likes so it could be pretty much anything. Maybe even an old Porsche spider or GT3 - who knows?
ItsAldwin 6 days ago
Bye golf👋 let’s see the focus rs tho
Benjamin Turkov
Benjamin Turkov 7 days ago
Yess finally the Golf is gone
Tristan 7 days ago
Evo Wagon
Dan Theman
Dan Theman 9 days ago
My lord is Colgate
Andrew 18 days ago
"Go buy some hot chips" is the best version of "fuck off" Ive ever heard
German Aramyan
German Aramyan 22 days ago
all who say that Golf R is dull or stupid perverts or subarists.... oops although it's the same thing)
Lev Son
Lev Son 22 days ago
Colla 23 days ago
I know exactly what you mean I was adamant I was buying a golf R, then i drove an m140i and the Fk8 type R
1k DELTA 25 days ago
if a machine built it dont buy it people wake up
bannablitz247 26 days ago
The really rough math on the 2.8 sec 0-100 is about .4 seconds slower than a dodge challenger hellcat.
Princess_Yow 27 days ago
explanation: lotus
TheLastCrankers 28 days ago
I thought you sold it months ago lol
Jo'z avenue
Jo'z avenue 28 days ago
This is true the Golf is a everyday young family car.
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok 29 days ago
we dont care... sell it as long as its not the best ones...
AzeOfSpadez Month ago
It’s a VW, I’m not mad at all
Reels & Roses
Reels & Roses Month ago
Sell me the Vtech Mini. Is there a parts list and cost break down for that project. I have a perfect shell ready to go.
ralesh kumar
ralesh kumar Month ago
Unpopular opinion. The Golf R was MCMs most boring car project to date..
Powerlifter Bear
Now you should buy a Suzuki swift
ValladolidArde Month ago
meh, thought you REALLY messed up selling the datsun. WELL DONE, out with the cack in with the Lotus!!
glenn forsyth
glenn forsyth Month ago
mate i'm a lifetime motorcyclist its like owning a honda, they do every thing nice,, hmmm yeah,, says it all, need some spice in life
PsyMong Ski
PsyMong Ski Month ago
Totally get why you keep changing cars. I am about to put a deposit down on a VW Golf 7.5 facelift R the 310bhp one and I can't wait.
Clive Dyingstar
Clive Dyingstar Month ago
It's just a golf ?
Oscar Walton
Oscar Walton Month ago
Just. Don't sell the 240z or the mini there only gonna go up in value so I wouldn't be in any hurry to sell them ✌️
Lord Twaddle
Lord Twaddle Month ago
The Golf is objectively speaking one of the best cars in the entire world, it does everything well with few drawbacks however that’s why it makes the cardinal sin of being utterly boring. It’s a jack of all trades, master of nothing which makes for a very uninspiring vehicle.
Right Wing Safety Squad
I had a GTI because of Moog and Jason Camisa. After the second time the engine blew up, I traded it in for an ILX. The weird thing is, I didn't even drive it hard, mostly just commuting, I'd send it on a freeway on ramp maybe once a month. Loved that car when it was working right, but if a car is going to repeatedly need major work, it needs to have more soul. Congratulations on the Lotus.
bfkmnemonic Month ago
It is not boring.. But it is...
domothepilot Month ago
who cares. was already afraid you sold the datsun
Chuck.U.Farley Month ago
Cause ordered the Yaris GR.
Matthew Zuber
Matthew Zuber Month ago
through out all of this I've been left wondering for the last year or more. WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE FOCUS RS?
De-bodgery Month ago
The R got far too little play time on this channel! There were many times that you did races and the R never showed up and I was always wondering why. BAD move!!! You could have sold off all sorts of cars and done far better. Selling the R...that's going to send you to hell when you die.
Nick Ng
Nick Ng Month ago
Definitely the best bang for buck performance car for peasants
Alan Jones
Alan Jones Month ago
How you gonna do the weekly shop now?
jake gomez
jake gomez Month ago
Probably won't get read, but probably one of the saddest days. I'm a huge VW enthusiast and the VW community alone is way bigger than most and most VW's are actual head turners from vintage to modern VW's. I've followed you for 10 yrs or longer and thought it was cool on different sides of the planet and yet you rock a VW. I'm sure you'll be back in another one. so I'm sure it's not the end of the world.
mitty vidz
mitty vidz Month ago
Oh, this video is about a Volkswagen.... I dont even have fo watch it then...
Dimitris T
Dimitris T Month ago
It’s ok Moogs, we understand now
Tortuga speed shop
Never really liked the Golf R .... so I really don’t mind that you sold it
34Kuro Month ago
Hey Guys, where is the Evo now?
den co
den co Month ago
You flaming galar
j k
j k Month ago
I’m sure REVO was definitely mad assuming they gave the mods to you at a steep discount and sold the car to make a profit which you then were able to get the Lotus.
Ampyx Month ago
True passion speaks millions through the words of this video, the roots of love will never change! You ever watch someone drive by in the most clapped out 370 or whatever, they’re smiling because they love it. Through all the speed bumps and uneven roads, the break fix and repeat keeps us alive.
Paul courson
Paul courson Month ago
you had me worried you sold a good car, VW👎
Andreas Kist
Andreas Kist Month ago
Moog, I gotta be honest with you. And it might have something to do with the fact that I live in Germany. Even though your Golf can go to 100 in less than 3 seconds, I personally still think that it's a dull car. As you said, it lacks personality, which does make it dull for me. The Golf is just...too good, for a lack of a better word. It's too well balanced, too practical, too precise. Too "Golf". And the strange thing is, that the old Golfs, up to and including Mk4, were not as Golf as all the current ones are.
Captain Fartmaster
Great move to sell that dull thing for the Exige S. That lotus is never ever going to be boring.
Absolute Longplay
The MK7 Golf R was an incredible sleeper. Shame on you Moog!
Richard Month ago
It’s a blue ABFLUG supra 😬 dm me if I’m right 😂
PH0EN1X Month ago
Yay, a forester getting some love for once. Iv recently got myself a JDM 99 Forester StI SF and I love it, always puts a smile on my face, upgraded turbo (BT 4.0) a full exhaust system with sports cat, TEIN street master coil overs, full pollybush kit and it’s sitting on 19x9.5 oz super turismo’s. Apart from those everything else is stock. Iv still got my daily which is a 2001 Impreza special edition (cashmere edition) with a 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5 twin scroll and 6 speed box conversion (it’s the one in the photo there
Yekami Racing
Yekami Racing Month ago
Lol golf
RauchenFetzt Month ago
In Germany its Just a Golf so dont Take it so serious 🤷🏻‍♂️
meyaw Abdulaziz
meyaw Abdulaziz Month ago
Volkswagen relaible....right ...look you didnt put enough kilometers on thing to say that ...that title (reliable) goes to mostly Japanese makes not VWs
Jonathan Baril Roy
Love what you have and get rid of it before you get bored of it.
David Johnson
David Johnson Month ago
Make video of modded aussie car seen
R C Month ago
CLA45 incoming?
Mugen Honda
Mugen Honda Month ago
Vw sucks! #Dieselgate
teitake Month ago
Eh, so why did you sell it?
Jelani U
Jelani U Month ago
Lol viper
Trevor Kupetz
Trevor Kupetz Month ago
Love the upgrade. Simplify and add lightness.
djbadandy1 Month ago
shulda got a green hell time on it eh
Clayton VanDam
Clayton VanDam Month ago
Super excited for the Lotus
Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson Month ago
It's water cooled, it's ok. Haha
Ratchet God
Ratchet God Month ago
Am i the only one who saw he already posted he got a lotus already?
Yashisaur Month ago
The Michael Vortex
Martin Hawkins
Martin Hawkins Month ago
Don't normally hear volkswagen and reliable in the same sentence much anymore.
Jason Andersen
Jason Andersen Month ago
Yeah, I think it's the same issue for most Volkswagen owners. After finishing their cars they just got bored and eventually got rid of it. A lot of my Volkswagen friends had turn into Miatas, F30s, F32s, or a Porsche. I'm still a proud owner of a MK7 Golf. Far from finished project and unlike in Australia, parts are really expensive here..
Well there wasn't much point in the R beyond being a good daily but you guys have a million fun cars to drive and tinker on. The only upgrades I could have seen you do to the R was a TTRS 2.5L swap.
Tony C
Tony C Month ago
Who cares. Its a boring unreliable golf. Get over it people. Hes sold many great cars. This isn't one of them
Tim Williams
Tim Williams Month ago
Moog, I don't think there was any need to explain anything. You guys are always moving on to the next project.
Дмитрий Стёпочкин
Давайте маленькие вёдра, которые можно дропать мощными моторами!
Darrel Farr
Darrel Farr Month ago
Damn, sad to see it go, glad it's in a good home. I'm one of those that bought a golf r because 9f your videos, thanks man, I love the car, except for some weird electrical issues it has been giving me lately, that happened right after it hit 60k miles(warranty), so yay.
Martin Satchell
Martin Satchell Month ago
Please tell me you bought an NSX
Daniel Lam
Daniel Lam Month ago
What are "hot chips"?
James Deelstra
James Deelstra Month ago
K swap it for the lolz. The new car I mean
Philip Brucker
Philip Brucker Month ago
The Golf can easily be duplicated but not the Mini or the Fairlady. It's always sad to sell a car you really like but when it's time to move on just do it.
Nicolas Morse
Nicolas Morse Month ago
MCM one of the only channels I still watch from discovering US-first years and years ago, and clearly still for good reason.
Kreasen Govender
RJ Month ago
we need a bimmer
Armin Prnjavorac
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle Month ago
I totally get it. I'm a huge VW fanboi, and have been for 20 years. I have a MKV GTI daily, and I love it- it replaced a MKIV TDI Beetle (with a lot of mods!) that got totaled in an accident. But I am fixing the Beetle and will sell the GTI. The reason is that the GTI really lacks that "X-factor" that the Beetle has. The MKVI and VII GTI and Golf R are lacking that X-factor even more than the MKV's even though they are really, really good cars. I had a VR6 Corrado that was full of X-factor even though it wasn't a great car... and my MKI Scirocco is basically nothing but X-factor..... I'd love to be able to afford a Golf R, and I might have one someday but I don't think you need to explain any further than you did because most VW people would probably understand. It's sort of like what Clarkson said when he reviewed the Fiat 500 Abarth- it was "too good" and didn't have any of the zanyness of cars with the Abarth badge in the past and James said "So what you are saying is, it would be better, if it was worse?" And Clarkson said "Yes."
MrCdnAudiophile Month ago
You should have bought a base model Exige and did a K swap to it.
TheTyisAwesome Month ago
0:06 okay unsubscribed
Konda Fitness
Konda Fitness Month ago
In other words, Golf R is not a manual and is not fun to drive
first thought: sold car NOOOOOO not the 240z or the Mini ohh it's the mobile gas-chamber made by VW? well best decision you made to get rid of it.
nfs98 inc
nfs98 inc Month ago
Is it rx7??????
UFO Club X
UFO Club X Month ago
F the golf 😂 boring every 3rd person bought 1
J T Month ago
I made a similar decision w/ my motorcycles. Sold a '98 Honda VFR800 and replaced it with a '97 Yamaha V-Max. Other bike is an '04 GSX-R 1000 that's difficult to ride under 90 MPH. Got rid of the perfect bike, and now I have 2 impractical, fire-breathing dragons. Makes no sense whatsoever.
random callsign
random callsign Month ago
I am mad as hell
john moser
john moser Month ago
I understand but damn VW golf R completely sorted.... hard to part with
Incognito Bandito
oh it was just the golf, good riddance.
Kevin McKenna
Kevin McKenna Month ago
Buy a 300zx
Philip Chow
Philip Chow Month ago
One car that does everything. Forester XT. Check. Love your vids guys! I've learned so much about maintaining and modifying cars over the years watching your videos. Thank you so much! And your tunes are the best Moog!
Marcus Coster
Marcus Coster Month ago
Basically what happened is the car was finished. It already had basically everything except being supercar fast, and then you made it supercar fast. It is now peak Golf, essentially perfect. Yes you could make it have 1000hp but then it wouldn't be reliable and the price/performance would be gone, and it would be less streetable. All it means when this happens is that the owner is a tinkerer and not someone who just wants a thing, and then gets it and is content. It's not like some sort of insult to the thing you're getting rid of, you simply have to keep yourself busy. It's not something you should feel like you need to explain or apologize for.
Ben Furner
Ben Furner Month ago
VW Golf ownership, the VW Beetle modification and your current purchase, lets me Crystal Ball your future and its Porsche 911 of some description.....
SesameSeedBar Month ago
Volkswagen? Reliable? Shit Moog, you gotta visit a dealership service center 😅
SpiralS16 Month ago
So you get all the golfs,.. except the good ones,.. mk1 and mk2 were the best!
Heroic Hitsuji
Heroic Hitsuji Month ago
If someone in your family is enjoying that car, then I won't miss it so much. I have a mk7 myself, not an R, a humble TDI. But I'll miss watching super golf gap supercars
James Burton
James Burton Month ago
Love the humor in this.
gramual Month ago
whenever I watch car channels that talk about a perfect car and they don't mention snow I'm jealous
Dee-Bee Kooper
Dee-Bee Kooper Month ago
Love the channel mate but.. Of all the cars you own... selling the VW was about the last thing you should have done. Reliable, fast, fun to drive and functional... the GTI/GOLF is litteraly an unbeatable package. All it really needs is a true mechanical AWD system.
I Bought a SUPERCAR!