We bought the Cheapest GTI PART 2 (TURBOS & TÜVs) 

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After visiting the Worthersee VW Meet in Austria, we flash tune our Golf, then head off towards Switzerland in search of some epic driving roads... but not all goes to plan once we work out our car is broken.
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Thank you to VW Australia for inviting us to Wörthersee and supporting the production of this episode.
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Jul 15, 2019




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richard carr
richard carr 2 days ago
AUZZIE ROADKOLL ...or as they assume in GERMANY 2 backwards ballcap/hoody wearing drug dealers LOL PS mid 90s RX7 looks boss BUT R34 is BOSS !!!
DJStrangeAl 3 days ago
Joker Ismyname
Joker Ismyname 14 days ago
Param Gujjar
Param Gujjar 24 days ago
We want Part 3 😍😍🥺🥺
Larry Month ago
22:00 I LEARNT TO DRIVE ON GALSTON GORGE ASWELL! :D hahahaha wow i feels so special hearing that :)
Shen Long
Shen Long Month ago
Now i just want to get a license and drive somewhere... maybe in a 2000€ Golf Mk4 GTI... with some mods.
Dominic Cacciola
Dominic Cacciola 2 months ago
they forgot the camera?!!!!
FFM0594 3 months ago
Baseball cap 3 points + Backwards Baseball cap 5 points + Golf GTI 3 points + Stickers 7 points + 2 guys no gals 10 points = 28 points on the Polizei drug dealer-identification scale. You were lucky not to get cavity searched.
Brent Owens
Brent Owens 3 months ago
the best part about these videos? nuggets of interesting information throughout the episode
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith 3 months ago
ngl the golf is sexy asf
kev Davies
kev Davies 3 months ago
great vid great scenery Thanks
Royal Canadian Rp
Royal Canadian Rp 3 months ago
hahah i just watched a video where you guys called it emotional nose something arather lol but moog was going on about howhe had the nastiest gut rumbler from too many cherries before bed and was up all night pooping through the fins of a radiator lol but here they are in friggin switzerland eating friggin cherries on a park bench grobbling about two cars in wich the swiss dont drive lol hahah fucking hell boys where is the swiss chocolate ffs .. i hope yall get big and fat on chocolate later in the vid ..yes still binging
Royal Canadian Rp
Royal Canadian Rp 3 months ago
omgggggg lol i just made a comment on the last video at the car show about no one owning any cabriolet convertibles lol and there it was the exact car i was speaking about is right there driving alongside them looking fresh as ever. haha still binge watching boys
joshd95 3 months ago
Can't believe you guys parked the golf right on the steps of the Opera Theatre in Klagenfurt! I'm from Sydney and I lived in Klagenfurt for a few months in 2019 and went to the opera there!! Such a crazy small world!
Butingting Republic
Butingting Republic 3 months ago
LMAO while watching the 2 suspected drug dealers in hoodies...hahaha
Azz _
Azz _ 3 months ago
Moog, 100%, RX7's are great but they are a weekend car at best. I was in the market back in 2012 to buy one, however , majority were rebuilt not even hitting 100K. Reliability is not a thing with rotaries. Don't get me wrong, I F'ing Love them but it's a money pit.
L3ft Bra1n
L3ft Bra1n 4 months ago
The whole video was amazing but the best part was the ending to me. I remember thinking wow what a cool friend to register the car for you in Germany and you turn around and give it to him! So awesome.
Not So Flat Adventures
Amazing video, this road is like the Crown Range road here in NZ, but way longer and higher!
António Pedro Ferrão
This was the adventure that introduced me to you guys. I had just moved to a new town, new job, all by my own, (still) recovering from my entrepreneurship experience which left me almost dried to bits. That life of workaholism, personal and financial compromises ripped me apart from my hobby and life-time passion: old VW's. This time last year, it was my first week I had moved town and job. Sitting in my room looking at random US-first videos. Out of nowhere, it started Autoplaying the first part of Turbos and TUV. I was brought back more than ten years, to my youth, when I got my license and started modding my 2003 VW Polo, which I owned for 12 years (Weitec coil-overs, wheels for all tastes from BBS RS 16'' to OEM Audi TT's, Golf interiors, Audi TT and Ibiza Cupra mechanical parts all over). Ten minutes in, I was crying by myself, realizing how far I had gone, and remembering back what made me... me. It was not about the mods or the car itself; it was about the car culture, the people I met, the new places I visited (god damn those road trips!), how democratic and humbling of a life experience it is that brings together corporate managers and middle-school janitors sharing their one passion with each other. I missed being surrounded by this kind of passion. The next week, I walked on the bus and went to a local meet and greet to see my car buddies from back in the day. I wasn't just taken back ten years; I was taken back to myself, to my own place in the world, to my roots and to how happy I was (and I didn't realise). Since then, I've been all over your adventures: Yaris Hilton, the March Super Turbo... Currently now looking to buy a decent 2010's VAG "nugget" (as you guys say down there), and get back on the horse. Not looking to mod a car to oblivion like I did with the Polo (my back also ain't what it used to be!), but a set of wheels, proper lowering springs, and a special care, can turn an everyday car into a personal statement, a manifestation of one's individuality. Thank you so much for the message you pass on, and for sharing your passion with the world. And for helping inspire this old soul to get his shit together. Cheers from a Portuguese fan
Vega 128
Vega 128 4 months ago
this sorta brings back memorrys of a road trip with my family and i remember my dad saying that one of the lamda probes bured out again
wilkesysublime 4 months ago
I understand the battle with rust, I have a Mk4 in England 😎
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 4 months ago
5:00 That tuner looks like the UK version of Father Timing...(somebody check his pinky)
starman1994 5 months ago
Just catching up with their European shenanigans in 2020.
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 5 months ago
"...The pizza is not cut. - DIY. - I think you just have... To eat it... With a knife and fork. - Or you could just pick up the whole thing and just... - and take a bite..." Marty just killed it. Wicked. Though it is proper to just "Chop" it up! Also, France was just a few k's off. Gotta go half a look some day, the whole country is full of beautiful places!
Fox 8ball
Fox 8ball 5 months ago
Why buy an old gti just to rip on it that's just a douche move
ArTiSi 5 months ago
I think my VW golf mk4 1.9L tdi got a better 0-100, i think something is wrong with the golf.
Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor 5 months ago
I cooked the brakes on my MK2 Caddy van going down the mountains in the Alps. I've been through them 4 times now in total, also done a couple of laps of the Nurbirgring in the 2 years I've owned it. It stands me at around £1600 with all the mods and servicing.
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson 5 months ago
I’ve driven the Swiss and Italian alps twice. It’s my heaven
VIDI 6 months ago
my dream car..... what a beuty, what an inspiration.... thank you guys
Java Dragon
Java Dragon 6 months ago
How do they cancel your reservation? That is the whole point of a reservation... you get a place to stay. Hmmm
Ravi0ly 6 months ago
Next up is ''Gatebil'' in Norway or Sweden! Check it out guys! With this many subscribers you can get deep into it and see things not many will every do at Gatebil.
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens 7 months ago
2.9 sec @62 mph I think you need to retune your watch ,I would like to see that . Cuz thats turbo Porsche #. Looks like a beautiful trip....
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 7 months ago
I really do love ur international touring vids so much. I am still surprised that neither of you two speak Japanese like Steve. I feel that it would suit you two. Cheers boys.
RavenWestD 7 months ago
Legend says, that they bought 2 golfs. 22:00
Isaac Martin
Isaac Martin 7 months ago
you need to come to the uk to see some genuinely tight roads!
Mikko Rantalainen
Mikko Rantalainen 7 months ago
At least with VW TDI engines, any minor leak in the turbo boost pipes will cause major problems. If your boost pressure cannot be regulated to the spec by the factory ECU , you end up in "limp home" mode which makes the engine slower than naturally aspirated one (zero turbo boost + fuel limit). A split in boost pipe can be fixed for a couple of days with enough tape.
Locked_Hydro 7 months ago
Sorry Martin, I wouldn't buy a rotory car to save my life 😂
mistreku 7 months ago
you boys should try a 328i E36 or a 330i E46 next time you dipping into European nuggets, they're a hoot to drive! also, RWD 6 cylinder goodness! they will both murder the 8.8s to 62 in stock form, and did I mention RWD? you'd defo appreciate that over the hairpins! xD
Adi 7 months ago
I love how in turbos and temples 2 Marty preferred the R34 and Moog preferred the RX7 and their opinion completely swapped 😂😂
Wayne Ashford
Wayne Ashford 7 months ago
I am for gtr 33 yes I am king in Italy
zane 7 months ago
turbos and temples Moog argues rx7 is the best car for the drive and Marty that its the r34 gtr and now its a complete switcharoo ahahah
Audi Josh
Audi Josh 8 months ago
Coronavirus canceled this year VW meet
WeeR _LV
WeeR _LV 9 months ago
i agree with mithy rx7 i love them, especially rx7 fc turbo 2 id acually bee so so happy to own one, but i live in Latvia. In Latvia there are no fc so, its hard to get parts for them... not to mention we cannot get our car license until we are 18 years old. im just 17. Sometimes i envie u luky bastards who can get their licenses faster haha. Btw keep up the good work i love your vids.
a Bliss
a Bliss 9 months ago
Great combo of narration, filming cars and landscapes
Jenko 9 months ago
15:44 hahah "smash a u-banger" ahahah
s70driver2005 9 months ago
Turbo Rx7 all day bois!!!!
Sandy Mitchell
Sandy Mitchell 9 months ago
that was absolutely beautiful, makes me wonder about all the places and beauty I haven't seen , its kinda sad :(
Thorin Cumming
Thorin Cumming 9 months ago
I need new music from you guys
ChrisM 9 months ago
Galston Gorge is the OG 22:03
tSp289 9 months ago
It does my heart good to see a VW broken down in front of a working FIAT.
Riot Squad
Riot Squad 9 months ago
12:53 me on that motorbike. LOL Those Things About entering and leaving those hairpins on motorbike. So true 21:10... When i saw those mountains for the first time. I almost cried. How beautiful it was... It was my first Trip aout of Czech republic and I've neber Seen anything like that too.
Sean W
Sean W 9 months ago
Does anyone remember the Sierra Cosworth?
Matt3667 9 months ago
The supra felt violated when you said rx7 and r34
Be a Ossi
Be a Ossi 9 months ago
did MCM come to the Wörthersee in Mai 2020?
purple2275 9 months ago
130 kms p/hr, man that just a chews up your petrol 😕
/dev/null/ 9 months ago
the place where you stopped to eat pizza is san candido (innichen) i live 2h south from there!
AlphazLineYT 9 months ago
my golf did it in about 7-8 seconds turbo diesel xD
r1ch1 9 months ago
What a wonderfull Episode of MCM .... Thanks for taking us with you, on that beautiful Journey!
Allen Anderson
Allen Anderson 10 months ago
Mini's are dope, MINI haters... smh
seavixen125 10 months ago
4:56, amen to that😅
Ronke's DIY Workshop
Ronke's DIY Workshop 10 months ago
you're both clearly wrong... Toyota Supra MkiV BTW even in a Citroen Berlingo the Stelvio is fun to drive.
Mark Garner
Mark Garner 10 months ago
Truly makes me miss my mk4 GTi.. had a few things done to it, stage 2, r8 coils, H&r coilovers.... loved that car... always wish i still had it every time i see a stanced clean Mk4.. even if its like cheating on my current B8 A4 S Line.. keep up the amazing content guys!
SuperMotoMe 10 months ago
Let's do all those mods but let's not fix the doorhandel! Please explain?
August test
August test 10 months ago
Hello, you should come to Romania and ride on Transfagarasan road. If you are intrested please let me know.
Hans Dampf
Hans Dampf 10 months ago
Well, actually you were in South Tirol which is Italy but with the twist that you can communicate in german and italian very well. Often signs are also in this two languages and most people speak both languages very well.
OneEyedCat 10 months ago
Come to romania !!! Great roads car shows car culture we are waitin for u guys :D
Roman Maier
Roman Maier 10 months ago
Best car for crossing europe is a Porsche 911 GT2 RS
DANMKIV 10 months ago
Great video guys
Jason ols
Jason ols 10 months ago
Moog would never have sausage on his pizza. Fake movie no morals lol
Dkmasteris 10 months ago
Sadly there are no R34's on european roads (mind Britain). They weren't made with left hand drive ;(
Acme 10 months ago
Well thats broken then. With a map it should do 0 - 100 in under 7 seconds. Lol
Timo S
Timo S 10 months ago
You are doing things right. Thanks guys and welcome Finland too!
hoa mai
hoa mai 11 months ago
Drug dealers? Really?
hoa mai
hoa mai 11 months ago
Well done boys!
Lopo2211 11 months ago
R34 or Rx7 why not Golf GTi ?
weed high
weed high 11 months ago
Wish i knew about you before you made this trip, i couldve actually tell you a nice route along the road you needed to do but with a slight detour through west slovenia that would take you on a road that is one of the most beautiful roads to drive in the world, along the Soča river taking you from the middle of the Alps to the mediteraneam sea in about 2 hours and then you just have another hour from the sea to get back on track on the italian a4 trieste milano which woul eventually get you to Switzerland
Google Cendrum
Google Cendrum 11 months ago
Good God! I’ve been through those roads so many times! We used to go to Austria to get clothes, or sometimes just to get gas as it was way cheaper in Austria, in the very two gas stations you can spot in the border scene! I’d imagine going abroad to get gas sounds pretty wild to some people!
Audi Josh
Audi Josh 11 months ago
Audi sport Quattro
Erd Geschoss
Erd Geschoss 11 months ago
16:45 fun fact, the guy they bought the screws from near Munich owns a Nissan Skyline.
Mike Eral
Mike Eral 11 months ago
Best audio and video production on the internet hands down. Thanks MCM!!!!!!!!
Manray 11 months ago
Well you didnt get lucky on the Stelvio, it was actually closed for everyone.... atleast thats what the sign says :D but what an amazing video great work, i love the lifetimework you have achieved so far !!!!
Jac 11 months ago
lol my Yaris T Sport has better acceleration than that
Björn Naß
Björn Naß 11 months ago
Next one is me, se Tschörman, doing a car show in Mässetschu-tschitz :D
Willy Plumplum
Willy Plumplum 11 months ago
Have a smile on my face, thank you
votblindub 11 months ago
commenting on an awesome video and because I
pinkparadox Year ago
whats the song at 18:18?
Nikolay Ganovski
what's the song on 18:00
jason bruce
jason bruce Year ago
Incredible video. Well done guys.
King Of Darkness
21:40 I still need that song!!! Or really soundtrack
I am really happy to see that you guys felt somehow comfortable and amazed by our European countries 👍🏼👍🏼
D Smith
D Smith Year ago
Hey Moog! I learned to drive through Galston Gorge too! Had a 1.6 Escort mk2 and timed trialled it in the day and night (sans lights). From sign to sign before the road widening, it was about 4 to 5 minutes, or am I glorifying the good ol’ days...?
Seniix Year ago
Part 3
A Valued User
A Valued User Year ago
WHAT?!?! Moog has become a rotory hater? He has to say no to all the drugs he is dealing. Say it Ain't so..... An RX-7 is pretty nice but I think you need an RX-8 so you have room for 2 of your favorite fans who want to enjoy the incredible speed and handling. Broken RX-7s (And RX-8s) are the result of people who don't know how to take care of them. Which would be everyone who hates them before they have one.
Lennart Hedström
Nissan gti-r would be nice to drive over the alps
Lennart Hedström
I have been sleeping on this. So damn good videos mcm allways puts out 👍
GreenFails Show
You can get a vr6 golf for around 4k€
GreenFails Show
(In my country)
Nicholas Perrin
Well, shit... Something else that has to be added to the bucket list! Been to a LOT of places around the Mediterranean and it was amazing, but it completely pales to what that drive through the Alps looked like.
Wheels Choice
Wheels Choice Year ago
Try also in Romania to do the Transfagarasan Road and Transalpina Road
Ar Aa
Ar Aa Year ago
Car number: AH-Adolf Hitler, MC in roman numerals 19xx, 33-digits. Hitler came to power in 1933. It turns out Adolf Hitler 1933
Adi Year ago
I was so lucky to see an R34 GTR, 350Z, Toyota Supra and a MIATA all in one day and in such small country called Slovenia
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