We Bought The Cheapest GTI In Germany (TURBOS & TÜV) 

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We head to Germany to pick up a car that Marty bought off the internet... sight unseen. With just 24 hours, we have to modify it 'TUV Style' then take it on a road trip across the border into Austria.
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Thank you to VW Australia for inviting us to Wörthersee and supporting the production of this episode.
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Jul 8, 2019




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Mighty Car Mods
Grab the new song from this film “One You Find (Feat. Jordan Millar)” by Moog from iTunes and all good digital music stores. music.apple.com/au/album/one-you-find-feat-jordan-millar-single/1471845651
Fabi 3 months ago
TÜV is important
Norby xQz
Norby xQz 7 months ago
Guys PLEEEEASEE tell me what spray you used for the bonnet(hood), i'm looking for it for months now, love it, pleeease please please tell me
frederic langelier
frederic langelier 9 months ago
Just bought your song! Nice thing you did! And will keep my MK6 Golf Highline 2.5 2010
Dominik 10 months ago
pro tip nobody from Austria actually watches or enjoys the sound of music
JA Purnell
JA Purnell Year ago
lol cheap
Mihai 7 hours ago
The oil wasn't changed for 200k km??? Are you seriously??? That engine eat 1 liter oil per 2000km
Steve Ainslie
Y spend al that in that peace of shit
Almost Evil
Almost Evil Day ago
Little fun fact for my fellow MCM guys. The R35 at 43:44 is owned by a german p0rnstar Mareike Fox :D You're welcome. (she's ugly tho)
Nils B
Nils B 2 days ago
Actually the sticker on the windshield is illegal the way it is 😂
SteezeMcQueen 2 days ago
them bloody drug dealers ay
DJStrangeAl 2 days ago
K&K Team Thailand BMW F800GS
Hallo liebe US-first Gemeinde da gibt es allerhand zu erzählen ich hab hier was ganz interessantes vom thailändischen Tüv 14 Monate drüber wer mal reinschauen will hier der Link; us-first.info/player/video/eNWjaJ90laWnfWQ.html
RockRP 4 days ago
@Mighty Car Mods how much this modify usually cost?
JohanJ2000 5 days ago
27:05 Oi Thats literally my hometown man and that place where you got the TÜV, was literally where I made my driving license. lo #Unterhaching
john williams
john williams 5 days ago
RAIN is the worst weather you have ever experienced? Really?
Sir Jeffers
Sir Jeffers 5 days ago
Mans said “danke schon” to the cop 😂
Stephen Campbell
Stephen Campbell 6 days ago
wow how cool is this channel didnt even know about the car show ✌👍
Jone 7 days ago
Tuv verry funny for a german
Charles Henry
Charles Henry 8 days ago
Beautiful video guys! I had sold my 96 Mustang GT (Profile Picture) and bought a Toyota Corolla for fuel economy, due to my 100 mile (160 kilometers) daily drive to and from work each day. I've missed the power my Mustang had, but love the fuel economy the Corolla has, and that's lead me to want to find another car that'll perform well, and can be modified. I've been trying to get my hands on a MK7 GTI for 2 years now, I've got very specific specifications that must be met for me to purchase one, and have had 3 swiped out from under me due to sales people selling them while I'm in the midst of negotiations with another sales person. It's very upsetting. But these videos are great, I love them. They bring me a sense of joy and just make me want a GTI that much more. Once I saw the Golf R you did, that beautiful white, I had to have a white GTI, so that's one of my Specifications, because of you. Keep the videos coming, they're fantastic!
Bjorn Depauw
Bjorn Depauw 8 days ago
Love the red seats
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas 8 days ago
Is it my tele? Is it the green/Guinness? Or is that interior funkaaaaaaay?
I got shit for u
I got shit for u 8 days ago
Thats why i hate living in germany... EVERYTHING IS ILLEGAL
AwesxmeMixhii 8 days ago
Where can i buy this beautiful rims
T L 9 days ago
16:29 - bit sketchy wording moog
Kalle 9 days ago
Good shit lads
Shameless Picker
Shameless Picker 10 days ago
You could tell he’s genuinely happy and excited 😂
How to Handle fame?
38:24 thats my bmw, hello youtube
Dan Lingard
Dan Lingard 11 days ago
"Lets put the wheels back on before we come down." 😚🤣😂🤣
Frank Mark
Frank Mark 11 days ago
I have a Golf 4 1.9TDI with these fly rasor wheels and red brakes in France, and I can assure you I get a LOOOOOT of looks from the cops and get pulled over a lot. (plot twist : it belonged to a pot dealer in belgium :) )
Mia k Fans
Mia k Fans 13 days ago
Marttyy Motorsport
Marttyy Motorsport 14 days ago
225/35 r18's rip those wheels in 1 year
Säämツ 14 days ago
Germany in a nutshell
Braidon Keever
Braidon Keever 15 days ago
What type of wheels are those I couldn’t understand sorry:(
AHMED 18 days ago
Komm bei mir tuv bekommt er so hhhhhh
bearded jedi
bearded jedi 20 days ago
How many of you have heard is wrong 42:24? Golf GTI fans have been doing what here?
Toby DRURY 21 day ago
Not watched your channel in a year or so. WoW I've missed out!!! just the intro bowled me over! Guess what now asked for notifications for new content. Well in Gents. Who needs main stream TV when you guys give us this!!!!!
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez 22 days ago
20:08 damm 20 years later, Golf IV is still a good looking car! Impressive. Brilliant car.
MemeMachineBacon 24 days ago
16:29 He will jack off there and the shaft will get lower???
Kevin 25 days ago
man was there some innuendo when you were messing with the front left suspension unit
thesarcozi 26 days ago
the person at 10:19 it's the same with 28:33 so they have a tuv asistant in the garage
Danny Tanner
Danny Tanner 27 days ago
it was not complete standard.. had an R32 front bumper
mx5 thecar
mx5 thecar 27 days ago
Are you bringing the golf TUV in Australia
Balázs 28 days ago
Can anyone please tell me what type of wheel is that? It looks just georgeus. Thanks!
Gamers mixxer
Gamers mixxer 28 days ago
you never ever eat spargel non cooked guys. lmao nice video
Someguy Anonymous
Someguy Anonymous 28 days ago
Come on guys.. you are saying you did a complete overhaul of the suspension and a full service in just 1 day? I suspect this was filmed over several days as it doesn't even get dark outside even though the windows are clearly visible. If you did - respect It would be great to know as I got an even older golf 4 that I want to overhaul as well.
Diego Ramirez
Diego Ramirez 29 days ago
This guy looks like Karim benzema, if he didn't make it to the leagues 🤣🤣
Neo Bechstein
Neo Bechstein 29 days ago
I always cringe how they say TUV instead of TÜV
Carl Baravelli
Carl Baravelli Month ago
Salted roads. Destroys cars
777 tunes
777 tunes Month ago
OH! you have video in your ads
Octavian Sorescu
Good job Ed!
PyroStylez Month ago
hats +hoodies + golf = 100% criminal in europe
Can i have this as my first car im still takin the bus with a license
David Month ago
'Some of the worst weather we've ever experienced' - driving through some rain in Europe.
vermont Vermont
vermont Vermont Month ago
Only times I've ever been pulled over is back in my VW days. My first GTI (1988 16v) I was literally told I look like a drug dealer and they all drive these by the cop.
Chaos kart
Chaos kart Month ago
2000 😂😂. They're available for 500 but with a good amount of rust 😂
alfaholic3 Month ago
i like Germany but i'm very glad i don't live there.
Paulo Bumaye
Paulo Bumaye Month ago
"They fit a description" lol, as a black man born in Germany who grew up in Australia, that's hilarious 🤣
Themis Krinos
Themis Krinos Month ago
Marvelous job I'm worried about the turbo
Javier Valdez
Javier Valdez Month ago
16:03 close your eyes and just listen
M.production Music
I know I'm late, but you get the same car but for 500$ in Sweden, haha
Will Knights
Will Knights Month ago
I have the same head unit
Mr M
Mr M Month ago
11:44 the snail is shocked!!!
Lee Richards
Lee Richards Month ago
Why am I getting emotional
side_ spin
side_ spin Month ago
the front bumper is far from stock when you bought it
oldgermanstien Month ago
so in Germany, they can pull you over for whatever
TheManLab7 Month ago
Why can't you get 2 doors in Australia?
Harley Clair
Harley Clair Month ago
I have a mk4 tdi
27th music
27th music Month ago
Never knew about the modding restrictions in Germany, poor guys
Trevor Ockwell
Trevor Ockwell Month ago
You should go to the UK where you can do what you want to your car as long as you can insure it and it passes an MoT (which is really quite basic)
Keith Govo
Keith Govo Month ago
James Whiteman
James Whiteman Month ago
Proud owner of a mk 4 gokf, " golf" .. great cars luv it, and itz qwirky wayz yaa
James Whiteman
James Whiteman Month ago
Golf would look cooler if they tinted the slilver front lights
EJ Golf
EJ Golf Month ago
this video is kinda sus throughout the middle lmao
Kho Zan93
Kho Zan93 Month ago
The front grill is not good
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Month ago
the moving left or right to clear a center run is a superb thing taught to german drivers
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Month ago
they used to be called IDP's international driving permits
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Month ago
we have a similar set up in uk called MOT/ it actually stands for ministry of transport test , this is an annual test you must have this before you take your car on the road
twertygo Month ago
Eating Spargel raw.... I lost my mind xD
Art3mis Month ago
Wow good on you guys! This is really inspiring. Watching from early October 2020.
Owen MacLeod
Owen MacLeod 2 months ago
darshan 12
darshan 12 2 months ago
Please come to Poland. "Turbos and Onion" comming at ya'!
Luka Goncharov
Luka Goncharov 2 months ago
how nice life was before corona :)
Jivi Star
Jivi Star 2 months ago
typical guys that look like drug dealers hahahahaha :D
lee 99
lee 99 2 months ago
I'll Jack of under there. Lol
RichardCraniumm 2 months ago
It’s not turbo charged. It’s just a turbo
v0id Tank3r
v0id Tank3r 2 months ago
stereotyping in 2020 imagine that...
Bobby Raja
Bobby Raja 2 months ago
Am I the only one who noticed the translator saying..."They are going to a car show NEXT tuesday"...??? Its weird cause they kept saying they were going tomorrow.
Stephan Martinovsky
Stephan Martinovsky 2 months ago
i swear thats psyched substance
Devils 2 months ago
at 16:00 i just listened to this with my eyes closed its awful LMAO
TimmY BoY
TimmY BoY 2 months ago
Mk4 always give ya that " drug dealer " look hahha
ReDragonDima 2 months ago
warum Gewindefahrwerk wenn das Teil so hoch ist wie ein SUV?
MrElementaryCo 2 months ago
Abo weils n Golf ist!
Thomas Gotthulk
Thomas Gotthulk 2 months ago
Da stecken die sich einfach den Spargel in die Fresse
A Nickgur
A Nickgur 2 months ago
tuning in europe sucks (not only in germany)
ASSK555 2 months ago
It was nice, till they destroyed the car with stickers and paint
Static Works
Static Works 2 months ago
In europe almost everywhere when somebody looks like you guy or almost that and with one lowered car on roads police thimi absolutly a drog dealer or anything like that. I'm leave in Germany but I'm Hungarian. In Hungary more like here.. that's why i come to Germany living. And for sure the Germany cars is my life!
Leon Graf
Leon Graf 2 months ago
Hallo aus Deutschland 😁
Vorsprung durch Technik
Hahahahahah typical drug guys literally right after they get tüv for their car
reeeidiculous 2 months ago
Dude when Moog opened the door as the police approached I freaked out. You DO NOT do that here in America. Oh my goodness thats a no no.
Ahmed-Al-Raiyan Month ago
Same here! When I saw Moog open his door and was getting out I was like “Omg what are you doing?!” Police here in Denmark do not like that at all! They think that the person is suspicious & is hiding something, so I got pretty freaked out when he did that!😂
Shen Long
Shen Long Month ago
@darshan 12 To be fair... you dont do that in germany too.. as long as you dont get immediately to your back of the car to get your license out of your handbag or briefcase thats in there.
darshan 12
darshan 12 2 months ago
I'm from Poland, and my reaction for Moog behavior was similiar. Sit, wait for a Policeman to come, thats it. No open fucking doors mate :-) Unless your a drug dealer ;-)
Filip ;;
Filip ;; 2 months ago
I just did an engine and radiator change in one of these.It's over engineered to the point where it's redicilous.
ReflexiveBeef 2 months ago
Cheapest MK4 GTi on the internet for €2,000!? Bought a mint one with 90k miles for £700 in UK
joe ward
joe ward 2 months ago
Nice Car. Always loved German Cars
Brother Gilang
Brother Gilang 2 months ago
just 2000 Euro ?? whaaaat... :O
Bas Van Den Berg
Bas Van Den Berg 2 months ago
driving in germany with a dutch licence plate is even worse.