Turns out my 'super clean' Toyota MR2 turbo is a piece of .... 

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MOOG threw down the challenge to buy a car for less than $10,000... catch is, the engine cannot be in the front of the car. He showed up with an old Volkswagen and I dragged out my JDM Hard Top Turbocharged Toyota MR2 that has been sitting around for a little too long. While MOOG gets cracking pulling apart carbies and working away on his weird old Volkswagen, I'm in my shed trying to work out how to sort out the rust, corrosion and broken parts that make up this 30 year old nugget.
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Mar 12, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 8 months ago
3 MCM Chopped Air Fresheners for just $10! JDM melon scent. Get on it! mightycarmods.com/collections/accessories/products/mcm-car-air-freshener
Postie Pat
Postie Pat 8 months ago
Is the song starting from 7:51 released?
Automotive Addicts
Automotive Addicts 8 months ago
I will buy one if only to smell what a jdm melon smells like
Matthew Bowker
Matthew Bowker 8 months ago
Track/song name at 7:53? 🎶
Xavier 8 months ago
Take car these days guys!!! Hope the times coming give us more hope than bad feelings.
Rao Afsar Ali
Rao Afsar Ali 8 months ago
@elliott b and you
Garrison Vlogs
Garrison Vlogs 24 days ago
You aussies are dramatic when it comes to surface rust. 😂 Still loves the vid nonetheless.
Padraig Rabbitte
Padraig Rabbitte 29 days ago
Everyone so salty about him calling the mr2 rusty, I am also salty as fuck *cries in completely rusted out sills*
Roel Schouten
Roel Schouten Month ago
needs a 2GR-FE conversion
Darksmall - Racing
Putting the tools on the paint 😶
simon lloyd
simon lloyd Month ago
i had one of these in the late 90s...criminally under rated car...i once did a 720 spin in the rain across central reservation when it came on boost.. i missed every single sign, tree and lamp post... just had to wash the mud from underside and from inside my pants.
necridkee Month ago
Music title that starts at 5:43 please?
Ellbeasteo G
Ellbeasteo G Month ago
I need moog to release the song at 6 minutes 😩 need it in my life!
Omar Muñoz
Omar Muñoz Month ago
Do these come manual anyone know?
JDJBrooks 2 months ago
watching this makes me feel so much better about the 2 days it took to do my breaks the other day lol fucking rust
Alan Pathomkan
Alan Pathomkan 2 months ago
Are these guys really not trained mechanics? I know Marty was a music school teacher
PseudoKirby 3 months ago
please PLEASE do not K swap this car... honestly, try something new, everyone does that BS swap, there are SOOO many swap options for these cars...
Momo 3 months ago
marcusgould13 5 months ago
Sweet Frenzel Rhomb shirt!!
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma 5 months ago
Toyota doesn't want you to do anything to their cars. I understand now
RWoody1995 5 months ago
I wonder when you get bolt heads snap and you have to tap a new thread, how do you make sure there aren't little shards now running through the cooling system that pipe feeds?
Hagop Shishmanyan
Hagop Shishmanyan 5 months ago
Waw, not having to deal with rust is amazing....
Gosh my like new* 2011 Suzuki sx4 has more rust than that!
DeepPastry 6 months ago
With that much rust, you've made the wrong decision. Most backyard mechanics do not have the tools and equipment to pull the engine, you did. Again, with that much rust on every nut/bolt, you should of went straight to an engine pull. Every single fastener on that engine needs inspected and replaced if needed; every single one.
Zane Shaeffer
Zane Shaeffer 6 months ago
If Marty has a lift in his shed why to they atill usw the other one lol
Sam Stockton
Sam Stockton 6 months ago
Why don't you use that hoist more often?
Sam Stockton
Sam Stockton 6 months ago
When Marty's shed is better than the MCM hq with a hoist and stuff
Jamie German
Jamie German 6 months ago
Welcome to the #mr2life, currently restoring my original rev 1 turbo, rust is everywhere 😅
I'll ride carefully today!
Oh poor Marty, bought a lemon...
sarajevorajvosa 6 months ago
Chris J
Chris J 6 months ago
😂😂 that tiny bit of rust dust that fell. You should see an old car thats been hanging around in england! I need a respirator working under my car.
Saki 209
Saki 209 6 months ago
best ending EVER!!!!
mrcrtking 6 months ago
Lots of plastic covers missing underneath if you didn't take them off, gearbox is an E153 the 1994 onwards is the best box, mine has been in my workshop for a few months, rebuilt engine, and found bad rust after 23 years on passenger side rear sill section (jack disappeared one day) so chopped it all out and welded new sections to all 5 layers that come together to form jack point, check out @megapixel000 on instagram had my 1994 MR2 Turbo for 15 years, still put a smile on my face, yours looks pretty decent for 30 yo, the front fan bolts always go as do the rad mounts, check inside rear boot / trunk under carpet down sides bumper where the black vents are aree, they rot there too as well as behind seats side panels where seetbelts fit, put hand down gap to bottom (once seat belt and audio amps, if fitted are out the way) enjoyed you video, nice work 👍🏻
David Crawford
David Crawford 6 months ago
I’m assuming the track playing at 12:30 is moog, does anyone have the track title or a link? It’s maaaad
Grindian 7 months ago
I used to watch the channel all the time back in the day and always loved. My first car (which is still in a shed somewhere) was a 91 mr2 from Vermont, USA... Vermont is known as a very snowy place... needless to say my car carried the nickname “rusty mr2” for a lonnnng while! A shop told me not to bother swapping a motor into it 2 motors ago! #ruststrength
Grindian 7 months ago
So needless to say, loving this Martin!
Samko 7 months ago
In Canada that car is mint.
William McCartney
William McCartney 7 months ago
welcome to the world of rusty shit man.
Welcome to Michigan Car Mods where rust is part of car life.
86surge 7 months ago
rust bucket
jennifersman 7 months ago
Now I know why I never became a mechanic
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller 7 months ago
So I’m what’s called an AS In the American navy. Basically, I’m a diesel mechanic, but I also work on the body and structure of the support equipment (tractors and dolly’s). As you can imagine, these things rust ALL THE TIME so when I’m not fixing the shit that the squadron personnel break (which is everything all the time) I’m USUALLY servicing the engines or doing corrosion treatment or prevention which is pretty much fancy words for FUCKING UP SOME RUST. A wire brush, some sand paper, and elbow grease and honestly rust isn’t too bad. Get some spray primer and paint and it’s like new.
Phil Moore
Phil Moore 7 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/nauda4eVmWqZpJM.html You need one of these, Marty
Do One
Do One 7 months ago
swear you nearly called it the mr-poo
plunder1956 7 months ago
Looks as if Japanese cars suffer from similar corrosion to UK cars. How long have you had the lift?
L Svedas
L Svedas 7 months ago
You probably haven't seen an MR2 that is really rusty :D by the way, you need to fit the underneath panels if they are missing and were not removed just for filming.
Danny Lee Piloote
Danny Lee Piloote 7 months ago
Subarus ain't rusty, they Justy!
Marshall Jones
Marshall Jones 7 months ago
Are you sure this car wasn't imported from Quebec? It's rusty enough!
The only competitor was the toyota mrs..
Grant Ritchey
Grant Ritchey 7 months ago
Need to K-Swap it :P
andrewdini panda
andrewdini panda 7 months ago
Kevin Hullum
Kevin Hullum 7 months ago
What’s the song called at 10:33min? It’s awesome.. You guys are Awesome.. keep it up. Greetings from GE
Thomas 7 months ago
That's entirely rust free from the perspective of someone in Massachusetts.
Chris Built
Chris Built 7 months ago
Please keep the car !!!!
JukeMaster 7 months ago
Dope vid, but you should put something on your paint to rest your tools on man!
darek4488 7 months ago
What do you mean rusted? It doesn't even have a single whole in the floor and it looks mint on top. This car looks like it have seen around 2-3 full salty winters. People who have MR2s here in Poland don't even have a set of winter tires for them. People know how bad it rusts and treat it like a summer car. AFAIK Japan doesn't put salt on its roads, but someone might correct me on that. Japanese brands in general can't handle salty roads full of holes. Mazda is hands down the worst rusting brand, and that's in general, not just among Japanese. Europeans Fords, Opels and Hondas aren't much better. Mercedes had a famous rust episode in the early 2000s, when ML(W163) and S(W220) were visibly rusted in their first months. From my knowledge Subaru and Lexus are the only rust protected Japanese cars and they handle it fine. Audi is probably the king of rust protection. Even 30 year old cars are holding up fine and the new ones are even better protected.
Васек Петров
what track is playing? 7:55
james w
james w 7 months ago
Pull it!!!
Mike Klonowski
Mike Klonowski 7 months ago
@13:45 why are you just putting all those bolts and crap on the paintwork. It'll scratch the shit out of it!
Sean dylan thomas Rauchert
There is always tht one eh! Nothing easy is worth doing🤓 Oh those rims are perfect match looks good black & for its age!
Sean dylan thomas Rauchert
It's really grown on me I dnt often bet against the VAG❤🇨🇦😷 the hoist looks to make u happy even in the worst conditions 🤓 I hope to have one in my garage someday ...
Joash Rowlands
Joash Rowlands 7 months ago
how good are frenzal rhomb
Gumminums 8 months ago
where I live in new york, rust is just a fact of life
hellcat1988 8 months ago
30 years old and still enough metal there to BE drilled. Cry me an upside down river. Here in the states you're lucky to find an unloved car that's still together enough to go down the road without splitting in half!
Chris W
Chris W 8 months ago
I feel you Marty. I've got one and it's fought me all the way. Including to the bank. Parts are somehow gold now, if you can find them. I think I've got Toyota Avalon wheel bearings in their right now.
Ard Slotboom
Ard Slotboom 8 months ago
Is it perhaps tsunami damage?
its about time you guys built a day/camper van,seems to be all the rage at the mo,i been watching a bloke called jamievan kinda reminds me of you guys in the earley days,
Vito Vitale
Vito Vitale 8 months ago
So now that we know that cars from Japan can be full of rust what do you say to all those desperate fools buying JDM GTRs at crazy prices?
Draedo 8 months ago
this is what its like working on cars in North east USA
Grégoire PIAZZA
Grégoire PIAZZA 8 months ago
Castrol Syntrax oil is more a diff use oil, maybe use a Castrol Syntrans oil instead
Sebastian Ban
Sebastian Ban 8 months ago
guys, please tell me the song at 6.30 ,pleaseeee.
Nick Heywood
Nick Heywood 8 months ago
that is a taste of what its like to work on any car that is over 5 years old in the UK, it especially reminds me of working on any british car, specifically Land Rovers.....
lyndon.m 8 months ago
you guys should really start using fender covers so you dont scratch the paint, and try not leaving tools on the body. i know its a bad habit :)
Kolton McCallister
Kolton McCallister 8 months ago
Rust weighs less than steel
Gabe A.
Gabe A. 8 months ago
Things we take for granted in California.....
SirUncleCid 8 months ago
My dream car
CookJunkie 8 months ago
Love your videos and been watching you guys for a long time. Please protect your eyes. You only got one pair lol.
NightBot 8 months ago
"thanks for watchin'! Kepp your[ ..... ]!"
Gerhard Toxopeus
Gerhard Toxopeus 8 months ago
If you find the impact driver impressive, you should try the impact wrench, more than double the torque
Kheir112 8 months ago
Dude, what you guys in Australia call "rust" is nothing compared to what we get here in New England. When we finish a repair, we have to sweep up all the rust, sometimes up to a pound or so, and that is on cars only about ten years old or so. Thirty year old stuff, well, usually these are a disaster. Lots of penetrating oil, the hot wrench, and lots of patience is the way to go. Yeah, a Tetanus shot is a good idea too.
Austin Chomoa
Austin Chomoa 8 months ago
That's show room clean compared to the rust belt cars 😂 we have 2015's more rotted than this mr2.
RibZe1 8 months ago
First thought is that the paint work looks awesome, very shiny
3SGE 8 months ago
I've never encountered a worse car for chaining fluids in than an MR2. I think flipping the entire car upside down would be the only way to be sure you got all the air out of the coolant and brakes.
Dude 8 months ago
Moog's music makes me wanna dance
mike jones
mike jones 8 months ago
it's really dirty, it has'nt been touched in two years "hello sheryl"
Green Comfort Living
facebook.com/marketplace/item/914798158938824/ MR2 turbo if you need one
Denis Ricahrdson
Denis Ricahrdson 8 months ago
How’s the mr2 going pal
1nsanejochem 8 months ago
What. A. Pile. Of. Mr. Poo
Jonathan Van Galder
Jonathan Van Galder 8 months ago
This is me literally every time I work on my car 😂
I_Choose_You 8 months ago
All that rust and wearing no gloves made me nervous 😬!
Robert Pattison
Robert Pattison 8 months ago
Consider yourself lucky down in Australia. Try working on a car in the UK that's 10 years old. Nothing but rust
Art Bach
Art Bach 8 months ago
it came that way from the factory
Aziz Cronus
Aziz Cronus 8 months ago
take engine bay hood off to make your life easier.
white phosphorus
white phosphorus 8 months ago
That sucks.
DougalR 8 months ago
Car is full of rust, you have had a taste of all old cars in the UK Marty! Evan some new ones as well.
Greco Conduris
Greco Conduris 8 months ago
Just K swap
The Badger Family
The Badger Family 8 months ago
Anyone else super excited to see Marty wearing a Frenzal Rhomb shirt?!?! Also finally a 3sgte gets to make its debut on McM!!!
laurencelz 8 months ago
So happy to see you are using a lift. Good for you!!!
Stanley G.
Stanley G. 8 months ago
Best anti Corona program so far
ratbag98 8 months ago
So one of you has a hoist, but you film in the other shed almost all the time. Odd choice, but I can respect it.
geejaybee413 8 months ago
nothing worse than trying to take a dump when you're all seized up.
jay bomb
jay bomb 8 months ago
This WILL be interesting indeed!!! Go boys.
troy davies
troy davies 8 months ago
Thumpa 8 months ago
Welcome to the everyday world of being a mechanic 🤣
Zac Oty
Zac Oty 8 months ago
Put a 2gr in!
jason gatt
jason gatt 8 months ago
Waiting for the second episode
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