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Tickets for MCM Meet Available HERE: mightycarmods.com/products/mcm-at-sydney-dragway-24th-november-2019-early-general-entry
Event Page events/555411878645176/
Shop: www.mightycarmods.com/collections/
Facebook: mightycarmods
Forum: forums.mightycarmods.com
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Nov 12, 2019




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Mighty Car Mods
Come and meet us next weekend! Drag your car, race us and have a blast! TIX HERE: mightycarmods.com/products/mcm-at-sydney-dragway-24th-november-2019-early-general-entry
The Autobot Mechanic
Would love to go and take my car an have fun but I'm in Melbourne
Kermit the Frog
MCM coming to America to team up with HOONIGAN?
Victor Tanzi
Victor Tanzi Year ago
Visit japanesecarsmeeting in italy!!!!!
Madison Avenue Mad Man
Super Gramps looking fly mcfly
F1 #44
F1 #44 Year ago
Will the children be there.
DancinPigeons 2 months ago
I do stuggle with depression but cars and you guys help out so much so thank you for just being awesome
Mud Puddle
Mud Puddle 6 months ago
You guys are pretty amazing! Love the show!
RobikV3 11 months ago
whats the song in background that starts 6:30??
Typa Fpv
Typa Fpv 11 months ago
why dont you do a Hamish and Andy Caravan of Courage inspired road trip...? us super gramps to tow a caravan...
iMann iFail
iMann iFail 11 months ago
Like don’t get me wrong Britain has some sick car events throughout the year but I’d love to attend an MCM event, they look out of this world. Guys you need to come over to the UK more!..
So I'm wondering if me buying music from the show is actually supporting Mighty Car Mods.
D C Year ago
4:55 Marty's gone commando...
Paul Debaecker
This episode made me laugh!
Gabriel Wolf
Gabriel Wolf Year ago
I would definitely come if it wasn't on the other side of the world. Just love what you guys do. MCM is freaking great
B-T Tennås
B-T Tennås Year ago
Amen Brothers!
josh patterson
Can you please come to Ireland as they have really fun roads for lifted cars or rally cars.
Buddha Mack
Buddha Mack Year ago
I'm just hanging out for some shitbox builds. I like seeing something shit turned into something great.
Douglas Pealing
Complete side note Was playing music at a party, didn't realise I had Moog in the playlist. People fkn loved it man. You make some sick beats bro.
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris Year ago
One day I will save enough money to come to an in person Mighty Car Mods Meet. It's top of my bucket list.
shaolini Year ago
Skin color is not a color. People have many different skin colors.
James Runyon
James Runyon Year ago
if you come to america, i am in west palm beach FL, reach out if you need a fixer in this area. our local track is PBIR Palm Beach International Raceway. theres another track in homestead FL, and a pretty decent mud bogging scene up north a touch in okeechobee.
Ordon Lullan
Ordon Lullan Year ago
You guys truly rock!! ✌
Civicky - Detailing & Mods
I can’t look at you guys the same after the sexy slow mo music video bit you done 😂😂😂😂 just waiting to see yous dripped in oil everytime 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
WeldinMike27 Year ago
Much love to you guys. Thanks for all the awesome.
CYQ776 Year ago
USA meetup. Aka hell ya
Snoopy25 Year ago
That RX-8 at 3:11... on point my friends, on point...
Davii Mai
Davii Mai Year ago
Keelan Davies
Keelan Davies Year ago
Such a shame I’m from Wales, old South Wales! Have a good one😊
EL SPOOKY Year ago
You guys should do a Datsun 1200 Ute project
David Banham
David Banham Year ago
I've got me an me girlfriend some tickets and we are Sydney dragway bound on the 24th can not wait to see the legends bringing my mad AWD VTEC Honda 👌👌
5G THUNDER Year ago
Thanks to you guys "Tay tay" inspired me to buy a 300zx, she's ugly she's dirty she has cancer but she will survive!!
Jonas Mikael Pedersen
I have the "Chopped" hand tatooed on my arm :D
Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen Year ago
I’ve been watching the show now ever since series one and I absolutely love how much it has grown over the years and the impact you guys have had on the car community. But sadly I live in the USA so attending a meet is kinda out of question, but it would be cool to see a meet here maybe where you guys could team up with road kill again... But that’s all just hopes and dreams 😂
Would you ever do a diesel powered car?
wiplash666 Year ago
I still live in hope for the day you guys say you're coming to England again! I was gutted that I couldn't make it the last time due to being horrifically ill. Would absolutely love to be able to meet you guys and personally thank you for all the help and inspiration you've given me over the last decade or so! keep up the good work fella's!
vanepico Year ago
I'd love to temporarily import my S13 to Aus to go to a show but it's got a sticker that says Asbestos so it would get stuck in customs for 400 years...
Kaleb Calrow
Kaleb Calrow Year ago
Pleeeeeease come to South East QLD someday!!!
David stroman
David stroman Year ago
No moog. Thank you guys for making this show. I love when i see a new episode is out in the morning. It gives me something to look forward to when i get off work. I even like when you guys do random stuff like go kabab hunting. I dont think we have anywhere to get anything like that where i live.
andres lorenzo
Marty, you had the roll of tape you were going to originally show us under your seat 😅😅😅
Tollymaster Year ago
What is this for a shit video. I like your old videos with mod install tutorials for cars but you dont make those videos anymore. Maybe time to unsubscribe
MrSlowestD16 Year ago
Awesome that you're looking out for mental health - something so commonly overlooked. Would love to go to 1 of your meet-ups, come to the US!!!!
Xblisit Josh
Xblisit Josh Year ago
Oh mate, the TimTam stash 😂
nsren kb
nsren kb Year ago
You should go to Sweden during Easter next year. In Jönköping there is a big car show called Bilsport Performance & Custom Motorshow
jahmai huggins
I wish I can come to the meet.....I'm from St.Vincent and the Grenadines....(Caribbean)
Matt Elliott
Matt Elliott Year ago
Saw too evo on the streets on stanhope parkway n sunnholt rd today.
Deejay Relapz
Deejay Relapz Year ago
sadly i wont make it in my alto 4efte setup :( hope our kei car squad leaves us proud :D undergoing mighty maintenance... best of luck kei car enthusiast group
David Ferguson
I used Gorilla tape to hold my bumper skirt on my 03 Mazda Protégé
Ricky Robertson
i know your gonna be like vteccc honda, lol but perhaps get an import fn2 from the uk and work on it, theres ALOT of interest in those here.
Senaru Lonath Senevirathna
How come u've never done an SUV or a Diesel build?
Senaru Lonath Senevirathna
Project cars don't finish!
Anders Villamo
Really Good that you take pychical metal illness wareness:)
Preston Cole
Preston Cole Year ago
moog, i need to know what your boots are.
Ijsbrand Year ago
Man I could bite my ass for missing you guys when you were in Germany. Heard about it a week later.
Torque of the Devil
Anybody got a clue how much it would cost to ship me and my car to Australia from the uk? Feel like I’m missing out 😢 MCM lads, please come and do this in euroland.
Mark Storer
Mark Storer Year ago
stop with the stupid long adverts......I'm going to stop watching your stuff if it continues 😡
Sam Brown
Sam Brown Year ago
dan hewitt
dan hewitt Year ago
Can u guys come to the UK we never get anything good over here and I need help cheaply modding my shitty pug206 1.4
Michael Hammer
How are all the wildfires going. Hope you guys are safe
martin lucas
martin lucas Year ago
Great video and great that you talk about mental health.............but don't come to the UK it's a shit hole and always raining
Evoandrs Year ago
Lately it has became a TALK SHOW
Caleb Treece
Caleb Treece Year ago
Ayeeeeee! Come to the states on the east coast! Come to Import alliance!
Kermit the Frog
MCM coming to America to team up with HOONIGAN.
Robert Paynter
Cheers for talking about mental health and supporting reach out, your videos have helped me keep some big depression demons at bay
Mark Kelder
Mark Kelder Year ago
As a chaplain working daily with youth who have anxiety and mental health problems, I Love how you guys partner with Reach out. Helping people get a discussion happening is so important, and you guys get that. You two are absolute legends! 👌
st33n Year ago
pablo rages
pablo rages Year ago
I had the bell selected but for some reason it was turned off ...weird
Springnats or mcm meet?
Kane Mansfield
Does NZ count as an Australian state?...... lol bring back Steve-o the Starlet Evo
Xander Zaccone
"Bogan Bonanza" as one model said on the last meet....
stephen willis
Maaaaad, how you guys have inspired a generation of maaaad skid car love !!
Albe Lawson
Albe Lawson Year ago
I clicked the bell.
Jeremy Year ago
Sitting watching MCM and eating chicken wishing it was as good as Wishbone fried chicken....
1J Clae
1J Clae Year ago
Much love from Auckland!
Gscalenut Year ago
Been following you guys almost since the beginning and sorry but of late you have been spoiled by your fame. I never missed an episode but then you dumbed down your channel. Fortunately Al and Woody have taken up where you guys fell off the wagon. Hopefull, y you regain your mojo because of late it is just not happening.
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts Year ago
Thanks for an awesome show and supporting such an amazing cause.... It's something I've struggled with for 12 years now and here in the states theres not much support. Shout out from Tucson, Arizona
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Year ago
You should come out to Anchorage Alaska. Now is the perfect time of year.
Joao Vicent
Joao Vicent Year ago
Big fan from Brazil yo MOOG what shoes do you have? They look comfy and awesome. :/
Vincent Elliott
Come to perth pleeeeeeaaaaaaase😊
Tom Gwilliams
Tom Gwilliams Year ago
Really appreciate you guys hosting a car show for my birthday! Very sweet of you guys. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, I’ll be hoofing through the bush in my “mad” Land Rover in Tanzania. However, very touched you were thinking of me. Fanks 😉
Boggesh Zahim
Boggesh Zahim Year ago
Damn I'd love to bring my rice to meet you guys
Marc Guenette
Marc Guenette Year ago
You said key car... I heard K car... Like the Plymouth reliant K... Crappy car I owned once, not a thing you would want to race... Then again...
jimjambandit Year ago
Sadly can't make it but MASSSIVE respect for adding the mental health aspect to the event. So important.
J_Litter Year ago
Please come to Canada!! 🇨🇦
Sinister Retrowerkz
Hey guys I’d like to do something for supergramps! Let me know how to get in touch with you for details
juxtaposeism Year ago
Amazing skillz guys, tuning, social aaand editing stuff!!! Kudos from Berlin/Germany, luv ya ;-)
Reiwolf Year ago
hey guys i'm from new zealand and would like to ask if you could mode a 1995 honda civic thanks for the videos bro's and can't wait to watch more.
lee harvey
lee harvey Year ago
Come to the east coast! 🇺🇸
TuffyToys Year ago
Dont care about subaru, Where is the EVO videos?
ReachOut.com Australia
We're so stoked to be part of this! Keen to meet you all next Sunday. Huge thanks to these legends for their awesome support 🤙
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts Year ago
Thank you guys for all you do!!!
scott moore
scott moore Year ago
You guys should do a giveaway to us Americans to come over next year when you do another.
Corky 91
Corky 91 Year ago
Please come to Ireland 🇮🇪 We've been waiting for years.
XxGDUBxX7 Year ago
Just bc moog asked I am notification squaaaaaad now
Nuno Garcia
Nuno Garcia Year ago
12 years already??? It seems just like it was yesterday I found these two young guys with a "funny accent" working on cars and making them so MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! Keep up with this awesome adventure and let's hope for another 12 years of nuggets and amazing videos!!!
Luke Webster
Luke Webster Year ago
What is the song used in the mcm nationals video called sounds awesome on my sound system in the video but can find the track
Wavy Masey
Wavy Masey Year ago
MCM logic; GoT FanS aLL OvER tHe WorLd BuT We’LL AnNoUncE A MeeT OnLy 2 WeeKs BeFoRe 🤦‍♂️
Troy Nesbit
Troy Nesbit Year ago
Facebook? I thought it was Faceballs?
TTT Year ago
next time hope for a little more than a week notice :P
Andy Burgess
Andy Burgess Year ago
Are you guys effected by the fires? Hope everyones ok
101 SQUADRON Year ago
Invitation is still open for you guys to come to Gatebil 2020!! ;)
Gypsie Slayer
Gypsie Slayer Year ago
How cool would the Myra look with a chopped stripe on it somewhere. Close to being the most chopped yet, and it's Rad!!
Lost interest whenever you started clickbaiting a 20 minute video.
Jesse Doidge
Jesse Doidge Year ago
Be mad if we had more warning
Dank MacLoud
Dank MacLoud Year ago
That's not Moog. Hes not wearing Supra's. Dont listen to him it's an imposter.
David Ashworth
#Sadboiraceclub. Instagram. Facebook. Fight mental health with a love of cars. #driveyourselfhappy