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Moog's BRZ was pulling away from the WRX STI in the corners at the race track. In this episode we install some swaybars, links and an anti lift kit to improve the handling so we can REMATCH it against the naturally aspirated Subaru BRZ ✌
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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Jul 27, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 4 months ago
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Mr J.S.
Mr J.S. 4 months ago
@Tingle burymuttonchopshitstain calm down. Like you said, you're confused.
Mr J.S.
Mr J.S. 4 months ago
@Tingle burymuttonchopshitstain you would think but apparently not.
TheSippincoffee 4 months ago
Moog when are you uploading that montage song to spotify 👀
Mr J.S.
Mr J.S. 4 months ago
Moog on Dash Cam Owners Australia. 2:57 us-first.info/player/video/hZWGfqt8iXqcl5s.html
SID 4 months ago
Mighty Car Mods at 15:25 just as you said this, some Tryhard passed my house in his Impreza with a chopped exhaust and a “pSHHHHHHHIHHH” that is probably connected to the aux on his subwoofer box. I swear' Rubi Sue just passed my house at that exact moment guys.!
HAN Month ago
Its called “lahme b aajin” , happy u liked it
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Lmaooo idk how that foot got all the way up there but it was WORTH!
thomasp187 3 months ago
In my 99 2.5rs I was on coilovers and instantly regretted them. They looked and handled good but you would literally break your back daily driving. Rather then going back to stock I went to some used JDM KYB Wrx shocks and struts and for me they have perfect stiffness from the shorter springs. Probably the best mod I've done.
Neil Bester
Neil Bester 3 months ago
I can’t wait to get my project STi , man so awesome. Please tell me you tuned your ride after all the the mods?
Nismo T
Nismo T 3 months ago
18:57 I always thought they were called Spigot Rings... I had a set from MOMO back in the day, I paid £550 for a set of 15" MOMO Corse wheels, had them fitted to my K11 Super S... btw, love the K10 March ST... I used to follow Cisco with a Blue Super S in Australia - that was a naughty little K11.
Thejetpilotgaming 3 months ago
i had a gc8 the first day i went around a hairpin corner i turned and the back of the car wanted to keep going straight just about killed myself., took it at about 40kms, next day same corner with a rear swaybar on medium setting i took that same corner at 70kms and was perfect. if you have a gc8 wrx first mod go see TUSPEED in coburg and buy a rear gc8 swaybar, approx$200-$300
chris c
chris c 3 months ago
What's the name of the song playing during the second go of the sti bushings? 👌🔥
Bobby Brew
Bobby Brew 3 months ago
11:14 special guest director Quentin Tarantino.
Christopher Blake
Christopher Blake 3 months ago
Would be great if you could get the wheel alignment specialist to go through the STI set up. Thanks
Sam Crawford
Sam Crawford 3 months ago
Can i please have the WRX ones for my v1 hahaha
gtfd 3 months ago
Moog was shooting that episode? Half faces, don't show on the screen what and with what they are working... It looks like him 🤔
Andrew Chakra
Andrew Chakra 3 months ago
i am lebanese, and that looks so good! huge fan with mad respect for everything you guys do!!!
Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller 3 months ago
Fully mod a 2014 Mazda 2 sport!!!
Eliot 3 months ago
Marty, there is an OE Subaru part that is an O2 sensor extension harness, probably more commonly used on 2000s era models, rear O2 sensor.
Kroozin' Joe
Kroozin' Joe 3 months ago
The lebanese style "pizza" is actually called a man'oushe, typical lebanese on-the-go breakfast! What you have there is half "jebne" (=cheese) and half "lahem b'ajine" (=minced meat)! If i can advise you another tasty option get half cheese and half zaa'tar (based on oregano)! Glad to see my home country mentioned on my most favourite channel! Keep it up guys! Loving these videos (i might be biased as i own an 86 and can relate xD)
celeroon89 3 months ago
11:13 that was really disgusting...
James Cole
James Cole 3 months ago
was that a Holden/Izuzu Gemini teaser in the manual on the side in Marty's garage? future project?
Ellie Hamada
Ellie Hamada 3 months ago
It’s called lahem aajin, staple quick breakfast or lunch in Lebanon.
Leon Halloran
Leon Halloran 3 months ago
Lads you’ve got the large chamfered washers(alk) around the wrong way. Chamfer faces the bushing, otherwise the flat face will chew out your new bushing. Reference “pic 2” in the guide. ✌️
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings 3 months ago
A foot again, why ? I hate feet ! Which i am not alone in, and it's weird, and that's probably why. I am assuming they're gonna keep doing this. Now it's a feeture.
Stefan GShep
Stefan GShep 3 months ago
Jarrod Osborn
Jarrod Osborn 3 months ago
I gotta be that guy. 'kids' NVH = noise vibration harshness, not ' handling' Moog. 😊
Sean Apex
Sean Apex 3 months ago
I’ve been using penetrating fluid on all sorts of stuff just have to be careful you don’t want any on your clothes😏 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 -🇳🇿
Ace Shadow
Ace Shadow 3 months ago
iWire is the best! Great products, and more importantly, the patience to walk me through it all. That alone was worth the price.
Barney Desmond
Barney Desmond 3 months ago
God I'd love to get one of those Lebanese pizzas into me
Daryl Lonigan
Daryl Lonigan 3 months ago
23:40 ELBOOP
FL4TFOZ05 3 months ago
Jn pretty surprised you guys didn't get the rear subframe lock down bolts. Without a doubt the cheapest best thing you can do to this chassis. Eliminates the rear body lag
Juan's Random Car Channel
The Foot Returns once more after the Moon Buggy 😆
Commander ZiN
Commander ZiN 3 months ago
I love my koni adjustable strut inserts, originals struts with the right height stiffer springs. I have everything I want it's comfy and handles like it's on rails. I haven't done a white line suspension upgrade yet haven't found the need but identifying old tired suspension components is a must I just chose to go with stock replacements. Love it.
Joshua Ryan
Joshua Ryan 4 months ago
Blade adjustable sway bars, have a thin, wide sway bar link, That is flexible in one plane and very rigid in the other plane, and they swivel between soft and firm and are usually cockpit adjustable.
Tad0785 4 months ago
RCE [Racecomp. Engineering] Tarmac 2's coilover are like driving on a cloud on the road...they are modified KW V3's. They were also great at SCCA Autocross courses.
WhereverHugo 4 months ago
Would love a behind the scenes of al the times a foot has been used on camera. I'm almost certain you guys hade a blast filming it!
andrew freer
andrew freer 4 months ago
Time for borg worner
Dr Buffed
Dr Buffed 4 months ago
Honda is better
Daniel Sharpe
Daniel Sharpe 4 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/i753eKSod6ishaM.html I made the exact same face, Moog ;) Hahahahaha!
Saadi J. Khan
Saadi J. Khan 4 months ago
14:06 Hahahhaha...
The Messenger
The Messenger 4 months ago
I love moogs look at 14:12 he's like "pause"
iporcupinetree 4 months ago
Master of puppets I'm pulling your strings Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams... Stop wearing that Masters Tee ... I was 16 and pissed for the first time ... 1990 when I purchased the remastered CD
Javik 4 months ago
candi'dt is wrong and candidait is australian, how about we go for candidate xD
Marlo Breding
Marlo Breding 4 months ago
FYI to Americanism "Y'all" is singular. "All Y'alls" is the plural. Y'all bring all Y'alls family too. It's a Southern thing. Y'alls are way south as I recon.
Marlo Breding
Marlo Breding 4 months ago
@J.C. Kohle Y'all have a great day.
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle 4 months ago
Always a lizard somewhere trying to tell the rattlesnakes how to spit . NWO OMG
Quearnyisslad 4 months ago
Traditional or heim-joint end links are better. A good quality ball-and-socket type end link will be freer-moving than a urethane type, and the urethane bushings in the end links twist and compress, effecting the geometry, and eventually become worn. It's like you said about replacing the sway-bar mount bushings to better cope with the stiffness of the sway bar; ideally you would have bearings at most pivots in the suspension for a more linear actuation, in this case of the sway bar mechanism, and for a more free-moving, and therefore more functional, suspension as well.
Seven Point Five
Seven Point Five 4 months ago
i'm arab and when I first started watching mcm I thought marty was arab for so long
Miguel Cruz
Miguel Cruz 4 months ago
kandlrex 4 months ago
In my personal experience with installing the white line antisway bar on a 1998 wrx, I highly recommend you do not use the original balljoint style end links as it WILL ALWAYS be noisy for all but 5 minutes after putting more lube on the bushes as the whole sway bar will shift side to side. Had so many issues, bar on and off relube, repositioning etc so many times after thinking it’s fixed and the noise it makes is so loud. Not speaking from experience *shifty eyes 👀
Kris Klonikowski
Kris Klonikowski 4 months ago
you should never solder your o2 sensor wiring, use crimp connectors, an o2 sensor breathes through the cables(wires)
Highstranger951 4 months ago
remember kids, solder joints are not ideal in high heat and vibration prone environments, even if your heroes do it.
Mr.Dr.ProfStonerman 4 months ago
man i love the Subaru FRS 86
McBoyd 4 months ago
guys. i'm a mechanic living and working in the UK, it melts my mind when I see how easily those rust free nuts and bolts come apart (post penetration) compared with the rusted out sh*t I have to deal with here daily. I need to emigrate :')
Luke Chapman
Luke Chapman 4 months ago
Would be interested in seeing the dude set up the geometry for track goodness
Finley Cole
Finley Cole 4 months ago
Am I the only one that gets annoyed by the fact his drill bit is bent in the intro?
Nyron Matton
Nyron Matton 4 months ago
I never could get enough of your content. Keep up the great work...
Yony Loya
Yony Loya 4 months ago
Shadow Price
Shadow Price 4 months ago
Fun fact, whiteline have a giant catalogue for most performance cars under the sun ... but for FD Rx7's only 1 item... no sway bars, no control arms, or anti lift kits or anything, just one specific bush... and nothing else... why is this a fun fact? FD Rx7's were so perfectly built for handling from factory that the only thing you need to do to them is put an excellent set of coilovers on them and they are cornering weapons, whiteline knows this so they don't have a catalogue of parts for the fd.
Jason Swift
Jason Swift 4 months ago
Whiteline is pretty much the best you can get here in Australia.
krashdown102 4 months ago
you think the sti suspension is bad? upgrade the suspension on my 1974 falcon xb coupe for me then
TurboGreen 4 months ago
Lmaooo wild foot appears
Jim LS the world Yewww
us-first.info/player/video/q62XgayrpZearmA.html Marty?
Pheng Bun
Pheng Bun 4 months ago
Set that sway bar to the stiffest setting!!! And send it around the bends
Dan 284
Dan 284 4 months ago
Really should have upgraded or welded reinforcing on those rear swaybar mounts, notorious for breaking when upgrading swaybars
JIGA BACHI 4 months ago
Straya deserves the OZ moniker wholeheartedly. Is the fricking middle of summer EVERYWHERE and these guys are wearing long sleeve hoodies.
Jay Potter
Jay Potter 4 months ago
It's been too long since you guys have done a proper snack after the episode! That took me back.
Taylor Koprulu
Taylor Koprulu 4 months ago
peter is pretty cool. did some work on my car too ;) mint!
2PEC Daily
2PEC Daily 4 months ago
The anti-lift kit was the best mod ever on a sti, then its front n rear sway bars. All other suspensions didnt yield as much performance per price value. Also a tip, add some locking collars to the rear sway bar, as the rear bar tends to shift to 1 side under heavy cornering. This will prematurely wear out the endlinks as it will place a load on the endlinks constantly and also not be vertical at rest.
Gregory Feeley
Gregory Feeley 4 months ago
avionic aircraft wiring guy tip don’t use solder with wires that will have high vibration it cracks and breaks.
Its Killa
Its Killa 4 months ago
Get bushings and lock down kit
evokur 4 months ago
love that moog was so adamant that the gc8 is a wrx and not an sti, yet refuses to acknowledge that his s30 is not a 240z in any way.
Darren Butland
Darren Butland 4 months ago
BRZ-"BEE-R-ZEE" NOT ZED "OMG"! Is everything down there ass backwards and upside down.🤦‍♂️ Just like the other common mistake for the Z28-this IS ZED-28 NOT ZEE-28.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
contentioushackery 4 months ago
So I'm thinking, "That's strange, why are they talking about Lebanese food?" And then I remembered the setup at the beginning. You got me.
Rob T
Rob T 4 months ago
BRZED? Lol Sorry I know it’s the accent lol. It’s just cracks me up.
Henk De Kul
Henk De Kul 4 months ago
advice, automotive connectors shouldnt be soldered, they are susposed to be crimped. because tin got brittle with vibrations
Joujou Zghaib
Joujou Zghaib 4 months ago
In lebanon we call it "mankoushe", it is a pastry breakfast, you can also eat mixed cheese and meat Mankoushe 👌🏻👌🏻
Legendus 4 months ago
Meme, troll, legends game on point in this one.. Great stuff..
Rafael Bustillo
Rafael Bustillo 4 months ago
Marty wants a stiff one 😳 .. lol..
zloychechen5150 4 months ago
Lebanese? I'd say Marty looks Polish as fuck.
Wrld_Of_ Seb
Wrld_Of_ Seb 4 months ago
Nissan 350z is a hood starter car? Plz respond
Brett Johnston
Brett Johnston 4 months ago
Disappointed the opportunity to use "girth" to describe the thickness of the sway bars was missed.
Brenton n
Brenton n 4 months ago
Thank you for that foot 😂
James Hannah
James Hannah 4 months ago
NVH... Noise. Vibration. Harshness....
Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher 4 months ago
On this episode of mighty car mods, watch marty stab himself with a Stanley blade! 😂 😜
Bruno Marú
Bruno Marú 4 months ago
whaaaat.. they sell at nº35 a portuguese chicken burger!? wtf!? what is that!!? ehehe looking forward for the show down!! :D
Martin Jakobsen
Martin Jakobsen 4 months ago
you should try the TS80 soldering iron, it only needs an usb c batterybank, way more portable than that contraption you guys are using XD
Zxilx 4 months ago
who remembers 2twisted song and car like if u remeber
Curtis Jordan
Curtis Jordan 4 months ago
We learned about STI's in health class..
David Voskuil
David Voskuil 4 months ago
Men come to the netherlands, Here are driving to many GTI`s 4,5,6 and 7 everywhere!
Mohamed Rahman
Mohamed Rahman 4 months ago
Brilliant guys!
Jim LS the world Yewww
Haven’t had a project car in over ten years, but I’ve been watching you guys since the start. Seeing all the whiteline goodness makes me miss my old e21 323i that was stuffed full of whiteline, bilstein and h&r and spending my teen years tweaking it. LS powered e46 is in the works!
Zero 4 months ago
The difference in the look of those parts between WRX and STI, just goes to show that STI is function and WRX is all wank! ;)
FamousByFamily 4 months ago
Hub rings are illegal in VIC.
Rookie Adventures
Rookie Adventures 4 months ago
If it handles like it is on rails then u have no control!
CodeFox 4 months ago
pizza for breakfast. yeees! 🍕
dewy 4 months ago
my dudes dont sell the BRZ....Wreck it dont plague the community more :D
jimmy brown
jimmy brown 4 months ago
Fadi El Hakim
Fadi El Hakim 4 months ago
We have great food here
Fadi El Hakim
Fadi El Hakim 4 months ago
Yesssssssss, I'm Lebanese and that is called jibneh bi Lahme, which is cheese and meat. If you get the meat alone, it's called Lahim bi ajeen which is meat and dough
Andre Amil
Andre Amil 4 months ago
this vs binky
Trashtasticus 4 months ago
That WRX gon get chopped
Cal Miller
Cal Miller 4 months ago
Can you guys please do a cheap turbo JDM build that is p-plate legal and easy to do at home?
Scott Ryman
Scott Ryman 4 months ago
BRZ needs cams and some extra air on the intake side.
Michael Ayoub
Michael Ayoub 4 months ago
Up the Mighty Lebanese Pizza!