The REAL COST of a $169 eBay Turbo 

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Cheap turbos are easy to get on eBay but how much do they really cost once you factor in all the other parts you need to make them work properly? In this episode, we break down the exact costs of our budget turbo conversion on Yaris Hilton.
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Feb 23, 2020




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Bloodreign137 12 hours ago
Alternative title: why to buy a factory turbo car
Derek Ross
Derek Ross 5 days ago
At 9:49 Moog says "I am not into supercars" - fast forward a few months... owns a Lotus.
Busta 10 days ago
Finally I heard some real talks. Not the mumbojumbo "i got $200 turbo and made my car act like sports car for couple hundreds. And shushing, good that no one knows how much really costed. I'm a genius, that will make impression." Thanks, for the honest recap guys!
Pot Committed
Pot Committed 11 days ago
"I'm not in to super cars" ..........8 months later buys $100000+ Lotus exige
Hyper Focused Man
Hyper Focused Man 13 days ago
It would have been fun to see what, Scotty Kilmer thinks about this project 😂😂
Joshua Thamin
Joshua Thamin 16 days ago
Marty says he isn't into supercars but now has a super car 😂
Michael Bakker
Michael Bakker 17 days ago
can you do something crazy next time.. And turbo a nissan micra k11 on a budget, like under a 1500 usd.
Joseph Halwagy
Joseph Halwagy 22 days ago
You guys are just fantastic. A big thank you for sharing the detailed engineering work on this modification
Ian Dwayne
Ian Dwayne Month ago
Meanwhile in malaysia it cost about 50 thousand ringgit malaysia. 🤣🤣
David Month ago
Yaris is love.
Mark Harris
Mark Harris Month ago
Whatever you might think, this is something real, fun, and achievable, your average person could afford, achieve, & enjoy. I particularly liked the engine upgrade and the turbo needed to be attempted. It would make a great little buzzbox if you are not at all vain or don't need a fancier ride.
pete garssia
pete garssia Month ago
I guess you wouldn't do a speeduino ecu standalone. Your sponsor wouldn't like that. Speedy efi plug and play for a Miata na is $390 US. Come on guys speeduino is the next step for standalone engine management for any car (for the average guy) . It's open source.
hthompson9 2 months ago
The car is worth a lot more though to the right person because number one it has a corolla engine with a turbo and number 2 it was built by the great men of mighty car mods
David Zyvonoski
David Zyvonoski 2 months ago
I wold like to suggest u make yards Hilton awd & v6. If u build one ill build one
Hon S Chan
Hon S Chan 2 months ago
I wanna lower my yaris now and put watanabe wheels on it.
Alekss Belskis
Alekss Belskis 2 months ago
for that 2000aud you could've bought a link G4+ pnp or an ECUMaster black.
Makahai 3 months ago
MikeflightFPV 3 months ago
"It's a yaris not many people want then in Australia". Uh mate not many people want a yaris anywhere..lol
Anonymous 4 months ago
So basically you and a few friends have to sell your left nut and a kidney to afford the swap.
ck17350 4 months ago
MCM immune to the sunk cost fallacy. Good on ya guys. It was fun while it lasted though right?
rafalpanwojny 5 months ago
i returned my ebay turbo
Jason BlackForest
Jason BlackForest 5 months ago
Yes, You have to spend 13,000 at the one time on brz or bmw 335i ,but the biggest difference is that these cars are still worth 13,000 and you can sell them for a similar amount, but after put in that amount in this Toyota you just lost that money.
Miguel Figueroa
Miguel Figueroa 5 months ago
Martin what’s up with your shirt. Love it!!!
George Austers
George Austers 6 months ago
So the flares were important to make the turbo work?
bigmandarr 6 months ago
I get a feeling there is an Honda Integra coming up. i noticed in a thumbnail they had changed the headlight of the "best AWD car ever" and its off a DC5 integra. ( i have one in the garage, not a typeR but a luxury)
Paris dakar
Paris dakar 7 months ago
Should have done a lexus 300gsi with bike carbs and a stainless steel exhaust system .
Manny Tech
Manny Tech 7 months ago
Do a DC Integra next please.
Louis Lotus
Louis Lotus 7 months ago
What about a Fiat Punto Grande next time 😂
Oaktown Cyclopath
Oaktown Cyclopath 7 months ago
watched this whole video looking for spooky haunted stuff happening in the background
Mikko Rantalainen
Mikko Rantalainen 7 months ago
I understand upgrading the turbo but why to add a turbo to regular non-turbo Yaris when you can start with a one with factory turbo? That should bring the costs down a lot because you already have most of the supporting equipment with the car. And if you do it just for fun, why count the cost at all?
John Henry Quilinguin
The car has the most value if you will be the one doing all things in modifying it.
RicDenAed Carpio
RicDenAed Carpio 7 months ago
Love this efi. I have same car wish to reflicate the same but when I herd 14k total expenditure wow no way✌️🤣😂
Derek Cleverley
Derek Cleverley 8 months ago
this cost more... than my 1JZGTE mk3 supra with 39k miles, imported to the US..... part of me.... still wants to do a Yaris Hilton project...... still.
Derek Cleverley
Derek Cleverley 8 months ago
Do a toyota Sera next...
Just another random person
Will it fit on my Honda?
LasseBB 8 months ago
USD or AUD? Quite a big difference
Michael Howe
Michael Howe 8 months ago
Around that same price, back in 1999, as my dad's second ever bought car was a Honda CRX.
Sarah Shwartze
Sarah Shwartze 8 months ago
I want it give it to me!
Daniel M
Daniel M 8 months ago
So... buy a used Fiesta ST for the same sort of thing from factory and it'll drive a lot nicer 🤔
RibZe1 8 months ago
Given everything else you've done i feel like you should swap in a brand turbo and see what the difference is.
Wyvern 8 months ago
This is why I buy subies and then do this xD
Mikie Iacono
Mikie Iacono 8 months ago
Didna they blow it up right away too
Tim Byrne
Tim Byrne 8 months ago
Can you do a pricing for the mini vtec
Cash Augustine
Cash Augustine 8 months ago
whats a guy gotta do to find the eurospec mount that was/is needed for the 2zz swap?
mike hosken
mike hosken 8 months ago
Hi Chaps, I think you went down the wrong track with this car mod. Enjoyed the build tho. Should have gotten a 2000 Yaris/Vitz. The 2NZ is good engine. Big injectors a good cam, open ports in the head, then a good exhaust system. Put good quality set of shocks in and you’ll have an awesome 1300cc that loves corner, light and most importantly you’ll have smile on your face for ages. Would have cost way less than the Yaris Hilton. Reason for this build, have you ever seen the mini take on the mustang round circuits back in the day. Would love to see you do this with this car or something similar
O Gffd
O Gffd 8 months ago
Hi, I'm from Russia, guys order from Russia 124 engine it is not expensive and you can collect a good configuration of 250-300 horses, but the checkpoint needs 103 rows and the main pair 3.9-4.1 and blocking, from 55 seconds 100% will output on the track and the content will be fire especially in Russia, if you collect and correctly configure the online engine will be a gun and easily 1jz Does it work(The comment was written through a translator, sorry if something is wrong ,I do not know English)
Saksaas 8 months ago
I wonder what Marty and Moog think about the new Yaris, when its 261hp 4wd nugget craziness!
G K2
G K2 9 months ago
Real cost of turbo on an engine not built to handle it is a blown engine.
all-motor 9 months ago
I must of missed an episode. what blew up in it?
hunter100t 9 months ago
Great stuff but goodbye Yaris, now guys if you are up to a challenge, replicate a Herbie, you know the hug, but do it with real power ! and its a rear engine car so whats not to like !.
BeauOgrady 9 months ago
Hy guys I both own a yaris and an opinion on modified vehicles. I fucking love the content. It kinda keeps me going as sad as That is. Keep it up sometimes it's all I got. Love all y'all shit dirty thirty-one
jtbrownful 9 months ago
wait were you using the wipers to hold the bonnet open lol
commodore1979 9 months ago
I bought a 4 door lj torana with a 3.8 buick v6, shortened commodore diff, hopper stoppers, bmw mags, alloy drop tank and all the rest of the mod cons for $10,000 and id say that its probably better than that yaris
Nippon Nostalgic TV
Nippon Nostalgic TV 9 months ago
So after spending $13+k on an ebay turbo, would it have been worthwhile spending good money on a good turbo to start with.
jonathan perry
jonathan perry 9 months ago
and that cost estimate is in AUD so, imagine it in USD or another currency conversion.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 9 months ago
“The journey on the way” MARTY 🤘😎
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 9 months ago
some cases of beers at traffic lights in the old days when I was challenged.
SnopFop 9 months ago
Serious question: Now that the total ended up ~80x the price of the turbo, would it be a better choice to spend a couple of hundred bucks more on it ?
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm 9 months ago
Did anyone see the ghost this time? I wasn't watching that closely.
Natalie Ryan
Natalie Ryan 9 months ago
Brilliant video, thanks mates! This was fun, and I learned along.....the channel is amazing, and if you ever do a lend a ride in the U.S. you've got a car to borrow from us. Cheers!
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 9 months ago
Next E30 turbo 325I :D
Meton12765 9 months ago
What exactly blew in the engine?
Ak47 T-Rex
Ak47 T-Rex 9 months ago
Is the dollar amount in U.S. dollars? If not then what?
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm 9 months ago
My thoughts are more nuanced than just spend $13k on a better car, I think the Yaris project is fun for the content it made, journey etc, for people who want to modify a car,
Maximilian Boost
Maximilian Boost 9 months ago
I bought an old merc for £1800, then spent £10,000 on it and now it does this... m.us-first.info/player/video/mK13o5xrc4OmrmQ.html
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 9 months ago
I love how the first three start with TMI!
Tom bones Jones
Tom bones Jones 9 months ago
This was an epic series, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's a fun fact children on US-first make millions reviewing toys Compared to the effort of this
Coles Towing
Coles Towing 9 months ago
well, the boys arent doing badly for themselves, but yes i dont know how they arent bigger. i honestly didnt realize they were only at 3mill till they mentioned it...i thought they had way more than that
quocphu01 9 months ago
Hey, just blue print the engine, you selling it?
Thats Gangsta
Thats Gangsta 9 months ago
5 million sub special, Prius?
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 9 months ago
When will you do a Subaru Vivio RX-R? nice little car with a lot of potential 4x4 and supercharger
edgefilm 9 months ago
as of right now, 100,000 rupiah is worth $10.97 AUD
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 9 months ago
I’ll like this before I watch it just because no one ever shows the real cost of anything they do!
Bao Anh Nong
Bao Anh Nong 9 months ago
haha, I love driving honda in a Yaris vid, it's funny!
kayoticwrath 9 months ago
Loved the series!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 9 months ago
I wish Marty would show his bald badger more
MARC FLETCH 9 months ago
Would Love to see the old Datsun 1600 rebuilt to its twin turbo glory days Boys.I Had one 35 years ago, and its panels were all beaten and bruised ,BUT it certainly earned me some cases of beers at traffic lights in the old days when I was challenged.
C.J. 9 months ago
you burned through a bottle of argon? Did you leave the tank open? I could do 50 of those cars on one bottle, easily.
suicidalzombie 9 months ago
how could you spend that money on that car
kayhan66 9 months ago
Next E30 turbo 325I :D
Justin Steiger
Justin Steiger 9 months ago
Challenges .. whoop! .. C'ya Yaris .. Hello Honda (lol .. nice shirt Marty) .
Finn ice
Finn ice 9 months ago
The background music in this video kept making me thing someone was calling me on fb chat 😂 Bye Yaris Hilton we won’t miss you 😈
hen ko
hen ko 9 months ago
As a Swede I wanna see more Euro nuggets =) Please get a Volvo
Conza 9 months ago
My thoughts are more nuanced than just spend $13k on a better car, I think the Yaris project is fun for the content it made, journey etc, for people who want to modify a car, probably just start with a better base, a $5 or $7k car, then spend less on modding. Simple.
hen ko
hen ko 9 months ago
This would be a interesting build to build on www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/alexandra-hills/cars-vans-utes/1998-toyota-starlet-turbo/1242169059 got some potential :)
alex billing
alex billing 9 months ago
Or you could come to the UK and for £2000 pick up a seat Ibiza 1.8 turbo fr150. A Yaris, Nah nah mate
Brian Corrigan
Brian Corrigan 9 months ago
Increased speed comes with cubic dollars. First, invest in the software that you transfer to every car you drive, the space between your ears. Driving school at the track.
Guy Buddy
Guy Buddy 9 months ago
Ready for Marty's MR2!!
soinu foig
soinu foig 9 months ago
Jebus if that was what it costs I would have just went NA.
Marco Schouten
Marco Schouten 9 months ago
When will you do a Subaru Vivio RX-R? nice little car with a lot of potential 4x4 and supercharger
Wyett Flick
Wyett Flick 9 months ago
hi guys my name is wyett and im from oregon i have a 2001 honda accord but i want to make it nice and fast can you help let me know
soinu foig
soinu foig 9 months ago
If you make monthly payments you dont need 13 grand up front. Youll also have a much, much better car if you pick it right.
Connar Downes
Connar Downes 9 months ago
i say put another engine in it and race 2 sexy
ozan yildirim
ozan yildirim 9 months ago
Or you could just get a N/A xr6 or a falcon and turbo it lmfao for 1000$
AE86 Driving Club
AE86 Driving Club 9 months ago
Thrashed body and a blown engine, is that a Paris hilton or a Yaris reference...
AE86 Driving Club
AE86 Driving Club 9 months ago
I wish Marty would show his bald badger more
Aaron S
Aaron S 9 months ago
Definitely one of the best MCM series! Within reach of most people cost-wise, and that music video is just hilarious.
Andy Noel
Andy Noel 9 months ago
🔥 1:56 💟💟 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💙
Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo 9 months ago
Buy an E series falcon and make it a track weapon
mrdummy 9 months ago
In other words: Before you buy turbo... make sure your motor block can handle many boost. Because if your car is modified and ready to drive, and blow engine already after some days... its waste of money and time. Start first with good engine block (choose good car) then you can modify it with turbo. I think all extra stuff is not because 169 turbo. Even with 400 turbo, or 600 turbo, you need change everything anyway. So in general way, you need at least 13 grand to add turbo to your car and make it look nicer outside. And make it street legal.
Adam B
Adam B 9 months ago
The 2ZR can handle the boost. Check out Lotus Elise Cup260@250BHP. Exact same engine, supercharged. Something went wrong in this build or tracking it. Mine works the very best and gets fairly regular abuse. us-first.info/player/video/p61ne3qVfo14Zmg.html us-first.info/player/video/bMp_i3ymk45ihoE.html us-first.info/player/video/nKurqqWfk2VrhZM.html
R0H4M 9 months ago
This would be a interesting build to build on www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/alexandra-hills/cars-vans-utes/1998-toyota-starlet-turbo/1242169059 got some potential :)
lapp.tech 9 months ago
As a Swede I wanna see more Euro nuggets =) Please get a Volvo
master power
master power 9 months ago
Why its better to spend 10k+++++ of my money that I dont have into a 1k car that I know it will not get finish annnnd if it did, it will not be reliable because I cheped out on cheap shit, theeeeeen here comes the regret feeling and now im broke and can't pay for my bills while getting gap by a stock used 15k car that I could of just finance it and have a waaaay better car that isnt rusted to shit. And that is about 99% of car enthusiast right there.
Junior Schouten
Junior Schouten 9 months ago
Domonic Toretto just came by and said: that's not a bad way to spend $ 13,579 dollars
Jason Tate
Jason Tate 9 months ago
If you make monthly payments you dont need 13 grand up front. Youll also have a much, much better car if you pick it right.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 9 months ago
8:20 THATS EXACTLY WHAT I'VE DONE!!! Project Honda power just need boost adn shes g2g :E (I've wanted a fast car for so long and that's how I initially found your VODS. T
potatomongrel 9 months ago
Jebus if that was what it costs I would have just went NA.
Max Sioulas
Max Sioulas 9 months ago
What lowering springs to you buy for the Yaris Thx Max
Marc Cruickshank
Marc Cruickshank 9 months ago
Choose the car you modify wisely. Modifying a piece of shit costs the same amount as modifying a decent car.
Emmanuel Hess
Emmanuel Hess 9 months ago
Like the Honda shirt!
Mikehuntisdry 9 months ago
That engine would go great in my 97 sprinter haha
Tom Friddle
Tom Friddle 9 months ago
What ever happened to the 10 second Sleeper Cresta?