The new paint looks so good! // Marty's WRX STI 

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To paint a car you have to strip everything off it, it's a huge job! Once it's painted you then have to put it all back together and that can be even harder still. In this episode we get the WRX (STI) back from the paint shop and set about returning it to it's former glory.
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Jun 9, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 5 months ago
CHOPPED Toolbox magnets! all new, they stick to stuff that is metal (not bog) get yours now: mightycarmods.com/products/chopped-fridge-magnet
tredigi 4 months ago
*It is good to see MOOG being more modest and less of a prick to Marty. These guys have been working together for a long time, MOOG should respect his friend and partner better.*
crasheye98 5 months ago
Nice build one of my favorite cars... anyone know the name of the song at 5 min mark
Khromeo 5 months ago
Fantastic video and series. Liking the music Moog. Are you using a vocoder at 7:45, maybe some Chromeo influences?
Howard Williams
Howard Williams 5 months ago
Yes order one and then they NEVER ARRIVE!!!!
David Allan
David Allan 5 months ago
Does this have DCCD? If not are you sure it's an STI???
thumpin1 Month ago
MARTY... Not 4WD.... they are an "AWD"...All Wheel Drive..!!! Just like its a WRX-STI..!
Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Lawrence Month ago
Now get the car wrapped in that clear protective vinyl and ceramic coat it :)
simon lloyd
simon lloyd Month ago
This makes me miss my Type R. It was a 22B replica built by ScoobyClinic here, in England... Stunning car. It was bought by Dreamcar Giveaways.
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Why did the bike just start moving on its own at 15:41 ? Spooky
Aaron Gygie
Aaron Gygie 3 months ago
15:46 the ghost likes bikes
R Chow
R Chow 3 months ago
nice kicks marty ;)
gabriel presutto
gabriel presutto 3 months ago
Where did you get your boot sticker from? I need one for my version 6
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda 4 months ago
Can you please share where in AUSTRALIA or in JAPAN do you sources your parts? I have a 1992 RX7 I am restoring, and as it is a RHD JDM FD, I am having a terrible time finding specific parts. Thank you in advance and love the show.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 4 months ago
Is marty just getting that close to the new paint with that screwdriver to make us anxious??
Mark Harris
Mark Harris 4 months ago
Ta for this! My 1998 gen3 Legacy B4 twin turbo will get a new coat of paint and some much needed love in the next few weeks. Please let me know when you are back in Japan. I am near Himeji.
Matthew Farrell
Matthew Farrell 4 months ago
I had to laugh, 20 year old car with 150,000km original struts..... Looking at my 20 year old V6 Camry, 430,000km and all original struts lol
Upgrade Addiction
Upgrade Addiction 4 months ago
13:05 - Have those quick-jacks absolutely destroyed the side skirt?? Side skirt and lower door look massively deformed...?
Michael Sims
Michael Sims 4 months ago
Why didn’t you opt. to put in the rally fog lights in the front bumper instead of putting the filler panels back in?
Cillham 4 months ago
Hey guys, I'm desperate to know the exactly which 3M rubber moulding you've used for the skirts. I've already ordered the wrong one once - help a fellow GC8 lubber out 🤘. P.S you guys have a mega show, of the raddest caliber
Psi Q
Psi Q 4 months ago
Mit Schmackes ! 😎 (@07:41)
dudefromkeene 4 months ago
Please do a video on the nugget Mazda MX6 4-banger turbo F2T engine. It’s a sleeper
Is this before or after their track day?
Rubix84 5 months ago
Quick question. Where did you buy the rubber stuff that goes along part of the kit? I need to replace mine before I fit an OEM lip kit to my JZX110 Mark 2.
Kneedeepx 123
Kneedeepx 123 5 months ago
15:46 that bike tire movin on its own creepy
Matthew Falcon
Matthew Falcon 5 months ago
@ 15:42 the mountain bike tire moves. Guess they do have a ghost in their shop.
Keith Liew
Keith Liew 5 months ago
Why don't use OEM STI absorbers abd springs?
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 5 months ago
Awesome ness this is going to feel brand new
oky69 5 months ago
JDM pinks would of been my pick for springs , if they are kings you will be pulling them back out , been there done that😀
Aspired Driven Auto
Aspired Driven Auto 5 months ago
The paint came out awesome 🔥🔥😎
DEZNUTS XO 5 months ago
I wish this was a hawk eye instead of a bug eye because im currently building my Wrx 06 hawkeye and im at the looking for a new engine part but id love to see how you guys would make an hawkeye look ! Please do it next or in the near future!!!! Either an 06 or 07 ! Both are basically the same ! Iv owned both and nothing like a hawkeye 😜🤙🏽
Sam Walker1234
Sam Walker1234 5 months ago
Anybody notice at 15:45 the rear wheel of the mtb moves
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur 5 months ago
redeye 11
redeye 11 5 months ago
It's a Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type R
redeye 11
redeye 11 5 months ago
6:48 specific to just the 2 doors not necessarily STI, for instance US market 95 impreza coupé and 2.5 RS.
Todor Stavrev
Todor Stavrev 5 months ago
GUYS PLEASE STOP DOING JAPANESE AND GERMAN CARS ! I We really love your videos, please do some other cars ( Italian for example )
barmy 5 months ago
This was great, thanks, been searching for "in car performance" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Vabrielbey Vehicle Verifiability - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.
tr#sh 5 months ago
Richard Browne
Richard Browne 5 months ago
I bought a 2019 Subaru Impreza that looks like Super Gramps! It's Metalic gray. When I get the money, I will install all WRX STI parts! There is a Speed shop(NATIONAL SPEED) 20 miles from my home with a Dyno machine and bump up the power!
tehpillemannerator 5 months ago
jinsheng yang
jinsheng yang 5 months ago
15:40 bike wheel moved 0.0
reallypeacedoff 5 months ago
23 bolts per baggy, that sounds about right for Aussie prices...
Adrian Taufik
Adrian Taufik 5 months ago
Where do you find the rubber gasket with the adhesive? Would help seal my raintray on my VW
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 5 months ago
What’s the paint code for that?
toyotaahir 5 months ago
Watching this is like therapy
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 5 months ago
Hey guys it’s just me or did anyone else notice the bicycle’s rear wheel move on 15:42 by its own🤨🤨
Dylan Puchniak
Dylan Puchniak 5 months ago
Welcome to Mighty Car Mods where we're going to make our car stock
- bro
- bro 5 months ago
15:40 was creepy as fk please tell me that is edited in
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 5 months ago
6:36 8:56 please start releasing your b roll music, there's heaps of tunes in your other videos i like as well, i promise I'll buy it.
Diogo Vieira
Diogo Vieira 5 months ago
aaaaaaa the paint is so good you just want to lick it
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 5 months ago
Mit "Schmackes"
Jonathan flynn
Jonathan flynn 5 months ago
Watching this with anxiety every time he goes near the car's fresh paint with them nasty shock absorbers...
Khurelkhuu Tsagaantsooj
I have the same car and been missing some small OEM parts. Marty can you put links of were you bought them? Thanks
TYZGMH81 5 months ago
Loving the dirty in the background put it on the channel
Richard 5 months ago
@7:42 It's "Schmackes" :D
Paul West
Paul West 5 months ago
did anybody see the bike on the wall move and the wheel turn
Kevin Em
Kevin Em 5 months ago
getting through da bagssss
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 5 months ago
14:47 Literally every male after waking up in the morning
nezzys8 5 months ago
Think the old side skirt might be hating life!!
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 5 months ago
gotta pump and bleed those new struts man! they gonna clunk!
Ruann Verweerd
Ruann Verweerd 5 months ago
I am not trying to be funny or something butt at 15:42 in the video the bicycle's wheel started spinning on its own🤨
Ross Sinclair
Ross Sinclair 5 months ago
5:53 is that a hair or a scratch to the right of the guard indicator?
Francisco Xavi Muñoz
Hey guys it’s just me or did anyone else notice the bicycle’s rear wheel move on 15:42 by its own🤨🤨
Ethan Mickelson
Ethan Mickelson 5 months ago
What’s the paint code for that?
Chrrrrrr96 5 months ago
14:55 the spring is upside down....
yorhomierussian 5 months ago
I watch this show half for cars, half for badass Australian accent.
Vasil Savov
Vasil Savov 5 months ago
Marty mate you just achieved my dream dude I'm crying!!!
Klecks Racing
Klecks Racing 5 months ago
Mit "Schmackes"
Impreza58 5 months ago
My STI needs a paintjob to ahhhhhh
hbkapprentice 5 months ago
This channel has litterally been keeping me sane throughout lockdown here in the UK. It’s provided me with a much needed distraction and a focus to start improving my own car in what has been a hard time outside of all the COVID stuff.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 5 months ago
Love the husquaberg in the background 👌
George19906 5 months ago
Wish I can make my Impreza look this good
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 5 months ago
If you check the comments you must do something about it
Taylor Burke
Taylor Burke 5 months ago
Could someone please tell me the sound at 8:50-9:10 thank you!
Aussie Gamer
Aussie Gamer 5 months ago
It's apart of the music
Ray P
Ray P 5 months ago
I'm hella high and at 15:42 the bicycle wheel just starts spinning by itself. Wtf.
nfsfreak1234 5 months ago
Can you attach a close up picture of the very expensive clip?
Aunt Givafok
Aunt Givafok 5 months ago
gotta pump and bleed those new struts man! they gonna clunk!
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
More to find then in Austia and Switzerland gues
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
Next trip go to Poland I'll helpe
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
He won lots of rally in Poland and Wrc in this car
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
If you want to do a really mods go Holowczyc site
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
Subaru in Poland is rally
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
Love you gues
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
It's one thing that I don't want to keep in Australia for xxxxx years
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
I don't want to just kill Holden
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
Lobe that show
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
I've got 205 gri for 12 years to keep tahat European hereateagegt just for people to notice
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
I love those pick ups from Australia
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
If you check the comments you must do something about it
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
I'm from poland and Holden its what's separating you and the f... world
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
Nissan and Subaru is epic every there in Australia but Holden is dying and that's sad
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
Holden is what Australia stad of
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
Please so ir
Łukasz Baranowski
Łukasz Baranowski 5 months ago
Please do some epice episode on dieing Holden episode proud of Australia
Rickard wall
Rickard wall 5 months ago
Hi Sweden here, been following you guys some 4-5 years now but, never been a commentator on what or when but find some interesting things here there. (and entertaining) However now that Moog is looking abit weak or skinney is no buisness of vieiwers or me, never the less when he slips in a VEGAN DISH i´m pretty sure why the lack of muscle..:P . I really hope you guys have a (continues) successful youtubing. BTW Good edited, and someone should get cred for that.
Ryan Scherb
Ryan Scherb 5 months ago
15:42....ghost bike?
Stephen Ellis
Stephen Ellis 5 months ago
Ghost in the shed. The mountain bike tire spun on it’s own and the bike shook towards the end of the video
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Oh shoot I just commented the same thing lmao I didn't think anyone else would have noticed! So odd haha
Darth Porg
Darth Porg 4 months ago
@15:40 I caught that too. Is the shed haunted?
Papa_Rick 4 months ago
I have no clue why it did that other than there was someone on the other side of the wall (another garage?) or it is an electric bike and had some current going through it
Craig Kimber
Craig Kimber 4 months ago
I saw it too and scrolled down to see if anyone else had noticed.
Mr Scoob
Mr Scoob 4 months ago
i was gonna comment about it, but you seem to be ahead of me.
Дмитрий Ярославцев
k'mon guys . give us links to your tracks, it's so encouraging to listen your music during some repairs or smth else connected with cars!
Peter Wolinski
Peter Wolinski 5 months ago
Arguing over who has an STI. In the UK, that’s not an argument you want to win.
azagedon 5 months ago
15:35 look at that dirt squirter! Video on that thing please!?
Emily An
Emily An 5 months ago
I had the exact same husaberg te 450 with the 90° engine, good bit of kit
Lucas Mayo
Lucas Mayo 5 months ago
You guys were putting that car back together like you were making love with a true loved one, not only doing it right but doing it with passion.
Kevin Ip
Kevin Ip 5 months ago
This is way harder than assembling an IKEA furniture.
Adam Ionski
Adam Ionski 5 months ago
Your making us wait too long for the next episode. 😋😋😋😋.
Andrew H
Andrew H 5 months ago
It’s the wrong colour variant ? Or is it just the lighting
matt 5 months ago
I always thought there were fog lights behind those sti covers, why did the factory take them out for the sti but all the other badges got fog lights?
64nine 5 months ago
chili basil tofu gotta mix it up can't always have falafel!!
Rasmus Bilow
Rasmus Bilow 5 months ago
15:42 why is the bike in the background moving?? O.o
RSB Harley
RSB Harley 5 months ago
Looks sweet Marty. That is one nice paint job, looking forward to the next video. Cheers
Shaun A
Shaun A 5 months ago
I’m just doing the same thing to my type R, (blue also) all new struts and springs, bushes all round too. (Springs are shock absorbers, the strut is the shock dampers, so many people just generically call them absorbers now) haha She’s looking nice, just needs gold wheels. Keep at it