The Car That Nobody Wanted | MIRA RESTORATION FINALE 

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Watch the full story of how we brought this classic JDM car back from the brink of extinction...
NEW SONG by MOOG 'Bullet' featuring (erin.)
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Big Thanks to Erin Clare for rocking the vocals (erindotmusic)
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Sep 7, 2019




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Mighty Car Mods
The finale of the MIRA features a brand new song by MOOG titled 'Bullet' Featuring Erin Clare (erindotmusic) Thanks for supporting indie music - We hope you like it! music.apple.com/au/album/bullet-feat-erin/1478605318?i=1478605320
Ross Sang
Ross Sang 11 months ago
Banga track Moogs 👌🏽
Siriax Year ago
She has a fantastic voice.
Dana Trinier
Dana Trinier Year ago
Makes me miss my gtir pulsar bad
Nuno dias
Nuno dias Year ago
@Michael Morgan yeah i bet you cried like i did...
Nuno dias
Nuno dias Year ago
@• Impulse • yeah, same here
bobo chan
bobo chan 10 days ago
I want to get rid of this Mira, after watching this, i'll keep it till i die.
Tony Brown-Haysom
Tony Brown-Haysom 26 days ago
Marty's reaction when he first sees the Mira reminds me of the doctor coming in and telling me our second child is a girl!!I was sooo happy.And so was Marty.Long live the Turd(mira)
Spoon Fellow
Spoon Fellow Month ago
Hahaha respect marty
Bruh you're gonna make me cry
chaddon merrick
chaddon merrick Month ago
sooootututu.....! what more needs to be said
christopher dominguez
Man i bought the poster you guys did for this car but the post office screwed my order so i never got it, its a shame, i loved the build
Joshua Swart
Joshua Swart Month ago
This makes me want to buy a mira now
samblah 2 months ago
can it beat a shitty v8 around a track though? lol
Patrick Pedigo
Patrick Pedigo 2 months ago
I hate it when I get bog dust in my eyes...truly a fitting end...or beginning to this unloved nugget turned super star forever car. Well done gents
Toms Tech
Toms Tech 3 months ago
So who just ordered their Mira poster?
ex hack
ex hack 4 months ago
Please anyone if you want make turbo car learn from daihatsu mira/kancil because its cheap and u can acknowledge what problem coming to your next turbo car . Start from cheap if u know nothing learn.
Kenny Sim
Kenny Sim 4 months ago
Hi im from Malaysia and i got of this. and it is red in color. amazing car. amazing power it has on small car. and im loving it.
SimoWill75 4 months ago
Love the angry 3-pot sound. This thing would really wake up with a CB80 engine (3-pot 1L Twincam) from a Charade GTti.
Hmm 4 months ago
any chance of doing the roof interior? I know it's a lil bit pointless, but a guide on how to DIY a new panel or something would be neat.
Rye Estepa
Rye Estepa 5 months ago
It really puts into smile with that narration done. I so love how this friendship was forged and the channel itself, seeing it grow! Damn. Always a job well done lads!
darth paul
darth paul 6 months ago
Just wished they had cleaned and resprayed all the bits the put back in...it really irked me when I see them putting a dirty fuel tank and engine etc into the car. The car looks fantastic tho.....hard work payed off. Well done guys
Mattigar 6 months ago
I had chills
day day
day day 6 months ago
Nobody wanted? That car is the most famous car here for the malaysian youngster... They modified it.. Because the body is small.. It is lightweight and fast
Andre Parris
Andre Parris 6 months ago
praneeth sarathchandra
Im buying a suzuki works alto 660cc turbo charged in next 2 weeks wish me luck ! ........ absolutely greatest restoration and moded car build ever !!!!! Congratulations boys !!! Wishes frok 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka
Vetraxik 7 months ago
I think swapping a hayabusa engine into it would not be stupid. Nearly 173 horses, also turbo if im correct and it's a 1.3. Overall I think a engine from a motor with high horsepower would be great into that mira
doodlepugg 7 months ago
You guys have always had the uncanny knack for describing the emotions which cars invoke. Absolutely incredible, and makes me regret selling my Cappuccino so much!
Project By Torreto
Project By Torreto 7 months ago
This Video Is Far Better Than Those "Building A Car In 10 Minutes" Well Done Boys !!
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 7 months ago
Jeez Marty, your monologue to this video, and as a finale to the story of your dream, was EPIC. What you said was inspiring, and with Moog's soundtrack/song was just fantastic. You guys really did show the love when making this video, and obviously making this Mira. Thanks for a terrific car build series - loved it!
Brant Stokes
Brant Stokes 7 months ago
So beautiful. Thank you for this journey Marty.
Tony Brown-Haysom
Tony Brown-Haysom 7 months ago
I love the look Moog gives Marty as they walk to the car.To see the absolute joy on Mart's face and say to yourself I made my mate happy.Thats what mates do.Moog you LEGEND
DiabloDrift 7 months ago
Still my favorite mcm video ever. It touches me as a car guy every time I watch it.
Project By Torreto
Project By Torreto 7 months ago
I am Quarantined Atm & Crying Again After Watching This For The 10th Time. What Are Legends You Guys Are !!
Chong Kelvin
Chong Kelvin 8 months ago
I've been watching this amazing video multiple times. This is a really successful project. Mira was my very first car and my friends laughed at me when I drove it back then. Love it
Mr. Sumonoob
Mr. Sumonoob 8 months ago
Who in here chopping onions?!
dylanoleary123 8 months ago
been watching the show for years really enjoyed watching the mira and the show evolve :)
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 8 months ago
All this began with some hand gestures and trying to drift.
sensei sayaka
sensei sayaka 8 months ago
I cried lol
ZBS 8 months ago
amazing i love this video could you show the best way and trick some mechanic try ti hidden way repair the right way repair with smart tool or the right way to repair ? hi hi hi very nice job you do .....
Jonathan Frederick
Jonathan Frederick 9 months ago
Yo, whos cutting onions?? Im not crying, youre crying!
NIZAM MOHD NOR 9 months ago
In malaysia we call kereta kancil, perodua and daihatsu jd.. (kancil drag)
Ayphool 9 months ago
Nobody wanted???..try to check the used parts price here in Malaysia, u will be very3 surprised..there's 1 unit (original L5) 3 doors wanna sale for RM130k...hows that?
Kozawa T
Kozawa T 9 months ago
My country car Interested I saw it to the end Long story& high touch& gag? If not Better Video
Shady tribe
Shady tribe 10 months ago
This shit is just straight up poetic
Joshua Shawn
Joshua Shawn 10 months ago
Here in malaysia, with few mod the l2s engine can easily get up to 70hp and still being reliable 👍👍
irfan othman
irfan othman 10 months ago
Im from malaysia.u r welcome to join us here. Kcar gath.u can see lots of modified kcar here.
Marlo Breding
Marlo Breding 10 months ago
Chuckle every time I hear you call it a "NUGGET" here in the States it can have a derogatory meaning, such as horse manure for a person that's being just really a nasty person. You should think about investing money in a car lift. I worked for 10 years off the floor, I'll never do it again.
CyclopHunters 10 months ago
At Malaysia mira like a gold
julius andreas hutagalung
I want the mira
Francisco Macedo
Francisco Macedo 10 months ago
where is this track?
Erbert Buela
Erbert Buela 10 months ago
wait so what happened to the momo steering wheel ?
Larkspeed 10 months ago
I love the touch of the number plate reading KE-12-CT or Kei to City, if you guys are ever in The Netherlands I would love to shake your hands in thanks for the hours of great entertainment you have given me.
Rob Ruddick
Rob Ruddick 10 months ago
Hinze YO
Hinze YO 11 months ago
Man i love this car, but you HAVE to get a k10 super turbo again.😍
Michael Carletti
Michael Carletti 11 months ago
this video actually made me cry... its amazing what a great story of two friends and the pure love of cars..congrats and thanks guys for a great show
Rob 11 months ago
I don't think anyone can truly appreciate how much Marty fucking loves this car...
hansel gretel
hansel gretel 11 months ago
how were you able to import this with the engine? is it exempted from the asbestos laws?
Randolf Gary
Randolf Gary 11 months ago
Hiii from Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!
Tygo van Braak
Tygo van Braak 11 months ago
Nothing transfers the love and the pleasure you can take out of a car like this video, well done guys!
Ultra Slimy
Ultra Slimy 11 months ago
absolutely my favorite mcm car
Safi Anaan
Safi Anaan 11 months ago
Greatest slam poetry of all time
Андрей Гудзь
You are very cool. I want to offer you for a new project fiat uno turbo i.e 1.3 mk1 or mk2 but exactly 1.3l. This is a very cool car. She will give unforgettable experiences !!!!!
The Long Pit
The Long Pit Year ago
L200s power 🔥
Project Miranda
i love a good montage!
cursedbatman Year ago
you do know that Mira in Greek means fate????
Keith Hurd
Keith Hurd Year ago
The first four minutes of intro are just beautiful. To see someone love something so lost and so forgotten is very heartwarming. Run it man. :) This isn't a video about a car - it's a video about friends. Friends like we had in grammar school.
All the way from US, "WHAT A FANTASTIC JOB" boys
Asyman Hasif
Asyman Hasif Year ago
Thank you guys 😪
ihsan razali
ihsan razali Year ago
tormenmashi_ Year ago
I love MCM, they always shows that less is more, they aren't after big power figures or anything, just look at moog amazed by the speed of the Mira
Le Dragon Noir
I was getting all emotional and then the O'Reilly theme came up
Javan VandeSlunt
You resurrect a Mira and love it, 44 Club crushes one with a stump. Karma is real. XD us-first.info/player/video/h6-bZKKIp22UgWQ.html
No Name
No Name Year ago
Why tf my eyes leaking
BoS Year ago
What exact model is it?
UncleManuel Year ago
NSW: Nice Shiny Wheels ^_^
rover215 Year ago
Why do turbo 3 cylinder engines sound to damn good?!
Zulfarhan Merican
Ah The kancil that could
Donovan G
Donovan G Year ago
Please start linking previous videos in the series in the description - thanks!
Donovan G
Donovan G Year ago
What an incredible story!
Harley Adam
Harley Adam Year ago
I wish we could get cars like this in America.
Addy Baig
Addy Baig Year ago
the whole intro is just love.. straight from the heart of Marty..
Rei Kon
Rei Kon Year ago
That's a truly beautiful one of a kind car with a legendary story. Keep the Daihatsu legacy alive guys as I will I.
Muhammad Herry Amin
Damn... I miss my perodua kancil auto 660...😅... ❤️❤️❤️
Billiard GrandmasterShifu
Plenty of this in malaysia if u need any new parts. Its rebadge as “kancil”
banana we
banana we Year ago
Come to malaysia this car is gold...expensive accessories...
Asmawi Dollah
Asmawi Dollah Year ago
Come to malsysia coming december. We have kcar track day
A. B.H
A. B.H Year ago
Ugly car 🚗 doesn't worth your time for it
mdsam mdsam
mdsam mdsam Year ago
At mlysia=perdua kancil. In indonesia= daihatsu ceria
Zek Channel
Zek Channel Year ago
I used to have one! But already upgrade to bigger turbo and custom block. A car that full of satisfaction i can tell ! 🇲🇾
David Cole
David Cole Year ago
Do you really need the music/noise when narrating? Please explain why it's there at all?
Gerald Wilker
Gerald Wilker Year ago
Bravo guy's, this better than the roadkill Ute.
Dana Jordan
Dana Jordan Year ago
Never seen a car like it in the states but its a little ripper. Very cool story
Mohd Rosdi Sulaiman
Hey i have one .. from malaysia... we convert it to L2 only..
Mir Rind Baloch
Awesome, 👌🔥👌🔥👌🔥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤
lawrence tabugoc
Bloody hell, guys you are the best. Salute! Best production. Any chance that amazing car giving to your fans? It would be a blessing from me. I'm a fam from Philippines 🇵🇭❤️❤️
Ronald Gillaspy
I can’t imagine that being my dream car--- but to each his own.
William Anderton
Wow that's amazing you took a turd and made it look like a pile of crap
Izuan Jamaluddin
Malaysia you can have the spare parts
RETARD. Year ago
You said nobody want a mira but... have you been to malaysia theres a lot of MODIFIED miras out ther
smash-it 62
smash-it 62 Year ago
I wasn't expecting this awesome story, thanks for sharing your journey.
Donald Biden
Donald Biden Year ago
Test it in an offroad landscape
Yuhafiz Ayusoff
I wanted..... i owned this brand / model several yrs ago... its very....very... very... reliable. Its a 'bullet proof' car... with the minimum service cost... Congratulations buddy...
jan baillargeon
Most adorable little a little car I've ever seen I stand 6 ft 2 and can you imagine me being in something that little that is so freaking awesome guys good work unbelievable..
mofisa Year ago
In Malaysia, we want it!!
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