Taking a Subaru to a Super Car Meet (CHOPPED!!) 

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When everyone has a supercar except for you.... The BRZ looks stock, but it's actually turbo, and in this episode it'll be driving with the modified 2 door WRX STI for the final battle of this series - best time wins! (And pretty much every other car is a supercar)
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Sep 10, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 months ago
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Saddam Malima
Saddam Malima Month ago
Can you get an actual 3 banger N.A. and turbo it for fun
Jeremy Lopes
Jeremy Lopes 2 months ago
@P V Toyota is about reliability.Why keep saying lap time and... oh well. Take care
P V 2 months ago
@Jeremy Lopes that is exactly what I said. I said I appreciate them for their engineering and ability but its stats are meaningless to me. I'm never going to buy one, I'll never drive one, I'll never do a lap around the Nürburgring so why should concern myself? It'd be more interesting to me if I LS swapped my Hilux and go for the fastest 4x4 dual cab ute lap time before the bloke that AMG V8 swapped his Hilux gets a chance if he hasn't already?
Jeremy Lopes
Jeremy Lopes 2 months ago
@P V I appreciate your lengthy answer but come on. We both know that interest in things is far from just if you can buy it or not. I am a fan of light cars and power is overated for fun. I would love to have something like a miata or mx5. With all due respect, your argument doesn't stand. The GT2 represents the pinnacle of Porsche that people can buy. I love a Type E or 250 GTO for its beauty, I love the original beetle or DS for its cleverness... performance, efficiency, simplicity, aesthetics, practicality... you can appreciate things not just because you can buy them. You seem sensible but sorry if I don't get your point. Nice talk anyways
P V 2 months ago
@Jeremy Lopes not a troll at all. I couldn't tell you, nor do I care how fast anything goes around the 'ring, anything's 0-100 etc because I know that I don't and won't buy cars that are designed for those things. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate what they can do as an engineering achievement. But, if I'm never going to buy a car like that then what do I really care? A number of years ago I had two cars in my driveway, a Subaru Sherpa and a built bulletproof twin turbo Subaru Liberty 3.0R-B. Guess which was a shit tonne more fun to drive around and would cock it's inside rear wheel when pushing it around the streets? Which car felt like you were doing 100kph when you were only doing 60? Which car would sucked towards a semi trailer as it was overtaking you on the highway. Sure the liberty was comfortable and great at the track and would murder some Euro things but it was my long haul car. My $1,000 Sherpa with its 13" alloys and sticky Yokohama tyres was what made me smile every single time I drove it.
Matt P.
Matt P. 7 days ago
Now y’all just need some more downforce
Salvador Gutierrez
Salvador Gutierrez 10 days ago
Wow awesome fun 👍
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 10 days ago
I'll have a gc8 over a brz any day!
tobias nd
tobias nd 10 days ago
tune it more, go get the injectors E85 and another intake manifold then you see some shiat :D
JP Trillana
JP Trillana 16 days ago
This live action of that MF Ghost manga looks incredible!
Jonasz314 23 days ago
Advance group, really? You're missing almost every apex, it's painful to watch.
Chaz Peña
Chaz Peña 27 days ago
What a great series this was! Looks like so much fun too! Lets see another one with E85!
GSO Chillzz
GSO Chillzz 28 days ago
that brz needs a spoiler
Si74l0rd 29 days ago
Can't believe Moog held that Elise off for so long.
Garrett Mitchell
12:13 the mustang's so determined to not let him pass bro forgot to shift, listen to that rev limiter
i_bridd.psd _
i_bridd.psd _ Month ago
I'm alredYYY byond the turn XDXDXD
Ryan Wood
Ryan Wood Month ago
You have to admire the old WRX chassis competting so well.
arjay crystal
arjay crystal Month ago
I'm not an expert but It seems like the BRZ will perform a little bit better with smaller wheel diameter with wider tires.
Sillyhatday Month ago
Ahh the track day hero's, fast in on the straight, faster in their head.
Sad Month ago
your lines into the corners is not very good and u said u was 150kmt in that one corner but if u could do easily 180-200kmt if u took the corner better and gave gas more early becuse u wait to long in ever corner becuse u break in the corner when turneing the wheel not good man u
Savagegamer Month ago
This has to be one of my all time favorite vids, he's so happy. I have the biggest grin after this vid. Keep it up guys
nicholas abston
nicholas abston Month ago
You guys rock :)
Remedy Talon
Remedy Talon Month ago
I would be terrified to race on a course with supercars.
ryan partlan
ryan partlan Month ago
"I don't work in IT and you do! And I'm gunnin' for ya'" ah as someone who works in IT and has a cheap car I loved this!
19tuureluur86 Month ago
They get owned big time. Europian cars are the best.
Zach T
Zach T Month ago
I wish they would have supercharged the BRZ.
Ajay Vc
Ajay Vc Month ago
Wow. Did Moog really start heeltoe downshifting?
oashr6 Month ago
they got their own little sydney supersprint going on
Matty John
Matty John Month ago
What pressures did you end up running after track was warm?
AGENT47 Month ago
Please tell me which track is playing at the very end 🙏🙏🙏
Kishanu Sarkar
Kishanu Sarkar Month ago
Awesome vid Would've chopped the porche without the safety ....
STOP2NWO Month ago
Why not using proper semi slicks for a track day?!?! It's completely different experience... I guess sponsor dictate what to use.
Reploidx9 2 months ago
Ahh such a karmic end. I was waiting for this day.
Mono gram adikt
Mono gram adikt 2 months ago
go moog, you won it hands down today mate
pancho8334 2 months ago
Love this show, but you guys can only drive in straight line....
TjayEvo10 2 months ago
as usual Marty just happy his car is 'rotating' whilst moogs choppin supercars
Grier M
Grier M 2 months ago
Denting a couple of egos out there.
lambo4ever 2 months ago
Great video, but a bit of advice, put the timer where you can't see it. Otherwise you end up overdriving all the time trying to chase the times.
Piko Island
Piko Island 2 months ago
These track videos are super fun to watch.
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 2 months ago
TNT VIDEOS 2 months ago
Why they are wearing hoodie in Australia? Werent there suppose be very hot?
L Johnson
L Johnson 2 months ago
Have to say the brz may be faster but that wrx is just a sexy machine.
Hebu The Lone Wolf
Hebu The Lone Wolf 2 months ago
next challenge. witch car performs better on a dirt road :D i bet there is some great roads on outback for some rally racing :D
Fastday Rockstar
Fastday Rockstar 2 months ago
Hahahaha oh crap. That mustang driver was sweating bullets... mean while the brz's tire pressure was to high...haha that guy needs to sell his car and use uber from now on
hawkmason mate
hawkmason mate 2 months ago
Love all your work and vids but time to take it to next level!!!!!! Bogan special vids are a must.....Holden VT Commodore vs Ford AU falcon.
Tim Williams
Tim Williams 2 months ago
This is what it's all about, chasing down and getting chased by your mates at the track in your own modified cars. I just love it. Thanks Moog and Marty.
Sam Teks
Sam Teks 2 months ago
These track episodes are so relaxing to watch with all the short/granny shifting and whatnot 😂
that was very interesting.. two cars broken down. .. I think next time buy faster cars.v or install stronger engine. good luck next time you do a race with other drivers
Jamei McLeod
Jamei McLeod 2 months ago
if u draft each other u can increase speed of both cars..
slickwrx 2 months ago
Is it me or do the tires on the BRZ look undersized for the wheels? Looks like they're barely holding the bead.
Rye Estepa
Rye Estepa 2 months ago
Moog's game face is on!!!!
Jun Kitami
Jun Kitami 2 months ago
Watching you guys do this to nuggets while Donut messes up 2 cars even with what seems to be pros doing their jobs just makes me wanna cry that they sorta ruined both 350Zs.
LukeTheJoker 2 months ago
Please get some narrower wheels on that BRZ, the stretched tyres look awful.
Milton Street
Milton Street 2 months ago
@14:48 TooSexy
Luck7 2 months ago
Was defs not a gt2 ... it was a cayman gt4 lol 21:40
altypeRR 2 months ago
Moogs concentration face. Trying to get past the mustang. They both look so much more capable than last time. The turbo on the BRZ is amazing but with the Impreza it just goes to show a well set up car can be faster than cars with much more mods or power.
Serenity 2 months ago
Both those subies had more place on that track than the mustang
Jaspal Sura
Jaspal Sura 2 months ago
@marty, why is your rear screen always moist?
tanner howell
tanner howell 2 months ago
Sti guy is a slow driver that’s why just saying
jonny j
jonny j 2 months ago
Man, i REALLY love these track day eps. Please do more!
Shield Wolf
Shield Wolf 2 months ago
Got to love how the Lotus driver passes then instantly jams on the breaks like an asshat.
volksbugly 2 months ago
Yo Moog! Your loosing a lot of boost in-between shifts. Shift faster clutch in and out as fast as you can! or setup some flatshift system. (ie keep your foot on the gas while you shift) this way you don't loose boost.
TheMotionworx 2 months ago
and in the end it might be a bit slower, but i would take the wrx all day long
TCH The High Council
Vadym Matviichuk
Vadym Matviichuk 2 months ago
Moog: it's a Porsche it must be 911. Cayman driver: finally someone took my car for 911 :)
Richard, The Tech Guy
Absolutely amazing ... extremely entertaining ... well done to you both ♥ (Toronto Canada)
1974mazdarx3sedan 2 months ago
sounds (and looks) like some of those faster cars didn't listen at the driver briefing.
Coen Middelweerd
Coen Middelweerd 2 months ago
So much fun seeing you guys have such a good time! I'm smiling throughout the whole video.
Furnace YGO
Furnace YGO 2 months ago
Bodykit aero mod time for the BRz with some big brakes
Flummi 2 months ago
NICE everything nice
Seb Hall
Seb Hall 2 months ago
"That sounds like rod knock" "Luckilly just my undertray fell off" If only every Subaru owner was so lucky
h_copp 410
h_copp 410 Month ago
Kevin Fritsch
Kevin Fritsch 2 months ago
it's so nice to see you guys on the track honestly.. cause this year i made a dream came true and i visited the nürbugring and drove 11 hours to drive on and everytime you drive a track i feel that hahaha gg's
Shawn Mangan
Shawn Mangan 2 months ago
Marty.. NICE save, brother.. for a split second I really thought you were gonna do some landscaping..
Karl Makiha
Karl Makiha 2 months ago
I have a new found respect for 86s now!
Scottydoes 2 months ago
What ever happened too the subarute?
KiraOnii Chan
KiraOnii Chan 2 months ago
I know a turbo makes this car feel complete, which has been proven over and over again but I'm excited for the next gen GR86/BRZ
carrington mangwroi
carrington mangwroi 2 months ago
Sti needs a bigger turbo and air intake
Xblisit Josh
Xblisit Josh 2 months ago
Does the turbo on the BRZ mean it's not allowed on the road now unless it's certified?
Rene Hourian
Rene Hourian 2 months ago
Impressive that the cooling and tires hung on pretty well. Btw, the red Porsche was a Cayman GT4 not a 911 GT2 lmaooo. That BRZ is definitely fast, but a GT2 is on a different planet of performance. The black "fast one" was a GT3. A GT2RS is another tier above that. 😅 And the Black BMW Marty was chasing was a 1 series, probably a fast 135i with a turbo upgrade given the way it passed Moog on the straight. Not an M2.
John Vann
John Vann 2 months ago
2sexy in the background at 14:48
Tayshir Faiyaz
Tayshir Faiyaz 2 months ago
You guys should put a drag battle.
Zachary Robertson
Zachary Robertson 2 months ago
I always feel like I'm pushing really hard when I'm chasing someone. Sometimes I get better times, but sometimes I just screw my times trying to be aggressive
Eddie Corben
Eddie Corben 2 months ago
I thought COVID-19 would have stopped crowds turning up, then I realised that there was a mustang on track. 🔥
Speaking Out
Speaking Out 2 months ago
2 months later Moog: “so, more power then.”
PsychoticOranges 2 months ago
Here comes 2sexy to crush the brz
Michael Ladas
Michael Ladas 2 months ago
Modify a Citroen saxo vts 120 it's really awesome
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira 2 months ago
It was Cayman GT4, not a GT2 911. Actually in the right hands, the GT4 can be a lot faster than a GT2 in a medium/slow speed track.
David Royster
David Royster 2 months ago
I woud like to see them swap cars for a session. Moog seems to be the smoother driver.
DirtyLittleSinner 2 months ago
this only got a thumbs up because of the eurobeat
canna roe
canna roe 2 months ago
Do it again with track tires!
BaddaBigBoom 2 months ago
LOL @ "Loti" :-)
Callum Davies's Malamute
Awesome series :D I dont want it to end yet :(
Emmanuel Dedman
Emmanuel Dedman 2 months ago
Can you run wider tires?
OfficialFreakTurbo 2 months ago
How many kilometers can you expect the BRZ to do after the turbo mod before the engine goes kaputt? 100 000, 200 000?
Zach Buhler
Zach Buhler 2 months ago
A brake upgrade and more boost 👌
xSilverScreenx 2 months ago
The driver in the lotus was way slower than moog
Tim Noakes
Tim Noakes 2 months ago
Great stuff guys!
viper110110 2 months ago
"Toyota life" he says at the start It's a Supra
John Gurzenski
John Gurzenski 2 months ago
BRZED needs a big wing to hold the backend in line and give u more drive and a bigger spring in ur waiste gate u could eat that porch it's just a more expensive brz or over priced vw lol
David Sargeant
David Sargeant 2 months ago
Brz Sounds mad
JT404 2 months ago
You should get a pro-racer to take you out in each to help improve your lap times.
nicholas amid
nicholas amid 2 months ago
that STI need some upgrade too
Rutterbean 2 months ago
Omg 2sexy is back 😂
VTT Performance
VTT Performance 2 months ago
Marty, what's the current sway bar set up on the STI? You said you installed them on the softest setting and were getting understeer, so you adjusted the front. Stiffening the rear will help the car rotate more.
Disrespected Evo