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Marty's Ultimate Subaru Wagon heads to the dyno. After years of work the car is finally finished.
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Nov 16, 2019




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MH30R 3 days ago
That is a good build/tune. Keep it as is and a good daily.
David Picken
David Picken 14 days ago
10:30 ish you can also run out of cooling!
Filip ;;
Filip ;; 19 days ago
I dono man 400 hp? all that?
Stereotype Month ago
What a nice car.
PMP Month ago
Hell of a nice build.
Mike Hotchkiss
Mike Hotchkiss Month ago
The law of diminishing returns comes into play. Too much to lose, leave it as is enjoy it
Shawn Warnick
Shawn Warnick Month ago
Man i really want to do a turbo/sc conversion but im so afraid of nuking the engine and destroying my legacy. I am trying to get at least 200k miles out of it but i want something with at least 300 whp. Its gonna cost at least 8k to do it and i dont want to have to do another 5k for a new engine if it blows
Shawn Warnick
Shawn Warnick Month ago
This is literally a perfect car imho. 350+hp in a awd wagon man.... its a beautiful thing. Not only is it the best appearance legacy but it has the newer 3.6 engine which is a awesome engine and a manual trans. Im in awe of this car.
Christopher Ebeling
Christopher Ebeling 2 months ago
"you can find 50 of them at the wreckers and they're worthless, but to me this one is priceless", I have an old mk3 vr6 that I've modified to that same place and its what makes working on cars so fun - the sentimental connection to the effort you've put in - and the satisfaction in what you've created.
Pierre Margo
Pierre Margo 3 months ago
I like your tints, what's % are you running front and rear? Cheers and keep up the good work
csw4ak 3 months ago
Can't not love SuperGramps.
Momo 4 months ago
Marty I love your way of thinking. You’ve got the consistency, and now after market support, so breaking stuff isn’t as scary. #MADMAN
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos 4 months ago
I live in the US and I bought the same generation outback because of Supergramps as my first car. Someday I plan on getting it painted the same color as supergramps. I wouldn't be doing any of the wonderful stuff they did but I will definitely get it squid inked
Android 64
Android 64 5 months ago
What grille is that? I’ve been trying to find it
Joshua Stark
Joshua Stark 5 months ago
I honestly almost choked up there. Good on ya.
WhereverHugo 5 months ago
7:42 That smoke is a bit worrying if you ask me.
thekickingmule 5 months ago
It's taken me about 2 days to watch the whole playlist, but it's great to see a 'complete' mod car finished! I agree with Marty, doubling the output would be amazing, but would it bring any extra joy? I doubt it. Stick with this as your 'daily runner' and find something else to push the boundaries of power. Also, you never showed us the completed Haltech centre console! I wanna see!
Pat Davis 2403
Pat Davis 2403 5 months ago
I literally cried at the end. I'm so happy for marty because he put years into this car, and the smile on his face when he drives it makes me smile. Supergramps will go be a legend for many years to come.
RR 10
RR 10 5 months ago
I hope the engine blows up so that you guys could it rebuild again and make it the fastest MCM car
Robert James
Robert James 5 months ago
I cant Help but think that Maybe this show has had an effect on Me. I am looking at Buying a 1998 Subaru Herritage, Imaculate inside and out apart from the 3cyl under the hood ;) I wonder what I will put in there. hehe
Cody Higginbotham
Cody Higginbotham 6 months ago
I cannot begin to tell you how great this feels. Watching the build from the very beginning and seeing its completion. I agree with a lot of these comments. This is strangely emotional. Marty, congratulations on finally completing this journey. Much love from a fellow Subaru enthusiast.
Dominic Wong
Dominic Wong 6 months ago
It's a proper grand tourer. you got the power and comfort to do cross country drives.
Eduard Steinbach
Eduard Steinbach 6 months ago
wait. are this is opposite???
Giovanni Mcleish
Giovanni Mcleish 6 months ago
This is probably the most emotional video of the entire series I've watched. Marty is the reason I own a Subaru. I drive a '14 wrx and man, everything he says at the end of this video is too true. Absolutely love it. You guys are great. Keep up the great work.
plod Dinkel
plod Dinkel 6 months ago
What happened to the paint? So many scratches
Jon Robinson
Jon Robinson 8 months ago
At pretty much 9 minutes in on the dot, Marty goes all doe-eyed about his Subaru station wagon. A formality after that.
Moon Moon
Moon Moon 8 months ago
I’ve never understood Subaru fanboys. Why have an engine that sounds like a misfiring 4 cylinder when you can have this?
Madogen 8 months ago
Always from the heart Marty
Hex Rag
Hex Rag 8 months ago
i would give my right nut for supergramps... i drive a legacy in the uk and this is my dream
Paul Schulzeck
Paul Schulzeck 9 months ago
Absolutely a supergramps!! Totally loved every episode of going from gramps to SUPERGRAMPS!! Totally mad guys..
sam hopwood
sam hopwood 9 months ago
Pure love. Your videos are everything awesome about car culture in any of its facets. keep up the good work!
Baz 5521
Baz 5521 9 months ago
I know what you mean mate, I've had 3 Subaru's although my current Impreza STi has been taken further with full forged rebuild, bigger Turbo & supporting mods.
Samtrois 9 months ago
I want a burrito
Ayman Salah
Ayman Salah 9 months ago
Isn't the EZ36 a boxer engine?
Hadi Al-Barghothi
Hadi Al-Barghothi 9 months ago
As an Impreza Sport Wagon proud owner, I feel you Marty!
Thomas Mortensen
Thomas Mortensen 9 months ago
Song in the end.?? Love the car.!!
TheRobMozza 9 months ago
Loving the engine bay cam! Is that a first?
DrJohnstone 9 months ago
Marty your next car should be a turbo MR2. Do it. Enjoy working in an engine bay with zero room.
Mono gram adikt
Mono gram adikt 9 months ago
inspirational, love my subie
Patrick Fulmer
Patrick Fulmer 10 months ago
... and still, immensely practical.
🖖🏽UlTrAaa EnErGy 🖖🏽
Like this car.
TylerMayhem 10 months ago
15:45 if viewed as a rider explains why I don't have any thousand cc bikes anymore, And even why I'm considering moving on my 600 and just sticking to my little mc22 4bangers from the golden age
Dwayne Howe
Dwayne Howe 10 months ago
That's an awesome daily driver guys ....
Androopydraws 10 months ago
For fuck sake boys.... "look how good we are at making it the same as everything else.... I think the biggest thing you'll run out of is originality.... yeah, sure... More powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrz = more funnnnnnnnnnnnnnz. but if your looking for a hard launch, them numbers need tweak. lemme do a little tickle.
Samuel Bemrose
Samuel Bemrose 10 months ago
genuinley made me cry. end of an era. love these guys so much, ive watched them grow up from that driveway to now. love the content. love the cars. but then again. was it ever about the cars or was it about spending time with mates.
Dmitriy Sokolov
Dmitriy Sokolov 10 months ago
I love this car!🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍👍👍👍
Scott Boswell
Scott Boswell 10 months ago
So amazing watching MCM first episodes and then jumping to one like this
Chris Stansen
Chris Stansen 10 months ago
Keep as is!
B REWEY 10 months ago
That was lovely 😊 just leave it it work real good don’t put more money just love it how it is 300KW sweet done ✅ for approval
Alex Shu
Alex Shu 10 months ago
I would like to see a classic old school mcm video where you guys are putting an audio system in supergramps and really finishing it:)
Alex P
Alex P 10 months ago
08-14 STi front hubs, axles and some machining to accept rear STi wheel bearing means you won't break another CV shaft drag racing ever again.
Bad Dad
Bad Dad 11 months ago
marty for PM!!!!! If Marty or Moog hosted Top Gear Aus... it wouldn't have been shit.....
AngryExpat 11 months ago
Followed this build from the beginning. How time has flown by. Enjoy it Marty!!
#audiobeast 11 months ago
Well done guys....cheers for Supergramps glasses up!!!
Ethan Carroll
Ethan Carroll 11 months ago
Audio upgrade???
Blitz6804 11 months ago
I'm jealous of Supergramps... he makes 403hp at the wheels, whereas my car makes only 335hp at the wheels and is half a ton heavier. =(
DWJ42 11 months ago
SuperGramps VS Double Unicorn again???????? ;)
Dainius Vyšniauskas
Dainius Vyšniauskas 11 months ago
Subaru noob question, Gen 4 Legacy (~2005-2007) versus Hawkeye Impreza... Which one is better daily? Legacy has more room and interior seems to be of higher quality, but the 2.0R Impreza is both faster and more fuel efficient than 2 liter Legacy. Are there any major issues with both models, other than rust?
Adam Ionski
Adam Ionski 11 months ago
This is awesome. What an inspiring movie. We all get caught up in going further. Selling cars. Because we’re not happy. Moving on to things we don’t even understand. This is epic Marty. Look after the old boy forever.
Michael Samuel
Michael Samuel 11 months ago
that under the hood shot was rad man
Gregg Smith
Gregg Smith 11 months ago
RR 10
RR 10 11 months ago
It's not yet done. You still have to install a headunit on it
Josh S
Josh S 11 months ago
how many kms on it?
Spiffy Fly
Spiffy Fly 11 months ago
I had been watching MCM since you guys started this channel you guys are what inspired me to buy a Mazda as my first car. It’s crazy to find you on my recommended, I hadn’t watched you guys in years, it’s great to see you guys are still killin it!
Darren Vail
Darren Vail 11 months ago
Rob Coffen
Rob Coffen 11 months ago
So good 👍 one of my all time favorite MCM builds, think we need some special edition shirts.
Василий Одоевский
Please tell me the name of the song and its artist at 21.07 I watch from Russia. It’s a pity that the super-grandfather’s project has been completed. You guys inspire me.
James Watts
James Watts 11 months ago
Keep it at 400. Good power for a daily, it's useable and any more power would need alot of money
aftonline 11 months ago
Cmon guys, I don't believe this car is finished. In a year's time you'll revisit it with some new mod to wring some more horses out of it. Project cars are never finished, they just sit in a corner until you get bored with whatever else you are working on.
Jonathon Agriam
Jonathon Agriam 11 months ago
This is the car that got me to fall in love with Subarus
Cha11engerD 11 months ago
This thing now makes 300kW at the tyres. The Fairlady makes 310-320kW at the hub. It is entirely possible that Super Gramps and the Fairlady make the same power at the crank. I wanna see a rematch between the Fairlady, the Double Unicorn, Mod Max, everything that Super Gramps has gone up against.
Autocon609 11 months ago
Y'all should team up with JADA Toys or someone like that and make 1:18 die-cast models of your finished vehicles.
jrifda1 11 months ago
Wasn't expecting this with this video, but what a video it is!! Well done Marty
iMann iFail
iMann iFail 11 months ago
FORGE IT!! This car has been with the MCM’s channel for a while now and because of how well it’s done throughout the years. It would be cool to see Supergramps go to the next level. I think it’s your time to modify something like on the 240 level.
Deprived Being
Deprived Being 11 months ago
I’d sell my left nut for this car hahaha🤣🤣
Hayden Cavaney
Hayden Cavaney 11 months ago
Inside the hood cam 👌🏻
Pickle Supply Company Yep!
Nice one to put a pin in and call it done. Best car is one you always use, that works all the time, and does cool stuff....and doesnt cost you much. Right?
Cody. 11 months ago
That Subi isn't finished yet. you need a tree freshener around the rearview.
PunchingMegaTree 10 months ago
And a vape
Plower of Farce
Plower of Farce 11 months ago
Lol... did you just say subarus dont fit in a category?
xorbodude 11 months ago
Not to mention supergramps is actually an attractive car
Tyler Dowd
Tyler Dowd 11 months ago
5 years wtf🤯🤯🤯🤯
JPF224 11 months ago
Is there a place where we can buy your songs?
JPF224 11 months ago
I found it music.apple.com/au/artist/moog/40856842
rumle 11 months ago
Make a 1000kw mini
Ginja 11 months ago
I actually have a tear in my Eye. Thanks for taking us on His Amazing Journey
maltepalte95 Year ago
Ive been with my 06 Spec.b 3.0l for 3 years now and i dream of getting with it too the point where you are. Also the injector video gave me PTSD when installing my ID1050X´s.
Alex Year ago
I, too, would like a burrito
Fishing Milwaukee
Bravo guys well done. Its been awesome watching you guys mature and get better with age like a fine wine or bottle of whiskey. Come back to the States!!!
I love that car.. I own a 2005 LGT Wagon and i love it!!
Jason Thai-Kennedy
20:24 goodness...
BR5920 Year ago
New challenge with the Double Unicorn?
john smith
john smith Year ago
you may think supergramps is finished but when you were running it around the track in the last bit of the video and it's switched to the underhood driving shots you can easily see that engine flexing those motor mounts quite hard even under mild acceleration. You need to do poly or solid mounts and add some extra bracing and you will see a world of a difference.
idahodav Year ago
I have an '06 Legacy wagon. This is what I want to do with it. Freakn love it!
mzondi1970 Year ago
Leave it be. It is a good looking cruiser.
BlitzkriegRap Year ago
Amazing video!
darren paul
darren paul Year ago
Should make a super gramps trailer when it’s like the back half of the car
Barça Dude
Barça Dude Year ago
I think in the quarter mile it could do 11.5
Dude...Are you sure??
kinda weird to think its the end of mods for this car... lol
Smelly Little Kiwi
I love my Subbies, started my apprenticeship in 86 on them. Now I own 5!! S204 for Targas and track days, a showroom condition S203, 3.0 Outback for surfing and skiing. My every day driver 3.6 Legacy and my wife drives a BRZ. "Weirdos" 👍
Calsonic800 Year ago
I love this car!
Do my subie outback up bois
Chris Bonner
Chris Bonner Year ago
Happy for you buddy, fully deserved and a class car!
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