Subaru OUTFAP 

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Marty bought not one but TWO cars and now we're installing a lift kit. He still won't tell us what it's for.
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Jun 26, 2019




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Mighty Car Mods
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Matt Year ago
Hello anyone know of when the new DVDs come out I have been checking back and season 6 was a wile ago are Marty and moog marking them anymore or did not enough people buy them so they stopped ?
PANNA YTB Year ago
Bonne vidéo
Matt Adams
Matt Adams Year ago
Further harder and deeper into the bush 😂😂😂 I see what you did there lol
Luke J
Luke J Year ago
Mighty Car Mods you should make a secondary channel or upload twice for detailed tutorials
Hipsters & Hippies
Please don't get rid of this thing. It deserves to be permanently parked next to super gramps 2.0
Murat Freeman
Murat Freeman Month ago
Can you write the brands and models of the kits you use?
Evan 4 months ago
What’s the song at 10:33?
MushroomStewz 6 months ago
Song in this video totally sounds like an 80s videogame tune at 1.5x speed 😂
E Jayone
E Jayone 8 months ago
Prettu long video to prove McPherson front and rear Subaru's are far better for lifting lol. Thats alot of work to gain zero ground clearance from a "lift kit"
Troy Eagan
Troy Eagan 11 months ago
I hadn't watched in a while. Catching up now and I really enjoy the music in these episodes.
Ethan Siems
Ethan Siems 11 months ago
"Sway bars aren't as important in lifted cars"...famous last words
Wolffang s
Wolffang s Year ago
Frenzal 🤘
Gavin Matthews
Did you all plan to have band t-shirts on?
Michael Hicks
Michael Hicks Year ago
When you doing a Hilux
Sunhee Ferguson
when will the next episode be shown?
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Year ago
Really happy to see more of the 4th generation Legacy/Liberty. I bought my M/T GT wagon just before I saw the Gramps build coincidentally and just recently I bought an A/T GT sedan to daily while I build the motor in my wagon. Excellent cars, very comfortable and handle nicely. I hope these videos help increase the mod support for them. Seems like most modifications require a conversion to WRX/STI equipment.
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler Year ago
Does ebay crap ever fit?
clout maxed out
are you really not going to finish this?
AJ Year ago
"Turbo Yoda has seen wood"
Nasty business.
using the old shocks is nasty
Soopersogood Year ago
What's your camera lens setup?
G H Year ago
I have used roller blade and skateboard wheels.
mrtn Year ago
Subaru NOFAP
Shoot Here
Shoot Here Year ago
"You're s**t doesn't fit." - Moog from MCM to random eBay seller.
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown Year ago
Brandon B
Brandon B Year ago
Your shit don’t fit... silence lmfao that was funny
Mihai Dragan
Mihai Dragan Year ago
Finally you did a lift kitt. It was about time!
Heikki Remes
Heikki Remes Year ago
Hockey puck are good for lifting, they're rubber.
Sha Dow
Sha Dow Year ago
Seriously no sway bars.. would love to see how that thing handles when you have to swerve ti avoid a roo or something :D pretty sure its also illegal in all Aussie states to run no sway bar. Cmon MCM
Brian Budd
Brian Budd Year ago
Swap the bushings LoL
chris walsh
chris walsh Year ago
when you lift a car that has 4 wheel independent suspension na seriously tho this is kinda cool
Kane Steuer
Kane Steuer Year ago
T-Shirt game this series has been on point gents.
Cole Hartel
Cole Hartel Year ago
You Aussies can pretend it's called a Liberty all you want, but surely when broadcasting to an international audience you should admit that it's really a Legacy. What next? Pretending that Burger King is called Hungry Jacks? Ridiculous!
Nickerzz Bell
Nickerzz Bell 3 months ago
Mate, in Australia we call things whatever we want to call them!
Cole Hartel
Cole Hartel Year ago
However, I'll forgive your pronouncing Subaru as SubaROO, simply because kangaroos are cool.
shadow105720 Year ago
Why not disconnects for the sway bars so you can use them on road and pop them off for off road
thatcrazy aussie
sorry...cant follow this build...love you guys...but come on...what a waste of time...money and effort...i'm with yoda....I'M OUT
Schmidt54 Year ago
Performance shims. Nice.
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon Year ago
FAP? you realize what that term means?
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Year ago
5:43 you dickheads! you have ordered a part for a Subaru Outback!! your car is a liberty! morons! the part you ordered will fit a 03-09 outback which you do not have!
kagflip Year ago
Last song played???
layzor beeemz
layzor beeemz Year ago
Imagine if they were building a donk.
Big Tommy G
Big Tommy G Year ago
What do you guys do for a job
DJ Mac
DJ Mac Year ago
On they struts you should of just pushed the coller and bush out and replaced it with the other ones that fit or pollybushes.
Todd Baldwin
Todd Baldwin Year ago
Please once this is done can you buy a shit skyline
TheBlade616 Year ago
Are you guys ever going to do mad mods for an rx8, that would be a dope series
Jack Burton
Jack Burton Year ago
Extremicus Year ago
@mightcarmods you guys should do a full upgrade project on something like a Tribeca or Forester or something. Like 600 horsepower haha
Potato PC
Potato PC Year ago
Hes gon make rally legacy isnt he
Ruslan Kazhemski
Просто ору с последних секунд)))
Ruslan Kazhemski
Парни, найдите себе русскоязычного чела на вашей территории. Я бы просто с титрами смотрел) Да и ещё 100500 человек))) Парни из BMI -- не обижайтесь - и у Вас посмотрим)
A.L. Year ago
What you guys need is a nice rug, to really tie the room together.
A.L. Year ago
Well done Marty, another episode wearing a Frenzal t-shirt, Hat's off to you bud, Frenzal kick arse, and they really, really SUCK
Dim Year ago
When is the turbo getting in?
Glenn van den Berg
Wizzard sleeve HA!
Christopher Staples
up next monster truck build
Dylan Toback
Dylan Toback Year ago
My son's nickname is Moog
Matthew Leone
Matthew Leone Year ago
but are you seriously not going to boost the damn thing?
Bam bam
Bam bam Year ago
You should do a twin engine car conversion
2274rage Year ago
Plan on coming to Australia, so any websites for used cars u guys can recommend?
Michael Atkin
Michael Atkin Year ago
megakiller999 Year ago
can someone explain why you'd lift the cross member from the body instead of lifting the whole car off the ground? Is it to fit larger tires which then lift the whole car up?
Shaun PC
Shaun PC Year ago
This is looking like my kind of entertainment, can’t wait to see how deep into the bush you manage to penetrate guys.
Alexandre Albergaria
I need it all!!!!!!!!!
killerrush77 Year ago
you guys are making cars great again, for me!
sv100029 calais
man tunes are getting crisp nice work moog
klaus olofsson
can someone tell me what model that honda moped at 8:40 is?
itachi Year ago
lol outfap
Logan kennedy
Logan kennedy Year ago
This better be a subaru donk
Angie Abruzzo
Angie Abruzzo Year ago
I’m so excited to see how this turns out!! I have a 2007 Legacy (Liberty) sedan that I lifted as well! Definitely didn’t go as far as you guys did; only swapped the struts and shocks from a turbo Outback, since for some reason they’re slightly taller than the non-turbo model.
Jacob Regamey
Jacob Regamey Year ago
I jacked up the shock to line it up. Stuck in maxima rear shocks and coils into rear of a Sentra. For lift
EverythingYou Year ago
Have to say this series has been pretty boring compared to other car channels...
Scott Dragon
Scott Dragon Year ago
Are you for real, going to all that trouble to lift the car and then putting smaller wheels on it? or did I hear that wrong. Putting low profile tyres and rims on an off roader makes the whole thing pointless.
Bruno Gregori
Bruno Gregori Year ago
What about a shootout with Roadkill, this time in Australia: an adventure in the Outback would be great!
quinn henry
quinn henry Year ago
There making a Donk 🤣
Patey Year ago
Moog pretends to not like the car like an ugly prom date, but he would bang her for sure
Mcm definitely should do a real 4x4 build
Owen Hayward
Owen Hayward Year ago
Your old vacuum is homosexual, that is all
Dima Gurevich
Dima Gurevich Year ago
Can't wait for the soundtrack! It sounds incredible!
pedro rivera
pedro rivera Year ago
Black rhino madness gray wheels!!!!!!
Darren Eccles
Darren Eccles Year ago
Love the frenzal shirts 🤟🏻🤟🏻
Emily Russell
Emily Russell Year ago
Hey marty and moog been watching yous for years have recently come out as transgender MTF and still struggle with mental health atm and wondering if you would mind telling me what person or thing makes you forget or feel better about your life/self when you need a pick me up xxx
You need a psychiatrist, not mcm advice...
Jeremiah Year ago
Good stuff but wanted to at least show it on the stock wheels for now.
J dennis
J dennis Year ago
nice to see you lads working together again keep up the great work/video's
34Kuro Year ago
I loved mechanical stig's RUN DMC T-shirt
tadas kalnikas
Whats the song at 10:43 ?
Mike Moody
Mike Moody Year ago
Thanks for staying on US-first unlike roadkill.
kjah06 Year ago
I'm betting on DONK
Sam Dobson
Sam Dobson Year ago
Wizards sleeve lol
Влад Гомзяков
Почему в России нет такого контента
Erik Kongslien
You’re building a Donk Subaru aren’t you. You’re trying to fit 24+ inch rims.
Joebiz24 10 months ago
Realizing I'm 6 months late withstanding, that is brilliant!...lol
G Gregory
G Gregory Year ago
I've had to unstick a few Subaru' s who thought they could kerp up with my lifted CJ7....big fun....lol And not for nothing, but without locking diff's, lift kits are kinda pointless...
Sgt. Kong
Sgt. Kong Year ago
Moog- The master chip feeder
Mcfatty Muffin
Im not Australian but why do you guys call the legacy a liberty?
Mcfatty Muffin
Bob Marley thanks for the reply dude
Bob Marley
Bob Marley Year ago
Because in 'strayla 'Legacy' is a nationwide charity that cares for the families of deceased veterans. So Subaru had to find another name to use here.
geekphreak Year ago
What’s the name of the song that starts at 4:08 ? Shazam couldn’t pick it up
Alex Porter
Alex Porter Year ago
I spent like 10 minutes laughing at the title
UncleManuel Year ago
The question is: is it an Outty or a Libback? ^_^
Raging Ranga
Raging Ranga Year ago
Your wizard sleeve?!? Wtf Marty!! This is a kids show not a cheap Thai bar trick
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devdog616 Year ago
all wearing band shirts lmfao
Jay McKean
Jay McKean Year ago
Jeff Hiner
Jeff Hiner Year ago
If you're making what's basically a rally car, you should seam weld the frame while everything is out.
Its next weekend
Why not swap the bushings in the shocks?
S H Year ago
Kian Owen
Kian Owen Year ago
@2.34 now there's a good idea for a new series
Cameron Lesley
NOthing beats a wizard sleeve
Green Comfort Living
please be a rally car!
vk for $900 - lol
MUDDIES for our Subaru
MOD MAX - Episode 1