Re-assembled after paint and some new suspension // Marty's WRX STI 

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Last episode we started piecing the Subaru WRX back together but came across broken and worn out parts. We ordered them, they've arrived and now it's time to get this mad 2 door back together and back onto the road with it's mad new paint.
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Jun 14, 2020




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thumpin1 Month ago
A good paint job shouldn't need to be buffed..!
SemoneMerku 2 months ago
Just an FYI rubbing of wheels wouldn't not be because of worn shocks or springs. Wrong wheel fitment or bad/incorrect bump stops. So when you cut nem bump shorter you made wheel go closer to body. Lowering vehicle takes away upwards/compression travel of suspension
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Damn I thought Marty was trolling when he said "Next time!" at the end, had no idea 13 mins had already passed 🙄
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 2 months ago
The Skirt would be rusted off that thing in one winter here in the great white North.😂
Dylan McDonald
Dylan McDonald 3 months ago
I have an 05 STI and the rubber linings are like old and decaying, where do i buy new rubber lining?
king113 3 months ago
i just love the misuc of this show
shugga leaf
shugga leaf 3 months ago
I just wanted to chime in & tell that I still really do love the show! Such a great treat when I get to watch these & I always try to catch them asap
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi 3 months ago
I can’t help but scream that the paints needs PPF
Izuhara Torozu
Izuhara Torozu 3 months ago
What are you guys using to seal the tail lights and spoiler holes up? Standard black RTV or something fancier?
Experienced User
Experienced User 4 months ago
Australians back then: "Im a blood thirsty murderer they have to send me to an island on the other side of the planet" Australians now: "There is a reason the instructions tell you not to do it"
Life in Washington
Life in Washington 4 months ago
When I was younger I enjoyed and did break many boxes. Guys break box as much as you possible can while you because up your box breaker slows and then stops working and then you don't even care any more.
tredigi 4 months ago
*Glad to see these guys are still competitive and that MOOG has chilled out a bit on talking shit to Marty.*
A.J. W.
A.J. W. 4 months ago
No shoe test???
Cillham 4 months ago
Yo guys! Help a fellow GC8 lubber out - I'm desperate to find out the exact self adhesive rubber moulding you've sourced for the skirts? P.s you have a mega show, of the raddest caliber 🤘
James Salley
James Salley 4 months ago
Can anyone tell me where I can buy or what the brand and make of sealant Marty is using on the spoiler to seal the bolts? Looks far easier than a mastic gun!
Billy Grow
Billy Grow 4 months ago
8:44 🤣 Taking this out of context is comedy gold.
lindsay brown
lindsay brown 4 months ago
watching this gives me a hard on and a new lease of love for my liberty its looking great guys
Noel Hernandez
Noel Hernandez 4 months ago
What kind of double sided tape was used? Brand etc, it looks perfect for these spoilers
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Marty's world
Тимур Вафин
HONDA SITY TURBO 2 for Marty!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE !!!!!!! help spread
Тимур Вафин
HONDA SITY TURBO 2 for Marty!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE !!!!!!! help spread
174Moonlight 4 months ago
Ого! Видео под которым нет русского комментария? Сейчас это исправим! Смотрю вас уже 5-6 лет, видео просто супер, очень приятно смотреть! Муг, ты делаешь невероятную музыку! Парни, вы супер!
Brian Francis
Brian Francis 5 months ago
Love the channel keep up the good work. Question What are the part number for those clips for the wing and the roof trim pieces also the rubber trim for the skirts?
Blake 5 months ago
no rubber seat for the springs?
Vincent Poon
Vincent Poon 5 months ago
I feel like if the tires were one size wider then it would look even better
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 5 months ago
Wow 🤩 that’s so clean now love the wheels super cool is the sti always have a soft spot for them in my heart 💓
I_Choose_You 5 months ago
As an American, “Cheryl’s Box” makes me giggle 🤭. Should of called it, Cheryl’s Crate.
MN7L 5 months ago
Those fluffy dice hanging on the wall better make their way into the rex.
Wullie Robertson
Wullie Robertson 5 months ago
Just to let you guys know, I had a £16.90 customs charge for my mystery box, Iam in Scotland
802 Garage
802 Garage 5 months ago
God this is such a dream car. 🤤
MrDengo999 5 months ago
I ordered a Cheryl Box in April.. it's still not here due to covid. Possibly July! Fingers crossed.
MassiveTrackHunter 5 months ago
Love that Track! The BOV shudder is so cool to mix in there.
Luke Coady
Luke Coady 5 months ago
You guys have done so well over the last decade, but this Subaru (nice that its a 2dr) build is boring! Bring back the Yaris Hilton or the VW bug adventure builds ;)
jason birch
jason birch 5 months ago
Ever get the feeling these guys aren't really that tight anymore, and just do the show cause they get paid by doing it?
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith 5 months ago
I gotta say even as a muscle car guy that bitch is beautiful, that guy really did a top notch job on the paintjob, like man imagine that paintjob on something like a viper, it would shine like a diamond lol
Kazoo road
Kazoo road 5 months ago
Ella Gamman
Ella Gamman 5 months ago
Please, enough of the Subaru nonsense you've been doing it for over 10 years. Cmon guys do something quirky and interesting and actually fast.
Dibyendu Biswas
Dibyendu Biswas 5 months ago
When will you ship my order😄???? Order #163058
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 5 months ago
Bloody well built cars hence ram raids they were used to blow up telephone boxes and cash point in the uk lol
Aspired Driven Auto
Aspired Driven Auto 5 months ago
Life happens and you're looking for your stuff.....yup that's me right now 😅. In the process of building my car and I was delayed 2 weeks
Get straight to the point
8:45 how Marty and moog lost their virginities 😂
Arvo R
Arvo R 5 months ago
4:50 winged Subaru specific move :)
barmy 5 months ago
This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "upgrade your car performance" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Vabrielbey Vehicle Verifiability - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got cool success with it.
Marcus Talbot
Marcus Talbot 5 months ago
What happened to your. Red dalhatsu cuore
dipesh2301 5 months ago
18's look too big
Extra Bass
Extra Bass 5 months ago
m 5 months ago
Man this is the best car marty has bought by far. Please do a sa22c or other rx7 next please
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 5 months ago
both of my wrx & my sti had boots full of water. I resealed both spoiler and lights as well as left the boot bung out as a perm mod lol
Corrzza Windahl
Corrzza Windahl 5 months ago
What happened to the Gemini?
alida flus
alida flus 5 months ago
"Unless you've got a mate who's actual name is 'Spring Compressor'
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray 5 months ago
Moog is cranking out some great tunes, thanks Moog :)
Clint L
Clint L 5 months ago
Gents what is that black sealant, I’ve never seen a tube like that.
alida flus
alida flus 5 months ago
That's not alot of water, I have a full size spare and my water was atleast two inches deep
David Hiscock
David Hiscock 5 months ago
Just dropped in to say g'day from England. Stumbled upon these guys vids during the lockdown. What can I say , simply bloody brilliant content and entertainment. Please keep up the cool stuff
John Werner
John Werner 5 months ago
This video kind of scared me into opening my trunk and pulling the panel. Now if water got in my trunk I'd be in a real pickle because I have one of those VAG cars that a uber engineer mind decided that since no spare would be needed it is perfect for the battery. My battery has been squiirly lately too requiring regular boosts though the alternator is doing it's thing correctly. Fears allayed as it was bone dry. But the battery was noticeably starting tol bulge a bit in the middle...so I'm glad instead of putting off looking this video prompted me to do so. Off in a minute to get a new battery and it's a monster with 900 crank amps when new. Hopefully this will solve my intermittent boosting problem.
Pete Steadman
Pete Steadman 5 months ago
What a gorgeous paint job on that Sexually Transmitted Infection. I’m interested to see if the 180sx can catch it. 💄 😷
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson 5 months ago
There should be a boot vent flapper, which is a vent with rubber flaps sos that when you slam the boot lid, you don't compress the air in the car cabin, and burst the ear drums of anybody inside. Those boot vents are usually behind one or bother wheels behind the bumper bar. Water comes off the tires, and up behind the bdoy side bumper bar, into the loose rubber flap vent, and creeps under the carpet and into the wheel well. Huge problem in hondas.
Squid Lips
Squid Lips 5 months ago
Moog's eyes lit up when that shocker strut started rising
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell 5 months ago
20 years ago Who Let the Dogs Out came out
Dangerously Mick
Dangerously Mick 5 months ago
Possibly, just possibly, and I say this with a toight sphincter, my favourite channel.
Matthew Venet
Matthew Venet 5 months ago
Looks sick...nice work guys 💪🏻
O_Gajo_Da_Pólvora 5 months ago
Super Honk at 10:40 ehehehehe
TimetoShred 5 months ago
A spring compressor costs 15 bucks
Jason Kerr
Jason Kerr 5 months ago
Anyways, make the subaru do what there known for, 2step flames!!!
Jason Kerr
Jason Kerr 5 months ago
That's not alot of water, I have a full size spare and my water was atleast two inches deep
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 5 months ago
"Unless you've got a mate who's actual name is 'Spring Compressor'
wah panda1
wah panda1 5 months ago
MCM always puts stuff in that sounds like its pornographic.
wah panda1
wah panda1 5 months ago
Ram Raid Me one more time from britney spears.
wah panda1
wah panda1 5 months ago
wah panda1
wah panda1 5 months ago
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 5 months ago
Hopefully Marty is going to ceramic coat that fresh paint!!!
wah panda1
wah panda1 5 months ago
and then life happens yes
Shane Forsythe
Shane Forsythe 5 months ago
i want to see you review this: us-first.info/player/video/oa-gZmd9mmqcd3E.html
Will Orson
Will Orson 5 months ago
Hey Marty I found your Doppler ganger. Check out PsychedSubstance on US-first. You will freak out
Rehan B
Rehan B 5 months ago
V nice. Skirts and spats are the wrong colour but. From factory they’re black.
Amir Pomen
Amir Pomen 5 months ago
The ride height will drop more.. eventually come to same as prrvious setup... (I think its the same spring anyway from the colour of it)
Amir Pomen
Amir Pomen 5 months ago
I wad hoping that the strut top used from whiteline caster top...and whiteline lower arm anti lift kit bushing... Just to enhance front grip and bettrr handling eliminating the understeer nature of stock subaru
TAINOS-TV📺 5 months ago
I wish I lived in Australia man...
Dirt Drop Garage
Dirt Drop Garage 5 months ago
this isn't mighty car mods anymore. its just restoring old car's and nothing mighty about it. this show has Lost it's sauce.
Douglas Bosch
Douglas Bosch 5 months ago
Where do you buy all your spare clips that you've had to replace from?
Bryon Dunn
Bryon Dunn 5 months ago
Super Honk sounds so good!
Pat McCrotch
Pat McCrotch 5 months ago
Living in southern California, I've never seen water inside a car.. woah. How different.
aidan clifford
aidan clifford 5 months ago
Your car is so clean, my gc8 was a 600$ barn find, and well, it was 600$ you can imagine what it looks like
Logan H.
Logan H. 5 months ago
Is there anywhere we can get that song? Turbo flutter in a song is epic! Lol
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright 5 months ago
Just got my MCM merch and I love it 😍
North Runner
North Runner 5 months ago
Hopefully Marty is going to ceramic coat that fresh paint!!!
Mr2boosted 5 months ago
Hey guys! Loved your show for years, but had a bad experience with your customer service after ordering some goodies. Unsubscribed. Cheers
T Rs
T Rs 5 months ago
Last year ordered beer cooler (and other bits) from MCM couple months before flying to US (I live in UK) so when we all go to the beach in Outer Banks NC. Every one has the OBX coolers and I wanted to have MCM...long story short it was sent according to email, but never received... completely forgot about it till now for some reason😲😁🙄
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 5 months ago
Nothing wrong with some STI action on a Monday afternoon 😉
Darthstump 5 months ago
my 2002 wrx leaked like crazy from the bolts that held on the spoiler.
Maciej Rafalski
Maciej Rafalski 5 months ago
I would love to get a car makeover from you. And Im so curious what would you come up with a Mazda 3
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 5 months ago
So so good. If you listen quietly you can hear hundreds of people on carsales searching for 2 door Wrx's (Sti's)
Game PLayer
Game PLayer 5 months ago
make a video on the bike in the background please!!!!!
Nikolay Ganovski
Nikolay Ganovski 5 months ago
Dear MCM, when we are finally going to see Mitsubishi Lancer X in the episodes?
Quick Nick Driver
Quick Nick Driver 5 months ago
Wow that paint looks incredible and the car sits just right on those new shocks. It looks mint. Love the production as much as the content. The quick round innuendo scene is trademark and the super turbo tune is spot on. Keep up the good work fellas, looking forward to the WRX STI and 180SX smashing out some laps on track
reace w
reace w 5 months ago
Forgot the shoe test boys
M7A1 5 months ago
Please make a turbos and temples shirt!!!! Instantly buying
Argy Gr
Argy Gr 5 months ago
its a wrx sti...
Tyson C
Tyson C 5 months ago
Good old innuendo, mates bonding over suspension! Was waiting for the feet to help with the strut tops. Thanks guys keep up the good work!
What Up TK Here
What Up TK Here 5 months ago
Waiting for Moog to release Slide (Into the Gutter) by The S13s. KSWOP has a spot in my running playlist forever
TheLiquidKnight 5 months ago
Today on Might Car Restoration-ish....
Joey Kelley
Joey Kelley 5 months ago
*slow clap* "Slide into a ditch by the Goo-Goo Dolls" Very nice gentlemen....
Mr C
Mr C 5 months ago
Love this car glad to see one un-molested
Regulator Machine
Regulator Machine 5 months ago
half a million views after 3 days, awesome, thanks for the video, can't wait for my Cheryl' Box to arrive! Cheers from BC, Canada!
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