Painting the MIRA 

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Marty's beloved Daihatsu Mira is finally getting a full restoration and paint job.
Shop: www.mightycarmods.com/collections/
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Forum: forums.mightycarmods.com
Special thanks to Elite Collision Centre in Leichhardt for their help getting the Mira painted!
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Jul 31, 2019




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Paulo Matti
Paulo Matti Month ago
Petros is my brother even talk to him
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright 2 months ago
2020 September realising we still haven't had Mira vs mini
Momo 4 months ago
I couldn’t even get my feet in that thing 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂
Limited Productions
Limited Productions 5 months ago
Great series! awesome car love the Mira
sean meekings
sean meekings 5 months ago
Top gear for normal people i accidentally found this channel during lock down and im hooked. Please modify a fat mini
DJ Bell
DJ Bell 5 months ago
I think It should have being painted white
parptarf 6 months ago
Denis Crunky
Denis Crunky 6 months ago
And they said we'll see the mini soon...... Still waiting.
Project By Torreto
Project By Torreto 7 months ago
Are We Not Gonna Talk About How Awesomely Marty Cleaned The Glass Of The Paint Booths door ..
Mazu Muda
Mazu Muda 7 months ago
in malaysia this car with 4 door...call it kancil...in uk is nippa
sinaumea taufao
sinaumea taufao 8 months ago
are you guys live in Australia
Ooi Jiacheng
Ooi Jiacheng 8 months ago
lol this is perodua kancil in malaysia......
muhammad faris azfar
Malaysia ..perodua kancil 850 and 660
playlistforkids 8 months ago
Rewatching during corona apocalypse... Thank you for all the wonderful build videos. Much love from USA! stay safe bros!
Mario Ojeda
Mario Ojeda 8 months ago
I know its not yall style of cars but maybe you can do a classic muscle car or mini truck
reece dowsett
reece dowsett 8 months ago
Hey Moog !!! that first song that is played in this video sounds mint !! when will it be released i really want to listen to that all day
Anton Shot
Anton Shot 9 months ago
Mira looks very light weight and has more space in the boot and the backsits then in the bonnet... why don't you fit there a more powerful engine and make a monster mid-engine car? 😉
Sandy Mitchell
Sandy Mitchell 9 months ago
GEEZ that was a $10.000. paint job at least!
Sandy Mitchell
Sandy Mitchell 9 months ago
Its like a playstation gran turismo car you win with 25 HP and invest 100K And now you got 40 HP!! but its just fun to do!!
mhawkins1975 9 months ago
Do more cars 👍🏻
Paul Trock
Paul Trock 9 months ago
Those guys from Elite... Wow! First class job gents!!!
Steven Chia
Steven Chia 9 months ago
Kriztov Azrewitch
Kriztov Azrewitch 9 months ago
i love keicar...i love the way u take care of ur mira...good job...
adrian rozario
adrian rozario 9 months ago
so ur effort and work is respected
adrian rozario
adrian rozario 9 months ago
i heare the guy saying the owner in japan must be saying why so much trouble to restore this car. u got to respect the car no matter wat make it is. I LUV cars
Moment Adi
Moment Adi 9 months ago
Mohd Husin Muhammad Imran
Perodua kancil???
Z B 9 months ago
Was that a fart @11:28
Ben UwU
Ben UwU 10 months ago
Kereta Kancil siak
Fikri Zamani
Fikri Zamani 10 months ago
malaysia mira L2s that price crazy 😂😂
Andrew allen Insta at custom_cavalier
What rims are the old rims he put on it ?
Irfan Hakimi
Irfan Hakimi 10 months ago
in Malaysia they called kancil .
paAN_ DAS 10 months ago
Come visit malaysia, see how malaysian convert perodua kancil to daihatsu mira..
Michael Thorp
Michael Thorp 10 months ago
Change your smoke detector battery!
Jonathan 10 months ago
song at 25:32 is top 5 MCM JAMZ! i need that.
SHOGUN xGaming TV 10 months ago
Hahsaku Shazzz
Hahsaku Shazzz 10 months ago
Like a produa kancil
hzm channel
hzm channel 10 months ago
produa kancil
Der Fierdx
Der Fierdx 10 months ago
So rare .... at 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾 many people still use that but 4 door cars . Becouse 2 door car is very limited
Justin Ng
Justin Ng 10 months ago
You'd reckon the amount of work will be lesser for a small car.. but from the video it seems just as much work needed for a small car. I guess what does help reduce the amount of time or prep work regardless the size of the car would be how smooth the parts and panels are.
buubised 10 months ago
Thats my dream city car (i'm totally a mazda guy,i have 6 of them, but for city driving this is the one i want) is there any substitute headlights for lhd?
Matti 10 months ago
@22:14 does it say Fa*get on the right windscreen on the booth? xd
ng Robert
ng Robert 11 months ago
come to malaysia alot of project for u
Irwan Ahmad
Irwan Ahmad 11 months ago
Hi bro ... I just saw vids ... Sorry to say this ... But this car is also popular in malaysia ... We call it perodua kancil ... And there are alot of parts here ... And to be honest the car is one of the cheapest car in malaysia ... So if you are looking for unique modifications ... Just Google perodua kancil modified ... You won't believe how we do it here ... The mira can actually race against a gtr 35 here
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar Year ago
Dude. Why even bother with those dorky factory stickers? WTF?
Herus Year ago
why did you guys not paint the car before assemblying ?
Big Moist
Big Moist Year ago
Ooh yes as soon as I saw him use the DV1 I got excited as a fellow painter
Karl’s Garage
*yeah they’re fr doing to many cars* Said only one person🤣
Aidah Mohadzir
code colour please
nick kosakowski
Moogs music skills are A1 I love these guys
Thomas Year ago
I've been waiting for the Mira!!!
zainal enal
zainal enal Year ago
Hey, search Perodua Kancil at Google. It is same looking car but cheaper.
m Year ago
get a fuckin sa22c and restore it
Oh man back a few years ago when they made a trip to Japan for it
Zeljko Rakic
Zeljko Rakic Year ago
Finally Mira is in good hands...
a3ro9292 Year ago
there's something in a really good paint job that make me feel satisfied
Notmy Realname
Had to google Back to the Future 2 DeLorean, for reference, was not disappointed.
gaz ferg
gaz ferg Year ago
i reckon a big thumbs up to the paint and panel guys would be apropiate.
Could someone name the songs used in this vid? I seem to struggle finding these: 21:00, 9:42
Glen Havard
Glen Havard Year ago
I can so feel the love going into this car, i want to do this with a 1976 Buick Skylark if I ever can, it was my first car and I loved it.
robson oscer
robson oscer Year ago
Use te37 15inch bronze colour.. That will make it more awesome
Sang Lee
Sang Lee Year ago
@12:37 Peep that 2015+ Subaru WRX without a trunk. 👀
Anyone know the name of this song i need to blast it in my car
Noddy Woodley
Noddy Woodley Year ago
Much love to the mira 😍
nikoli barashnikov
Anybody ever intrested in that cycle that is always hanging up in the background? It looks good.
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill Year ago
Look I've used body filler. Never heard it called bog. That seems to an Aussie thing. What the hell do the initials stand for or is it just a name lost in the mists of time? If it was BOS that would be Better Off Scrapped.
Ha too many cars, yall go watch roadkill and tell me MCM has too many cars. there are NEVER too many cars!
david hewell
david hewell Year ago
The amount of work, time, expertise and love going on here with this vehicle is down right next level. I have such an appreciation for you panel and paint guys. May you live for a thousand years.
Drewcifer Mods
I always like that the guys you guys film with are always pretty comfortable on camera, makes the video that much better
michael Year ago
This is very random, but someone needs to replace a smoke alarm battery, judging from the chirps at 17:18, 19:02, 20:10, 21:46...
The Autobot Mechanic
Would love to repaint my car but i don't have the $$$$ to do it, as it is something that I again would love to have done
John Blackstone
That moment when you haven't seen the Mira in what feels like months to years
David Mackieson
Like crap you need a paint booth to spray a car
Atreyu Year ago
WHen are you guys working on outfap again?
spring6meow Year ago
song @8:00 mins in is awesome how do i find this and more like this! us-first.info/player/video/l8xiY3l8iKCFnp8.html
Joseph Clarke
Joseph Clarke Year ago
When is the next episode?
arturo olmo
arturo olmo Year ago
Can u guys please do a 2000 Nissan Sentra ser
the netnet
the netnet Year ago
"I've never been so dirty in my life".... Ahem, but cheryl
nick kosakowski
I love listening to mighty car mods while I’m working on my cars and rn drilling out my dads quarter panel! I love you guys and moog you always kill the background music man you need to release these tracks just for something really chill to listen to
Dangerously Mick
What a colour man. I’d love to see a k20 in the Mira!! If anyone can make it happen, you guys can. Peace.
XcrissRS13 Year ago
Wow. Rewelding ther guards is quite a long way from hacking up a shitty stereo back in the days. Very well done Marty! This is some advanced restoration shit.
Alex Polk
Alex Polk Year ago
Does anyone know which song of theirs is playing at around the 26:00 minute mark? I've been wondering for a couple years it feels like (they've used it many times in different videos), and I've never been able to figure it out. I want to buy that song!!!!!
Βαγγέλης Λύγδας
Petros must be from Greece!
Kris_T_1982 Year ago
Today I was in my local TESCO & in the technology department the tablets and I-pads were all playin some random US-first, so I spent the next 15 mins getting Kei to the City on as many as possible. I even got them (mostly) in sync.
that is very interesting to see what needs to be done to repaint a car.. so that is why its so expensive the amount of labor. the cost of masking the cost of every little thing adds up big time.
Carl Corke
Carl Corke Year ago
I live in the US and drive a Nissan frontier. I'd love to see you guy's do a Nissan titan V8 swap into a frontier!
Mod Fix
Mod Fix Year ago
Please built a junk yard civic 95 as new project
C1Rob Year ago
Oh man oh man oh man. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!
God_ YNWA Year ago
1 video a week is causing me to forget who you are.
Icameto plunder
I dont know why but this is such a satisfying project
alex guariglia
Someone donated on the linus tech tips wan show that y'all should collab and that'd be wicked.
Ken Tecson
Ken Tecson Year ago
i wish my car was tuned like this one 🙌🏻😇 please come here in philippines hahaha work on my car hahahah
Sure Ting
Sure Ting Year ago
what u guys think about the vw polo 6n2 gti?
Frédéric Bélanger
so are you going to do a subaruban ? XD (got vtec yo?)
Silvano Year ago
Hey guys love the videos you post can you guys mayb do a test on a electric turbo or supercharger to see if it actually works
chefinavan1 Year ago
Gotta be about due a finished Mira reveal video by now :D
Ken Davis
Ken Davis Year ago
Let's see how fast you can make a Geo metro 1993
msjaldo Year ago
Change the battery in the smoke alarm.
Rory McFadyen
Rory McFadyen Year ago
Hahaha, I thought that was mine. I've been sitting outside, watching this having a sneaky scotch and thought "bugger, I've got to get the step ladder (being 5ft fuck all) and change the freaking battery in the smoke alarm".
ZE_GERMAN Year ago
Last Car I painted costed me U.S. $1300 in materials alone.
Auðbergur Jónss
I’m going a little off topic here but where in the flaming gates of hell is Tay Tay????
JDM Wheel Restoration
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