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We finished our offload OUTFAP and take you with us behind the scenes for the first drive as the car prepares for it's premiere on TV!
WATCH THE FINAL AD HERE: us-first.info/player/video/q9l2rJqLhamUfYU.html
Shop: www.mightycarmods.com/collections/
Facebook: mightycarmods
Forum: forums.mightycarmods.com
Thank you to Supercheap Auto for having us involved in this project.
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Sep 16, 2019




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Mighty Car Mods
We hope you enjoy the final OUTFAP video. The SuperCheap Auto Commercial featuring the car will be out tomorrow!!
Will Weir
Will Weir 6 months ago
what was in the case? (from the ad)
Shubhankar Choudhari
SuperCheap Auto if you are reading this along with MCM, could you do two project car for TurboYoda and MechanicalStig as they desire?
Edward Anderson
Xan Tosh
Xan Tosh Year ago
Modmax vs Outfap else we will unsub (well not really)!!!!
KoreanGuukMan Year ago
@mightyCarMods wheres my poster :C
teethendrikson 3 months ago
@ 7:28 I like how the steering wheel is the wrong way up because of the heat :)
undeadtacticalsquad 4 months ago
Crogunson 34
Crogunson 34 6 months ago
Coken on the caine c it from miles.
demonic477 6 months ago
I would love to build one of these but with a 90's WRX as the body . think about it all of the drive train from a full sized forester under a car half the size and weight with the 3.0 or 3.5 flat 6 . without all the weight it would be less likely to break shafts and be a lot more capable off road that and the 90's WRX is my favorite.
DanNeX 9 months ago
What's the name of the music playing @5:20?
MickMaan 9 months ago
"17 gears and unlimited Nos" *War rig!*
PMP 9 months ago
Al picks the worst fishing holes.
AquaMoment 9 months ago
you both have made a Volvo V60 cross country!! xD
Dylan Goodwin
Dylan Goodwin 9 months ago
There would be an entirely different response to Marty’s comment about LS1’s in the US.
Brie Browne
Brie Browne 11 months ago
well i found it on location in the penrith store along side a rocket toyota yaris/echo, and Tuedsay the 10th of December 2019 i happen to stumble across the vehicle on the back of a blue tilt-tray with a large / long white aerostream type trailer, at the Servo between murwullimbah and Tweed Heads , around 11.10pm
chu chu
chu chu 11 months ago
There was no thing
BradleySevenfold 11 months ago
Turbo Yoda to play Mike Nolan 😂
buy a hummer and modify to the limit
UkBoost Year ago
Such an Awsome build 🔥
dudethegunner Year ago
what are those lights on top of the basket?
Pilotsafari 56
Any chance you guys would do a bolt in hybrid kit on something?
MCM? More like fuckwits ahoy...
James Balazs
James Balazs Year ago
Still waiting for an MCM pd130 build 1.9tdi > all
Weasel2513 Year ago
Anything with an Ls1 is slow and anything with a Subaru motor is fast. Lmaooo I choked on my lunch
Imback Inthegame
0:08 that's what the German Police officer thought too
Benjamin Kuhrt
finally :D
Davidautofull Year ago
oh no you dit un just put down Americas Chevy LS engine. marrrttttyyyyy.
A.L. Year ago
Shane goes to TAFE. bahahahahahah
Clickmaster5k Year ago
Will there be more in depth of the filming like that last ad project? That was cool.
Phillip Botha
Phillip Botha Year ago
So you guys are most probably the authority when it comes to flat 4 scooby motor's, just got beetle chassis have to decide between 2.0 and 2.5 wat do i want
kahukuboy Year ago
Did you guys build a rotary yet?
RM6330 Year ago
MCM is washed
RM6330 Year ago
MCM is washed
vtec destroyer
Its like ff. 17 gears and unlimited NOS. Lol
Just found your channel...😀🔝👍
itsd simple... ALL subaru's are shit
Rob Hunt
Rob Hunt Year ago
I'd love to see an even more detailed behind the scenes for the next commercial you guys work on
RAW FPS Year ago
BEST DEAL Year ago
Kalub’s Kitchen
Anyone else have a Volvo s40
MrDengo999 Year ago
I love how I got an ad for Lyft, that's how you know this this has huge suspension. Hahah
Tremayne Cane
Tremayne Cane Year ago
Marty can you please buy a levorg 2L-T work it off it's head and have it as a daily that would be sick !!!
Tyrone Stock
Tyrone Stock Year ago
MOD MAX is going to win the battle VS The Outback
David Bell
David Bell Year ago
Good stuff!
Shubhankar Choudhari
On side note, completely irrelevant to this video, why don’t you guy get a hoist? It’s easy to work. You guys have everything but hoist in shop.
I watched your SALES PITCH TV AD.us-first.info/player/video/q9l2rJqLhamUfYU.html I loved it. nerve wrecking, lots of creativity its like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.
Epic Year ago
SPOILERS: The Boy's work hard on the Fap, They Dress in Leather, Fap Around.. in the car, Now they are Satisfied Beating the Fap out of the Fapper, You can even Jump into the Time Fap Machine for a Fap Finale
BadKarma 714
BadKarma 714 Year ago
Here is the TV AD from Super Cheap Auto us-first.info/player/video/q9l2rJqLhamUfYU.html
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Year ago
Mod Max!
NorCar Performance
Came here for the comments from the state side boys on Marty’s “anything with an LS is slow” remark. Haven’t seen any which is very surprising lol
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Year ago
Do 2 builds on a Suzuki Jimny 2007 one should be done for fwd and the other one should be a slammed drift build
Harry Curley
Harry Curley Year ago
Do upgrade and customize a Suzuki jimny new or old model 👐🏻
Dale Boyd
Dale Boyd Year ago
2:04 another of moogs “accidental” pieces of commentary
Andrew Lofthouse
MLG M8 Year ago
that explains were it was going when i saw it on the trailer a while back
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Year ago
Ooooo yeaaah you should do it!!! Prepare yourselves for Modmax vs Outfap!!
Rednax Year ago
As always guys, a great episode and the super cheap auto ad was awesome, well done and ty. :)
Graham Wilson
Graham Wilson Year ago
Outfap? Really guys?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Year ago
next episode modmax vs outfap
Robert Perry
Robert Perry Year ago
sorry marty but moog is right mod max would destroy this car
Ben Hitchcock
Ben Hitchcock Year ago
I just watched the ad. You guys rock!
nezzys8 Year ago
Bummer you couldn't have had the ads in this video be the new supercheap one. that would have been epic.
Marko Ivanov
Marko Ivanov Year ago
What wheels do you have? I want something similar on my Forester 🙂
SpektaForm Year ago
where did u guys get that double din radio panel?
Bill Safreed
Bill Safreed Year ago
Post the ad for us in other countries that will never see it otherwise.
Legin Sreep
Legin Sreep Year ago
Mod Max!
Jazz Simpson
Jazz Simpson Year ago
What size wheels and tyres?
Paul Bridge
Paul Bridge Year ago
Ok I’m gonna say it let’s see MOD MAX with the awesome LS1 destroy the Mid budget lifted soccer mom vehicle. Boost With Bridge is just saying lmao
JD M Year ago
RogueZero21 Year ago
Mod Max will decimate all
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe Year ago
next episode modmax vs outfap
Tristan Altieri
What size tyre yous running?
CuzzTec Year ago
Relay click has nothing to do with load... just saying.
James W
James W Year ago
Outfap vs Mod Max must happen...
J Borcz
J Borcz Year ago
Any chance of you two doing another partnership with RoadKill? Or perhaps another partnership on US-first, like with Rob Dahm, Cletus Mc Farland, Tavarish, or Better Yet up in Canada 🇨🇦 with @DebossGarage. Perhaps you could do a one week build off and Rallye or cross country race with everything sourced from the scrapyard?
J Borcz
J Borcz Year ago
Yeah, no comments are going to convince you not to do Mod Max vs this. We all wanted to see more Mod Max Anyhow.
Pwrswitchd Year ago
Careful with the LS1 talk lol
Kingy's Garage
This outfap build has given me some silly ideas to do on an X5.....
David Mason
David Mason Year ago
so when are you two going to go on cold ones?
Veritas Originale
MORE NOS!!!!! 💥💪🤩
Bignikoli Year ago
Outfap vs modmax
Aaron Romero
Aaron Romero Year ago
been beating that fap for ages
Alexandre Dagenais
Marty: "I will destroy ALL Nissan." Me: "I'm watching."
ACPHOTO Year ago
Just wanna know where Moog gets his knit hats from
NATHAN Year ago
There is a reason I've never seen a Bridgestone mud terrain.
Ouafa sidi baba
blueplanet martian
I do want to see mod max vs outfap actually.
Bradley Moy
Bradley Moy Year ago
I think moogs real name was mentioned in this....i cant be the only one that pick up on that
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Year ago
Outfap vs Modmax of course!!
Andy Year ago
to late we need to see it now. MOD MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
benzracer Year ago
Everything will be revealed in an outfap. **mild boner** Marty: not everything **less boner**
JFK64 Kennedy
JFK64 Kennedy Year ago
HAHAHAHA nice unicorn.......
Liz Bob
Liz Bob Year ago
My favourite Dutch drug users are getting high again
tsstn Year ago
Freak Response
"make sure the haters can see i've sorted the ride height at the back of the mira"
Richard Hoadley
Been watching MCM for years now. How is it, (thanks to Supercheap Auto) I have only just found out Moog's full name?!?!?!
A Smith
A Smith Year ago
midnight thinker
Please some one
midnight thinker
Mighty car mods please help me
midnight thinker
Mighty car mods please help me
midnight thinker
Mighty csr mods please help
midnight thinker
I need help with my 13 wrx please idk what to do some one help me
midnight thinker
Mighty car mods help me please
midnight thinker
Mighty car mods please help me
midnight thinker
Hi mighty car.mods i got a prob please help since you know subarus why my over flow bottle full n bubbles 13 wrx no over heating no exhaust gases runs pretty good
Travis Rex
Travis Rex Year ago
I was just on the Supercheap Auto site looking for some car parts and I saw this us-first.info/player/video/q9l2rJqLhamUfYU.html
Modifying Mum's Car
MOD MAX - Episode 1