Our New Car Arrives from Japan [HONK if you're a JDM Nugget] 

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A very special car has just arrived from Japan so it's time to fix it up and take it for a drive. HONK HONK PSHHHH!
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Seats are teabags that work in reverse
Big thanks to Aaron and Rob at Import Monster for helping us get the car
Thanks to Myles at FLUX3D for the custom made adaptor:
Thank you to Western Sydney International Dragway
Manga Poster by jestami
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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May 4, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 6 months ago
Get your *LIMITED EDITION AUTOGRAPHED POSTER*. We ship world-wide. mightycarmods.com/collections/books/products/limited-edition-mcm-poster-autographed-1
nicholas ford
nicholas ford 4 months ago
hey guys i dont know if youll ever see this but i bought one of yalls posters as soon as the video dropped a long time ago and it got lost as soon as it came into SanFrancisco from Australian post so ill never get the poster or yalls signatures now. ive been driving to the wharehouse every week to see if they found it but it seems to be lost forever. will you guys ever do another run of these poster, i've always loved that little nugget and it inspired me to get my own goofy car recently -88 accord 4 door. hope yall do another run of the nugget posters they looked so cool too. keep up the fun love yall!
GizFab 4 months ago
Can anyone tell me how many they made? I received on as a gift from a customer today and i was proper stoked about it!
A Brame
A Brame 5 months ago
Luke Smillie
Luke Smillie 6 months ago
The True n n p
Doot Smith
Doot Smith 6 months ago
@Mighty Car Mods That arse milk legit made me dry reach. Good work guys
yesterday tech95
yesterday tech95 11 days ago
Ok so i am a American i don't even use the impartial scale. I use the royal scale because 10mm seems a lot easier to understand than something measured as 5/16th. Buuuut the 10mm is always missing. 🤦🤷😂
Joker Ismyname
Joker Ismyname Month ago
Im 16 and i agree
Zach Month ago
Love how they call this car a nugget when it costs big $. I'm sitting here wishing I could afford one.
Joshua Cheek
Joshua Cheek Month ago
Looks like you lost a lens cap or something flat and circular around 32:42.
Robert Tanksley
Robert Tanksley Month ago
23:30 thats a lot of butthole slime
Роман Калинин
Модель пылесоса пожалуйста
MrPartyWaffle Month ago
I drive a 1995 Volvo 960 RWD It feels more ALIVE than some of these newer cars, like I regularly drive around a 2016 Caravan, and the thing is already breaking, it just doesn't feel the same, so I understand what Marty is saying about older cars.
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
EDIT: 29:28 oh look! A kangaroo in the background! I literally just realized that I had ate some nuggets while watching you guys work on this nugget.... My mind is blown lol, i'm glad the little super turbo made it down under from the JDM roads!
Byron Jennings
Byron Jennings 2 months ago
Noticed the super turbo honk sound in the song. Love the Easter egg
jonny j
jonny j 2 months ago
24:03 holy shit i fucking DIED
jordanzish 2 months ago
My God you guys have made it. I haven't watched in years, and now you guys have a super sweet studio garage and nice lighting and whatnot... but you're still messing around with March Super Turbos. Nice to see that some things don't change. I've got some catching up to do.
Dino Čobanov
Dino Čobanov 3 months ago
Get a brush on a drill en scrub the ass of the seats with some apc soak them good .
Gary Mooney
Gary Mooney 3 months ago
100% best car show ever! Top gear who?😂😂😂
Hello24 3 months ago
If we can get a Hoonigan Forza car pack, I think we could get an MCM pack
Tom Hanrahan
Tom Hanrahan 3 months ago
I legit had to pause the video when it cut to Moog licking the floor because I was laughing so hard...
heath flanagan
heath flanagan 3 months ago
That sound tho ❤️
ozaric blox
ozaric blox 3 months ago
The difference between old and new cars is lack of bullshit safety features and regulations. Like now all new cars have to be pedestrian friendly.
pheonix down
pheonix down 3 months ago
whats the suction cleaner that they use called?
hahaha12345678993 3 months ago
for the love of god moog, whats the name of the song @17:49, can't find it on your spotify
Manny Calavera
Manny Calavera 4 months ago
This car is fucking awesome.
Manny Calavera
Manny Calavera 4 months ago
24:05 Wtf he actually did it.
JRkk7heGamer 4 months ago
I still can't believe he threw the butt water all over himself. I wonder how he fits in such a small car with balls that size
The OldSchoolGamer
The OldSchoolGamer 4 months ago
Can I still honk if I have a korean nugget^
Sully TheTroll
Sully TheTroll 4 months ago
So what did 30 years of ass taste like Marty?
The D3athHunter
The D3athHunter 5 months ago
Song at 19:45??
A Brame
A Brame 5 months ago
Truth be told that the car was just before technology added weight . Probably 700 to 800 kgs.
A Brame
A Brame 5 months ago
Major cities of Japan the 3 cylinder class ( 660ccto1000cc) is a major seller. However there were some 4 cylinders with same displacement within this market ( KEI -CAR CLASS). HAVE A LOOK IN COFFEE CUP, IS THERE NEW LIFEFORMS IN THERE. ESPECIALLY IF HE HAD MILK IN COFFEE.
Kyle Martinez
Kyle Martinez 5 months ago
This video gives me my one and only reason not to move to Australia. ☹️
Koen van der rijt
Koen van der rijt 5 months ago
DUDE, MARTY, comeon mann..
Alexander C Ekholm
Alexander C Ekholm 5 months ago
The air filter u guys r using is not recommended for forced induction applications. The metal piece on the inner filter can seperate and be sucked into the engine, it destroyed my friends turbo once
Trevor 27
Trevor 27 5 months ago
You guys should do something with a Nissan stanza 1987 sedan in particular i love the body style of it and i think you guys would love it
sus J
sus J 5 months ago
I have forgotten about all other cars. Now I only want this.
Pierre 5 months ago
Does anyone know a good affordable carpet cleaner thingy? I was looking at the Bissell below but not sure if it's good? www.harveynorman.com.au/bissell-spotclean-professional-carpet-and-upholstery-cleaner.html
pices229 5 months ago
You drink Japanese Butt juice and talk about tea bagging (24:40), are you sure it's not a wee bit more than just Bromance between you guys? (not that there's anything wrong with it) Lol ;)
Momo 5 months ago
Love your builds. You guys are truly mental lol. Good on ya!
petr valek
petr valek 5 months ago
Does anyone know what upholstery washing machine they are using? (Not after ass juice ... after clean car seats)
Ethan Her
Ethan Her 5 months ago
Marty: *tells us all about spark plug customization*. Moog: let’s check out all the butthole slime
spoogie357 5 months ago
Where does a band of Canadian gooses play? At a honky tonk.
Jay Dunbar
Jay Dunbar 5 months ago
"Its important because its against the law", well if thats the only reason then is it really actually important?
Blueline Maths
Blueline Maths 5 months ago
That's how you get corona
FPSaddiction 5 months ago
LMAO 24:15
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 5 months ago
I really hope you guys put iced coffee in that tank for the shot. Even that would be hella nasty! 😆
Jaybruhh 5 months ago
23:30 *_What are those vacuum thingies called. SO COOL!_*
Jaybruhh 5 months ago
19:10 *_Facts:_** did you know. You can now 3-D Print metal? YES METAL.*
Hinrik Jónsson
Hinrik Jónsson 5 months ago
Import a MMC Galant VR-4. Maybe a 7th gen Galant VR-4. They're more powerful than the first evo's. AWD and a V6 with twin turbo, what's not to like.
Jaybruhh 5 months ago
*_Twin-Charged engines. I've always wanted one_*
mx5 thecar
mx5 thecar 5 months ago
You for got the Toyota sren
Ben Hershberger
Ben Hershberger 6 months ago
27:37 what about SWAT!?
Simon Gladman
Simon Gladman 6 months ago
MCM, I would love to have some advise on an N13 EXA from 88' been watching your stuff for ages. I have not modified the car at all but am using it as my daily and I love it. Despite the leaks in roof and steering lol. Checking forums etc there is not much information on the car! Do you fellas know anything about em/ resources to help me??
RacinX 6 months ago
Anyone have the name of the track at 12:10?
4/11nightnheaven 6 months ago
For a car that old and being a one liter its super fast
Heine Bjørke
Heine Bjørke 6 months ago
18y/o norwegian and ive got a 96 civic. Old but gold
95whizzkid 6 months ago
23:00 what are those vacuums called? Are they wet-vacs?
DeepPastry 6 months ago
Man, there's a lot of just raw aluminium in that engine bay, just rusting away. Well, away is a bit much; aluminium takes forever to rust away, unlike steel which will chew itself to nothing fairly fast. I would of thought they'd of anodized more of the aluminium parts to prevent that mottled white rust. But still, pretty good shape after 25 years.
Minos Akoumianakis
Minos Akoumianakis 6 months ago
What's this vacuum called?
Luke J
Luke J 6 months ago
That intake adapter is going to melt in the under bonnet temps, trust me
Patrickk 6 months ago
What's the name of the music at 2:05?
Yeefu lor
Yeefu lor 6 months ago
This thing sound scary
Yeefu lor
Yeefu lor 6 months ago
I need these tunes
Intexrity Foryou
Intexrity Foryou 6 months ago
BUDDY GUY LITERALLY SWIGS THE SUCK JUICE Marty the absolute fucking unit
Pavel C
Pavel C 6 months ago
Only limited (
SirPokéFisher 6 months ago
Hey guys be curious if I could get some pictures of the seat rails and bolt pattern? I have a b210gx/120y looking for small Nissan seats and those look awesome. Any help or pointers would be awesome
Crux Interfacing Solutions
Very informative and well done, we will be at SEMA please subscribe to our channel!
MadzeR 6 months ago
19:25 Ehhh...heat soak m8?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 6 months ago
had kept.
mag321321 6 months ago
Marty is training for Jackass :-) i love you guys!
Joanna 6 months ago
I'm 24 and I still find cars in the 80-90s to be some of my favourrite ever, modern cars just aren't the same.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 6 months ago
I want one of those filters for my skyline
Martin Suckling
Martin Suckling 6 months ago
Poster arrived ! Thanks Marty and Moog as an upside, wife loves it too !
Joanna 6 months ago
Improve your immune system . Drink ass juice from a used car.
Tad0785 6 months ago
I Love those wheels :)
chanozoc 6 months ago
What upholstery cleaner is that and where did you get it?
Christopher Morin
Christopher Morin 6 months ago
".....when my Silvia burned in the brushfires." WHAT?!?
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 6 months ago
29:28 the world famous Moogasaurus Rex
duckraisin 6 months ago
Maybe I'm missing something, but why do you go one heat range colder on the spark plugs? Marty said I know why, but I really don't.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 6 months ago
Wait wait wait. Did that white s15 get caught in a fire?
yordan carreno
yordan carreno 6 months ago
Best episode ever ! From 3D printing to ass juice ! Amazing lmao
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 6 months ago
Some dude in Japan has a grin on his face knowing that was Marty's car and he left his old festy coffee cup in it 😂 legend
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 6 months ago
Actually forgot to like the vid until he drank the sludge, so thanks for the reminder.
The Forsaken One
The Forsaken One 6 months ago
Nissan Micra in Europe and i had one for years! 1.0 liter...
DamonGTR 6 months ago
has anyone found the song at 18:00 and again at 19:35 ? I need it in my life!
Stoneyfob46 6 months ago
thats how they make dare iced coffee
toyeboy12 6 months ago
Any link for the upholstery cleaner? Thanks
Emily An
Emily An 6 months ago
"we went 200ks an hour... on a track" every non german car enthusiast be like 😂
Cars 'N' Racing
Cars 'N' Racing 6 months ago
Stolen comment
fooman2108 6 months ago
occupying my waiting time (on my 3-d printer, to finish some star wars covers for covid masks) watching MCM! I know that Jay Leno (Jay Leno's Garage) is a big fan of 3-d printing (He uses it to make parts for his steamers!), he then had them cast in metal. I do know that the people who own the old Stanley Steamer company (name) sent him an official "Stanley Authorized Mechanic' sign a few years ago (and now he sell parts to people who also have Stanley's)!
Emily An
Emily An 6 months ago
So happy to see this car again!! Love it.
Alex Donnelly
Alex Donnelly 6 months ago
"I'm looking back on my own posts back on old forums...." Man this give me deja vu.
Thomas Patterson
Thomas Patterson 6 months ago
I want one of those filters for my skyline
Ebay Buyer Defender
Ebay Buyer Defender 6 months ago
Improve your immune system . Drink ass juice from a used car.
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay 6 months ago
I love me some JDM nuggets yo!
Sachi Deshmane
Sachi Deshmane 6 months ago
30:35 for mad honk.
The Stig's American Cousin
Wait wait wait. Did that white s15 get caught in a fire?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 6 months ago
The Coronavirus didn't come from a Chinese man eating a bat, it came from an Australian man drinking car seat juice
Βαγγέλης Γιαννόπουλος
29:28 the world famous Moogasaurus Rex
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
did anyone else see Moogs BRZ in the background of this video :)
SvenQ45 6 months ago
Nice. But this is not a K-Car. 😉 And 7,7 seconds is exactly what they claimed! Not sure about the factory since in Japan you literally only get the horsepower and torque numbers.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
😂😂😂😂 my dads ute is only 3 years old and already done 100000kms and did anyone else see moog in the crawling through the bushes 29:30
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 6 months ago
29:29 "A wild Moog has been spotted!"
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 6 months ago
Dot Schkeen
Dot Schkeen 6 months ago
Actually forgot to like the vid until he drank the sludge, so thanks for the reminder.
Denrick B
Denrick B 6 months ago
What vacuum is that?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 6 months ago
Those roo's look different than our American textbooks taught us... Well Done Martin! 🙂
Keith Nortje
Keith Nortje 6 months ago
Sounds like a lot of licensing, our governments are fukd.... All the best from New CHINA (ZA)
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins 6 months ago
Thought the K10 production ended in 92, making the youngest 28 years old?
Ilan Grossman
Ilan Grossman 6 months ago
24:00 min in I just threw up, disgusting. Go get all your shots. Gross, I just can't.
Ilan Grossman
Ilan Grossman 6 months ago
So happy to see this car again!! Love it.
shakman877 6 months ago
What's the name of steam cleaner used to clean the seats please?
Peristz 6 months ago
What is that vacuum called?
Warlock 6 months ago
...when will you two get a proper car, some good ol' Alfa Romeo... what kind of petrol-heads are you two? :)
plunder1956 6 months ago
Sometimes you two are like the arms of one bloke. You work away silently as if each one knows what the other is about to do and moves into position at that moment. It is a pleasure to watch. Now Martin (also my middle name) We all know you are omnivorous BUT don't drink that crap.
Cutting up the NSX!