New fuel system for Supergramps 

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Supergramps power output has been limited by it's fuel system, today we install a new pump, fuel hanger and injectors so we can turn it up!
Shop: www.mightycarmods.com/collections/
Facebook: mightycarmods
Forum: forums.mightycarmods.com
We used a RADIUM Engineering Fuel Pump Hanger for this install:
And Injector Dynamics 1300X Injectors:
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Nov 12, 2019




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The Book of Lab
The Book of Lab 19 days ago
so i need some help from the community, im upgrading from 370cc injectors to like 750cc injectors, my question is is it like mandatory that i get a bigger fuel pump? could i make it work without a new pump if the injector flow rate is tuned correctly??
Alex Patterson
Alex Patterson Month ago
haha I saw that alaska license plate in the back..Alaska rep!
Dinos H.
Dinos H. 5 months ago
Ohhh. Now I understand what they mean when they say modifying your car is so much fun...
Brandon Sorenson
Brandon Sorenson 8 months ago
Not enough people express the importance of getting that gasket all the way to the top of your pump housing before reinstalling it into the fuel tank. It took me 2 hours to figure out how to reinstall the damn thing on my STi. if only I had watched MCM do gramps.
P Thurgar
P Thurgar 8 months ago
what is that mac :')
James Maple
James Maple 9 months ago
That powerbook tho lmao
ShamanMafia 9 months ago
"Sharing in a raincoat" ?? wha?
xMotoHooniganx 9 months ago
Missing my 98 323 e36 but just found a 99 328 e36 one state away ❤️✌️😎
Ludvig Ylisuvanto
Ludvig Ylisuvanto 10 months ago
Watching this with my black, silver and red vape in hand... Might buy a Subaru
Jason 11 months ago
jelly with a fork, legend
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson 11 months ago
If you give a Marty a cookie: Or, For want of a nail.
Shawn Warnick
Shawn Warnick 11 months ago
What would you guys suggest to do to this engine to get the most out of it without turbocharging it? Ethanol is not available either. Intake, headers, exhaust, fuel pump, slightly larger injectors and 93 octane(usa octane rating) and tuning is what I was thinking. I want to get up to 300 hp to the crank and I would be happy with it. I plan on having the car for a long time and want to keep it reliable for at least 100k more miles. It has 100k already.
Андрей Гудзь
You are very cool. I want to offer you for a new project fiat uno turbo i.e 1.3 mk1 or mk2 but exactly 1.3l. This is a very cool car. She will give unforgettable experiences !!!!!
iMann iFail
iMann iFail 11 months ago
1:17 here’s some cream for that burn 🔥🔥🔥 Final upgrade?.. not forging it then?.. definitely think you should forge the engine. This channel lacks internal upgrades.
richard H
richard H Year ago
poor marty
Go to america and do a hoonigan visit and shred there burnyard
Scott D
Scott D Year ago
Too many adverts guys.
William Collins
In america we call those fuel line tools, "quick disconnect tools"
Alex240z Year ago
did you have to rewire the injectors or was this plug and play?
Sabah Dashcam Owner
7:49 marty mind: stupid Euro glove. cant do any good. me: matr, iheard your pain. but, cant stop myself from laighing. hahahaa
Cole Mauck
Cole Mauck Year ago
Moral of the story: don’t have a Subaru as a project car😂
Polka Kings Racing 123
E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39 E39
Strike86 Year ago
"Kreeper Mkii Internet Editon" with a picture of The Homer on it... hahahaha
Lugnuts Year ago
Was super inspired by your title sequence by Irongav and slowed the video to see it more closely... made the mistake of watching some of Marty's talk about the intallation for a few seconds and just died laughing.
Thomas Corben
Thomas Corben Year ago
Bring out the Beeemer !!
John Pich
John Pich Year ago
Moog should get a Volkswagen wagen and name it wagen wagen
Jason Young
Jason Young Year ago
What breaks a man so hard that he resorts to eating jello with a fork? a Subaru, that's what.
Grandma Year ago
Supergramps what a great car
Adam Parker
Adam Parker Year ago
Love the old Apple laptop. Were the instructions on a floppy disk? :P
Cassie Year ago
First jack up your car. I miss that line so much it hurts sometimes
Chad K
Chad K Year ago
Mcm an the hoons nice . Bad they didn't stick around for more video of all of you together would hacking up super gramps
Aaron Year ago
This is a great depiction of mental illness! The way you've shown obsessional thought is realistic, relate-able, and devoid of any hint of condescension. There is also the premise that being a gear-head is itself an illness, but we'll gloss over that with Bondo and clear-coat.
Nicolas Bergeron
Mcm for a build battle on hoonigans channel would be sick
Cassie Year ago
first 10 seconds...."da f&%k?"
Will x
Will x Year ago
the boomer laptop @10:30 lol
spoogie357 Year ago
BMW Haynes manuals are hardcover? As a book enthusiast, I'm appreciative. As a car enthusiast, I shudder to think that you'd want a book used so often as to think a hardcover might be a good idea...
Defiance 32
Defiance 32 Year ago
Moog hasn’t seen Marty go 88mph?
How ancients that laptop? 😂 1995?
Sipos D. Mihai
2:47 Is the new project a BMW? E30 by MightyCarMods would be nice.
Absolute Longplay
send me that old Powerbook!
Jim Farrington
Project cars.... never finished xD
Jim Farrington
Wrong post fouoii ? Lol
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Year ago
pump to the fuel rail and from the fuel rail to the FPR and the return as well. Especially when running E85. I'm sure you already know this.
David Ames
David Ames Year ago
Wait... moogs never seen back to the future!?!? He better be yanking my obo!
Kelvin Parker
Kelvin Parker Year ago
Watch 15:24 - 16:17 and tell me Marty's sad face at the end doesn't make you cry a little inside I know the downhill spiral all too well..
Jonathan Patchett
6:45 When that screw just wants to go on its own adventure
Reggie N
Reggie N Year ago
Around 14:00 starts the realist part of owning a highly modded vehicle. Everything new is in the way and everything new is broken!
Ask to seduce Miss
That rant was perfect! Hahaha perfect example of what it's really like modding a car
Kalturgen Year ago
first 10 seconds...."da f&%k?"
RenoF250 Year ago
I am betting the fuel eats the black paint off that pump carrier and it plugs the filter.
Kristian Aas
Kristian Aas Year ago
Wait, Moog havent seen Back to the Future?...
Ask to seduce Miss
I legit had to look at the date of this video when I saw that 1997 lookin laptop Marty was using.
Emily An
Emily An Year ago
“Was that the guys from hoonigan?” “It was the guys from hoonigan, Martin.”
NoobSquad Year ago
so they are doing a BMW next??? Awesome!!!!!
Chris Ross
Chris Ross Year ago
Who eats jello with a fork?!?!
UncleManuel Year ago
What?!? This intro broke my brain! Awesome! ^_^
Emily An
Emily An Year ago
Marty putting that glove on.... Someone meme that already
Chad Roberts
Chad Roberts Year ago
I like when things I like collide on the internet.
Gaijin Garry
Gaijin Garry Year ago
That was pretty much how my whole summer went with my car...
Reccallo TimTom
Yeah buddy, you can't use stock steel fuel lines when trying to make horsepower. You HAVE to upgrade the fuel lines to AN hoses or much larger diameter steel tube from the pump to the fuel rail and from the fuel rail to the FPR and the return as well. Especially when running E85. I'm sure you already know this.
Reccallo TimTom
This right here is why when I designed my fuel system in my 612 whp Civic I went overboard and installed Grams 2200cc injectors ($918), K-tuned composite fuel rail ($185), rewired and relayed Walbro 560 LPH Hellcat fuel pump ($125), -8 feed with -6 return, Aeromotive external fuel pressure regulator ($260), and a Fuelab 6 micron fuel filter ($186). Even with my car making 612 whp on the GT3582R dual ball bearing turbo, my injectors are only at 43% duty cycle. I knew that when dealing with the fuel system I wanted to have some overhead available in case I wanted to turn it up further. Right now, I'm maxing out the T3 exhaust housing on the turbo. It physically cannot produce any more boost than 22.5 psi due to the .63 AR housing. I'm looking at a 1.06 housing.
The English Trucker
Damn it! I wanted to see some tuning fork dyno goodness, but you two German Drug user lookalikes bodged it and now the video has stopped. What am I supposed to do now? Fine then, I'll just sit here hitting refresh until the dyno video turns up. 😆
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Year ago
Life and times of a Subaru owner
KoreanGuukMan Year ago
moog and marty. wheres my signed mcm poster :C
Martyn Lee
Martyn Lee Year ago
Marty putting that glove on 🤣🤣
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Year ago
Marty putting that glove on.... Someone meme that already
V-SPEC Year ago
PLEASE please please show some E34 love!
Shifts & Giggles
Just watched the intro 3 times and then squealed like a little girl, I've been waiting for this for years, my life is complete, I'm so happy. MCM and Hoonigan are my favorite things to watch.
kousinkoolaid Year ago
I legit had to look at the date of this video when I saw that 1997 lookin laptop Marty was using.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Year ago
5:46 oh my god. I laughed my arse off! 😂
Nick Dasko
Nick Dasko Year ago
Anyone else notice the Homer car from the Simpsons on the creeper design sheet?
IDtent33 Year ago
good intro, need more random ones like that
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Year ago
Marty putting that glove on.... Someone meme that already
Bushido Brown
Bushido Brown Year ago
WOAAAHHH was not expecting hoonigans
Rican Bee
Rican Bee Year ago
Brandon Hampton
Hoooooooonigan Hoonigans!!!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Year ago
M B Year ago
Lads seen a cars the mighty car mods sticker on the back window. I pumped my cars past it and gave the chopped hand signal as I went past. Felt like I just won a race lol ✌
M B Year ago
(Car with the)
T1NY Year ago
thought i loaded the wrong video for a second
Damo Goodfella
Hey Can you guys try a "torque amp electric turbo" I saw another channel review it and there was around a 25-30% increase in power on a stock 2l engine
al alex D2
al alex D2 Year ago
Life and times of a Subaru owner
Bill Geddes
Bill Geddes Year ago
Hert vin= merican car mods
Andrew Year ago
Don't understand why you wouldn't go dual fuel pump while you have it out...
scoopington Year ago
My two favorite car channels. Such a tease.
[DMG] .
[DMG] . Year ago
5:46 oh my god. I laughed my arse off! 😂
Bearrett 50 Kal
I was just watching a Hoonigan video before this and didn't expect the cameo, but its a pleasant surprise!
Michael J.
Michael J. Year ago
Love you guys, but I absolutely hate star wars. But just because Marty, I might actually get into it lol
The Michael Vortex
kramer26 Year ago
Marty eating jello with a fork and FFS Moog, how can you have not seen Back to the Future? You're best mate has the same name as the main character...
Abubakari Kondo
Didn't the bucket make a mess? It's been filling since @13:36
King Belial
King Belial Year ago
Marty: Car is about to be done today Supergramp: *Hold my engine
Kazikzz Year ago
Crézy Chameau
i'd be quite interested in having the details of your troubles, I like seeing a heavy struggle getting resolved !
Alex Crouse
Alex Crouse Year ago
I about died at 0:04.
Gglsellsdata goglstalsdata
TechERni Year ago
Moog and Marty. Make a Mighty Bike Mods episode with the hanging MTB, upgrade the drivetrain and suspension.
Bill A
Bill A Year ago
Using gloves on new parts😞
Jason GLI
Jason GLI Year ago
You can syphon the fuel out of the tank as well.
Ben Sweigard
Ben Sweigard Year ago
I just had to check to see if I was on the right channel
Rich Pacino
Rich Pacino Year ago
Buy my Subaru imprezza wrx
smevox Year ago
Finally went with some Injector Dynamics. I've had 1000, 1300 and now 1700 in my evo. Best injectors
Наталья Халдай
I found taytay in need for speed 2015 us-first.info/player/video/pLB-iYmfmX-InHE.html
Mark B
Mark B Year ago
pro-tip stagger the solder joints so the loom doesn't have a fat section. if there is enough separation you just tape it up and no-one is the wiser
Pete S
Pete S Year ago
dafuq is with that 1992 laptop?
Matt Wiser
Matt Wiser Year ago
Coolest Subaru ever
Frank Blackcrow
All those tools and the one you need is missing..a hammer.
Donkkilla g
Donkkilla g Year ago
gogo gog og gogogo super gramps maddd bring on a tour next year PLEASE #chopped
BO0O0O0O0O0O0 Year ago
“Was that the guys from hoonigan?” “It was the guys from hoonigan, Martin.”