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Not all Supercars have 'SUPER' in their name, this one does. In this video, we get the March Superturbo fixed up, on the dyno and then on to the road.
Turbos and Temples 2: us-first.info/player/video/rMpnm52ifYR9ooE.html
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Thanks to Rob and Aaron at Import Monster for helping get this mad car in to Australia and onto the road.
Insurance supplied by Shannons Insurance. Check them out and get a quote here:
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Jul 22, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 4 months ago
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alessandro tocci
alessandro tocci 4 months ago
@Alessandro Vattovani also, nice name
alessandro tocci
alessandro tocci 4 months ago
@Alessandro Vattovani *pure italian want*
Alessandro Vattovani
Gosh i wanna see you guys make a fiat panda an abarth panda; as they don`t have the balls to ahah
RR PLAN C 4 months ago
@Moog: How much money does EMI pay you to advertise Iron Maiden?
alessandro tocci
alessandro tocci 4 months ago
What is that mad song at the end there? Its amazing :D
Pillock 26 days ago
So why did the import laws change? Is it because we don't have an Aussie car industry anymore?
Charles wood
Charles wood 26 days ago
Just imagine spending all that money to make 95hp lol love these guys!
Jay Parekh
Jay Parekh Month ago
Love the number plate!!!!
TheManLab7 Month ago
It's so much more of a pain in the arse to do ANYTHING in Australia, than it is to do in the UK. When you think about it, things are so much easier to do in the UK and you can do lots more mods to your car than you can do in other places around the world. One of them is Germany, where you can't even do the most basic mods to your car without it being impounded n crushed ☹️
Matthew Avdoulos
march vs mira?
Matthew Avdoulos
if mid muffler deletes are legal in australia, that would be so cool
Tycho Klapwijk
Tycho Klapwijk Month ago
I think you guys should do turbos and croissants where you go buy a renault 5 gt turbo in france, roadtrip it and get it into australia. I think it would be the perfect car for marty
Matti Ranta
Matti Ranta Month ago
Turd nugget
Iggsyman Month ago
What a beautiful ride.
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
So you guys squeezed 200km/h (on a closed road ofcourse) out of a nugget with less than 100whp?! You absolute madlads!
4thImpulse 2 months ago
I was kinda depressed when I started this video. Now I'm hopeful.
Michael Christeson
Michael Christeson 2 months ago
They made the reverse whine blend into the song lol
Nicholas Findlay
Nicholas Findlay 2 months ago
One call and you have insurance? A couple of years ago, I bought an Audi B5 S4 that was already registered in my province. I had a plate on it within a couple of days of purchasing it, yet I spent every break at work for about 5 weeks, calling insurance companies (including a company I previously had insurance with) and none of them would answer the phone or respond to messages. I can't imagine the nightmare of trying to import a car into Canada.
Anthony 2 months ago
That’s awesome dude, congrats!
Montana Bassin
Montana Bassin 2 months ago
What kind of shrink tubing did you use on the fuel pump wires?
Joseph Czelusniak
Joseph Czelusniak 2 months ago
I love this car..
Joseph Czelusniak
Joseph Czelusniak 2 months ago
Why is there no fuel drains on tanks in USA? That is genius!!
Ricky107 2 months ago
Love how the induction said just turbo
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 2 months ago
Now that is aweosme been a long journey for you you sure the car but now it’s complete and you can drive on get road congrats 🥳
pine51 3 months ago
Do a rotary please
the_DARK_Knight 3 months ago
I wonder if anyone got honked in that car before
Sneeuwwolf 3 months ago
Can you get comprehensive insurance on a 28 year old car????? Must cost quite a bit.
mag321321 3 months ago
This car is so cool👍
Vaughan 3 months ago
Nah back to donut
tyrone williams
tyrone williams 3 months ago
We have those in the United Kingdom, but only 1 litres non turbo are Nissan micra
fresh meat
fresh meat 3 months ago
should call it super turdbo!!
Reploidx9 3 months ago
Wait, 15:51 why is the Super Turbo listed as a SEDAN? It's a hatchback.
Bobby Brew
Bobby Brew 3 months ago
20:44 to 21:04 pretty much, the reason I get the cars I want.
Sammy Linx
Sammy Linx 3 months ago
Now I want to get a little low power jdm nugget
Just passing by ?
Just passing by ? 3 months ago
Do an across Australia episode in the super turbo
Smokey The Sir
Smokey The Sir 3 months ago
Excellent car for getting snacks and more car parts
Don Mynack
Don Mynack 3 months ago
Good call on the fuel pump. Would never have guessed it was running backward...
Patrick Mani
Patrick Mani 3 months ago
Congrats!!! 23-Honk rules!!!
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson 3 months ago
Wonder if ther is a way to ad a bigger turbo and make the supercharger feed the big turbo to all ways be on boost and then forge the engine and make it awd
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson 3 months ago
Make it awd and fully forge the engine and that upgrade turbo and ad a lot of boost would be a dream car lol
Dayne Rampersad
Dayne Rampersad 3 months ago
you should do some coil overs and wider wheels and stickier tires, and a full 2,5in turbo back exhaust
NeoIsrafil 3 months ago
That's adorable. I'd love to see you guys take her up to being a little sleeper beast with modern ecu and controls for the changeover.
bigtrucker26 3 months ago
Congratulations! I'm glad that little car was able to make the journey, and join you at home for your continued enjoyment, and use, as a fully legal road car! May it see many years with you, dear in your hearts!
360° Speed
360° Speed 4 months ago
This just goes to show that a passion for little nuggets can be the same as the passion for supercars. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into doing it right, even if it means waiting two years to get your car from Japan into Australia legally 👌 mad props to you
Ubirter 4 months ago
I honk you 3,000
TimetoShred 4 months ago
That's not even close to alot of paperwork, here in Belgium you have to hire 4 people to get it all cleared LOL
Billy Slattery
Billy Slattery 4 months ago
The over head thing looks like it's out of a 75 series landcruiser
chris c
chris c 4 months ago
That Wait was worth it. I wish we had those style plates in the states ✌
manny s
manny s 4 months ago
Wow I'm so happy for ya Marty!!! Moog is a good friend... after all this time you finally get to enjoy the lil nugget!!!! That's so awesome!!!! Also that vacuum diagram gave me ptsd from my Rx-7... well until I ripped it all out and had the thing shooting 4ft flames outta the exhaust from my ITB setup lol... man I really miss those days
GC Geek Army
GC Geek Army 4 months ago
Woah Tuning Fork is looing jacked
tom 4 months ago
They are very much like Metro Turbos in the UK. 1.8vvc (honda borrowed vtec system with a different name) turbos
Pubbets! 4 months ago
Reminds me of my old Daihatsu charade gtti. Man those little 1 lire CB80 engines could rev high! Such a fun little sleeper and I still regret selling it 😞
MORE OPTIONS 4 months ago
Stooped watching when the vulgarity came out!!! Goodby!
Aku Rosenqvist
Aku Rosenqvist 4 months ago
2 hours is getting your yearly licence renewed in Brazil, if there's no line....🤣
Down the shed with Byron
Guys thats so cool Dirty thumbs up bro
Blane Jansen
Blane Jansen 4 months ago
You guys should do a collab episode with Bowdens own car care 👍 2 great aussies coming together for an episode on car care 👍👌
dazza 4 months ago
Don't know why I was surprised to hear marty say "shit" on the dyno😂😂
James 4 months ago
Make it fast please
benjaaamin 4 months ago
Android 890
Android 890 4 months ago
Great to see it all passed. No one will understand the love for an old Japanese import like people like us I've had a Mitsubishi FTO in the UK since 2002 to I love it so and I know Lamborghini owners that don't have the same love for their car as I do. 1 funny thing when you were reversed into that garage what was that music plan it sounded like some cows were having a sexy time😂😂
Stefan Pratarelli
Stefan Pratarelli 4 months ago
Great video guys
J_Litter 4 months ago
Song at the end!? (turbos and temple 2 theme)
wisico640 4 months ago
That ending felt so emotional ✌
bmh67wa 4 months ago
Super Honk! What a great little car. I would love to have one myself.
Turbo Wizard
Turbo Wizard 4 months ago
mikenco 4 months ago
"Honkey Dong"!
Sebastien Tremblay
Sebastien Tremblay 4 months ago
hey! why doesn't tuning fork have any glasses?! I spent a good minute staring before I found what was "wrong"...
RDAtomica 4 months ago
i feel the car should be the trooper
Marcus Mc Kay
Marcus Mc Kay 4 months ago
would you put in the 1000 turbo block in the Super Turbo as an power upgrade ?
zakdunstan 4 months ago
If you love a super turbo, check out a mitsubishi toppo BJ, What a car 👀
Ben heaver
Ben heaver 4 months ago
Etienne Belanger
Etienne Belanger 4 months ago
Turbo Yoda getting sexier and SEXIER 😳🥵
Øyvind Hanstad
Øyvind Hanstad 4 months ago
Sutch a great car😀😀🇳🇴🇳🇴
Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy 4 months ago
That is one Micra/March I'd love to own but in Europe we only get boring crap
Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy 4 months ago
That Nissan honk for the background music sounds like a whale
Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy 4 months ago
That vacuum system looks so complicated for such a simple job
Manish 4 months ago
Can someone tell me the exact model of this car? Thanks.
Joe P
Joe P 4 months ago
I'm equally confused and calmed when Scotty and Marty sync up talking about electrics and tuning.
OscarCharlieZulu 4 months ago
VolvoValor 4 months ago
This is a good tip about the fuel pump. Never had this issue but when I have I'll remember the sound of it at least.
\m/ MayheM \m/
\m/ MayheM \m/ 4 months ago
Wow! You Aussies have the same "DMV" experience we have here in the US.
David Moore
David Moore 4 months ago
so supergrams or super honk which will be the proper daily.
\m/ MayheM \m/
\m/ MayheM \m/ 4 months ago
LOVE the Maiden shirt!
joz +
joz + 4 months ago
Oz slang in 3 easy to follow steps: Step 1: Select any word from the Australian English lexicon. Step 2: If it possesses more than one syllable, shorten it to just the first syllable. Step 3: Garnish with an appended 'o' Job done.
Muckin 4on
Muckin 4on 4 months ago
arrrrgh, engineers certs. i turboed my postie (cub 50 really)... new forks n stuff... one engineer quoted 3K..."have to hire eastern creek for a day"...wtf...cant i just use someones sealed driveway? yeah, laws changed so they dont do it down a local road anymore... iunno, fingers crossed i find one thats friendly, laughs, and just ticks the box saying "brake upgrade approved"... should be $600. used to be. but, im sort thinking i should just get it certed with the 140 engine and at least road worthy then stick the puffer on and screw the defect notices... can just squeeze in i think... all a bit grey... FFS, its a postie! and its got disc brakes on it now! worst comes to worst i use a 125 for rego... lol... i was sorting of praying for the end of the world so i could just go Mad Max style instead... a standard look for all my vehicles... trashed and barely working :)
Schalk Jansen
Schalk Jansen 4 months ago
Factory CR is 7.7:1 is it not? Will gain plenty going more modern ECU setup and more modern CR like 9.0:1 :D
chrisrnz 4 months ago
I confess I was hoping for 2HONKY.
DarkIzo 4 months ago
15:30 me, a german "thats a lot of paperwork ? süß :D"
Paul white
Paul white 4 months ago
You guys suffer getting stuff registered . But at least it's possible .
Bobodeman 4 months ago
Should do a cheap 4x4 challenge..both of you buy a 4x4 each then upgrade and get offroad ready and maybe speed ready
Geo Sebastian
Geo Sebastian 4 months ago
I was in a dilemma on what to do about my 21 year old carburetted Suzuki Zen. I think I'll just replace the fuel pump, fuel filter and drive on. No Sale.
Andrew Slobodyan
Andrew Slobodyan 4 months ago
just put in this car 1uzfe. that's the challenge)))
Piripi Whareherehere
What happend to the sti
Max Power
Max Power 4 months ago
Easily the greatest youtube car channel ever
Alex Coningham
Alex Coningham 4 months ago
I drove a modern Nissan March across Mexico. At first disappointed to be lumped with what I thought was a cheap POS bubble car, I left the country stoked on that little car and the memories we made in it. All cars can be amazing if you let them.
Luke 4 months ago
7:29 hmmm
Independent Spider
Independent Spider 4 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/a7KWio1_lKB-ook.html Super-turbo E85 Fiero on the dyno
benmk21600 4 months ago
Your videos always make me smile .
Tom Arild Carlsen
Tom Arild Carlsen 4 months ago
i have had 2 k10 micra's through my life and i miss it a lot. but the March superturbo is a car i always wanted to experience. in all it is the coolest nugget through all times !!
UgoodBro? 4 months ago
Jdm treasure..if i had 1 i will keep it stock 😁
Smelly Ferret
Smelly Ferret 4 months ago
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 4 months ago
Dirty peasants working on cars disgusting
Noviets 4 months ago
Any update on the RS? Been two years and left off with Moog ordering parts at stage "73.8/100". Did you ever order the bigger turbo? Would be great to see an e85 conversion!
Fernando Schulman
Fernando Schulman 4 months ago