MUDDIES for our Subaru 

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Marty bought two crap Subaru's and we're turning them into one all-terrain vehicle on mud tyres.
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Jul 3, 2019




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J'Bear McDougall
Is there a next video..!.?
Commander Spock
sounds like a tiger... you should call it 'thunder cat' or 'cringer'
Stephen S
Stephen S Year ago
This is what I watch you guys for! Back to some real down and dirty fun mods!
Nick Kautz
Nick Kautz Year ago
Get some sick beats already , the techno made my balls shrivel up
Craig Davies
Craig Davies Year ago
The outfap V6 sounds exactly the same as a MangMang in a Commodore with the 02 sensors removed
RockerRobin Month ago
Marty what wheels are those I have a 3" lifted 2005 forester 2.5 xt on stock 16x6.5 wheels with 215/70r16 and want to make it look bad ass but i cant find any offroad capable 5x100 wheels like those other than the ugly winter steel wheels you typically see.
Kirby Month ago
What ever happened to Rake ??????
Momo 4 months ago
.... bubbles.... 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂
Momo 4 months ago
Outhouse better than outfap ... 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Stereotypedmoped 4 months ago
It's funny how down there in australia you guys need to watch out for kangaroos just like us up in Ohio need to watch out for deer and pennsylvania drivers
Colin Smith
Colin Smith 9 months ago
This thing would be balls crazy to drive on the beach
blabla6544 10 months ago
love the music playing around the 6 min mark, anywhere I can buy that?
Kong Pheng Yang
Kong Pheng Yang 10 months ago
Supercharge this car from raptor
Ebbin Martin
Ebbin Martin 10 months ago
Seth Warner
Seth Warner 11 months ago
Did I miss what size wheels and tires they're running?
Solar 11 months ago
Did you guys Dillute that antifreeze? It looks like pure coolant's going in there.
MyCaptainPugwash 11 months ago
HA Frenzal Rhomb, back in the day they used to perform at a club I ran. the only band we used to make sure had plastic glasses as the little bastards had a habit of smashing up the band room, must admit they where fun though.
What I've learned: A Subaru "Liberty" = Subaru Legacy. SuperCheap Auto = AutoZone.
Alexander Overton
The bands on these t shirts are unreal
Auðbergur Jónss
What size are those tires and where did you get the lift kit?
Beaudoin Motorsports
Jack Buysen
Jack Buysen Year ago
Anyone know if that cut on the front bumper and/or the custom bullbar is illegal or not?
Christopher Morin
LMAO, yay, you brought back the flappy caped TUUUUURBOOOO YOOOOOOOOOOODAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA bit!
mike churchill
looks pretty sick,I would be concerned about filling your exhaust with water and dirt though.
Shane Woods
Shane Woods Year ago
Marty has my name on he's shirt ! Hahaha
Sean Stobie
Sean Stobie Year ago
When we going to see more of this build
Slo_tc1 Year ago
Out back Liberty 🤔 Lib-back...?
MediaJunk Year ago
Fuck yeah Marty. Frenzal Rhomb rules.
Vaughan Wells
Vaughan Wells Year ago
Wheres the rest of this ????????????????
shugga leaf
shugga leaf Year ago
Whats that song after 13:00?
JWA79 Year ago
Whats the name of the song/remix at 14:00 ?
BPBomber Year ago
I was excited by this build. Seems like we saw 80% of the build and then it stopped, disappeared, and was never spoken of again... Supposed to star in a Supercheap Auto commercial? When? How do we see more of this cool build?
facebook.com/scauto/posts/2746205555414264?__tn__=C-R next week it seems
Dmitriy Staroverov
When are you going to post something about the suby
LETSGOO Year ago
Who ever created the budget direct ads needs to get fired
Sammy M
Sammy M Year ago
SubaRoostah - Aussie SubaRooster - US that's the nick name mates. it's been settled. cheers from Fresno , California, USA
Jeremy Carlton
2 months later and they have given up on the Outfap Batcock. What gives?
Badger Year ago
So you guys plan on finishing this project? Been waiting to see it done and being used. I have a Legacy(Liberty) and had this in mind the whole time when I was buying it.
ArnoldDex Year ago
Whens the next episode??????
Matthew Barton
Just searching for this comment! Hopefully it will be up soon
magicmia69 Year ago
Love it 😍
bailey bliim
bailey bliim Year ago
What’s the spec on the rims and tyres?
Robert Martindale
Outvag? or outvaged? If it's going to sound like a VAG car.
Co1dZer0 95
Co1dZer0 95 Year ago
Where are the rest of the videos on this build?
Leland Hadsall
What happened to this thing
charleywayne hinkle
tank tank
tank tank Year ago
Waiting for the next episodes for this Subie Outfap Completion!! @ MightyCarMods #SubieFan
James Eaves
James Eaves Year ago
Any more episodes on this one?
Inie Hawk
Inie Hawk Year ago
Marty: can we say cock on utube Moog: cock like the bird Marty: well shit, ok then Love you guys
Jediknight 129
That's the kind of mental I build in gta and similar.
R.G Car-Gee
R.G Car-Gee Year ago
I bet you guys use a Ryobi powered toothbrush.
11jt2007 Year ago
The tubing for that prerunner bar looks about as thick as exhaust tubing. It won’t give any protection.
Jamie Rice
Jamie Rice Year ago
Can we all agree that regular cars don't need those lights... or any lights that are brighter than factory... Look its great that you can see 10% better but I can now see 100% worse cause you've blinded me and now literally death is coming towards you mere centimeters from you unable to see. You'll have a good look at whats going to kill you tho so that's a thing! And come on can we not do the whole gun thing. I don't want the solution to be, get brighter lights cause then everyone just keeps getting brighter lights and it only ends when everyone is dead from being blinded while trying to drive. Also not having ago at mcm, you guys are great and have even said how you don't plan to put the car on the road anyway.
v8luver64 Year ago
15:44 blub
Petter Källman
That angry sound.
travis atwood
travis atwood Year ago
when do we get to see it done? episode date?
10-20 Year ago
Like Spiderpig, but it's Batcock
Joel Stevens
Joel Stevens Year ago
Where is the next video in series??? Believe It or Not this is my dream build an H6 sedan lifted but supercharged! I want to see the end of this story
Adrian Hernandez
irgendwieanders1 thanks buddy
@Wastelander facebook.com/scauto/posts/2746205555414264?__tn__=C-R
Wastelander Year ago
I'm down with this dude. What's happened?
Jack Hicks
Jack Hicks Year ago
When's the next episode
Taylor Darr
Taylor Darr Year ago
Good God this is going to sound awful ahahahaha
El Yantas XD
El Yantas XD Year ago
Please , Make a Diesel Sleeper
Andrew Whittaker
When will we see this finished and driving?
Rob Mascarinas
Patiently waiting for the final video.........
AJax Year ago
when are we seeing the rest of this?
Frank Alvarado
Im going to do this to my forester for sure.
Clinton Whoo
Clinton Whoo Year ago
Loved this video MCM!!!! Back to your roots!!!!
poo why not
poo why not Year ago
ahahaha i have that exact bender, damn aussies
Kianyi Year ago
What’s the name of the song anyone!?
ЯдБдstд ̃TM
liberty is that the same as the legacy? damn 400 dislikes. people take things to seriously. its a really fun build. good looking? hell no. but still badass. must be jealous people :D
Carl Quit Cheefin
And the outback is just a lifted version of the legacy wagon.
Brett Cherry
Brett Cherry Year ago
"fattest tread available on just about any tyre in the country" - wow marty says some dumb shit
Gary Bravo
Gary Bravo Year ago
When's the next part coming out ???
Luke Year ago
Nice guys! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do since I picked up my outback sedan a couple months ago
Adam Payne
Adam Payne Year ago
Cactused = broken or not useable.
Nitro Nori
Nitro Nori Year ago
It needs some boost with those huge truck tyres
Aidan Morris
Aidan Morris Year ago
Me: Wait... You're hiding LSD in the back? FBI: *FBI OPEN UP!* Name the car the "Scoutback"!
Ryansyde Doran
Can't fapping wait for next episode of the outfap ... Thought of a new name for your show lol ready for it ? ....Marty Car Moogs 😏?
Vvewa Year ago
friggen swear words in mcm now
J Gil
J Gil Year ago
What is the tire (tyre) size on this setup?
John McClane
John McClane Year ago
anybody else notice they're all wearing band t-shirts? metallica coheed and cambria frenzal rhomb rage against the machine
Arnold Janssen
Also Iron Maiden
Fox MacLeod
Fox MacLeod Year ago
Yes!Rage Against the Machine shirt, on Al at 11:20.
koreanjeep Year ago
Love this so much! Makes me wanna hack up my Forester.. 🙃
Erol023 Year ago
When are you guys going to do a rb30 vl?
AirDuerk420 Year ago
Episodes with Turbo Yoda are the best!!
Matthew King
Matthew King Year ago
It's called a skid pan
Jesse Mora
Jesse Mora Year ago
*turbo* *yoda* *said* *fuck* *your* *high* *five*
Joanna Year ago
Cool project, keep in this direction!
tasmech Year ago
Shane goes to tafe after a bong lol
Vivek Anand
Vivek Anand Year ago
The Holden was a year ago? Already?
Николай Шульц
Парни, вы супер!)
Артур Ахметов
Эй парни, у вас получился TLC80! Hey gays, you managed to make a Toyota Land cruiser 80!
Christopher Cav
TUV approved???????
paul Wollersheim
love that drop 14:50
Nate Horst
Nate Horst Year ago
I love how everyone has band shirts
Nathan Mays
Nathan Mays Year ago
What wheels are these???
cobrasvt347 Year ago
A flat 6 turbo would be the ducks guts 😲
Blitzerman Year ago
I take it you guys have heard of the "Apocalyptaru" on Instagram?....
Chris Graff
Chris Graff Year ago
Cockback end!
Bofatutube Year ago
Love the wheels, same stud pattern as an is200 I think. Any ideas where they're from?
mike powell
mike powell Year ago
so...do we call this thing a 'backout' or an 'assback' ?
Tommy Robinson Plea Donald Trump
King Kurvo85
King Kurvo85 Year ago
Moog: “Bubbles” US-first :Ad for Trojan condoms
David Pak
David Pak Year ago
Dear MCM As a MK7R owner. I'd love go see if you would do this to one. The golf alltrack should making sourcing parts as easy as this project+
EM Year ago
Marty and Moog if you guys ever consider taking a subscribers car and doing these type of mods can I be first on the list!? haha awesome show!
max bett
max bett Year ago
Subaru Outjacked
Ron Bullet
Ron Bullet Year ago
Cool project, keep in this direction!
Richard Waters
I so wish something like this could be on-road registered here in NSW.... I would drive that every day and then bash the crap out of it friday and all weekend!
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