MR2 Hits the Dyno 

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The MR2 is ready for the dyno! Last episode Marty got the new ECU working and with the help of Tuning Fork, managed to get it started and running after upgrading the turbo, installing a custom water to air setup, installing new coils, injectors and fuel system.
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Apr 20, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
Wanna support the show and support your parts? Limited time only: 2 packs of Mighty Car Mods cable ties for the price of one. mightycarmods.com/collections/accessories/products/mcm-cable-ties
TN0423 Month ago
@New Found did anybody discover the song name?
Kosworth 6 months ago
11:50 us-first.info/player/video/nbR7dqeHpZ1_ZYE.html Gimmie dat song release!
Build it Brake it
Build it Brake it 7 months ago
I need help I need tuning software for my haltech e6x ecu it won't download off the website I'm using Windows 10 and I can't afford the new ecus can you please help me figure out how maybe a video explain how would be helpful for older ecu
Jake Meke
Jake Meke 7 months ago
tredigi no way
harvey639 7 months ago
whats the song that starts @12:24
Carlos 5
Carlos 5 7 days ago
After watching this fiasco, I will never buy an MR2. Come to think of it, that's not even an MR2 anymore, it's a custom mid-engine Toyota.
simon lloyd
simon lloyd Month ago
honestly..the puerile deafening music ruins this channel
Gary1q2 3 months ago
when he said the exhaust had a cat in it i was confused and thought he was trolling about a cat, but it is actually an exhaust thing lol
Rye Estepa
Rye Estepa 4 months ago
How did you held that exhaust insulators without any itch?!
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor 5 months ago
did anyone cop the stand turning at 3.41
overbuilt automotive
off the shelf o ring are fine just use EPDM OR good stuff viton n read what types to what best n get stuff made in Japan usa canada no junk rubbers as chiny stuff may be miss label yea by mistake to right lol
David Jordan
David Jordan 6 months ago
what others sounds like e-tron exist?
Markuhs1234 6 months ago
Mate, you have such a pacience. Just watching I felt sad and angry how bad it fought back. Nothing seemed to want to be fixed...
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 6 months ago
Wow this is super cool 😎 loving the build thing is sweet 😎 my build is a turd of a vw golf mk5 it had a blown tubro I thought and it needs a engine transplant so got the new tubro ready for the new engine but needs some carbon fiber parts 😜
Miraslau Pats
Miraslau Pats 6 months ago
11:55 what kind of soundtrack is playing?
Шамиль Джамуев
Hello from Dagestan Russia, I have been watching your channel for a long time
Michael 6 months ago
My brain keeps wondering how he's working in the exhaust underneath the engine lol
Sergey Bubley
Sergey Bubley 6 months ago
i dont want to ruin it but Moogs car is rear engine and MR2 is MID engine car:)
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda 6 months ago
These episodes have set me straight about one day getting an MR2. I wonder what MIATA is doing? lol
Kyle Morgese
Kyle Morgese 6 months ago
Can someone please let me know what song starts at 11:28 in the background?! It's amazing and I must listen to it on repeat until I'm sick of it lol. Thanks in advance.
Matt Lacey
Matt Lacey 6 months ago
Stressed for you watching that on the dyno! So good to see it boosting and making some decent power.
Limmet Racing
Limmet Racing 6 months ago
It's so nice to see you fixing these old cars :) Here in Sweden we have to drive a car only in the summer if we want it nice and free of rust
Dj Porsche
Dj Porsche 6 months ago
"I may never have to get under here again" And thats where the exhaust leak kicked in
Boris Fett
Boris Fett 6 months ago
A.L. 7 months ago
And 4, I don't like brake fluid in the armpit. Gives that warm sensation like you've just received a new STD.
Midship91 7 months ago
Great to finally see a mr2 on your shows! 💪
CO CO NKM 7 months ago
Nice bro
MX XM 7 months ago
The soundtrack for this episode is killer epic!!
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez 7 months ago
Man I wish I could get my hands on that MR2. That was a honest labor of love, not for the car but the craft. Mad respect Marty. Unfortunately I'm in San Diego California.
Legin Sreep
Legin Sreep 7 months ago
I think the mr2 is the main reason Marty has a hoist
velocity211 7 months ago
i "paged-up" a bit too much on my old 1zz MR2 lol, now it's got a 2zz.
Higgz90 7 months ago
Belle 427
Belle 427 7 months ago
FairPlay for staying with it, you did some nice work there.
End Knot
End Knot 7 months ago
I love the tunes in this series. I also love how meticulous you guys are when you do your cars albeit not pro level. Have been a long time subscriber and had bought your merchandise before. Nice job!
Luciano Vila
Luciano Vila 7 months ago
People always ask how it is I got to know so much about how to work on cars and the engineering that goes into them despite not going to school or getting any formal training. I always tell them it's because of the internet like forums and such which is true but it's more specifically videos like these which are well made and enjoyable to watch as much as they are educational. Thank you guys for making a passion filled hobby of mine so fascinating and accessible
leonidude 7 months ago
Marty you must have hands like leather to handle the exhaust wrap stuff.
Munib Ahmad
Munib Ahmad 7 months ago
i bet martys hands were all messed up after working with that fiberglass heat wrap with his bare hands no gloves
Neg Ative
Neg Ative 7 months ago
I hope you used an Aussie downpipe.
Manny Lee
Manny Lee 7 months ago
Do you mean that you had a "dream" that you had an MX5 and lost against an s2k lol??
PhatHardstyler 7 months ago
Marty seems to be hating life working on this car throw it in the bin
Chris C
Chris C 7 months ago
Your blatant hate for bolt on parts is ridiculous
浩一王 7 months ago
Tries to fit a NA exhaust onto a turbo. “It doesn’t fit” lol
T Ly
T Ly 7 months ago
I owned a slick top mr2 turbo many years ago. That thing was a nightmare filled with issues and the transmission was garbage. It was a great car when everything was working well but that's wasn't too often. And just working on a mid rear layout killed my back. That being said I love they idea of this platform and they look great especially in black like the car here.
KENWOOD9109 7 months ago
13:20 song name ?
Jason Gauden
Jason Gauden 7 months ago
This series makes me never want a MR2
ricky v
ricky v 7 months ago
Amazing ending to this video series and I loved the wiring harness. Thank you Marty or Mighty. Whatever your name is. 😉
DFW_Motorrad 7 months ago
How is that MR2 only pushing out 234 HP? My MK1.5 with Gen 2 3S-GTE makes 254 wheel on the ATS dyno (which notoriously reads low) with the same CT27, 16psi, stock Gen 3 cams, stock cam pulleys, upgraded valve springs, stock ECU, ATS side-mount A2A IC, ATS throttle body inlet, stock injectors, squeezed stock fuel pressure regulator, bored out stock fuel rail, Walbro 255, distributor, airflow meter, pump 93 AKI, full 3" catless straight pipe. Oh and all of that stuff aside from the CT27 and fuel pump was out of a used parts bin.
hobotechMASTER 7 months ago
man i hate that exhaust so much. lol
Red Silvia
Red Silvia 7 months ago
Are those seats from a newer toyota 86/brz?
Justin Purdy
Justin Purdy 7 months ago
Pretty sure that exhaust mod was way better than the original design. I find straight line pipes work far better than spelling your name in cursive...
Jon Ramos
Jon Ramos 7 months ago
we need a honda del sol track build non vtec na that would be amazing
Darcy Blohm
Darcy Blohm 7 months ago
it looks so uncomfortable! look where his knees are when hes driving jesus!
Patrick Brett
Patrick Brett 7 months ago
Hey Guys from the UK, FINALLY managed to be able to afford to support the show, just ordered a mystery Box, some gloves, a deck of cards and a chopped keyring (Order #150268 ) so now it's just a matter of waiting for it to cross the Oceans and slip through UK Customs unopened.... fingers crossed! Really looking forward to seeing the challenge video soon, I've been a passenger in a sported up MR2 and I almost sh!t myself so I am rooting for Marty as it's a Pop-Up lights car and I just love them, we drive a Mazda 323F BG with popup lights (My crap Car coming soon to MCM2). However There's something about Moog's car that just tingles my spuds LOL
Jordy Angka
Jordy Angka 7 months ago
Aren’t all toyota supposed to be reliable? Lol
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 7 months ago
I really hoped you would have changed the paper HEADGASKET! Only 94-+ came with metal
Countacho 7 months ago
How much Boost was the Mr2 running?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 7 months ago
seal when new, and they tend to corrode in strange ways causing sudden terrible leaks.
The Viewer
The Viewer 7 months ago
Marty Car Mods should show us a new video soon.
GatheringSticks 7 months ago
I'm a big VW Beetle fan but this Toyota will kill it.
Sjoberg_91 7 months ago
Great work Marty! You are amazing!
8alakai8 7 months ago
man with the clutch i have had that we just leave it overnight and it would be could with the valve closed was working at a dealer with pressure thing for brakes and hydraulic clutches would not work all the time we just leave it over night
Marwin Jacinto
Marwin Jacinto 7 months ago
When are you guys putting a honda engine in there?
Cassie 7 months ago
12:25 Anyone know the name of this song. It's such a cool tune!
Tony Vo
Tony Vo 7 months ago
I don't think that it is released yet, but I have found a fan that pieced the song together from this video. us-first.info/player/video/nbR7dqeHpZ1_ZYE.html
Didar Farage
Didar Farage 7 months ago
i started watching mcm when i was 11 and i loved it now im 19 close to 20 driving my own car (bmw e36) and im still watching your stuff i love it thank you very much for entertaining me for so long while teaching me stuff
Cassie 7 months ago
I would have done same with 2nd hand exhaust
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 7 months ago
At least you have a hoist for working underneath and you are not rolling around on a dirty floor The joys of working on someone else’s hatchet job 👍👍
SS Y 7 months ago
Any MCM tshirts on sale ?
Zac 7 months ago
mrpoo moog
Brett Wirth
Brett Wirth 7 months ago
Please take that ugly TRD sticker off the trim below the cluster. 😅😅
George Berry
George Berry 7 months ago
My stock 2003 saab 9-5 2.3 turbo makes about 190 kilowatts 😂
George Berry
George Berry 7 months ago
@Mighty Car Mods also while you're here 😂 love you both love your videos you two are awesome
George Berry
George Berry 7 months ago
@Mighty Car Mods ultimate specs say stock 217 bhp wikipidia says 260 hp I'm not getting a straight answer
George Berry
George Berry 7 months ago
@Mighty Car Mods are you looking at 2.3 liter inline 4 turbocharged?
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
are you sure? listing says 175kw and thats at the engine
Dead Reckon
Dead Reckon 7 months ago
I feel like this MR2 is the reflection of every damn car I've ever damn well worked on... Was starting to think y'all would never get a car that really fights back.
KURT BENNETT 7 months ago
I like how its kept real, well, as best as they can. I'm sure a lot of what has to be done, real time (days) it takes is edited. I have a 1997 Saturn SC2 that I just put a rear-mount turbo on. It brought back painful memories of all the cutting pipes, marking them, tacking them, fitting them, back off, welding, etc. when I saw Marty doing his. Particularly going from the front to the back with the water pipes. But, just like he's seen, feels SO good to finally get into it and feel all that hard work pay off!
Dead Reckon
Dead Reckon 7 months ago
I hate HATE O ring sealed thermostat housings... They're common in the chrome "I'm shiny so I go faster" aftermarket for American V8's, and holy crap, they're awful. They don't seal when new, and they tend to corrode in strange ways causing sudden terrible leaks.
Dead Reckon
Dead Reckon 7 months ago
@Mighty Car Mods Two reasons, in factory applications it was likely a cost measure. In aftermarket, it was just because it was shiny. Form over function has caused a lot of cars to suffer terrible fates... Just look at 2SEXY, haha.
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
yeah can't really see the point
maboh 7 months ago
I really hoped you would have changed the paper HEADGASKET! Only 94-+ came with metal
Fiachra Gallagher Jaath
I hate break fluid!!! I feel your pain.
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
its grot
A Nester
A Nester 7 months ago
you seem happy after the tune and drive. but for a while i wasnt sure if you wanted to win the challenges or set it on fire and watch it burn.
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
bit of both!
Pete Knowles
Pete Knowles 7 months ago
Dislike no page up
randima dilshan
randima dilshan 7 months ago
Awesome job.
RavenSL65 7 months ago
The reason older Toyota's fight you so much is they are testing you to see if you are worthy to drive them !
alaN maclean
alaN maclean 7 months ago
good show but you need more cars to do 1 car every couple of months get a grip get more cars and content going guys
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
plenty of vlogging channels with workshops who do their work if thats more your taste, we go pretty hard for 2 dudes and production value
VESPA NUT 7 months ago
I would have done same with 2nd hand exhaust
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 7 months ago
Marty: I am never going to have to come under here again, never ever... Never. *Proceeds to lift car and go under to fix exhaust leak 1 minute later
Kevin Mathys
Kevin Mathys 7 months ago
You can soak thermowrap in water for a tighter fit. (tight fit haha)
- Luiz
- Luiz 7 months ago
I like the new track
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 7 months ago
What heat wrap did Marty use on the exhaust and pipework
Christian Jensen
Christian Jensen 7 months ago
It might have given You a hard time but it has made You do some epic US-first videos and it's sooo cool to see it finally runs. Best of luck with the race. 👍😎💪
Richard Mackay
Richard Mackay 7 months ago
Anyone know what the music is that starts at 11:24 ??
P King
P King 7 months ago
I'm happy for you Marty, this one's been a rough go.
MrSlowestD16 7 months ago
Man with that music you were playing when it first got on the dyno I thought uncle Rodney would be paying you guys a visit or something. It's been rough watching you fight this stupid thing. I hate cars that are difficult to work on so I guess after this I will never own one of these, haha. Excited to see the shoot-out, nice to see it putting down pretty good power.
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop 7 months ago
That exhaust looks hella restrictive lol
SKR1967 7 months ago
I built that replacement exhaust at home in Penrith a few years ago. Nice to see it saving someone.
SKR1967 6 months ago
@Mighty Car Mods when you do move to twins, I would be interested in fitting that muffler to the 1MZ SW20 I am working on so just send me a message. Cheers
SKR1967 7 months ago
@Mighty Car Mods good to see it served a purpose.I found the twin exhaust had a ridiculous drone to it and heavier than the single. Two reasons I removed it then changed to a single. Email me when you change as I could fit it to the SW20 1MZ V6 conversion that I'm currently working on.
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
thanks man, it did save the day.. will prolly go back to twins eventually
G 7 months ago
I think the moon buggy is in trouble
NW_ innovations
NW_ innovations 7 months ago
You want a fast and reliable mr2? HONDA Kseries swap it
kickinwingg 7 months ago
yeah mon
Neil duncan
Neil duncan 7 months ago
Do you ever add anti seize on fasteners, seeing how alot of the bolts where rusted??? I do. 1984 datsun 200sx (silvia S-12) v8 swap is my ride!
Paul Montalvo
Paul Montalvo 7 months ago
my dream car before becoming a daddy
Marcus 7 months ago
10:30 famous last words
Al Ar
Al Ar 7 months ago
Andy 7 months ago
What heat wrap did Marty use on the exhaust and pipework
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
just no name stuff, nothing flash
MOTO- GIFFY 7 months ago
It works it works (rev counter broken) 😂😂😂😂
MOTO- GIFFY 7 months ago
@Mighty Car Mods would be nice to see how hard your pushing the engine,when you get chopped by the moogbuggy 🥳
Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
why do i need it?
James S
James S 7 months ago
Truck assembly line us-first.info/player/video/f7Gvh6FlZZppk6M.html
otto leeverink
otto leeverink 7 months ago
if you dont have a cat in europe you emediateley fail the M.O.T.
victor acosta
victor acosta 7 months ago
This song is a banger man!!! Need this in my playlist
Oz DeaDMeaT
Oz DeaDMeaT 7 months ago
Taco is buggered
802 Garage
802 Garage 7 months ago
The proper pigeon noises after the dyno are the best.
Andrew Stendahl
Andrew Stendahl 7 months ago
Way to push through on this beast! Rust in Wisconsin has left me defeated many nights, but coming back the next day always brings a new attitude. Thanks for pouring your heart into this (was fun to watch you punch the lights in - just a little payback I suppose!).
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 7 months ago
"check engine light" Ya'll mean engine bay temperature light.
Mark Lloyd
Mark Lloyd 7 months ago
Mighty has already won this before the cars even meet. Epic build compared to a carb rebuild and some rattle can paint.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 7 months ago
On the bright side, at least the next owner of that mr2 will read all the threads saying they’re a shit to work on and they’ll be like... “what is everyone on about? It’s easy?”