Moog's New Car (Does Good Skids) 

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Moog picks up the most over-rated (possibly under-rated) sports car of all time in a surprising vehicle choice that even Marty didn't see coming. But with all his other cars, why would he buy this? Well, he bought it because he doesn't like it (yes you read that right)
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May 10, 2020




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Bloodreign137 12 hours ago
The focus st has the “sound symposer” that pumps noise from the manifold into the cabin. It’s activated by heavy throttle but there’s no way to change the sound like that which is kind of interesting. I personally kind of like it since my wife doesn’t want me to have an exhaust since she put up with my last loud car for 8 years. At least I get a little fun noise in the cabin
Neglected Squirrel
Should I get an automatic one?
crackshot 18 days ago
holy shit moog, u impressed me when i heard the words deicide and cannibal corpse come out your gob.
Jonathan Williams
😂😂😂 the first pool
Ajay Vc
Ajay Vc 2 months ago
That BGM while Moog drifts is amazing. Anyone know the music?
Ricky107 2 months ago
240s don't handle exactly well
Michael's soul
Michael's soul 2 months ago
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi 3 months ago
So much roast in one episode.
ukvamp 4 months ago
I test drove an 86 and i want one, such a fun car that i didn't care that it wasn't that fast. I'm willing to give up my Fiesta ST for one of these!
ukvamp 4 months ago
Sound changer goes in the hole in the passenger foot well
mattyd 4 months ago
My cousin had an auto 86. It's a lesbian copper's car.
NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes
gt86 with aero packet looks better
Lime 4 months ago
If it was an 86 it would be overate, it's a BRZ so it's fine. You see like 10 86s for every BRZ. The thing is that it's a good chassis. Good classic styling, low down, comfy, very good weight distribution, it just need some more power to be awesome. It's basically a new S chassis that didn't come with a turbo from the factory like the SR20DETs in the Silvias. If they made an STI version with the EJ25 or a newer 4 cylinder boxer with a turbo, making 300-350 hp, it would be awesome.
Michael Cappello
Michael Cappello 4 months ago
I sold my r33 gtst and bought one of these 2 days ago So glad I did Mines got an e85 tune and the whole white line catalogue underneath But it’s so comfortable to drive to work And doesn’t feel like driving a 25 year old Nissan I’m happy
jitler77 4 months ago
The tune at 16:40, (deception I'm guessimg it's called) could make uk tops, I need a purchase link asap moog lol 😁👌👌👌
SnifferSock 4 months ago
Am I missing something about Moog's music? Had one idea.
Will BBD
Will BBD 4 months ago
Feel old when i realize this is out for almost 10years
RTSRAZORBACK 4 months ago
From what I know, the FRS is the lowest, most basic spec, the BRZ is your average and the GT86 has the best spec, then there's the TRD GT86, which has even better spec, including JBL audio and TRD parts - not sure which countries it was available in though but I've seen 2 TRD GT86s here in the UK. Edit: also, the GT86 logo is designed to look like 4 wheels in motion and the engine's bore x stroke is 86mm x 86mm and the exhaust tips are 86mm too. Just some fun facts for you all 😃
Elliot Martin
Elliot Martin 5 months ago
Moog hating on soundaktor systems but his golf has one
Tony Brown-Haysom
Tony Brown-Haysom 5 months ago
Whenever I hear a Subie flat 4 revving its guts out,its does'nt sound like it wants to be there.Rev a Honda v-tec ,it loves it and sounds like it wants to do it.
Morphix007 5 months ago
i got one
Tyco Slash
Tyco Slash 5 months ago
I used to own one (2014 FT86) as my first car and indeed, it is easily lose its traction even with traction control "ON". Try on second gear after a hump and dump the pedal halfway during rain. You will notice the wheels spin off losing traction (and I was using factory supplied Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres). Also, I drove it on a windy road and the car already feels fun to drive on stock. Sadly had to trade it off with 2012 WRX sedan as a family sports car. I wish I could turn the time back and enjoy it as long as I can. Glad that you guys shown the excitement on this car and tried skids. Mad skids. :)
Tristan 5 months ago
ZE_GERMAN 5 months ago
Moog Loved the BRZ seats so much in the MR2, he bought himself the freaking car! LMAO
USA4thewin 5 months ago
I stopped watching and unsubbed at 11:10 when they said they not gonan turbo Charge it ,, and purity stuff wth ,, this whole car is stuff is only about 1 thing ,, MORE POWER i rest my case
Adventure Focus
Adventure Focus 5 months ago
that slow mo sequence at 17:06 was beyond epic guys!
Vern 5 months ago
Last time you drove these, you and Marty were shifting at 4,000 rpm. Stop driving it like a sissy and you’ll start to love it. Red line every gear!
Jay Dunbar
Jay Dunbar 5 months ago
Great car for those who never plan to plant the throttle but want to think they have a fast car, but I'm fairly sure my wife's minivan is faster.
RWoody1995 5 months ago
Marty and Moog might be a bit spoiled by the fast cars they normally drive now... for most of us any 7 year old 7 second 0-60mph car is pretty expensive :/
Joe R
Joe R 5 months ago
But, seriously, how much cheaper are these vs a 350z HR? JS
matt trembly
matt trembly 5 months ago
This is why i still love EJs over FAs
Кирилл Гурцев
In Russia in Russia they are installed 2jz-gte😏
Chris 5 months ago
Auto Journos are the least trustable "humans", when the BRZ came out TOYOTA dumped the cash to get this car out of their hair... because even the mother rejected her offspring.
runawaytowtruck 5 months ago
Do a LS swap
Dj Porsche
Dj Porsche 6 months ago
am i the only 1 that thinks the rear fender oddly looks like the new supras rear fender?
T Carter
T Carter 6 months ago
The sneeze that didn't happen, I want one now....
Marcus Coster
Marcus Coster 6 months ago
Don't like how they sound, nothing interesting about the powertrain, but I like the interior, and from certain exterior angles I actually think "wow, that looks great". But not most angles.
Razin Razak
Razin Razak 6 months ago
At the start they look like 2 old men griping ard. Hahahaha!!!
The Glob
The Glob 6 months ago
Honestly... You bois live in Australia, can u mod a Commodore or Falcon please?
Jiří Vlk
Jiří Vlk 6 months ago
Cant afford more Mods bcause of the tire prices 🤷🏻
TGG 6 months ago
Anyone ever seen Moog without a hat? (1995 footage doesn't count)
brandon watson
brandon watson 6 months ago
Gotta keep a brz at 45-7 grand to avoid its insane torque dip between 3 and 4500
Stekaren HD
Stekaren HD 6 months ago
"There is so much potential in this sneeze"
HOBBYMOTOR 6 months ago
Hi from Sweden! I know you had wasaabi loved those episodes. but can you pleeease buy a volvo. you would get alot of new swedish subscribers. loove your work.
bjorn1583 6 months ago
the thumbnail really isnt the brz doing a burnout but his 180 burning oil
Jesse Barath
Jesse Barath 6 months ago
needs more rotary
DorfenThomas 6 months ago
I own one, and you really need headers and a tune - and then skids!
DorfenThomas 6 months ago
This intro actually hurt my feelings, since I own a GT86 :( The torque dip sucks big time, but when you get new headers it really makes the car come alive. Still though, I'm saving up for a turbo kit
Tony Santos
Tony Santos 6 months ago
oh no, a hairdresser car
Julian Alderson
Julian Alderson 6 months ago
sorry used to"
Julian Alderson
Julian Alderson 6 months ago
like 90s rap n hrd riffs" just worx
Julian Alderson
Julian Alderson 6 months ago
thats why get the odd riff thro elecrtronic. love it"
Touge 6 months ago
I lowkey thought he meant the Tesla ngl
skatetown100 6 months ago
where's the purity! hehehehehe he was visibly upset and very serious hehehe
Zackeroo HQ
Zackeroo HQ 6 months ago
14:14 *"There's so much potential in this sneeze"*
Josh Park
Josh Park 6 months ago
Came here for the skids, stayed here for Moog's Open Minded Enlightenment
Yeefu lor
Yeefu lor 6 months ago
It looks so happy
Yeefu lor
Yeefu lor 6 months ago
The brz just makes me smile
Chad Koyan
Chad Koyan 6 months ago
Act pro light fly wheel and preshuere plate liven it up alot.
David E
David E 6 months ago
GT86's were so expensive in the Netherlands because of tax and emissions reasons (last known base price was almost 63.000 euros) that no one bought them (i believe they sold 3 in the whole of the Netherlands in 2018) so they decided to stop selling them entirely.
Flat4Fan 6 months ago
I could see myself in one of these someday. It’s really the modern 240
Manuel Perarnau
Manuel Perarnau 6 months ago
Would be amazing that if Moog wants to keep the car NA to install a individual throddle body. There are a couple of kits out there being Greddy the one that pops to mind. The sound is insane and no one has done it!!
afraj morshed
afraj morshed 6 months ago
Marty is just watching moog struggle and its lowkey hilarious.
kynandesouza 6 months ago
you guys are the best at building suspense
Scoztrix 6 months ago
Scoztrix 6 months ago
Guy Tatler
Guy Tatler 6 months ago
They are a great modern sports car because of the purity of driving but they don't compare to anything older
Jim Patterson
Jim Patterson 6 months ago
I think Moog's story about not understanding something until you dive into it is so true. I was the same about getting bummed.
Mick Davies
Mick Davies 6 months ago
Polarising car
Calam Transgression
Calam Transgression 6 months ago
Common twice in the first 5 mins mention the RX7. Do a rotary series!!! Brap brap brap
Naughty Neill
Naughty Neill 6 months ago
Really like this review in it's honesty.
hlavco 6 months ago
Remove the outlet cover from inside the glove compartment, and stick it in the noise hole under the floormat. Makes driving the car so much more pleasant.
MulishaPatrol 6 months ago
I went in a mates one from work and wasn't impressed they are slow af.
Feidhelm Griffin
Feidhelm Griffin 6 months ago
i was looking at getting an 86.. guess we'll see how this seeries goes!
Zachary Robertson
Zachary Robertson 6 months ago
My best friend got a 13 model on lease when they came out. I accidentally did the first skid in it... He wasn't happy about it. Lol
denzell cham
denzell cham 6 months ago
@Mighty Car Mods and Moog, regarding being unable to drift and oversteer in 2nd gear that is false. Here's me doing it in 2nd gear and my engine, intake, exhaust and drivetrain over here is still bone stock us-first.info/player/video/jdicdK9jm5SIpoE.html
Tehver Farooqi
Tehver Farooqi 6 months ago
I am in love with the music❤
Dewa AMG
Dewa AMG 6 months ago
you look like dave grohl in high school
lukeslayer 6 months ago
597 middle eastern p platers from Sydney disliked this video
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
As my dad and I used to say about speed “it’s about the feeling” it was a 1988 560SL and while technically slow, plenty of friends thought it was fast just cause of how it feels.
lukeslayer 6 months ago
"This is like the veganism of cars, you've gone vegetarian".... Ehhh close enough
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
Guys- speaking of cars people don't like... who's buying the first MCM RX8?
Two Ady
Two Ady 6 months ago
Any chance you might ever work on an Alfa Romeo project ?
NEW HERO 6 months ago
bruh it's slow because Initial D Jesus you're all posers
Richard Nichols
Richard Nichols 6 months ago
What song is that at 17:10???
ChemiiOneLegacy 6 months ago
Sorry lads but it's a no from me. Modern cars look like garbage to me, the shapes are dreadful.
soinu foig
soinu foig 6 months ago
amazing for the BRZ/86. Slap a turbo on it and boy it'll be fast.
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 6 months ago
That’s cool 😎 does skids easy why not I would have one even though there not fast you can make them fast though
Kyle Weaver
Kyle Weaver 6 months ago
A BRZ is honestly my attainable dream car! I love em despite the fact they are slow (fast to me though cus my current/first car is super slow)
soinu foig
soinu foig 6 months ago
Best thing is the stock tires are cheap to replace since theyre so skinny. burn em up, keep a smile on your face. Also, if you're looking to mod it Crawford performance parts ar
Michael Khalil
Michael Khalil 6 months ago
This video should be called roasting the brz
Joanna 6 months ago
Every real musician knows that junk music like you made is made by guys with no real musical talent.
smith smith
smith smith 6 months ago
Nice car, do they make them in men’s?
Daheem24 6 months ago
*clicks on not-yet-watched MCM video and lowkey hopes to see some more foot action*
Joanna 6 months ago
why i cant listen to the music Afraid to Lose on spotify anymore? yesterday was just fine... HELP ME MOOG
Guber 6 months ago
Gypsy Pete
Gypsy Pete 6 months ago
You get one, realize it’s slow. Figure out it can drift surprisingly well, then decide it’s a great car and handles so well...
MrJordanwain 6 months ago
When these came out I quite fancied one. I just couldn’t get over the lack of turbo. I ended up getting a Diesel BMW 1 series 2012 not the 120D but the 125D. It had something the BRZ was missing. The turbo which took it to 218BHP. Yes it sounded awful but it was fairly fast for a diesel and skidded. When I got bored of the rubbish engine sound I moved to the 3.0L M235i.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
Lol I grew up with metal/hardcore as a drummer too! And oddly enough, I produce Trance music now LMAO. Stoked for this project bois!
Unorthodox Otaku Guy
As an owner of the last year of the Scion FRS. I am so happy to see you picked up a BRZ! Bought it new in 2016. Now at 63k miles. Yes I totally admit it needs some damn power under the hood lol. Do i regret buying my car? Never. It's stupid fun every day tearing up back roads. Keep the RPM up and keep laughing. When my car was more stock then it is now. I Autocrossed it on the stock Prius tires and was setting better lap times then MANY "Fast" cars. I honestly just let people keep their own opinions on what is fast until they work on driver mod. I'd rather focus on the fun and getting better at driving. It'll only get better as it gets more power. Grew up on miatas so you miata guys know where I'm getting at.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 6 months ago
"A BEA ARRRR ZED" "WERE GONNA FIAND OUT MAHN" gotta love the accent
John Pich
John Pich 6 months ago
Honestly thought moog bought a wagon.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 6 months ago
"A BEA ARRRR ZED" "WERE GONNA FIAND OUT MAHN" gotta love the accent
Zak Vokey
Zak Vokey 6 months ago
Guys- speaking of cars people don't like... who's buying the first MCM RX8?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 6 months ago
It sounds alot like my 50hp HP tohatsu 2-stroke outboard!
Nicolay Hoven
Nicolay Hoven 6 months ago
As my dad and I used to say about speed “it’s about the feeling” it was a 1988 560SL and while technically slow, plenty of friends thought it was fast just cause of how it feels..
Daniel Bowen
Daniel Bowen 6 months ago
Who else knew it was a BRZ when he said (paraphrasing here), "It sucks but everyone drives one." lol
Victor Reed
Victor Reed 6 months ago
ive gotten 4 grown adults in mine anything is possible
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 6 months ago
Put some proper size wheel and tyres on it and see how it skids then.
roki buča
roki buča 6 months ago
no turbocharged i think will pas this episode
Liam Ashby
Liam Ashby 6 months ago
Man I was about to buy one of these....maybe not 😅
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 6 months ago
They make a fun daily driver, I'm told. Fun and "sporty" but not fast enough to get tickets.
inferninx 6 months ago
Best thing is the stock tires are cheap to replace since theyre so skinny. burn em up, keep a smile on your face. Also, if you're looking to mod it Crawford performance parts are amazing for the BRZ/86. Slap a turbo on it and boy it'll be fast.
hen ko
hen ko 6 months ago
Moog: I got a BR(zed) British Me: A BR(Zee)?