Marty's MR2 finally starts and runs... after the fuel system explodes... 

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In this episode Marty & MOOG continue work on the MR2. It's getting some mad new seats from a Subaru BRZ, the water to air intercooler setup is all done and it gets a mad new ECU Installed. Everything is going great until the fuel system is primed for the first time and... well... you'll see...
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Apr 17, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 7 months ago
You can get a Limited Run MOD MAX Tee shirt here!: mightycarmods.com/collections/clothing/products/mod-max-shirt
CompoundBmx12 4 months ago
No Marty! Don’t forget about the Chevrolet Corvair or the Pontiac feiro!! @15:17
Hydrolics 7 months ago
r90crxhf 7 months ago
Releeeeeease the MUUUUUSIIIIICCCCCCC! It's fire man!
Hydrolics 7 months ago
Can you please release your amazing music MOOG, all of us love it!
MrSimonmcc 7 months ago
Don't ever, ever, ever refer to Canada like that again or we'll send the moose army to sort you out you raving galah!
ItzKawahi Month ago
God this MR2 is such a disaster, it stresses me out watching Marty dig through it haha
Carlos Lopez Lopez
You should rotary swap the mr2
Thor Asgard
Thor Asgard Month ago
Sorry, did not like the Canadian Joke. Since I've visited down under twice, Cairns, Brisbane, Sidney. I've been telling folks since 2003. Australia is so much like 80 USA 20 UK. Im unsub.
Kickstart Digital Media Solutions
I've been following you guys, ive been so entertained. What camera do you guys shoot with?
Liam Dumont
Liam Dumont 2 months ago
Im from Skaskachoo! Marty you gotta sound it out man, Sas-kat-chew-wan. Much love from Canada 🇨🇦💚
Ryan Harriss
Ryan Harriss 3 months ago
What does dak dak mean?
Saad Alharthi
Saad Alharthi 3 months ago
That's what they call an impact gun
Wills 3zr4
Wills 3zr4 4 months ago
8:58 Moog vs David Attenborough
IMM 86
IMM 86 4 months ago
Rye Estepa
Rye Estepa 4 months ago
That look n Marty when the engine started running. Every car guy would relate. Cheerios Marty!
Leigh Chapple
Leigh Chapple 4 months ago
Saskatchewan - (SAS-CAT-CHEW-ON)...you're welcome
Ehu Bear
Ehu Bear 4 months ago
Who knows what song is at 19:00
Vinnie Quodling
Vinnie Quodling 4 months ago
Anyone know whether, these 86 seats leave the same amount of ground clearance? Gotta still be able to fit my amps under my seats.
Joni Shepherd
Joni Shepherd 4 months ago
New Zealand is a much better country than STRAYA..
9Epicman 5 months ago
Don’t forget the smart car Marty! You said Nsx, Ferraris, lotus Elise.
9Epicman 5 months ago
Damn I’ve never seen the guys use a torque wrench xd
ZE_GERMAN 5 months ago
Honda has Blue Coolant
ZE_GERMAN 5 months ago
Porsch Boxters are cheap!
DeepPastry 5 months ago
Red coolant (DexCool here in US) is an inorganic acid technology and red dye; green coolant is an organic acid technology and a green dye. Together you end up with a brown coolant since red and green dye makes brown, and a mix of inorganic and organic acid technology to prevent corrosion inside you coolant system. When the technology behind the introduction of red coolant was new, the red coolant had twice the lifespan compared to the green stuff. So your 100K mile red stuff, would drop to 75K mile usage brown stuff, when mixed equally with 50k mile green stuff. But then again, your 50K miles green stuff would last 75K miles when mixed equally with this new red coolant. Since that time though, the organic acid coolant has been developed to have the same lifespan as the inorganic acid coolant, so mostly we have just universal coolant. Since mixing your coolants no longer effects lifespan. As for the sludge in Chevy vehicles, which was blamed on mixing old green coolant with their new red coolant, you can blame NAFTA and corporate malfeasance. Chevy moved their engine building to Mexico, and didn't fully train the workers at the new plant on how to fully clean out the casting sand from the newly casted parts and block. Which meant Chevy owners had a sludge form and run through their coolant system. Luckily for their bottom line, they had recently started using this new and improved inorganic acid technology (and dyed red) coolant. So when engines started having issues from having the inside of the coolant system sand blasted, they had a great excuse to blame the issue on. And since red and green dyes makes brown, it was an easy sell. If you weren't easily manipulated and could afford a lawyer who also wasn't an idiot, Chevy did what they should of done with everyone, they quietly gave you a new engine to replace your sludge filled one. Everyone else was told they clearly mixed green coolant, and that "magically" formed the sludge. See, it's brown. Even if you only had red coolant, clearly the sludge showed how it was your fault and you just switched back to red coolant afterwards... So to get over this silly belief that sludge formed, they started adding new yellow or blue dyes to their coolants, which helped prevent the ugly brown that formed from green and red. People still firmly believe the lie about the sludge.
Александр Дармороз
Hi guys! My name is Alexander! I'm from Russia! Thank you for your videos! I’ve been watching them for a very long time and every time you never cease to amaze! I have to ask you! you can write what tracks you put in your videos, I will be very grateful to you! I wish you good luck in continuing filming and do not stop !!!!😁😁😁
•Finn• 6 months ago
wow Moog cleaned some carbies and Marty is rebuilding the entire car. Would not have guessed that would happen when they were both revealed. Thought it would be the opposite.
Andy Helfrich
Andy Helfrich 6 months ago
Epic that Marty did so much of his own work.
Kyle Morgese
Kyle Morgese 6 months ago
8000watts 6 months ago
I like seeing you guys together. Y’all seem happier. It was almost like you guys hated being on camera without the other lol. Plus, the contrast amongst you two is hilarious. I REALLY wanted to come to Australia this year to TRY to meet you guys but...Corona 😔😒
Michael Oosthuizen
Michael Oosthuizen 6 months ago
Marty's shirt at the end! I want one! Heading over to the MCM online store right away! I want it on shirts and hoodies! I want MCM on everything!
Evan M
Evan M 6 months ago
Moog: the budget is $10000 Marty: I have bazillions of spare parts and sponsors to buy things things for me
Tyler H
Tyler H 6 months ago
Cleaning cars out can be an interesting ordeal. I remember a friend bought a car and decided to open up all the panels to make sure there weren't any rats or other badness. Instead they found a baggie of drugs
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda 6 months ago
sorry Marty, but when you talked about the wires, all I heard was wah wah wah, wah wah wah wah!...…..good luck mate!
Omar Khan
Omar Khan 6 months ago
Marty, I know this may not mean much coming from a random guy on the internet, but coming from season 1 episode 1 to what you've done on your own for this car, makes me extremely proud of the progression you've made. Good Work.
Ar0x SpraGGa
Ar0x SpraGGa 6 months ago
i like this acid tecchy sounds you put in ur videos
FU BAR 6 months ago
Anyone know what brand that 2 post lift is? Looks like its a pretty nice one and I've been in the market for one.
Hadez43 6 months ago
22:12 - Running a VM for windows 10 lol
DemonSlayer879 6 months ago
5:17 is that a Loonie?
Jackson Jacoy
Jackson Jacoy 6 months ago
What song starts at 16:14
Stephen Nadworny
Stephen Nadworny 6 months ago
Sorry if someone has already helped you with this one, I'm too lazy to read through the 2500+ comments. Canada has some tricky names due to their first nation heritage. Saskatchewan (Sass (like sassy)- catch-eww (like nasty or gross)- on(as opposed to off). You and all your Aussie mates are awesome!
Johnny Michael
Johnny Michael 6 months ago
These guys are so gifted in modifying cars, they could make millions by tuning cars for people like tuning garages all over the world. Instead, they make free content for us, there is so much stuff to learn from this channel, they truly are some of the best US-firstrs in the world.
Neg Ative
Neg Ative 7 months ago
Why wouldn’t you use an ST-205 W2AIC? You can find them for sale for stupid cheap.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 7 months ago
"There's a few different ways to skin this axolotl" That needs to be on a poster!!!
PotatoPoison 11
PotatoPoison 11 7 months ago
whos cheryl ?
dusty44444 7 months ago
riders on the storm...
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 7 months ago
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 7 months ago
Token Canadian here! 😂 It’s pronounced; Sass- KatCH- E- Waan.
Levi Ernst
Levi Ernst 7 months ago
Definitely hoping the song at 17:51 comes out. 17:51 - 20:15 just makes me wanna DRIVE!!!!!!! :D Like, Damn Moog.... 10/10 #MCMmusic
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 7 months ago
32:32 did the ghost move to Marty’s shop for the quarantine?
Ian 7 months ago
we need the song that kicks off at 17:52.. i have to have it in my life :)
Karen Murray
Karen Murray 7 months ago
well done marty, you made that ECU install sound so easy. all those wires would scare the shit out of me !
Carter Pearcey
Carter Pearcey 7 months ago
Ayyyy, Saskatoon Saskatchewan watching, thanks for the shoutout, we get forgotten about lots 😂
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 months ago
ricky v
ricky v 7 months ago
Moog, stopped by to help the competition today. That’s showing class and I am glad I am finishing this series on the MR2. (:
Elliot Budd
Elliot Budd 7 months ago
I’m a photographer and I use one of those green old lady knee mats when taking photos out in the bush and I get so much shit from my friends
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 months ago
Came back here to find the song and still nothing
iMann iFail
iMann iFail 7 months ago
Great content as ever guys but I really struggle to understand... you had someone from Haltech offering to make you a new wiring harness which probably would of taken less time. Than trying to trace a dodgy harness and making some hybrid, especially when you had the spare time from not making your original dyno session.
Sean Curry
Sean Curry 7 months ago
Rusted seat tracks? That car was underwater at some point - at least enough to get into the cabin. No wonder it's giving you so much trouble!
David Sut
David Sut 7 months ago
Mcm should do a American build challenge
Jonathan Lai
Jonathan Lai 7 months ago
Incredible the amount of knowledge MCM has. I wish I could have their know-how and fix my damn car haha
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 7 months ago
From Saskatoon Saskatchewan and i have been watching since you guys were in "Cheryl's" driveway. Cheers! Keep it up!
Lugnuts 7 months ago
Canadians are just Australians that are upside down and backwards. Being upside down and backwards gives a high tolerance to maple syrup and the ability to say Saskatchewan.
kolim jone
kolim jone 7 months ago
Watching Marty struggle with a car that just seems to fight him just makes these “first start” videos that much better. I can’t wait to see this thing running.
Jon Lucero
Jon Lucero 7 months ago
Honestly my favorite part of the videos is Moogs music!
Jay Sea
Jay Sea 7 months ago
32:32 did the ghost move to Marty’s shop for the quarantine?
kolim jone
kolim jone 7 months ago
Subaru's run blue coolant!
R0d0d3ndr0n 7 months ago
Guys when will you release new music? I mean, I can not find your newest music anywhere :(
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 7 months ago
Token Canadian here! 😂 It’s pronounced; Sass- KatCH- E- Waan.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 7 months ago
Where has MOOG been this year whole time?
SeventhVerse ̈
SeventhVerse ̈ 7 months ago
Sass catch one = Saskatchewan (simplified) :)
misolou fout
misolou fout 7 months ago
Moog, just buy some actual rubber kneepads! Great investment. Lol
MassiveTrackHunter 7 months ago
Seat Tea-bagging.....wow.....
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 7 months ago
So Awesome Mahty! I can not wait to see this beautiful car run circles around that silly moon lander. I have an late 80"s Nissan Gem, that I want to do the same treatment, gett
Oscar Fam
Oscar Fam 7 months ago
Came back here to find the song and still nothing
misolou fout
misolou fout 7 months ago
Where has MOOG been this year whole time?
Robbie Milton
Robbie Milton 7 months ago
Marty, why are you running Windows on a Mac? Love the videos BTW guys, wouldn't miss 'em for anything. Thanks
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 7 months ago
17:07 nylock nuts dont lock unless the screw reaches the nylock part.
Ian Sampson
Ian Sampson 7 months ago
"That's the sound they make when they're horny." "It's getting a bit chaffed" hahahaha too good
nopeify 7 months ago
Possibly a dumb question: why tape the tube before cutting? Is it easier to cut a straight line that way?
Dave 7 months ago
Funny to see how Ryobi stuff is top notch in australia and The lowest possible grade tools in canada. in canada they are mainly known for being Single Use Tools.(exagerrated)
Lolan 7 months ago
From Saskatoon Saskatchewan and i have been watching since you guys were in "Cheryl's" driveway. Cheers! Keep it up!
Marty needs a hug and a kebab after dealing with everything on this car! Hope you win this !
Joebiz24 7 months ago
Moog pumping Marty? Wtf...lol. Moog leaves no stone un-turned with the opportunity to break balls.
TB CN 7 months ago
Marty, the smart roadster is also a cheap mid engine turbo
Francisco Breyvisco
Francisco Breyvisco 7 months ago
i shit you not, Marty Car Mods is what I hear since day one
CosmicEye 7 months ago
Subaru's run blue coolant!
G S 7 months ago
This is one of my fav episodes, thanks for the amount of time you spent on that car !!!
misolou fout
misolou fout 7 months ago
17:07 nylock nuts dont lock unless the screw reaches the nylock part.
Curtis Scafe
Curtis Scafe 7 months ago
Where has MOOG been this year whole time?
misolou fout
misolou fout 7 months ago
Marty park your car on the lift the other way around (short arms in front) you’ll be able to open the doors much further. I’ve got three of the same lift and can open doors all the
Nate W
Nate W 7 months ago
Moog, just buy some actual rubber kneepads! Great investment. Lol
Robert Somerville
Robert Somerville 7 months ago
So Awesome Mahty! I can not wait to see this beautiful car run circles around that silly moon lander. I have an late 80"s Nissan Gem, that I want to do the same treatment, getting rid of all the silly shit wiring, but especially the bizarre intake box. Keep up the awesome work! Canada Approves!
Mallly 7 months ago
5:20 Weight reduction bruh 😂
Anton Matti
Anton Matti 7 months ago
That MR Poop was poop! Now its mint! Good work with that car that seems to have had a haaard life.
Micha Faigel
Micha Faigel 7 months ago
Great Video. Please tell me the name of the song @18:00 and when i can buy it on the MCM store. I need it so bad or MAAAAAAAAAAAAD
Niko Westgard
Niko Westgard 7 months ago
Aye I live in Saskatchewan
Stormynitez 7 months ago
Gaming on a mac Marty!?! Surely not...
Benny Mackney
Benny Mackney 7 months ago
MARTY NOOOO DONT CRIMP THAT CONNECTOR IM A VICE! Buy a real crimping tool dude. Damn. 😂
James Wright
James Wright 7 months ago
the mr2 wouldn't have a 2ZZ-GE would it?
213Madd 7 months ago
I have been watching this channel for over 6 years now and I have not missed an episode, in fact when I am falling asleep I find moogs music very therapeutic. MCM quality is second to none. Thanks for the hours of hard work. I along with many others can't get enough!
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen 7 months ago
@Marty - Turbo Yoda would be proud Man!
BLOODPILOT1 7 months ago
As someone whose had to do the same ECU work on his brothers 2015 dodge Challenger in US this video motivated me to get it done, admmitably I am mostly drunk and 26 beers deep in the US with multiple Coronas, Budweiser's and hoe-gaardens, I truly understand how it feels to see one ignition coil on fire 🔥, good on you mate, you'll get the beast roaring in no time 👍😎 cheers from the US 😜lol PS: please keep the techo music rocking in the buildsas someone from the 90's I appreciate the soothing beats of building to techno 🤘😜🤘
Thomas Hopcroft
Thomas Hopcroft 7 months ago
Martys reaction to getting told "good wiring" is wholesome af
J Sol
J Sol 7 months ago
Please come to Canada!!! Vancouver BC! Not Saskatchewan lol
Colin Walker
Colin Walker 7 months ago
The Toyburu BR86, the best car for modding.....other cars.
Koito rob
Koito rob 7 months ago
OOOOH, you have bigger balls than me! I wouldn't have shown those weld beads on camera... Speaking of which, do you get many pigeons inside the building???
slimjimsarentgross 7 months ago
Marty park your car on the lift the other way around (short arms in front) you’ll be able to open the doors much further. I’ve got three of the same lift and can open doors all the way on some cars
craig leach
craig leach 7 months ago
I'm guessing Tsunami car.
Lucid 7 months ago
Seats! I need new seats or at least driver seat. Even if you've been only Person seated in your seats they may be seated out. Mine definitely are. Canadians ehh.. I've heard they wonder why you sell sweaters in Australia 😂. I ithink I could benefit a little from from Australian weather.
Dean Long
Dean Long 7 months ago
Tracing and retro fitting wire harnesses, that some unknown Gomer, hacked up long ago is a brutal nightmare. Much sympathy to...uh, I had "boys", but I now see Marty was left by his Wingman.
deR B
deR B 7 months ago
Well its not a fiero
Cormac McG 'Off-Roading Donegal'
Thought I was the only one who thought it sounded like "Marty Car Mods" Been commenting that since the original 2Sxy videos!
Mitchel Cool
Mitchel Cool 7 months ago
I had an old lawn mower do that with a coil as well. Something grounded out on the frame that wasn’t supposed to and it looked like bits of solder beading off the coil lol. I was a kid at the time I don’t know what the part was.probably something to do with charging. It was also a rear engine mower ;)
Alex Greenwood
Alex Greenwood 7 months ago
18:36 what is this tune called? So good.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 7 months ago
Marty wants to be the next Turbo Yoda...no questions asked
Jacob Gadzella
Jacob Gadzella 7 months ago
Hello and thank you for the recognition from Saskatchewan :)
Ed Poell
Ed Poell 7 months ago
Hello penal colony members down under. Canadians have been avoiding the conscription draft by hiding just above American's sight line.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 7 months ago
I still have a tech manual for DOS and Windows 3.11 lol
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