Marty's JDM Gemini 

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Sometimes you have to travel to find your dream car...
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Dec 7, 2019




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C Stray
C Stray 2 days ago
can't wait to see this turbo k swapped and going against black chops
C Stray
C Stray 2 days ago
yohooo where my boys at November
Brando Turbo
Brando Turbo 13 days ago
C20let engine ore c20xe best engine for this car
Dave ffs
Dave ffs 15 days ago
So if i want to sell my shitbox I just need to send you a link
Aydin Norman
Aydin Norman 18 days ago
It's nearly a year later guys. Please 🥺 can we have it now 🙏
Jerry A
Jerry A Month ago
Nice! My first car was a 64 Datsun B210. Same green color as your car. Miss that old girl.
David Hiscock
David Hiscock Month ago
Vauxhall Chevette here in the UK. As mentioned in comments , check out the German hillclimb scene. Some super quick and screaming Kadettes being used. The 2.0 litre twin cam from a 90s Vauxhall Astra GTE C20 XE engine might be a suitable option. Helped build a few of these for race/ rally cars.
Christopher Dolman
When are we going to see more of Marty’s Gemini, really interested in what’s been done
Gabriel Shepard
Gabriel Shepard Month ago
Wow! Nice find gents! Can't wait to see what this becomes! I think it would look cool done up all oldschool rally wide body and with dropped suspension, wing and the whole thing.
Ant Higham
Ant Higham Month ago
What reference booklet did moog have for decal options?
Tony Kujat
Tony Kujat Month ago
4age dude on itb,s
Jono Month ago
Hope you think way way waaaay outside the box and go the very tuneable 4jji TD 4 cylinder diesel. Saw one in an old BMW 2002 and stuff me it was a riot to drive and sounded fantastic huge torque and power
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin Month ago
will you guys put an isuzu truck diesel engine in it please?
Dream Tanks
Dream Tanks Month ago
We want Gemini update video!, what enfine tou outting in it Marty???
Eugene KOLARIC Month ago
Don't think Geminis perform? Check out the Opel Kadetts on the Hillclimb Monsters YT channel.
Eugene KOLARIC Month ago
The Gemini and the slightly newer Escort - among the few that ever got away with square headlights.
JLH M Month ago
8:25 "no chance"
Coldoh86 Month ago
Ls7 it. The badging is too perfect not to. Why isn't that legal? If u get it engineered i don't see why not.
Coldoh86 Month ago
Td Gemini panel van was my first project ever. Wanted a coupe. Brother bought one with turbo on it that ran 10s haha. Does Marty still have this?
Corn holio
Corn holio Month ago
Yeh the gemi, ✌ my first car was a TD wagon in yellow, whats happened to this car?
Trevor Gray
Trevor Gray Month ago
An answer to why there are no coupes in Australia. Around Australia everyone knew about HQ racing which originally came from Tasmania. Well Queensland had Gemini Racing. They were some of the biggest fields at race meets. It was real bumper to bumper and door handle to door handle racing. (side mirrors used to litter the track). And everyone used coupes because of aerodynamics. Sedans punch a big hole in the air and are easy to pass coming out of the slipstream.. most coupes meet their faith on the race track. So you can blame Queensland for there being no coupes left..
Josh Swart
Josh Swart 2 months ago
Put in a TD27
Al Patto
Al Patto 2 months ago
My brother had a purple Gemini with a turbo Fj20, Hilux surf diff etc in it. Was great fun. Sad he sold it years ago was a fun cool thing.
Pete Conway Music
Pete Conway Music 2 months ago
I had one of these and I'm so gutted I sold it!! The Isuzu/Holden version in the "postie" spec. They were used as rural post cars in NZ so it was a 2-door short wheelbase station wagon. A 2-seater. So much fun to drive. Tiny engine but would drift and slide like a beast with slicks on the rear wheels! I hope to find it and buy it again one day :)
PIECES OF TIME 2 months ago
Vauxhall Viva?
Hiago Felipe
Hiago Felipe 2 months ago
Tá parecendo um chevette BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇨🇦🇨🇦
Lynerd Skynerd
Lynerd Skynerd 2 months ago
Wow how time flies! Lol
Izzy PlusPlusPlus
Izzy PlusPlusPlus 2 months ago
2.7l EcoBoost
Tasty Hotsauce
Tasty Hotsauce 2 months ago
Cmon boys you're running out of time to have the Gemini started in 2020
Victor Rey
Victor Rey 2 months ago
rupaul's drag race
34Kuro 2 months ago
don't you think it is time to see what happened to this nugget?
Ricky107 2 months ago
You had a Opel Kadett wagon! Those are awesome
Yee Thirty
Yee Thirty 2 months ago
That green 4 door coupe looks fucking sick! Reminds me of a 510 or an old celica from the same era. Kinda jealous you cant find anything like that in Canada with out searching for a decade :( Edit* NEEDS A BMW S14 W/ ITB'S!
ron bal
ron bal 2 months ago
So i did hear something about a K20, but there are 2 options for that engine, the MR2 or THIS one. I can't wait to know more about it. Over here its called an Opel Kadett coupe and its my dreamcar. The K20 is my favorite engine by miles. So making those 2 things come together will be the best thing on earth. So announce something please because only then i can finaly sleep again.
Schiebi86 3 months ago
My father had a Opel Kadett C (same car, different name) with a Opel C20LET Engine. Man 150kw in this type of a car is insanely fun to drive.
Veronica Femina
Veronica Femina 3 months ago
The Opel Kadett GT/E and Rallye versions was HOT ! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opel_Kadett_C
Jarrod Brennan
Jarrod Brennan 3 months ago
Well you said no too the LS engine but the 4.3L v6 from blazers,bravadas and jimmys are LS based.
lilstumpy8 3 months ago
honda f20 and 6 speed box
Mr Tailwind
Mr Tailwind 3 months ago
Had to watch it again waiting for the update on this beast..
FG F6 and LS2 VY Aus
Any updates! 🥺
Baron von Teuchter
Baron von Teuchter 3 months ago
Did you get the Vauxhall XE red top in Oz? 2.0 IL4 designed by Cosworth. Total screamer, lightweight, can make 250bhp NA. GM engine in a GM car... ✌🏻
Dean Ridgwell
Dean Ridgwell 3 months ago
drop a 3.8 buick into it also when is there gonna be more videos of it
Nathan Squire
Nathan Squire 3 months ago
The no engine joke didn't pay off.... That front end was pointing way too north for me to think it had an engine. Wheels gemini in, it just got here. Me: They took the engine out already what are they saying, oh wait, it probably had to be removed in customs. 20 min of pretending the engine is in still.
Nicole Jhon dela Cruz
for a change, well if they could shove it in the engine bay, why don't they put an isuzu 4jj1 diesel engine in there. thais uses them for drag racing and they're getting less than 10 sec.
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones 4 months ago
speaking of 4 cylinders.....and one of the car makers being izusu, chuck one of the Dmax diesels in it, party for days
Fonziebear 4 months ago
A little late to the party in regards to engine suggestions but something popped to mind... Isuzu 4XE1 Turbo 1.6L Probably hard to find, expensive, not a lot of aftermarket parts but it keeps the purity in the same way of Moogs Fairlady. The 4XE1 turbo was an option (1.5L) on the 90's Isuzu Gemini and which was used as a basis for the Isuzu Impulse and Geo Storm in the United States. Personal note: I almost had purchased an Isuzu Impulse RS (1.6L) as my first car way back when but upstate NY weather took a toll. I could push my finger through the lower body panels. Was a sad experience.
David Nordstrom
David Nordstrom 4 months ago
4ZC1-T a 2L twin cam Isuzu motor if available. From the Holden piazza. Purity, purity, purity.
Jay Ballistic
Jay Ballistic 4 months ago
we're well into 2020 - What's happening with the Gemini Mighty Car Mods?
noel white
noel white 4 months ago
I suggest the 4Age super fun high revving engine.
Abhinesh Ram
Abhinesh Ram 4 months ago
20 valve or s2000 vteck motor plz
Alastair Dow
Alastair Dow 4 months ago
Rotary or fj20 or go new skool kswap turbo
Alastair Dow
Alastair Dow 4 months ago
In nz we had 3 types of rebadged Gemini and don't put in piazza engine fj20 or sr20
DerSp 4 months ago
Kadett C Coupe-->Fett jungs ;-)
Lee Harrison
Lee Harrison 4 months ago
whats the import costs to these cars? landed. thanks
Aaron Weynberg
Aaron Weynberg 5 months ago
when are yous doing the next video on the gemmy
lloyd lynn
lloyd lynn 5 months ago
You should do a show on the mighty n12 ET turbo. My second car in the early nineties.
MiguelElBlanco 5 months ago
Yeeesss! A Chevette ahahahaha I love it, that's trully awesome, I have one, 1979 chevrolet chevette (brazilian) 1.4 liter and 4 gears
Frank c
Frank c 5 months ago
7AGE turbo?
mike valerio
mike valerio 5 months ago
Ford 1.6 eco boost turbo fiesta engine
mike valerio
mike valerio 5 months ago
LS2 Turbo
ItsAldwin 5 months ago
Where’s this car?
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma 5 months ago
I'd put in a C20XE
DeSean Mustard
DeSean Mustard 5 months ago
Bens a legend i am so excited for this build ty Ben
I have no idea how I missed this episode 😱 Gemini’s 4 life
iwan iwan
iwan iwan 6 months ago
XE it
Roo 6 months ago
I had a 1991 brazilian chevrolet chevette 1.6, and i regret every second of my life had it sold. Even with only 72hp, it was bloody fun to drive
Ive Vandewalle
Ive Vandewalle 6 months ago
Love the bamboo in the natural scenery...build a car from it!!!!
Markuhs1234 6 months ago
It's been 5 months, so probably no1 will see this, but my first car was a kadett c coupe. Still own it, and it is the same as the holden gemini. That's a big coincidence for another part of the world, or not... If It was I, i would put a C20XE with throtle boodies or webers.
Josh Swart
Josh Swart 6 months ago
Maybe consider an STI engine, I reckon it's Nissan that's been done the most
Storm Sandoval
Storm Sandoval 6 months ago
Benjamin Freund
Benjamin Freund 27 days ago
Still waiting...
mrbadbaker1 Month ago
@mike valerio guess you didn’t see the 2nd half of the video where they roll it into their garage.
Philip Rowney
Philip Rowney 2 months ago
Farhan Pramadipta
Farhan Pramadipta 5 months ago
@mike valerio the car is already in australia, but they just don't have the time at the moment to build it
Farhan Pramadipta
Farhan Pramadipta 5 months ago
they are busy at the moment with other projects, they mentioned they will only start the gemini build next year
HFCLVLRTIWI 6 months ago
What is up with this car now?
Vicbrud 6 months ago
Here in Brazil he have something Just like this! Is called Chevrolet Chevette
bigmandarr 6 months ago
should put a v6 toyota motor in the nugget.
Simo 6 months ago
What’s going on with this car haven’t seen it on the channel in ages
Aydin Norman
Aydin Norman 6 months ago
When is this Gemini series going to continue?❤️😒
Jason Hazelton
Jason Hazelton 6 months ago
4g63 rwd all the way
Darren Childs
Darren Childs 6 months ago
Wonder how long before we see an update on this car?
raplieee22 7 months ago
Whatever happened to this car .. I hope they upload a video about it soon! p.s; Put a C20XE in it
Andy 7 months ago
Honda s200 engine and box then maybe even a turbo. a sreamimg 2litre turbo
QuietWolfFallout 7 months ago
since it does have some gm background id consider a gm 2.0L turbo from the ss cobalt converted to rwd
Matthieu 7 months ago
Does it start?. I'm restoring an opel kadett c 1.2 berlina (total rust bucket so a lot of welding). It hasn't moved in a good 25 years, a little starting fluid and yes sir she runs. That why I like them.
gundam fan
gundam fan 7 months ago
prefer evo to scoobys being from the UK too and worked on many driven loads its just an annoying car it trolls the driver fuck that guys but happy for your success and keep going.
gundam fan
gundam fan 7 months ago
my dream car would me a opel manta gen 2 de bumpered painted general lee orange and given those dodge rims roll cage lower the roof and super charge the engine... flare the wheel arches and just fucking enjoy the car
Alfa Tasteless
Alfa Tasteless 7 months ago
Classic (60s-80s) Alfa Romeo twin cam I4 with dual Weber carbies oughta do it right
frog9181 7 months ago
I'm looking forward to the day you guys finally start posting the videos of working on this car.
nakedonadrenaline 7 months ago
What ever happened with this car guys ?
Tom Wade
Tom Wade 7 months ago
2zz-GE with a turbo
Brody Avery
Brody Avery 7 months ago
Put a modified pinto 2.0L in it
trevor jaster
trevor jaster 7 months ago
Wait i think i bought the last book?!?! Now i am confused. i need to figure this out now
Geoff Kelland
Geoff Kelland 7 months ago
I think hi lux had a isuzu enhine???
Geoff Kelland
Geoff Kelland 7 months ago
Total JDM respect.
Geoff Kelland
Geoff Kelland 7 months ago
nAricxd 7 months ago
saab b204 engine could be also a great tuners engine in that build to keep the car GM
nAricxd 7 months ago
it would be awesome to see if you swapped a c20let turbo calibra engine in that sweet gemini
nAricxd 7 months ago
or a c20xe if you are keeping it NA both are opel engines so both of these options are a perfect match imho
Josh Swart
Josh Swart 7 months ago
Throw in a 4A-GE turbo init
Sofiane Maidat
Sofiane Maidat 7 months ago
It's amazing how no one noticed that Marty's first car & supergramps have the same license plate!!
Saevhund 7 months ago
This is going to be another great project car! How about installing a BMW S14B23 or S14B25 engine (4 cylinder) from the first M3 in the Gemini?
Kris Heaslip-Shaw
Kris Heaslip-Shaw 7 months ago
4agete mate rev to 9 and a half all day long or a 4age with some big twin cabraters would be epic
TheQwazzy 7 months ago
someone built a vauxhall chevette hsr replica in the UK with an omega 2.5 V6 engine once but most end up with 2.0 red tops from calibra's some even got calibrs turbo lumps!
brodie robertson
brodie robertson 7 months ago
honda k24