Marty's New Project Cars (Please make him Stop!) 

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Someone let him loose on car sales...
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Jun 19, 2019




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Mighty Car Mods
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Boanerges57 Month ago
You know Marty is a mad Subaru Nutter right? How is it surprising that he cannot see reason when it comes to a Subaru?
Cripinub1 9 months ago
Mighty Car Mods don’t let Marty buy cars
Epic Gaming Ect
Epic Gaming Ect 9 months ago
Gary New
Gary New 10 months ago
Does moog write all the tracks for these vids?
Stereotype Month ago
Why changing the doors?!
HR _Garage
HR _Garage 2 months ago
4:45 this is what you came for
da psychopomp
da psychopomp 2 months ago
...dont argue in front of the kids.....classic...
mike humphrey
mike humphrey 2 months ago
Did anyone else finish the tune for ac/dc lol 😆
DSI 888
DSI 888 2 months ago
One of the best episodes! Sense of humor is absolutely brilliant. 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Smidotzkiy
Michael Smidotzkiy 4 months ago
The old gang is back together for a final job. it's like F&F but MCR
Jarrod Padilla
Jarrod Padilla 4 months ago
Catching up on my MCM vids! Best part was TurboYoda walking away and dropping the tool, when Marty says they aren't turbocharging the car. Funniest video I have seen in awhile!
James W
James W 7 months ago
press 1 for an ohhh martin
Joshua Plantan
Joshua Plantan 8 months ago
Mighy mods chop shop
Daniel Alcala
Daniel Alcala 8 months ago
Daniel Alcala
Daniel Alcala 8 months ago
Floppy Tain
Floppy Tain 9 months ago
I'm from the future and this car is really nice
Roland Kontson
Roland Kontson 9 months ago
6:27 no turbo... I love these guys
Roland Kontson
Roland Kontson 9 months ago
4:45 the "kids" - I had to stop there for a bit to get the laughs out.
Jacob Lafferty
Jacob Lafferty 9 months ago
He's like a kangaroo with those mirror kicks😂
qwasd0r 9 months ago
Marty Car Mods
Jeremiah Fix
Jeremiah Fix 9 months ago
Well it’s not my space that’s getting JUNKED up.
Jaime Zapien
Jaime Zapien 9 months ago
Oh my goodness, he for surely acted like a bitch
dooks4life 9 months ago
the miraculous melting Moog :):)
Matthew Rapley
Matthew Rapley 9 months ago
DKP Productions
DKP Productions 9 months ago
I got a del sol for ya Martin
Coffee Rebel
Coffee Rebel 9 months ago
We're not turbocharging it. Turboyoda: Wait. That's illegal.
PMP 9 months ago
Fucking lost at the vision of 3 bearded men sitting quietly eating snacks while mummy and daddy are fighting again.
Humanimalz 10 months ago
The 3.0 is a gem
PazuzuStalker 10 months ago
I enjoy it when quirky cars gets powered up... Would like seeing something massively underpowered but nice looking like a Fiero being transformed into a track performer.
vespacheck 10 months ago
6 pot means two turbos
Jim Guppy
Jim Guppy 10 months ago
Moog throughout this episode in one word: Why?
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 10 months ago
Frenzal Rhomb!!!
Kong Pheng Yang
Kong Pheng Yang 10 months ago
Supercharge this liberty with raptor
A Person
A Person 10 months ago
I'm disgusted and aroused
backroads racing
backroads racing 11 months ago
if i see one more liege of legands add im going to burn a subaru
backroads racing
backroads racing 11 months ago
and a nissan!
rileypart1 11 months ago
Basically, you guys doing a Outback sedan which we already have in states.
Corey Sleap
Corey Sleap 11 months ago
Rwd drift
Peter Clark
Peter Clark Year ago
Hey Marty I thought you would get a laugh from this. I drive a Volvo truck with a Cummins made I SX 12 G. This is a 12 L in-line six but it is unusual because it’s a diesel engine with spark plugs. It has been converted to run on LPG, commonly known as natural gas. It’s rated at 400 horse and 1500 foot pounds of torque. The laughable part is that it has a blow off valve and it makes chuffing noises as if I were driving a hot hatch. BFFppp.
5:49 Marty took so long explaining his plan they all grew a beard 😂😂
Gabriel Atkins
Don't argue in front of the kids! *Shows dudes in back eating chips* I laughed so hard Orange Juice came out my nose.
Drifter Tech
Drifter Tech Year ago
Lol could I get the suspension that u took out the sedan I could use them .I'm like for real .love ur video bin a fan for a long time
Gerald Powell
Gerald Powell Year ago
Next build should be a London taxi build with all American parts built in to it.Chevy,ford,dodge,gmc,or Pontiac.That would be awsome.Just an idea.
Bayne 78
Bayne 78 Year ago
You guys need to chip in get some jeans that fit properly for turbo yoda. Pants that baggy have to be an OHS hazard
danzreggae Year ago
What did you guys have to cut removing the rear subframe?
Frank TodHunter
Never did I think for a minute you'd be cutting up my daily driver for gains.
Marty proved that he can cambine 3 cars into 1 solid one... And he`ll do it again!
shugga leaf
shugga leaf Year ago
Low key my favorite episode! I lovved subaru & almost bought a baja turbo yellow & silver here in arizona,usa & ended up paying $5k less for a tundra sr5 4x4 4.7L v8 asces/c-ab. But i still want the baja but with what im assuming is subarus most reliable engine the flat6cylinder & i bet is sounds gnarly! My dad bought a forrester xt turbo 2.0L &is was a fancy pos that was super fast the few months out of 2years of ownership he got to drive it while it was broke or breaking or broken!
Pablo Diaz Morales
hahaha can I have the bonner, bumper, headlights grill and guards? I wanna do a subaru bbq with them :)
Trent Bacon
Trent Bacon Year ago
Wait you guys are married 🤔🤔🤔 didn’t see that coming
Justin Gant
Justin Gant Year ago
You guys are great a true friendship and a team. Love watching you guys
Randall Copeland
Moog was gonna lose his mind 😂
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore Year ago
Good video lads no other suggestion other than you Guys ever used Inox as apposed to WD 40. Just try it not a wholesaler of any products just a man who has spent many years under old Holdens. Aussie Jeff
Russell Sleight
Outback sedans are all over the northeastern US.
Bonifacio vlogs
Marty can you please make my 1994 nissan your next project
B RAD Year ago
This is up there in my favourite intro's to these videos haha
Joe Nash
Joe Nash Year ago
Anyone notice how the only person here who doesn’t have a beard is Marty, think that says enough
Harsh Satam
Harsh Satam Year ago
The kids
Lloyd Lee
Lloyd Lee Year ago
Terrible episode. I’m not a fan of Marty’s ideas. Won’t be watching anymore unless proper performance mods are shown.
boomer Year ago
wheres the next vid ya mad dogs
Ian Dominic Ouano
When moog buys something cheap, you know it's gonna be a Nissan.
ЯдБдstд ̃TM
when is the final video of this coming up?
Spud Gunn
Spud Gunn Year ago
Good to see Marty getting his own back on Moog the terminal gobshite!
pine51 Year ago
love when turbo yoda gets mad
Bjørn again Christian
What the hell is a nodo?...
GardenJunkie Year ago
You guys should mod a Toyota Blade master g, 3.5 ltr v6 hatch!! Be so cool to see a turbo put on plus whatever other crazy enhancements you could think of. Pleeeeeeeeease, please. Please.
Regular Bloke
Regular Bloke Year ago
Marty : we're not turboing it Turbo yoda : *dissapointed turbo noise
Fishin Loar
Fishin Loar Year ago
clicked like in under 2 minutes
TCH The High Council
Something different
Those tools are in great focus at the start, noice.
Thomas Pigg
Thomas Pigg Year ago
Hey Moog!, I hate to say it but sometimes ya just gotta leave the crazy people alone!!!
SVU Cars
SVU Cars Year ago
That’s nice not gonna lie
David Ready
David Ready Year ago
Dude Marty the shirt your wearing is epic! My band played with them in colorado back in the day and they were amazing dudes! Good on you my friend!
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda Year ago
the bearded men are fallowing the non bearded man! lol
“I don’t like the project but I like ad spot “. Asahi, 2019
Yasato-Marsh Year ago
it would have been nice if he could have gotten something different besides a subaru. It gets boring quick, i wish moog would have choosen the cars.
jesse grat
jesse grat Year ago
Moogs meltdown hahah so funny. Love you guys. Keep living it up and taking us for the ride!
Vollick Year ago
take it to subaru for an oul change n alignment and see if they flip out :)
Jody Adriaans
Jody Adriaans Year ago
6:01 (Freeze Frame)- The council of beards holds fast to their judgement of the young stubble one's plea.
Jacke Year ago
He's going insane 4:28
Jacque Minogue
why did the doors need to be swapped?
Sprusfil_Eks_Dee Daathrux
best intro by MCM so far !!!
Biu Ji
Biu Ji Year ago
I wonder if Frenzal Rhomb bit the Descendents logo in hopes that it might make them not shit.
Baloney Justice
Why... we have em in America.. and they are vary vary ugly....we can just send you a outback sedan if you want it.. 15:15 special wheels.. Oh god.. He is going to go full American on it! I just know it.
Samurai trapped in a white man's body
Moog you had me in tears bro... Being married to you is hard work man 😂😂😂😂😂😂
tunastrike11 Year ago
maybe a chance for Moog to get his hands dirty for once
Callum Clarke
Callum Clarke Year ago
The Austrailian Adam from psyched substance
That guy
That guy Year ago
"any multiple of 3 cylinders makes bad vibrations above 6000 rpm, Z cars did that
That guy
That guy Year ago
it DOES have a smooth body shape. Stick a 3-rotor in it...
That guy
That guy Year ago
I got a question for you guys: What is the biggest four cylinder engine YOU know of with twin overhead cams, and at least four valves per cylinder? Preferably All Wheel Drive AND turbocharged, with Electronic ECU that is programmable The next question is what is the smallest chassis it can be fitted to... - Doesn't matter if it is as oogly as a Citroen 2-CV How small a package is that in kilograms?
That guy
That guy Year ago
That guy
That guy Year ago
YES, what I am saying is turbo the shit out of something as large as four cylinders can be
That guy
That guy Year ago
If a garden tractor is level one, and an ordinary car is level three lets say - A W engined Bugatti is the top - unless we consider top fuel racers ~ You lot have access to 3 rotor mazda engines, I know that... Call them level 9 A V8 car is about a 4 (honestly. Parts complexity alone) If 200 CI can (turboed) produce 400 hp, we have 2 hp per cubic They say a 2.3L can run 700 hp But the issue is sticking it to the ground, so suspension is everything (four cylinders are lighter, screw V-6) ciao 4 now
That guy
That guy Year ago
Consider it a thought experiment One that concerns pure power to weight ratio and tire sticking power (footprint) How far can you go with stuff from a yard and GREAT tires?
navy Guy
navy Guy Year ago
Where's the magic boys? Youse building a racer for the Finke next year? Lets see ur back handle that boy.
pixelflow Year ago
This grunge musak is giving me Quake 2 flashbacks.
pixelflow Year ago
It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the outback again.
Scott Babcock
Scott Babcock Year ago
Subarus are so boring
Just RAY
Just RAY Year ago
Cur M
Cur M Year ago
Yes. Yes it IS a shitheap. And that's what's awesome about the project.
LukasW74 Year ago
One off your coolest builds so far guys. Let Marty do all the build plans from now on.
GazLowe Year ago
To be honest, I've lost interest in MCM. It's like watching the odd couple arguing all the time. It was time for new projects, sure...but not Subaru's again (😥). Invest my US-first time with Benny and Alan's channels...you actually learn something with those guys, Martin actually too but from a different perspective. Moog...it's not always about you mate 😕
Ryan Salvesen
Ryan Salvesen Year ago
H6 subie ftw!!
death rattle on an h6? i had to take classes on how to rebuild an h6 for my subaru mechanic certs, and 4 years in i havnt seen a single h6 have a "death rattle" thats impressive Edit i spoke too soon, al;so the only time america got a cool subaru, the outback sedan h6, granted there was the spec b but it doesnt have the same lift as the outback
Ash wilkinson
Ash wilkinson Year ago
02 Yaris though?
jb gaud
jb gaud Year ago
they are going to cross Australia in this car, it's going to be very good, very good :)
Jonathan Redic
My gad 😂😂😂when he said were not turbo charging other guy just drop the wrench hahahah
John Resciniti
This is my exact car! Same color (the Atlantic blue pearl) and it's a factory outback sedan. I'm in the USA BTW.
Aidan MaKinster
Do it's a lifted lifted liberty that's lifted
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