Making The BRZ Fast [PART 1] 

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Everyone wants their car to go faster, (especially owners of the FRS/86/BRZ) so in this episode, we install an important performance mod to prepare the BRZ for bulk power!
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Aug 23, 2020




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Comments 100   
CurryNoodles Month ago
I’m guessing this will also work with the Toyota GT86 🤔
Clément Month ago
You guys made that clutch swap look trivial lol. Wish I had the lift and skills!
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Month ago
No rear main seal replacement? or is it a pain on these engines.
Sefy Boy
Sefy Boy Month ago
"Theres only a few things you have to move because there's no turbo." - hahahhahaaha thats actual banter
Barry Britcher
Barry Britcher Month ago
250nm. Fuck that. I don't get out of bed for less than 400
Barry Britcher
Barry Britcher Month ago
Realise this is the golden age of MCM. Petrol cars dying off more and more. :(
Andrej Cupac
Andrej Cupac 2 months ago
The under-trays stop air from catching underneath the car improving fuel efficiency and a little bit of speed, not noticeable at all but the fuel parts pretty good.
Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes 2 months ago
First time I saw a toe lubing a bolt I did a double take and was like “ WTF was that a toe” now I expect it, hell I’d be more surprised if I didn’t see a toe now
Northwoods80 2 months ago
Name of the songs?? :)
KiraOnii Chan
KiraOnii Chan 2 months ago
Is that the 1st ep of Initial D? Lol
Wombat Spork
Wombat Spork 2 months ago
4g63t swap it
cameron jefferies
cameron jefferies 2 months ago
Please, please, please, do a 2005 mini one vs 2005 bmw 1 series vs 2009 alfa romeo mito 1.4 lusso all low spec, I'd like to know what you guys think of them as I own 2 of the 3
Chris Sheen
Chris Sheen 2 months ago
So good.
Nathè 2 months ago
For competition use...
Samuel May
Samuel May 2 months ago
Are the songs in this video available to listen too?
teabag_unicorn hi
teabag_unicorn hi 2 months ago
Your music is banging
Casey Clark
Casey Clark 2 months ago
Why are you guys not using Mantic clutches now?
Ryan Esteris
Ryan Esteris 2 months ago
Hey, try rerouting the AIR CONDITIONING to blow at the air intake and see if it makes any more power 😃
Darren Butland
Darren Butland 2 months ago
BRZ'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Just try it. It will role off your tongue and sound so satisfying to your ears, you'll never say BRZ'ED again. Japanese engineers are so polite.♥️
Kevin Vitug
Kevin Vitug 2 months ago
What are we doing? This literaly threw me off😄😄😄
7S POWER 2 months ago
Thanks, guys for the excellent video how-tos. The saying is "Installation is the reverse of the removal"
Funny Funker
Funny Funker 2 months ago
The ridiculously loud obnoxious music almost relieves my ears from the nails-on-chalkboard Australian accent.
killerrush77 2 months ago
why cant this be life, all the time?
Forgan Mreeman
Forgan Mreeman 2 months ago
14:32 I just discovered my new fetish
SirSleeps Alot
SirSleeps Alot 2 months ago
Yesss supercharger Easter egg @18:10, so keen! Great video been watching for years first time commenting!
EyeMWing 2 months ago
I've done my BRZ clutch twice. I have a hoist, too, and getting that gearbox in and out is NOWHERE near as easy as you made it look once everything is covered in and glued together by road grime. Those #*$@*#& extra-long studs at the bottom are awful once they're dirty and the box won't slide on them readily(as they are on all Subarus that have them). Like, two hours just to get the damned thing to slide back on unless you take the studs off and wash/lube/consider replacing them.
Pops Bangs And Petrol Scent
I want more poooower , yes please 🙂🙂🙂
Maikal _
Maikal _ 2 months ago
15:05 - us-first.info/player/video/f9iheZZ3qZ1_rpc.html
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 months ago
Make the brz fast, put it on a trailer behind super gramps lol
Viserek 2 months ago
Please K20 swap the Yaris!
Savage937 Boss
Savage937 Boss 2 months ago
Thomas Davidson
Thomas Davidson 2 months ago
Isuzu coming soon?
14:14 Did Moog just sneeze?!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 months ago
K-Swap Mira!! 😍😍
André Alves
André Alves 2 months ago
"A flywheel should never actually fly", wise words from Marty right there
Princess Peach
Princess Peach 2 months ago
11:43 "Zee" ???
aola wili
aola wili 2 months ago
Make the brz fast, put it on a trailer behind super gramps lol
Mac Franks
Mac Franks 2 months ago
Well the WRX has more power than grip so its not balanced. Tire squeal through the turns is the suspension giving up and lifting or changing the tire angle and taking your traction away. All that does is loose you time. I don't know what you have for suspension but it needs something more to let you use the power you have. It maybe be as simple as putting some decent track tires on it or possibly just putting a track alignment on it. The BRZ is a more balanced car which is what makes it easier to drive and can run the times it does.
Wombocombo 2 months ago
Z= zed
aj menadue
aj menadue 2 months ago
The feet dude I died 🤣
aola wili
aola wili 2 months ago
You should get a reliant robin or Reliant Rialto, make the slow go fast. A reliant kitten would be good also.
Otis Horne
Otis Horne 2 months ago
the back ground music is wicked
soklot 2 months ago
you have poop on your tire.
jamdc2000 2 months ago
Marty Car Moogs!!!
Hunter Grammer
Hunter Grammer 2 months ago
you guys always have such mad music i love it keep up the good work!
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister 2 months ago
Just K swap it
Robert Somerville
Robert Somerville 2 months ago
Oh, how i wish for the day when i get RWD car again, 4hrs for a clutch. Try that in a FWD on the garage floor with jack stands....
notsevenfeettall 2 months ago
Depends on the car. 96 Hyundai Accent was quick and easy, but it helps that the transmission was really, really light weight and the engine bay around it is pretty open for easy access. Mazda 3 on the other hand was an all-day horror show...
Robert Somerville
Robert Somerville 2 months ago
Re: Release Bearing Fork... Moog (13:30... spoke to Tyler... he hasn't seen one fail yet) wait for it... Moog (14:00 These can bend 'cuz it my forester I had to replace it) LOL.
Tomas Delaney
Tomas Delaney 2 months ago
K-Swap Mira!! 😍😍
LT7 Automotive
LT7 Automotive 2 months ago
You guys have always been fun to watch but for some reason this episode displayed just how much you have developed as presenters and with mechanical ability. Including feet.
komcrazi 2 months ago
yall actually watching initial d or is it on the laptop for the memes?
Paul McCoy
Paul McCoy 2 months ago
“It’s easy because no turbo”. ...or front axles.
Bubba Skywalker
Bubba Skywalker 2 months ago
What the heck kind of mud did y'all run the car through??
EpicBro 2 months ago
Can anyone tell me what the song is around 0:50?
John Munro
John Munro 3 months ago
Make a brz fast , you mean throw it away and buy another proper scoob , not a fucking Toyota ??
Hawksquawks 3 months ago
You should get a reliant robin or Reliant Rialto, make the slow go fast. A reliant kitten would be good also.
Peter Le
Peter Le 3 months ago
Anyone notice initial d in the back?
g4rr377 3 months ago
Awwww that flywheel is soo small and cute.
ShasOAunLa 3 months ago
such a nice tune at 5:24 !
Michael Benson
Michael Benson 3 months ago
my BRZ slow but I still love it :)
Mitch Adam
Mitch Adam 3 months ago
Moog that song Horizons slaps so harddddddd 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Ben Intentional
Ben Intentional 3 months ago
Pulled a Return of the King and ended this video twice. I knew they were LOTR fans.
Randall Settles
Randall Settles 3 months ago
I'm from America and I watch you guys so much. When I read the title in my head I pronounce it br Zedd instead of BRZ LOL
Chiku Chiku
Chiku Chiku 3 months ago
i recommend VIVIO RX- RA superchager 4WD 660cc 5MT. Safari rally class A5 champion.
Ferenc Samarus
Ferenc Samarus 3 months ago
I have a clutch on Saturday, not looking forward to it😑 2012 smax👍
CGDeluxe 3 months ago
Boooooooooooom.....time for the Powerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..............
iporcupinetree 3 months ago
top vid like like anything heavy like clutch or turbo major stuff
Jacob 3 months ago
Hello I’m new to car modding and want to learn to do most stuff myself and was wondering what a good starter point for tools are, I have a socket set, going to buy a jack and stands, what else is really necessary and what jack/stands do you guys use?
YEEZUS 3 months ago
Music is too loud after you stop talking. I have to keep changing the volume
Silentt Ivan
Silentt Ivan 3 months ago
tito kisaakye
tito kisaakye 3 months ago
Hello mighty cat mods,would like a performance clutch kit for my gti mk4. What would you suggest,am in Uganda Africa. I enjoy all your mods and am your big fun. Need that performance for sure.😃
Drew 3 months ago
You don't need to take apart the interior to take out the transmission...
Richard Gollen
Richard Gollen 3 months ago
if i remember, this brz had the corners, but the straights were the issue
Stuart Russell
Stuart Russell 3 months ago
The production you blokes are putting into every episode is epic. Can't tell you how pleasing it is on the eyeballs and earballs!
Bart 3 months ago
Can't wait for the next video! Falling in love with that BRZ
Sergio Vazquez
Sergio Vazquez 3 months ago
Initial D playing in background! 😆
Manos Stavroulakis
Manos Stavroulakis 3 months ago
Always laugh with the foot fingers help you kinky crazys 😁
Martin Notland
Martin Notland 3 months ago
Fuck, the music is AWESOME!! I usually never ever comment but I just had to. Love it.
Drizzy Doun
Drizzy Doun 3 months ago
i want to see part 2 today
Onn Sight
Onn Sight 3 months ago
5:20 that song gets me into the MCM Vibes 🔥😍it reminds me of the videos back in the days when i was watching you guys years and years ago always loved the music 👌
EpicBro 2 months ago
Horizons - Moog
Ben Christopher
Ben Christopher 3 months ago
“We’re gonna make the brz fast” proceeds to throw the brz in the trash and buys a new car
Zom Priest
Zom Priest 3 months ago
Thank you, We've missed you.
stiggzy s
stiggzy s 3 months ago
Lol 250Nm. That is all
Dan Wallis
Dan Wallis 3 months ago
4/10 for clutch difficulty. 11/10 for moogs annoyingness.
Riki Ward
Riki Ward 3 months ago
my mates clutch fork broke too haha. also subie 14:00
synkked 3 months ago
K SWAP? :)
Thomas Oosthuizen
Thomas Oosthuizen 3 months ago
I love that color on the Exhaust man. a shame its hidden like that.
Regina Meehan
Regina Meehan 3 months ago
The black nugget is the mrpoo
Unknown Entity
Unknown Entity 3 months ago
ITB's anyone?
Chris 3 months ago
I want Yaris Hilton BACK!!!!! Yaris Hilton FTW!!!!!
Rob Rapa
Rob Rapa 3 months ago
Hey boys those attachments you use on the impact driver you got from Japan to loosen bolts do you know if you can get them here or what they are called?
SamG 3 months ago
The car is a lego set until you want to change your spark plugs
Cameron F
Cameron F 3 months ago
4 hours!? Man I need to get me one of them lifts... And maybe a friend who is interested in cars..
Peter CAtto
Peter CAtto 3 months ago
Hello Mighty Car Mods,,, there's a new electric turbo out there don't need to hook it up to anything on the car just put straight to the air box ??? and they say works beautiful what have you guys get tested for us?.
John Fisher
John Fisher 3 months ago
Not a fan of the new "floating camera" gimmick tbh......
Jack The bum tickler
Cant wait for the supercharger to go in
Aaron P
Aaron P 3 months ago
Doing a clutch in a 2003 SVT focus is extremely tricky especially in your driveway lol
Claudio Neto
Claudio Neto 3 months ago
Neil Martinez
Neil Martinez 3 months ago
The music is hilarious. I can only assume you guys were chuckling about the music choices.
Smokin528 3 months ago
Driving the car at the end prevented me from having a meltdown in the comments this time.
vuel 3 months ago
I wana see an icecube cold air intake lol
Syed Hassaan Mujtaba Bokhari
To make them fast aren't you supposed to put a Ferrari V8 in these