Introducing: YARIS HILTON 

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Our new project car has arrived...
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Sep 10, 2019




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Max Tremblay
Max Tremblay 14 days ago
I like how you trash the yaris xd I had an hatchback 1.5L for first car and I LOVED it living on a tight corners country road in canada! It smashes those curves at this weight. But we better not talk about straight line!!
Michael R.
Michael R. 3 months ago
Our yaris had a check engine light all the time. Nobody could fix it.
Agent Go Go Gaming
Agent Go Go Gaming 3 months ago
I legit saw a white haired old lady with disabled parking driving a Yaris with best looking pearlescent paint job I've ever seen and it was in Port Adelaide.
sarcartist 3 months ago
I have the '07 1.5l version of this car and it's an absolute blast to drive, I love it!
Adrien Even
Adrien Even 4 months ago
I got my 1.5 turbo diesel yaris for 950 Euros
Rahadiyan 5 months ago
Man I've had this car for 12 years bloody hell it's as good car
Locked_Hydro 5 months ago
Ok but k20 Honda fit
Nedjmeddine Boudjemia
Like for Yaris Hilton vs Yaris GRMN
Tony Vasquez
Tony Vasquez 9 months ago
Died when you kicked the hubcap
Z Man
Z Man 9 months ago
That model yaris was one of the best cars i ever purchased such a great car
Keld Tundraking
Keld Tundraking 10 months ago
Man... that mira is so legit it hurts.
beeanca8126 10 months ago
I have those red and black wheel covers haha
funnybus3rd 10 months ago
Oh c'mon the third gen Yaris sedan is good looking, it's called the Vios in Malaysia
Lord Letto
Lord Letto 11 months ago
After watching the latest vid, I wanted to come back to check the price, currently in my local area on Kijiji (Canadian eBay Classifieds/Gumtree) the cheapest Yaris is a 2007 4 door manual trans hatch with 281k km for $2400 (about $1,823.04 USD/$2,632.17 AUD) or best offer, the 2nd cheapest is a 2007 2 door manual trans base hatch with 235531km from a dealership & certified for $2998 (about $2,277.22 USD/$3,287.31 AUD)+ tax (13%), only the 1.5L 1NZ-FE was available here. Keep in mind though that the Yaris name wasn't used for the 1st gen (XP10), it was called the Echo. Cheapest Echo is a 2003 4 door manual trans sedan with 360k mostly highway km for $900 (about $683.46 USD/$986.62 AUD) or best offer & needs rear subframe section as support rusted for rear axle bushings, next cheapest is a 2003 4 door auto trans sedan with 400k km for double the $$$ ($1800(about $1368 USD/$1,972.80 AUD) or best offer) & needs some work such as new gas tank installed & engine light on for minor stuff.
Tatiana R
Tatiana R 11 months ago
Uni student with the 1.5 L and has 370k km that hasn't failed yet. Can you guys do some performance mods on the Yaris? Want to play around with the car before the engine dies
Radek Tručka
Radek Tručka 11 months ago
Dad has a limited edition yaris ts kompressor(yes this is the spelling) with 1.8L supercharged 4 banger with 212hp and ngl that thing flies
GRiiZZ 11 months ago
Now i'm feeling lucky that my country got the 1.5L only, and the Sedan is called Vios
Benoit Marchand
i got my yaris for 1000$ dollars canadian lol
M_Thre3 Year ago
wat other features does the yaris have martin? absolute dead silence.... moving on. IM DEAD! PMSL!
JobeBlogs Year ago
Why did I google "Yaris Sedan"? smh
CalgarGTX Year ago
What model year and refresh is it exactly ?
Iro-Hun Car Guy
My dad sold his yaris which was a 1.4 diesel, with 450,000km,which 300,000km put in 4 years.
J-N-H-M Year ago
lol !! wiggly
Nieder Halter
Nieder Halter Year ago
Pls could someone name the beat starting at 1:20, is it from Moog? Freakin love it, can't find it😑
Yung Wad
Yung Wad Year ago
I have the predecessor in the states which was the Toyota echo, I love mine! Plus they all came with the big block 1.5L 1nzfe
Kia Alvin
Kia Alvin Year ago
That "KEI 2 CT" registration plate 🐐
wah panda1
wah panda1 Year ago
Gnysh Jaydan
Gnysh Jaydan Year ago
Being the owner of this model I can say that Yaris is the most reliable and long lasting car ever it’s simply stylish awesome car I love Yaris.
Xblisit Josh
Xblisit Josh Year ago
Toyota vtec nuggét 😂
Mattias Rudolphi
I have a 02 Yaris Verso (Funcargo) 1.3L as a daily, I put 215 width 16" Falkens on it, and I smile way too much in that car while "maintaining speed" in roundabouts and intersections 😅 Also it's very easy to upset the chassi, which makes it hilarious in snow! It's only feature is that it can be converted to a van in 1 minute.
person43des Year ago
This is how I feel about any automatic vehicle.
darek4488 Year ago
You bought the wrong Yaris. You should've bought a 1.8 litre Toyota Sport. I bought one for my mom and I sometimes take it for a spin. 133 horses in a 1050kg car makes it more zippy then you think. In its category only the Ford Fiesta ST150 is more fun.
Azzy Fen
Azzy Fen Year ago
they said they would do a yaris at 3mil subscribers and i'm happy it happened
The king Ebad
The king Ebad Year ago
That car is cute
NGAROdon Gaming
I have a 1989 merc 230E and would love if you both can do an awesome mod to it so I could use it as reference from MCM hehe..street cred preferred🤭
nothernmist Year ago
You guys know we expect a WRC-Spec build now?
I'm telling you, the intake manifold from a 1zzfe is an easy swap and you'll get 130-140 hp
Victoria bell
Victoria bell Year ago
sr20 swap
Me.K Year ago
I have a soul-sucking Yaris. The check engine light is 9/10 excessive lean fuel trim from dirty throttle body (SHE WAS RUNNING LEAN, you could have owned that race). The model has a reputation for it, and theres not really anything else on it to go wrong lol.
Someone In The Comments
Will Harris
Will Harris Year ago
My grandad had one of these things. He used to fling that thing around corners like he used to do with his spitfire.
Gabriel Boyd
Gabriel Boyd Year ago
Hahah...I've got a manual first-gen Vitz RS, and while it's not everyone's cup of tea, I think it's a bit fun!
Денис Гофман
my prayers are answered
Ernest Szots
Ernest Szots Year ago
Ouch! 😂 aaand here's mine Instagram.com/vaderhelmet
Paul Pichugin
Paul Pichugin Year ago
When is the Barra going in?
Darryl Lee
Darryl Lee Year ago
I have a worse car, 2001 Toyota Echo. The sedan. It runs but lord it's a terrible car.
Najmul Hasan
Najmul Hasan Year ago
My dad's got the same car, only with a 1.0L 3cyl 1KR-FE engine. A 2007 model JDM-spec Toyota Yaris. Fun to drive but a bit boring with CVT and no sound system.
RCPremiumNW Year ago
Check out FapHub to see videos of Moog inside Yaris Hilton. Lol!
Tearoth Year ago
2ZZ swap incoming.
Joseph Borelli
What is an Australian Kebab? Ive seen these guys eat them on the civic build, and they look absolutely delicious! I’m from America, so I have no idea what they are.
rzezniqq Year ago
These are actually great city cars.
jamie Year ago
Turbo it
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed Year ago
Should’ve just bought a t sport
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Year ago
I look forward to the Yaris finale: "One night in Yaris"
ORBIT9224 Year ago
u think that is ugly i had a yaris verso but that had a 1.3 vvti 90bhp so was really good for a 1.3 i now have a 1.6 meriva with 80bhp so ya 90 from a 1.3 is good lol
Alexandra L
Alexandra L Year ago
the 1.5 1nzfe is garbage . its the engine I have in my yaris, junk 95hp
If you think this Yaris looks bad, check out the Yaris Verso a.k.a the Perverso. 😬🤮
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Year ago
Mira ❤️🥰
mikie144 Year ago
I think the Yaris roots are actually the Diahatsu Sirion aka Charade , Toyota ditched the echo chassis
405pugMi Year ago
What a piece 😂. Typical young girl's first car. Never been serviced, cracked windscreen, body damage and when it's time to advertise it for sale it's, "What spec is it? I dunno. Just put it down as the best one. Make sure to add 'One Lady Owner' too" 😂😂😂
Craig O
Craig O Year ago
Chopped air fresh, now in the Shop????? What would it smell like?
Masticina Akicta
*googles the Yaris Sedan* Oooh. yeah, I have eaten Celery that is more exiting then THAT! But to spice it up, A 4L V8 with Turbo Charger. yeah! That will do.
Drifting Roku
Drifting Roku Year ago
OH NO the Mira has a dent in the left rear quarter panel. QUICK GRAB THE DENT PULLER
Wehnke Botha
Wehnke Botha Year ago
Filming quality is CRISP bois !!
Drifting Roku
Drifting Roku Year ago
wierd the video started at2 seconds in
Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores Year ago
As an American who owned a Yaris in this body style I can't help but notice the gauges still aim at the left side even though the steering wheel is on the right side. Apparently this car wasn't mindful of the right hand drive markets
Psycho 199
Psycho 199 Year ago
put a 2zzge in that thing pls!!!!!
kcow Year ago
I predict a body kit on Hilton
Naziur Rahman
Naziur Rahman Year ago
wait no the Yaris is an important car in rallying
Project 2OH9
Project 2OH9 Year ago
Should put a 2ZZ-GE engine in it.
Steven Piper
Steven Piper Year ago
I'm sorry, am I missing something? Is this some kind of in joke? As I can't work out the frequent mention of this car, a Yaris is one of the most unremarkable cars out there...
RyaKkOo O'Rat
RyaKkOo O'Rat Year ago
should of got the t sport
Mahdini Haji Ahmad
Mira ❤️🥰
Berkay Year ago
npx20 Year ago
That chunk of shit isn't even worth 1k let alone 3k, she's lucky you two idiots bought it sight unseen.
Sam Year ago
FYI my check engine light hasn’t come on and it’s at 205k miles
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Year ago
You dudes need to mess around with a hijet mini truck like make the transmission auto or race it! Or change the speedometer To miles per hour
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Year ago
Please do something like putting a turbo in a Kia Sedona Mini Van next!!!! Please & thank you!!!
Ben Whitney
Ben Whitney Year ago
I love me a yaris! Drop a turbo'd high revving sport bike motor in there and let yaris hilton scream!!!!!
Lafayette Year ago
It use to be called a Toyota Echo. I had a 2003 sportivo. Very fast little car off the lights, for the first 10m
Lukas West
Lukas West Year ago
Thats my exact car lol 2009, not my only car but my daily and driving it tell it dies.
Kristian Michels
Yay! Lol
Robert A
Robert A Year ago
Great show guys , and very funny. you are in Australia one of the homes, of Rotary Nuts. When are you guys building a High powered rotary drag car?
wivvix Year ago
4:25. I'm dead.
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Year ago
put a motorbike engine in it, at least then it could maybe sound good ? :)
The Viewer
The Viewer Year ago
Just a comment about a couple of asphalt boys. Don't take a Holden HQ out to the Dirt again it was not designed to drive on the Dirt I bet the car from the Dukes of Hazzard had a million breakdowns I think it was a Dodge Charger.
Alexander Supertramp
10min vid of just talking
Nathaniel Mathies
These make pretty awesome rally cars if you sink about $1.5m into them
MrRenton88 Year ago
Check the goonzquad builts. The cooperation with them will make a huge load of subscribers maan.
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts Year ago
1:20 Marty sounds like Robert Alvin Lewis saying " My God, what have we done? "
анатоль анатоль
for the first time I see this same Vits only three-door!!!
Dale Schroeder
Dose Cheryl have some black male on ya guys? Is that why your showing us her car?
Morten Bakke
Morten Bakke Year ago
I can inform anyone reading the comments that a google search of mentioned cars in the vid. might make an ordinary sane person want to end their life...
Pater Pastitios
2zz please!!!
Brigzy09 Year ago
I'll make sure I don't skip the adds, maybe help pay off some of that money you just threw down the toilet
Brigzy09 Year ago
3000 🤣
lucas唐路 Year ago
So you guys are gonna convert Yaris Hilton into a replica of the Gazoo Racing WRC Yaris?
harry Year ago
Paid to much by a factor 6 man 😂 a 500 dollar car
markerdave Year ago
2ZZ-FE swap?
Will Jowett
Will Jowett Year ago
How Moog’s zippers on his hoodie and jeans didnt line up really fucked with my ocd 😭😂
Ask to seduce Miss
was the 1.8L yaris SR not available in Aus?
Matt M
Matt M Year ago
Most markets didn't get the 1.8 hahah.
Disrespected Evo