How To Service Your Car PROPERLY (Step By Step) 

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Ever wondered how to service your car properly or just wanted to save some money? We've got you covered in this step by step instructional showing you exactly what you need to know to serve your own car.
SONG: I Can't Do Forever (But I Can Do You) by KSWOP
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Unless you are using caramel sauce, please always use personal protective equipment when handling oil.
Supercheap Auto, Castrol EDGE, Bridgestone, Century and WD-40 are sponsors of Mighty Car Mods
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Nov 4, 2019




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Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy Year ago
@wobbly sauce how do you download that song on there website
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce Year ago
Hey, that looks like Caramel sauce.. and snap.
Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy Year ago
@BUILT OFFICIAL yes it was very good
I havent laughed this hard at a mcm episode in a long time! Well done boys
Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy Year ago
@Dash Cam that's cool ya that is legit
Culli 2 days ago
this song has been stuck in my head for a year and i came back to watch it again.
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin 3 days ago
7:43 for those looking for the maaad music video
wurly one
wurly one 13 days ago
Back for about the 10th time now and it's still bloody epic 😂 How this isn't the most watched mcm video ever, I will never know...
WhereverHugo 22 days ago
Difficult to fathom that this is almost a year ago already. Time really flies!
Charlie Warlie
Charlie Warlie Month ago
This clip deserves an award
Dale Duncan
Dale Duncan Month ago
You guys are so awesome ty for being who you are keep bringing these awesome vids
Andrew Mahoney
Andrew Mahoney 2 months ago
7:35 places the jack handle up against the car as moog talks up the jdm track weapon. ROFL
Doctor Rusty
Doctor Rusty 2 months ago
Best episode ever! I haven't laughed that hard for ages... I'm definitely gonna buy some caramel sauce for the next oil change!
TheWogGuy 3 months ago
I should be doing uni work but instead I’m watching this
Brad Eaton
Brad Eaton 3 months ago
bloody brilliant hahahah
Antony M
Antony M 3 months ago
I've come back to this video a disturbing number of times.
Nazybros 2229
Nazybros 2229 4 months ago
I’m officially disgusted yet now strangely attracted to the Yaris
theflow3000 5 months ago
The first time saw this i had a straight face. The second time around i was smiling and the third time i was laughing and sharing this to all of my mates and wife. :D You *#¤!* legends.
HecTech FPV
HecTech FPV 5 months ago
Lmfao... More of this please!
Daniel 5 months ago
This showed up in my feed because I have a Yaris YRX (big block boi!) and it was my very first introduction to MCM. I have watched maybe 100 vids in the last month and I am now hooked on the JDM lyfe. My bank now loves you.
Tanner C.
Tanner C. 5 months ago
Absolutely would buy this song. Throw this up on iTunes!
Sean McClellan
Sean McClellan 5 months ago
this video has solidified my subscription for eternity. more montages like this please, please, please.
Rob Mckune
Rob Mckune 6 months ago
Moog... this is the best song u’ve ever produced! K-swop have performed it perfectly! Now fuck off and play with cars!!
Sam 6 months ago
Why does this have so few views?!?!? A lot of people missed the payoff at the end....
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 6 months ago
That was so funny. It was like you guys were letting of a little steam - not that your vids are ever truly serious, but still...... Great video guys, thanks.
Gracie StCyr
Gracie StCyr 7 months ago
I decided to watch one episode with my husband for once.... I’ll be watching you guys forever now. ... You made this woman happy 😂and hungry 👀
John Henry Quilinguin
I love the music!!!
Jenny Darukat
Jenny Darukat 7 months ago
this was just, amazing
ruginski 8 months ago
If there ever was a video to lighten my day during the COVID times, this was it.
Subarina Imp
Subarina Imp 8 months ago
Watching this during Covid 19. Going back to old videos to make me laugh.. 😄
simon crouch
simon crouch 8 months ago
love these dudes. but some one .. who does that crazy track right at the begining of this. kicks ass. keep it going fellas.
maegges34 9 months ago
wyndnra1n 9 months ago
Honestly the montage really sums up MCM very well. I LOVE it. Honestly some of yalls greatest video work.
Project Miranda
Project Miranda 9 months ago
holy innuendo batman!
Matthew Schlosser
Matthew Schlosser 9 months ago
Just the best
swamp cat
swamp cat 9 months ago
Ok mcm fans. Myself and my brother love this song and it will be stuck in our heads for eternity but we have some how heard some of the lyrics differently. We need help! It's in our Spotify playlists and we need to sing this shit right lol
davidddaniel 9 months ago
7:40 is where you’ll find one night in Yaris. Enjoy!!
eduardo ferreira
eduardo ferreira 9 months ago
The Lyrics.... you're welcome! All the other girls want diamond rings Turn their back on all the simple things They want super cars and caviar in paris I’d rather eat falafel in my Yaris I don’t even fall in love just one little bit it’s all about the physical, yeah I admit it I can’t do forever But I can do you tonight ooh yeah! One night, So much love I’m in my prime Pretend, forever meets up out of time Don’t speak, got the angle set up fine this love, working hard to make you mine! All these girls want me down on just one knee but I prefer them down on two in the morning I’ll be nowhere to be seen, yeah! this is what I have to do, because… I don’t even fall in love just one little bit it’s all about the physical, yeah I admit it I can’t do forever But I can do you and your friend tonight Hey! One night, So much love I’m in my prime Pretend, forever meets up out of time Don’t speak, got the angle set up fine this love, working hard to make you mine! (Guitar solo) I don’t even fall in love just one little bit it’s all about the physical, yeah I admit it I can’t do forever But I can do you tonight…. tonight.. tonight..Tonight! You and me tonight, You and me tonight, (Don’t think about tomorrow) You and me tonight, (Or the camera) You and me tonight! Ooh.. One night, So much love I’m in my prime Pretend, forever meets up out of time Don’t speak, got the angle set up fine this love, working hard to make you mine! (Repeat) x 3
Aaron Sampson
Aaron Sampson 9 months ago
Just came back to watch the music video scene again
Mark Beacham
Mark Beacham 9 months ago
You guys are at the height of your powers! Great series of videos on Yaris Hilton and some of Moog's finest work with the tunes. I can see a number 1 for Moog if this is a sign of what is to come. Brilliant work guys!
Connor 9 months ago
Perfect montage 🥺😂 brilliant song🤟
How Fast
How Fast 9 months ago
I watched the finale to the Yaris video last night and had to come back and re-watch this episode for the music montage. Single greatest US-first moment of 2019 hands down
HR _Garage
HR _Garage 9 months ago
7:43 you’re welcome
Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon 9 months ago
Wouldn't mind the lyrics to that Yaris jam.
ArthurAlcantara 9 months ago
Arguably their best episode since "Electric Space Wizard" bog fumes episode.
Antonio DaFly
Antonio DaFly 9 months ago
Seems like an appropriate video to rewatch on Valentine’s Day!
PaperShark9521 9 months ago
yaris Hilton would make the perfect rally car
Matt S.
Matt S. 9 months ago
OMG the laughter at 11:35 had me jump out of my seat and ripping my headphones off I thought there was someone behind me!!
Christopher Panagopoulos
You guys are,,,,,,CRAZY.... Lol😆😄
Rodney Odgaard
Rodney Odgaard 9 months ago
Yeeeeeaaahhhhh Boizzzz!!!!! Gold :-D
Tyler L
Tyler L 9 months ago
so ridiculous lol, gotta love mcm
illusionnova 9 months ago
Lmfao Jesus Christ
boatdude12 10 months ago
Well that was unexpected
Brett Barker
Brett Barker 10 months ago
This jam is Spotify YES!
Sean Beasley
Sean Beasley 10 months ago
This is even more ridiculous than electric space wizard
jon quinlivan
jon quinlivan 10 months ago
Guys this is one of the best videos you have done the Yaris special scene is AMAZING HAHA. Loving the work as always. 👍🏻🤣
TG ReaPerZz
TG ReaPerZz 10 months ago
You two had way to much fun filming this I reckon and then sat there, looked at the mess and was like... oh why😂
Dkmasteris 10 months ago
I think I'm on the worn "tube"
camopaint0707 10 months ago
7:45 just skip to then
cameron narva
cameron narva 10 months ago
Best episode
Haters Gonna Hate
Haters Gonna Hate 10 months ago
Where do i download that song ? .... Asking for a friend
Kharioukov 10 months ago
this is a masterpiece!!
Chips Neeson
Chips Neeson 10 months ago
Funny caaants.
Chips Neeson
Chips Neeson 10 months ago
Nah, fuck yas, my face hurts from laughing.
SC Parrot Head
SC Parrot Head 10 months ago
Imre Boomsluiter
Imre Boomsluiter 10 months ago
10 out of 10!!! Please do every episode like this from now on!!! Thank you.
RamjetX 10 months ago
Nice... Yaris Hilton did a sex tape... Watching that lube change... oh yeaaaaah
jack ryan
jack ryan 10 months ago
What the *beep* did I just watch....
clarkscat 10 months ago
........ ok... I LOVE THIS NOW SONG it has been 1 week since I have been watching continuously no seriously I am hooked
RobikV3 11 months ago
Whats the song at 0:50? Also one of the most hilarious edits ive seen!
Rob 11 months ago
Holy fuck Moog, that song... LMAO. "I can't do forever, but I can do you and your friend tonight"
Kosworth 11 months ago
Wow you guys have outdone yourself, bravo.
Ozzy Jetski Guy
Ozzy Jetski Guy 11 months ago
Who els came here after they finished the Yaris 🍾
Oblithian 11 months ago
....Faak, I need to buy this after all.
BIONDIEST 11 months ago
Anyone know where I can get moogs playlist?
Dorian Davis
Dorian Davis 11 months ago
I like that song
Eee Zee
Eee Zee 11 months ago
Only thing I can say, "rather amusing".
tenbux 11 months ago
Djdm 90210
Djdm 90210 11 months ago
catchy song:) i love you
Jared Smith
Jared Smith 11 months ago
I want to sell my Yaris so bad
Alex Popa
Alex Popa 11 months ago
Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha, funniest video of all time from you guys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
VonZin 11 months ago
"I reckon we'd get a bit weird.."
Nathan Britter
Nathan Britter 11 months ago
Now I want to eat falafel in my Yaris
lowsnuff 11 months ago
Best episode ever! Love IT 😂😂
Paul Astbury
Paul Astbury 11 months ago
By far one of the best videos hahaha 😂 you guys are awesome MCM all the way 🤙🏻
Michael Ladas
Michael Ladas 11 months ago
You have to do cetroen saxo vts 120
Connor Earnshaw
Connor Earnshaw 11 months ago
Funniest car service I've ever seen 😂😂
Russell Sleight
Russell Sleight 11 months ago
"There's a tool, and there's someone with a tool". Nice. :)
Tushar Raval
Tushar Raval 11 months ago
Hands down, probably one of the best videos I’ve seen from you guys!
Jimbo Stewart
Jimbo Stewart 11 months ago
What did I just watch? The funniest sh*t ever mate! Keep up the good work fellas 👍
Andrew Kyser
Andrew Kyser 11 months ago
Greatest video on YT to date!
Jake Hochhalter
Jake Hochhalter 11 months ago
You guys had me laughing on this episode!😂
xorbodude 11 months ago
I wanna see them go silly stupid mods on this car. Why? Because they can.
Legin Sreep
Legin Sreep 11 months ago
Be careful dropping them plugs Moog. Beautiful!
Андрей Гудзь
You are very cool. I want to offer you for a new project fiat uno turbo i.e 1.3 mk1 or mk2 but exactly 1.3l. This is a very cool car. She will give unforgettable experiences !!!!!
Jalopano Pepper
Jalopano Pepper 11 months ago
Help me
chris c
chris c 11 months ago
Wow....that....that was something...I’m done with the internet today...
BatmanAssassin 9
BatmanAssassin 9 11 months ago
that clean up tho
Daniel Schultz
Daniel Schultz 11 months ago
You don’t don’t do anything with good cars garnet the Yaris is boring and you manage to make it worst than stock
Daniel Schultz
Daniel Schultz 11 months ago
Who is really going to make a yucks a track car ur just mad like insanely dumb
Takauchi Nishika
Song replay for free 7:45 7:45 7:45 7:45 7:45 7:45
ninjanick1000 Hodge
Fan service delivered well done boys.
bigtrucker26 Year ago
... ONLY IN AUSTRALIA folks..... Definitely worth a laugh, but, I couldn't have done it.... A good reason to watch their videos....
Nick G
Nick G Year ago
can you imagine someone wanting to know how to service their car for the first time and they stumble along and see this shit hahahah
Lennart Hedström
Think i need the wheels to my micra K11