How To Modify Your Car | The Ultimate Beginners Guide 

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From stock to modified in one day - In this complete guide to modifying your car, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started working on your own car. From wheels and tyres, through to suspension, servicing, exhaust and your audio set up, we cover it all so you know how to customise your own ride. Sometimes it can feel like a big leap to start turning your tools yourself so we've made the Mighty Car Mods complete beginners guide on how to get started in car modification.
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Parts Used In This Build:
►Castrol REGO2OIL
►Insurance by Shannons
►Tyres supplied by Michelin
►Battery supplied by Century Batteries
►Power Tools by Ryobi
►Penetrants by WD-40
►Spark Plugs by NGK
►ToolPro and trim removal kit
►Wheels ordered through
►Springs supplied by Eibach
►Exhaust and lip kit supplied by
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All music in this episode by Moog. Available on Apple Music, Spotify and MCM website.
7:22 These City Lights
8:02 On Air
9:05 Everything Bang
12:17 Afraid To Lose
13:05 Collide (Remix)
21:16 Neon Lights
23:00 2WISTD
23:58 Overdrive Remix
28:00 Game On

Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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May 21, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 6 months ago
We hope you enjoy this massive episode. A couple of songs you've been asking for are now available on Apple Music, Spotify and MCM Website. Afraid To Lose music.apple.com/au/album/afraid-to-lose-feat-katia-fuscaldo-single/1513365431 Super Honk music.apple.com/au/album/super-honk-single/1513576534
Tarjei Tveit
Tarjei Tveit 2 days ago
What car is it. I know it is a Ford but Witch one
Chris Hopson
Chris Hopson 26 days ago
Do you guys do this for people?
1 3 months ago
Ew “tyres” tires are better
Charlie B
Charlie B 3 months ago
These are very similar mods I did to my first project car which was a 6 speed manual '04 Mazda 6 with a V6. I bought some wedsport rims, lowered it, put a new exhaust on it and added a turbocharger, I also backlit the dash and added an aftermarket sound system
abdul khan
abdul khan 3 months ago
You made a mistake with the negative positive with contenting the batterie watch back
Sayed Ahmed Rifat
Sayed Ahmed Rifat 5 hours ago
I wish I had money to modify my car, I could hardly pay my bills and rent here in Australia 😂
josh hilton
josh hilton 18 hours ago
is the brz a good car, im doing research to get a new car and I've looked at the brz quite a lot
Zulfar 119
Zulfar 119 19 hours ago
Ngl the subaru brz is looking good with stock but not the 86 back then
Mystiicツ 21 hour ago
Highschool car builds are the best, working your ass off for that next part, whatever it may be is so rewarding when its finally accomplished. As much as I would love to slap 30 different things on my car in one day, I prefer it much better having to work for the parts and build from the ground up over the years. Anyways, I love the way you've done up this BRZ, looks sick!
Gaming WithYuki
Gaming WithYuki 23 hours ago
Do a 2009 camry
Danny Dev
Danny Dev Day ago
I love this kind of content. Makes me feel like I know something about cars.
Tarjei Tveit
Tarjei Tveit Day ago
What car is it I know it’s a Ford but witch on
Sandros Games City
Isn't it tires
_broken _heart_ _biker_
Nice cinematic
Bieber Ozinga
Bieber Ozinga 3 days ago
i also modified my car, i changed a few light bulbs with leds 😎
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams 3 days ago
This is the best tasteful mod I have seen of a brz. Very impressed. All of the mods you have done I would do as well. Good job from the United States. You my friend have a “ cold whip”
Isaac Peteli Lava
your the budget ChrisFix
Adrian Ochoa
Adrian Ochoa 3 days ago
Firefighters meet their match when a fuel tank crashes and explodes. Watch the story unfold in this full episode: aetv.us/NightwatchS1E2
DEESHOOM 4 days ago
Waiting for Stage 2
James Moody
James Moody 4 days ago
Wow. Not even 1,000 dislikes. That shows how likable these guys are! And how great they’re content is!😂
Jah Reece
Jah Reece 5 days ago
How to modify your car Step 1. Get a job.
Jaysonator 77
Jaysonator 77 5 days ago
This video is so helpful
B K 6 days ago
I am glad you guys are doing my car. I know it is childish, but it is cool to see.
Qlawr 7 days ago
When I'm thirsty I drink catrol oil, helps me run abit faster
Sir Spoony
Sir Spoony 7 days ago
Awesome episode! I'll never be able to afford such things, but fun to watch those that can... Subbed!
Aussie Pom
Aussie Pom 7 days ago
Have a look at this Mighty Car Mods a bloke turning an NA Falcon into a turbo Falcon. Nothing unremarkable about that, but without scrolling down to the comments see what's so remarkable about him. us-first.info/player/video/hr-ilqyZj315f2g.html
Gunned 7 days ago
How do you guys feel about performance chips?
Siva x Kobra
Siva x Kobra 8 days ago
See I don’t know anything about cars but what car is ?
TramonteTV 8 days ago
Has anyone modded a 2019 Kia Forte? or seen any videos where i can find it
Gelfri Devers
Gelfri Devers 8 days ago
What’s the offset on those wheels
=AG=BlackJack 8 days ago
whats the width and off set of the wheels? ive got the same suspension set up but im worried about the rubbing
The Shafin Show
The Shafin Show 8 days ago
Why would I modify my car i would just take it to a shop to modify it
Meher Kaur
Meher Kaur 9 days ago
Did anyone else see the squirrel or was that just me
da hell am i gonna get the money for all that :D
I JM 10 days ago
How is an oil change a mod lmao
Bastian Dharma Irawan
I like how i use to like rice build back when im 6
Easton c
Easton c 11 days ago
I did all these mods on my 2017 toyota corolla and the car runs and sounds great im in love with this simple build! thanks for this video!!!
Trippie _dreamz
Trippie _dreamz 11 days ago
What are your jobs ?
Tomass 12 days ago
someone is holding me hostage
Ayoub Messaoudi
Ayoub Messaoudi 11 days ago
Tomass 12 days ago
help me
Kira- shikin66
Kira- shikin66 14 days ago
Song at 16:52? Pleaasee? :c
israel torres
israel torres 14 days ago
shouldve added a spoiler
Revilo Gaming
Revilo Gaming 14 days ago
Anyone know where I can get some good miata aftermarket parts
tanish hooda.tanish21
I like even the stock Subaru because we don't have these type of Sexy Cars in India
Derek Church
Derek Church 16 days ago
*Talking about the coolant change being hot* "It'll explode and you'll have a really really bad time" yeah.... That's an understatement
The Architect
The Architect 16 days ago
If your buying a small car like this any upgrades you do should be cosmetic, comfort, or efficiency and safety. "Performance upgrades" to get more acceleration or top end out of your car, or even extream handling, are not in any way worth it. Remember what you car will actually be doing. If you have a small car like this, probably driving to work and the store. Thats it. You want to do something fun with a vehicle either get a Jeep, a larger Toyota, or something like that and then modify it for low end performance and add things like new lights and bigger suspension. Or, and this is my biggest recommendation if you already have a car, buy an airplane. "Part 103 ultralights aircraft" dont require a license (although do get some training for you own sake) and are extremely fun. They also only cost $15,000-$30,000 depending on how fancy you want to get and have a lot of customization you can do to them too. Check out the Badland Ultralight for an example.
dweep 16 days ago
wath chrisfix for servicing plz your damage your engine
Brian koz
Brian koz 16 days ago
I love this kind of content. Makes me feel like I know something about cars.
When you change intake you change air/fuel ratio (Especially when you change exhaust system) So engine must be tuned.(professionally) How kids have 3 mil subs and tons of cars modded didnt learn anything Beside showing idiotic video with screw driver acting bolting on catback (Video for 15 yo ricers kids and/or prople who never had any car)
whenNIGHTFALLs 16 days ago
The Australian accent makes this sooo much better
JP Trillana
JP Trillana 17 days ago
I like how they did this with a BRZ
Karla Bajet
Karla Bajet 17 days ago
What is the name of the side skirt and rear bumper skirts he used?
SharpTheDemon 18 days ago
thank you bro
Brian Truong
Brian Truong 19 days ago
That squirrel pop up though 🐿
Fn MansnotHot
Fn MansnotHot 19 days ago
What year is this brz i really like this and wanna buy one for a good price
Amar Syahmi
Amar Syahmi 19 days ago
kancil ke tu hahaha
James Prins
James Prins 19 days ago
but...... how much did this cost?
autotalon 19 days ago
Look we all know those wheels are XXRs, stop making up brands. ONLY RUN GENUINE WHEELS!
mm carts30
mm carts30 19 days ago
"In newer cars, you may need to reprogram the ECU". Nice. Beginners. Guide.
Joseph Rankin
Joseph Rankin 20 days ago
I'm a jehovah's witness
Matthew Abram
Matthew Abram 20 days ago
These are cool mods if you can afford them...
allthatihave14 20 days ago
This is what I’m trying to work myself to do to my 18 fusion
Mhyke MJ Justine Ungriano Mendoza Cabral
Am I the only one watching this who doesn't have the money nor the car to modify?
that.retro.chris 20 days ago
I’ve been seeing this since forever from these guys. Jacking their cars from the middle, front or rear. I’ve always jacked my cars from the the rockers but it gets annoying to get the stands afterwards. What is the jack jacking on when doing it from the middle???
Pepe Halbert
Pepe Halbert 21 day ago
I’m about to go pick up my first car a 2015 wrx I’m getting way ahead of myself
Steffen Torgersen
What kind of rims did they use? Anyone know?
JT Mon3y
JT Mon3y 21 day ago
Anyone know the year and colour name of that BRZ? Looks amazing
Zachary B.
Zachary B. 22 days ago
Can you twin turbo a 4 cylinder??
jivescript 22 days ago
very good video. simple but very informative. new sub alert!!
Peter Rodrick
Peter Rodrick 22 days ago
Great video!
Pika 22 days ago
bruh im 13 and out here wanting to mod my imaginary car
Niko 12 hours ago
Same except I am not 13, cant fucking wait to get my own car though
StraightPiped 19 hours ago
@Cameron Damon Damn what did you rice lol
Cameron Damon
Cameron Damon 15 days ago
Learn as much as you can now, it’ll make it much easier later, I wish I had learned more before I turned 16, I’m 19 now but definitely went through that ricer phase cuz I genuinely didn’t know any better lmao
Bloodreign137 22 days ago
I’m a recent and proud owner of a focus ST and those clips in the beginning of the RS gave me a grin. A can wait to recover financially from the car so I can put some mods in it!
Storm Kelly
Storm Kelly 22 days ago
Once I get rid of my Chrysler 300 I’m hoping to get a 2019 Camry. If that becomes the case I’m gonna touch on a few of these mods. Can’t wait to revisit this video. Y’all helped me actually overcome my fear of mods and I did a few to this 300. Put subs in and did the wiring so that everything worked through my steering wheel controls still Exhaust modded and added a EVO wing which ya isn’t for everyone but shoot.... my car my life. Also replaced the headlight lenses with after market black backs so it looks meaner but overall stayed away from anything major. Hopefully some day I got extra scratch and can do some of this other stuff like rims and coil overs.
Zachary Ponce de Leon
its like big boy LEGO involving a lot of nuts and bolts
McMunted 24 days ago
Wondering what head unit you installed on this bad boy?
Joey Jacobs
Joey Jacobs 25 days ago
What was the blue car at 1:33
Kummerspeck 26 days ago
Bruh tryna make my future Corolla or Camry pumped out
Carlos R Perez Castellanos
Are we going to ignore the fact that a squirrel popped up at the bottom of the screen at 17:16??
Edgar Esquivel
Edgar Esquivel 27 days ago
The quality of this video tho! gotta love good camera work and 4k
Zybbee 29 days ago
I hope all is well I feel like God laid this on my heart for me to send you this message! The Bible verses that changed my life which was Acts 2:36-43. I just wanted to say that Jesus Christ can restore your life and that is a promise according to Acts 2:39, and God loves you. If you’re in need of a good church near you here you go to google & type in UPCI Church locator a man named Gabriel helped me find the church that I went to before I moved and they led me to the church that I do go to now! God bless have a great one 🙂. I prayed for you I hope all is well 🙂
Wootman 29 days ago
DeMa 29 days ago
I swear to god it takes like 10 mins to learn how to drive a car. Im 14 and driving. It isnt hard.
Will Ruddell
Will Ruddell 29 days ago
How much did all the mods cost
SIlver Cross
SIlver Cross Month ago
15:15 dropping a intake/induction kit and assuming it gonna give you power with no other work is so dumb you need to ecu map it so that the new intake actually works the way it should same with turbo its not just drop and play its why so many people ruin their cars its fucking lego
skyline1x Month ago
What car is this
Sam Henrichs
Sam Henrichs Month ago
Would you give this car away?
Ryan Burns
Ryan Burns Month ago
What is the shoe test? I’m new to the car community btw
Dorinel Todorovic
Hello what you use to get the car up?
curt Month ago
dlb Gaming
dlb Gaming Month ago
what is a shoe test?
Jaryd Kullen
Jaryd Kullen Month ago
I'm 15 and realized I'm poor but was still interested.
motoki1 Month ago
“The wheels don’t look that great” ...and I just bought some BRZ wheels last week.
I 4got2care
I 4got2care Month ago
anyone else not even old enough to drive but still hella interested
tim stein
tim stein Month ago
17:15 i saw it
Lewis Dave
Lewis Dave Month ago
Mods list: 1) Servicing 2) Wheels/Tires 3) Suspension 4) Intake/Performance Filters 5) Exhaust / Muffler 6) Body Kit 7) Sound System ????
Davdid Month ago
ive heard some nasty stuff about Shannon's car insurance is it really that bad?
DragonPlays Roblox
Isaiah Davila
Isaiah Davila Month ago
Man really forgot to talk about the blinker fluid 😒
Rayyan Frem
Rayyan Frem Month ago
very good video
Cava Cava
Cava Cava Month ago
They should teach this in schools
Maasje 043
Maasje 043 Month ago
Im new to the car world whats Do I need to know or watch? Pls help me
marius Month ago
Is the Subaru BRZ considered very modifyable?
Brandon_B_God Month ago
The squirrel?
John Paul Persad
Great vid and great songs!
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