How To Turbo Your Car [IN ONE DAY!!] 

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This is everything you need to know if you want to turbo charge your naturally aspirated nugget. From the parts needed, and tips along the way, you'll see exactly what's involved as we do a complete turbo conversion on our BRZ in just one day.
Once complete, our BRZ will go head to head with Subarus flagship STI to see which is the most mighty turbo charged Subaru!
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Thanks to:
Garret for supplying the GTX Gen2 Turbo Charger
SME for supplying the turbo conversion kit
Tyler from PVS for helping with the install
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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Aug 31, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 months ago
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Sal The Rookie
Sal The Rookie 2 months ago
Hey guys, I just wanted to say that you have inspired me and lots of people worldwide to DIY and work on their car projects. Thank you for making your videos so simple and so honest. I would also like to say that I have started my US-first channel and it is called Sal the rookie. us-first.info/more/S2HbwEI9oJvfsXAY7Q27-Q?view_as=subscriber I know it is miles away from your work of art, but one day I will gain the needed experience to provide some content worthy like yours. If you could spare a second and like or subscribe to my channel that would be amazing.
Keddy Gaming
Keddy Gaming 2 months ago
Whats the name of the song at 12:55?
dan rooney
dan rooney 2 months ago
Tom Williams
Tom Williams 2 months ago
Lads do I get a prize for spotting the foot at 15:44
Deyan Kosteski
Deyan Kosteski 2 months ago
What are you guys doing with the headders. Keen to take off your hands
Jake Onkst
Jake Onkst Day ago
The welds on the edges of that sump... *wad-blowing noises* #weldporn
mujjuman Day ago
wow great DIY most turbo projects take several weeks and are shoddy
Weeping Willow
Weeping Willow 2 days ago
Is that a garrett Must be nice😭
you should be a TV show, and on netflix
Who Gadgets
Who Gadgets 2 days ago
Would love to see you guys turbo a 996 carrera S 911
friends: can you do any good impressions me: yeah i can do a good turbo charger impression friends: What? me: 0:46
Zach’s Cooking
Zach’s Cooking 3 days ago
We just gonna ignore the metal tubing in the back moving at 19:30
Omar Uribe
Omar Uribe 3 days ago
Get to the fucking point a little faster next time... y’all talk way too much.
KINGKRAZY 4 days ago
especially like the turbo music!
Muhammed Celik
Muhammed Celik 5 days ago
*BRZ Makes Turbo noises* Undertitle: [Music] Fr its music 🎶 ❤️👌
Benjamin Cole
Benjamin Cole 5 days ago
19:35 whats that ducting doing in the back there lmao
kyle pozaic
kyle pozaic 6 days ago
*cries in outdated boxter*
Cody Manivanh
Cody Manivanh 6 days ago
You guys are magicians when it come to modifying cars
Cody Manivanh
Cody Manivanh 6 days ago
I would let you guys put my car on your show to tune and modify with a supercharger. I have an 2008 lexus is250 awd if you're interested.
Cody Manivanh
Cody Manivanh 6 days ago
I am getting my car whooped left and right can you please help a subscriber?
JeFfy 6 days ago
*how long was this install in total*
Espada Campro
Espada Campro 7 days ago
xpanda_juice 8 days ago
Ethan Henshaw
Ethan Henshaw 8 days ago
delete the bov ahaha get more dose
Are u Mad Inc
Are u Mad Inc 9 days ago
Can I run my mk6 gti on a ko4 with no tune
Mahuba 10 days ago
B Wood
B Wood 11 days ago
Been here since the blue turd was being filmed just out of the house garage
KimiroX 11 days ago
5:35 *PERFECT!*
Vexro 11 days ago
the turbo sounds like a f-16 engine lol
Roldean 12 days ago
but won't this ruin the stock piston?
Dien Ma
Dien Ma 13 days ago
These guys are like the elder brothers you wish you could have, so they could tech you car stuff for free.
Nicholas Johnston
Nicholas Johnston 13 days ago
0:46 makes your seat wet
PARTHIC 14 days ago
Of corse you can you do it in one day when you have there like 3 or 4 plp.
Esteban Gazga
Esteban Gazga 14 days ago
Aren’t there bolt on superchargers for this car, with a whole kit included
Owen Bush
Owen Bush 14 days ago
What's the song at 12:30???
SuperDracolis 15 days ago
educational and maybe even accidentally wholesome. subscribed.
UFOX Fox 15 days ago
Has to be a RAT🐀 in the silver ducting ,no other explanation for it ,that's y they not commenting on it I'd say ,
Voyage RC Garage
Voyage RC Garage 15 days ago
Marty needs to work on his oil pouring skills 🤣
Micah Burgin
Micah Burgin 16 days ago
You guys got wera ratchets down under? Welcome to the cherman engineering club... Also, is schmoo a local nickname for make a gasket or do y'all actually watch ave?
Fei 16 days ago
that takes just....one day? and how much money will it take?
Oh wow Why Tss
Oh wow Why Tss 16 days ago
Are you painting the car?
Kenny 16 days ago
Love that you guys never lost your jazz. Used to watch MCM years ago. Come back a few later and you're still cracking ripper jokes albeit with a bit more sponsorship money. Congrats on making it but not selling yourselves down the track to do it.
Quindall Martin
Quindall Martin 17 days ago
It's cool to have a trboow
Christian Gill
Christian Gill 17 days ago
did anyone notice the silver air-duct that came too life in the background at 19:24
dzopik 17 days ago
Hello. Is it running the stock ECU? If so (I am from europe and almost every europe car (bosch ecus) have MAF) is this runing denso unit with MAP? Or did you swap MAP sensor and calibrate it within ECU?
Captn Morgan
Captn Morgan 17 days ago
0:46 me when US-first recommended this video
Chicken Rings Onion Wings
much love and many skids
Hugo Santos
Hugo Santos 18 days ago
What the heck is that thing moving all by itself in the background at 19:33?
Island_Kermode 18 days ago
why elbow shakes use bare feet
Lawrence Eich
Lawrence Eich 19 days ago
How about an LSX 600HP
Jessie ' s Ratrods
Jessie ' s Ratrods 19 days ago
My personal headcanon with putting that engine in the BRZ/GT86/FRS was that Toyota needed the Engine and Subie wanted to throw a Turbo Version in but Toyota fought them on it tooth and nail and by the time a decision was there from the engineering teams the Accountants Stepped in and told everyone that they're not building a Turbo Version.
Vilez 20 days ago
What kit is this
Saul Espino
Saul Espino 20 days ago
Must be sponsored by Castrol. LOL
XD_hardscope 21 day ago
9:39 a nissan 350z is na and it has 300hp that is not slow
René Hansen
René Hansen 21 day ago
15:36 Is that Copper nuts?
MaxUniverse 21 day ago
Yes 22 days ago
Me watching this video know damn well I am never going to turbo my car on my own ever
Rocky P
Rocky P 22 days ago
Electric cars have so much simpler mechanics. If only they were affordable...
Pablo García
Pablo García 22 days ago
hey whats the name of the song in min 25 :37, LOVE IT
S p e t z
S p e t z 22 days ago
Anybody know the exact year and model?
nonithehun 23 days ago
Is the air filter accessible for cleaning without removing the "1000 screws" of the bumper?
Blueprints to a New you
What was that at about 19:45 looks like the aluminum vent tube in the backround just came to life and ran away
Jonasz314 23 days ago
Good luck with an aftermarket turbo for track use. More heat, more oil usage = more problems. Ask the dudes from Donut who built 350z with turbos, they did not last one day and both guys said after that they would totally have skipped the turbo part. Well I truly wish you better luck than them, but I'd stay clear from any non-factory turbo on any track car.
Bloodreign137 23 days ago
I keep hoping on one of these turbo jobs you do a big dump pipe out the hood like used to be really common on turbo civics
Andrei Zelenin
Andrei Zelenin 26 days ago
Yooooo! 12:30 onwards, I need details on that backing track. My kind of jam.
5mh11 26 days ago
Castrol Phahahahahha
Omar Bueno
Omar Bueno 28 days ago
19:20 pay attention to the silver vent in the background in the black tool cart
Dulamjav Munkhuu
Dulamjav Munkhuu 29 days ago
Kyle Swehla
Kyle Swehla Month ago
I wanna do something very dumb and turbo my 2014 Nissan Sentra. Anyone know anything on how I would do that
Eoin Harris
Eoin Harris Month ago
I’m 14 why the fuck am I watching this
juan cena
juan cena Month ago
I can't wait to get my first car and drive it it will be nice
William Hubert
William Hubert Month ago
What car is this??
Mario aka. Lizard
everyone in Germany: Turbocharge a car is impossible it cost to much money blablabla meanwhile there: Turbocharge a car in 1 day Fuck Germany its so dump i get no informations about how i Turbocharge my Eclipse d30 with 4G63 motor
William Tillman
William Tillman Month ago
How to turbo a motor with a carb
Oliver Hartwig
Oliver Hartwig Month ago
19:37 why is that duct moving around in the back?
Mark Pollard
Mark Pollard Month ago
Can you turbo a v8 off one exhaust manifold? I know you want to try it....
Angel 47
Angel 47 Month ago
12:00 song?
Albert Sitoe
Albert Sitoe Month ago
19:23 When I wake up in the morning :P
David Doyle
David Doyle Month ago
Might be worth stripping the paint off the inter cooler, black attracts heat so by stripping the paint you’d get slightly cooler air and coolant.
Kyle Deguzman David
turbo an 2017 is350 n/a engine!
hackyou360 Month ago
Just before moog started it announcing „Turbo noises“ I got an electric car ad .... really youtube? 😂🙈
arjay crystal
arjay crystal Month ago
so, when replacing the intake filter, you have to remove the bumper?
Taquilior Month ago
1:22 he is a fake car guy putting his hands on his window
Ibby Raja
Ibby Raja Month ago
The Rick and morty of the car world
Noah Prince
Noah Prince Month ago
To lower the oil temp, first you can buy a better oil with pao/ester base, rise the oil sae is an old solution, the best oil you can use is the lowest sae that lubricates the engine and turbo (sae30 have less friction and lubricates faster de engine than a sae40 while mantaining power and gas mileage that you lost with sae40. also rising the sae rise the oil pressure and that increases the temp), As i think castrol sponsors you, they have the edge c3 0w30 with 60-70% pao base with a complete aditive package, its million times better than this 5w40 a3/b4 HC based castrol edge, its not good for track duty.. if you want to keep using sae40 for whatever reason, the edge a3/b4 0w40 and the supercar 0w40 have a 50% and 80% pao base with a lot of additives also.
nathan ames
nathan ames Month ago
why does he sound like an aussie news reporter 😂
they tryna be crate
i love how the background music goes from death metal to barbie intro
gerian van niekerk
Kid:dad is the turbo going on now Dad:yeah about now Kid:ooo yeah
Remedy Talon
Remedy Talon Month ago
I'm very disappointed Moog didn't play the intercooler, I really wanted to hear that one.
Caleb Sarner
Caleb Sarner Month ago
I can't believe I didn't remember UK people call it a brzed 😂
greg wynne
greg wynne Month ago
No ring gap?
ty Month ago
What is the brand of those white and gold impact sockets that they are using? Im not sure if they have said the brand but I cant seem to find an answer!
Robyn D
Robyn D Month ago
Your guy's intro is such a 90's Australian throwback. I
Tomi Kallela
Tomi Kallela Month ago
Why the fuel pumps fuse was removed ?
Tj Couch
Tj Couch Month ago
Can I have it🥺
Channara Ricky Kek
I have a nissan v35 350gt 05 and has 170000kms on it. Is it still doing a stage 1 build?
Channara Ricky Kek
These guys are great. Rhank you very much for these videos. Much appreciated. I've learnt heaps since the stage 1 build
Crunchy Boii
Crunchy Boii Month ago
So I’m kinda new to the whole turbo scene but am thinking of turboing my Miata. It’s my daily so I don’t want to run crazy boost all the time so is there a way that I can run like 8 psi but then when I want more power just flick a switch and have the boost go up to like 16.
AcidBunny Month ago
19:24 that foil pipe in the background XD
milesorussell Month ago
19:33 ik I wasn’t the only one seeing a ghost move that silver thing in the back..
wladyslaw koss
wladyslaw koss Month ago
I’m from Canada so not Australian at all. What does church street mean? It’s probably a different meaning in toronto
nauseous Month ago
OMG!! I love this car trying to get it 🥵🥺
Jeremy Sanchez
Jeremy Sanchez Month ago
Anyone noticed the aluminum hose in the tool box in the back just jump out the box at around 19:00
Luke Sampson
Luke Sampson Month ago
What's the song at 15:18 ??