How to fix scratches on your car [MYTH BUSTED] 

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Someone scratched the s*^t out of Marty's MIRA Bonnet. In this video we experiment with some not so common methods to repair it like avocado and urine (and some common ones too!)
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Aug 16, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 months ago
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shugga leaf
shugga leaf Month ago
@ 20:00 inn..... - me: " I like his haircut!"
marvin martin
marvin martin 3 months ago
Mighty Car Mods I’m daily driving a 30 year old black paint job around. The car sat un der a suspended tarp for 4 years. The paint is f#@¥d. But take a photo just right it looks a million bucks. I
Elliot hayes
Elliot hayes 3 months ago
Noel Deasy it should do 😂, sure I saw some say how they got a poster but it was damaged an he said he was in Ireland obviously they sent another but yeah
Powder House
Powder House 3 months ago
bujo2k6 @phdrefinishing
Michael Slavin
Michael Slavin 3 months ago
Thanks for the poster. Hopefully you guys get to see my message I left. :)
Craig Whitmore
Craig Whitmore Month ago
A few splashes from the urine bottle can visibly be seen flying off into the workshop, NICE!
Bryce Peterson
Bryce Peterson Month ago
Anyone else notice right off the bat upclose image of mid range is meguiars ulimate compound lol 😆
shugga leaf
shugga leaf Month ago
Well done , loved this show!
christopher dominguez
Man i ordered that poster from you guys but my post office lost it, i was excited to get something signed from you guys, I loved the build
Mark Harris
Mark Harris Month ago
Trung is a good guy and dies great work. No more fresh urine please Moog - that is just nasty.
First Last
First Last Month ago
Omg I just read the plates on the front and I love it. Ke1-2-ct
Avoz 317
Avoz 317 Month ago
How does the 3000 ->5000 wet sand not cut the clear coat???
Daheem24 Month ago
I can't believe putting your shopping on someone else's car is normalised. The utter disrespect of that - I just can't comprehend it 🤦🏾‍♂️
Im the best thing since sliced Rice
Ive been watching Better Call Saul and when I heard someone puts stuff on other peoples car then scratches the paint. Immediately im thinking hmmm damage on personal property, vandalism. Getting caught would result into a lawsuit
Jimmy Jay
Jimmy Jay Month ago
detailer sounds like every lebo from bankstown wtf lmao
Coastal Rider
Coastal Rider Month ago
Love these guys but don’t listen to them when it comes to detailing lol
Sabah Dashcam Owner
Sabah Dashcam Owner 2 months ago
That moment at 1:18 is the worst thing. Moog really have a Hard spot for the Blue Turd
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Deatailing, paint correcting, and ceramic coating a car is something I keep going back and forth about when it comes to whether I should try and do it myself (which involves buying everything you need to do it right), or if I should just take it to a professional... On one hand it seems simple, but my experience with sanding stuff is horrendous I'm real bad at it; though it can be that I've never had the right sandpaper when I tackled a sanding job.... I know how important the grits are but even then, I'm always left with this dilemma. I bought my dream car (06 Mustang GT) exactly a month ago and it has swirl marks allll over (black car). I want to get it paint corrected but I don't know if I should try and do it myself or not lol. Great video though guys, thanks!
Paul Unrea
Paul Unrea 2 months ago
Uhm, guys. Am I the only one, who noticed that there are tons of artifactc in paint? Dust, bubbles and other bad things in finish coat. Is it okay? Maybe your friend may repaint Awesomira?
TPWX 2 months ago
Lost chance to call the result a "Mira Finish"
Emory Holley
Emory Holley 2 months ago
"Wax your dolphin".... Yeah I caught that.
MARINLAW 2 months ago
Anyone know the song at 15:52 by any chance
Aspects Carpentry
Aspects Carpentry 2 months ago
Or a dolphin
RunLikeSheeka 2 months ago
Wow I need you guys to come over to the lower north shore (Sydney) and fix the scratches on my Mazda haha
PixelCarDriver 2 months ago
POV your here because u lifted up your boot while the garage was shutting and scratched the boot
Patrik 2 months ago
Moog, there's been do many times I wanted to buff my dolphin and didn't know which tool to use!
adam pinczes garage and fabrication
now it's done its like looking into a mira………..lol
Guillermo Monroy
Guillermo Monroy 2 months ago
Why urine?...not lemon juice.....
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 2 months ago
Woah this is do dope love it
Jimbostir 2 months ago
A thought popped into my head... I’ve put my track wheels on this week and cleaned them. I had a can of normal furniture polish so I thought fukc it, il shove some on and see what happens! What would happen if you polished your car with domestic furniture polish regularly?!
ooohry 2 months ago
seems like a lovely bloke, but that guys accent trips me up. western sydney or something.
Kurt B
Kurt B 2 months ago
I really wanted one of your baseball caps but the shipping was too high, sorry guys! Love the show. I want to see the the BRZ kick that Subaru's ASS!!!!
Kyle Q-Turner
Kyle Q-Turner 2 months ago
Recommending the brand Bowdens for professional detailing
CJDev 2 months ago
Never seen anyone put anything on my car, if I did I would put them THROUGH their car.
Naked Zebra
Naked Zebra 2 months ago
what kinda sick Bogens you dealin with down there?
Naked Zebra
Naked Zebra 2 months ago
I would make an art piece out of the housewife who scratched my subi. snuff porn
Adam Steel
Adam Steel 2 months ago
My Dad came to visit me at work one day and caught some crazy lady putting her shopping onto the boot of my 180sx Type X...wtf goes through peoples heads....
Cvokárium 3 months ago
6:16 Like for real? :-D
Kerensky SamuraiWil
Kerensky SamuraiWil 3 months ago
Can't beat a bit of Pee-cut ® :P
Lordnegaduck 3 months ago
if you think about it all milk comes from a boobie. only sometimes its called an utter
Just-ice Vharanḓadzi
Hi guys, how can I turbocharged my Toyota Corolla 1.6 (1ZR engine)
Umar Ch.
Umar Ch. 3 months ago
You used Meguiars ultimate polish! Not compound! If you used Meguiars ultimare compound that stuff would have been better than the "pro" you used. I think the Pro you used is a Frecla compound. Frecla is not very good compound... and to call Frecla a pro over Meguiars which really IS a pro detailer brand is a shame for Meguairs. Meguiars pro range is top notch shit, M105 and M205 are great polishes! P.S. im a detailer. The "detailer" is really a body shop guy! He knows shit! Hes really hacking it!
AugmentedRealities 3 months ago
do people really put their crap on other peoples cars?!?! is that a real thing?? Come on people, we're living in a society, we're meant to act in a civilized way.
Muhammed Sayed
Muhammed Sayed 3 months ago
why did they change the title
Dykio SupraMK4
Dykio SupraMK4 3 months ago
15:38 Everybody gangsta till the bottle cumming out
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 3 months ago
December 3 months ago
Bruh he sounds New Zealand but then he sounds lebo😂😂
Jay Rock
Jay Rock 3 months ago
hey guys, aint you suppose to let it dry before you wax off, just saying
PIECES OF TIME 3 months ago
Could you imagine people putting there shit on your car in B&Q car park? You'd shit a brick haha
David Wait
David Wait 3 months ago
Holy Product batman!!
Project 2OH9
Project 2OH9 3 months ago
Wondering if there are clear protective bra in Australia 🇦🇺 ?
Emyr Derfel
Emyr Derfel 3 months ago
3M helicopter tape, or equivalent. It's what mountainbikers use to protect from rockstrikes and crash-scrapes. It's thicker than a vinyl wrap so would be obvious it's there over sharp creases, but when a stone hits vinyl it can tear a flap.
Cameron Cook
Cameron Cook 3 months ago
You can see your reflection. It's a Mira finish
Niels De Bruin
Niels De Bruin 3 months ago
You can also use Tofu!
AndreAllDay 3 months ago
Watching Marty continously rub his hand in the pee pee panel...
Infected Harpy
Infected Harpy 3 months ago
Alright, thanks for letting me know not to piss on my car
otto leeverink
otto leeverink 3 months ago
Someone did it to my car : ( I had my old doors replaced with second hand painted ones the next day some kid (at least i think it was a kid) Slammed the door into my car.
hooj 3 months ago
Glad it came out easily. Given it’s black have you thought of getting PPF?.. what paint protection did you have on it?
Marc Bromley
Marc Bromley 3 months ago
You should never ever buff off with a machine always micro fibre
André Baumgartner
André Baumgartner 3 months ago
*Does not understand how the car gets scratched* Leans on it all the time
mattyd 3 months ago
Keys to the city, love it.
ivern bramblefoot
ivern bramblefoot 3 months ago
fun fact you can polish scratches out of glass with cerium oxide. yes it will take forever but it works
siu dun
siu dun 3 months ago
do anyone knows the brand of the pro???
Tuomo Kolari
Tuomo Kolari 3 months ago
you guys need to make toyota avensis Project xD that you tune like hella.. :D
Gillian Sheppard
Gillian Sheppard 3 months ago
AVOCADO for the WIN !!!
SaucyTuRkLeBiRd 3 months ago
The sheer amount of compound youre using is killing me! Those little bits require a MAXIMUM 10c size dollop hahahaha
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy 3 months ago
Please consider getting a JDM Mini Truck and do mods!​
Bobdingle25 3 months ago
I don't know about Australia, but people will literally fight you if they catch you so much as laying a finger on their car in America.
Nikolay Ganovski
Nikolay Ganovski 3 months ago
Mira paint Stage III
Dylan J Aspinall
Dylan J Aspinall 3 months ago
Can yous do a video about how to pick the best wheels for your car??? dirft/drag/race how to actually measure up your wheel wells and getting the biggest/baddest offset jdm hecktikness to actually fit instead of going out and buying a set of wheels and turns out they dont fit/look shit, in one of your recent videos yous mention that finding wheels is easy but for someone with no idea its quite the task... Tire shops wont fit wheels that protrude your guards in vic, So if im going to be doing it all step by step I wanna know how to get it right the first time.
Rebecca Batistich
Rebecca Batistich 3 months ago
Why is it showing an hour In my notifications this is old,
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 3 months ago
I'm driving a limited edition Alfa Romeo 156 and I put a lot of effort and money into this thing to keep it running and relatively nice looking. I never had anyone put something on it, but I have returned numerous times to my car after shopping, only to find that someone had scratched my whole back bumper or the side door while manoeuvring their vehicle out of the parking spot next to me. Never have I had someone leave a note or anything. Infuriating beyond believe and it is absolutely inconceivable that people have the nerve to do that.
Paradoxes 3 months ago
HAHAHA, I saw you two in one those social media ads!
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi 3 months ago
PPF the Subaru wrx to avoid this in future. PPF this one too.
Wtfcunt 3 months ago
Too much juice
Aristotelis Mitsiou
Aristotelis Mitsiou 3 months ago
Please release that song at 22:37, it's awesome!
Head in the shed
Head in the shed 3 months ago
Today we'll be working on the blue turd.
Big Niqqa
Big Niqqa 3 months ago
avocados are too expensive. ill stick to urine
John Vlahos
John Vlahos 3 months ago
If I saw a beautiful nugget like that in the wild I would be afraid to take a picture of it from 10 feet away not put my stuff on it.
this chris
this chris 3 months ago
Thats not a buffer!! Thats eddie halls massager🤣🤣
Garfish 3 months ago
Hope you guys don't mind, here's some polish reviews by Project Farm, he does mad sciency tests on them for scratch removal. us-first.info/player/video/o52EiGx8ZoSFqGA.html
ScottSS0 3 months ago
What about the avocado tho !!
Anthony Allen
Anthony Allen 3 months ago
Ive just ordered my limited edition poster, how many are being produced?
Pwrswitchd 3 months ago
I've never seen or heard of someone people groceries/boxes on someone else's car before today... Christ if I'd seen someone do it to my car, I'd lose my shit.
PaigePlex 3 months ago
Jason Kerr
Jason Kerr 3 months ago
Avocado on headlights? Who's got the link, I've not seen it yet
cenourattis 3 months ago
old video season 3 or 4 i think moog´s old and glorious marty´s won't destroy all nissans s15 by the looks
iporcupinetree 3 months ago
you know when your sick of youtube when you skip the vid after 2 sec of boring talk
iporcupinetree 3 months ago
you know... it's not TV we can skip the flogg'n cant stand when vloggers start the flogg'n
mixedbrass101 3 months ago
No one would do this in the US. You would get shot for that offense.
Taka 3 months ago
Moog, you should promote your music more. I just discovered it by watching old videos. It's perfect music for doing anything.
Head in the shed
Head in the shed 3 months ago
It's great for monday to friday. Also weekends.
Matt Riggs
Matt Riggs 3 months ago
So I haven't ever seen somebody here in the states do the whole "hmm let me set my shit on somebody else's car and then drag it into my own." thing. Not saying it doesn't happen but is this common elsewhere? Because even if somebody did that to my beater and I saw it there would be stern words at a minimum for the lack of respect for other people's shit.
Jedidiah Johnson
Jedidiah Johnson 3 months ago
You guys are legends but I wish you'd do a Commodore build and i love your builds my fav series is the lend a car one again you guys are legends
fajry1 3 months ago
Anyone know how to remove scratches that made from my neighbor cat? I don't know if I'm doing it wrong, but everytime i buffed it out, many days later it comes back, but at different spot. Or maybe should i just remove the cats existence? 😂😂😂 LOL
Jake White
Jake White 3 months ago
If I witnessed someone using my car as a table I'd do some sort of street fighter drop kick straight to their neck.
Michael Cross
Michael Cross 3 months ago
Collab with SAMMIT
Anil012 3 months ago
Quick question, does this work on glass as well? I have an 190e with a horrible windshield all over with scratches. I tried the toothpaste but did nothing.. help?😭
Matt768 3 months ago
I had the same thing happen to me I had my car painted two weeks, came out of work and some c#%7 had scratched a line down the front drivers door and the back panel.i deduced it was someone with a backpack or a handbag and the zipper scratched it. I had to pay hundreds to get the two panels re sprayed. 😔 😔.
Hampus Gustavsson
Hampus Gustavsson 3 months ago
why the fu*k would someone put a bag or box on another persons car, its just rude not to mention the damage it leaves behind!
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 3 months ago
I appreciate a lot the discrete way in which you are promoting your sponsors. These days, watching any content that is entertaining / informative and free means putting up with 5 minutes of "THIS VIDEO WAS MADE POSSIBLE BY SKILLSHARE"... etc. Thank you
HorsleyLandy88 3 months ago
sorry guys that was your worst yet
K. BRENHOLMS 3 months ago
You guys really csi'ed that scratch... 🤔
Conspiracy_00 3 months ago
The handshakes on this channel will forever be my favorite part
Jigga Man
Jigga Man Month ago
Reminds me of Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed 3 months ago
We desperately need a Toyota Corolla t sport on the channel or an old civic again, like so they see!!
Ren Watson
Ren Watson 3 months ago
do a bmw e30 or e34 or e36 or e3 3 or 5 series ' old school
volkan mert
volkan mert 3 months ago
Where da RS at :(
Disrespected Evo
Modifying Mum's Car