Haltech IC7 Dash Install into Supergramps 

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We install an all-new ECU Display Dash into Supergramps
Shop: www.mightycarmods.com/collections/
Facebook: mightycarmods
Forum: forums.mightycarmods.com
For more info about the mad dash, head to Haltech's website: www.haltech.com.au
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Nov 8, 2019




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Mighty Car Mods
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(((((++++,,,,, Perth please guys! Don't forget Perth! 😣 😣 😣,,,,, +++++)))))
Moon Year ago
One day I'll get a passport just to go to one of these events lol
Gil Ava
Gil Ava Year ago
\m/ up the irons from northern California
thatsimracer 666
I wish but I'm in Newcastle till monday
BentBird Year ago
Why wouldn’t haltech release a double din sized unit? You can’t be the only one that wants this?
coreysteady 7 days ago
so did we finally get the bmw drift car
Charles Punzalan
Charles Punzalan 17 days ago
Bmw drift car wuutt
Joker Ismyname
Joker Ismyname 21 day ago
Oh so thats what ur doing with e30
Hoopstick Performance
When the lights begin to change I sometimes feel a little strange A little anxious when it's dark Haven't heard that song for almost 30 years... Good nod brother
Ning3n 22 days ago
Could've trimmed out that last bit of the trim above the HVAC controls and been able to see the tacho lights.
DancinPigeons 2 months ago
When they were talking about purity its like sitting at a campfire at 3 am over thinking shit while high but there high is cars and its great
Taknmy Beatings
Taknmy Beatings 2 months ago
"Oh this ain't no how-to" ...bwahahahahaha!
Crux Interfacing Solutions
You're a professional installer, continue the great work, please subscribe to our channel!
Kozak QC
Kozak QC 4 months ago
Hi Marty i need to ask what is brand and model is your watch i think its pretty cool
Mohammed D Malik
Mohammed D Malik 4 months ago
I know these aren't made to replace headunits but you wonder why Haltech wouldn't just manufacturer them in a double din size anyway.. very odd.
Blake Nic
Blake Nic 6 months ago
What watch is that marty?
Kurt Backhouse
Kurt Backhouse 7 months ago
usb port for the dash moulded into the part that got bogged would be a nice addition
Jonathan 8 months ago
i was suprised at how modern it looked in the car. I thought I was going to hate it. great job guys.
Matthew Caron
Matthew Caron 9 months ago
I work in computer security. I have fear of the data quite often.
Crux Interfacing Solutions
Awesome work, we will be at SEMA please check out our page.
GT BEE 9 months ago
I did the same with an iPad mini in my dash. Made some custom brackets for the iPad to sit flush in the dash then made everything els fit back into the car. 😂 long as it looks stock then I think it’s less likely to get noticed and attract the wrong attention. What’s people’s thoughts on using the OBD port all the time?. I’v heard mixed things. Some say they never have a problem wile others say it starts to make there car miss behave. I originally had a WiFi OBD reader plugged into my car all the time and that sent data to the iPad so I had information on just about everything the car was doing. This lasted about 2 months and then the ECU blew up and the data couldn’t be recovered. The ECU had no water egress or bad pins. I got another ECU that then had to be blanked and programmed to the car then the re map go back on. I’v never used the OBD port consistently since and so far years and years on I’m still on my second ECU. Can the data be read consistently on a factory ECU??
chermanson91 10 months ago
Hey do u guys have a discount code for haltech products?
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 10 months ago
Omg poor Marty. Broccoli chip lol. Even sounds bad before you chundered 😂
Simon Munden
Simon Munden 10 months ago
Liberty/Legacy is a fairly rare car in the UK & 3.5l engine is (I think) not available - you guys are so lucky. Edit: did you say that is fish flavoured broccoli??????
George Dunkley
George Dunkley 10 months ago
It would be awesome to see a stereo and speaker install to finish Supergramps off right!
Zoe Cheddar
Zoe Cheddar 11 months ago
Why is the plastic screen protector shit still on the coilover controller?! fffffff.
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen 11 months ago
Lol on you to 2
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen 11 months ago
Moog don`t pick on martys car he do what he want its hos car
michael nnielsen
michael nnielsen 11 months ago
Hos car not hos....
Casper Maul
Casper Maul 11 months ago
I don't understand why Haltech didn't make it 2din format. Or at least include a 2din bezel in the box... I mean, it's not exactly cheap...
Allan Grant
Allan Grant 11 months ago
I have a elite and a street dash. Just brought and pugged my C-7 in and nothing....... didn’t start up 😕
Adam R
Adam R 11 months ago
and there goes the diet lol
Saki 209
Saki 209 11 months ago
*attention fellow MCM fans* Don't ever skip ads, they don't get counted as a view they get hurt. :( .... I love this family and all the sick cars they make, I would want them to get more and more support as possible.
Michael Samuel
Michael Samuel 11 months ago
back with the funny snack segments lol. nice man
Ginja 11 months ago
Daniel Schultz
Just screw the air con back in the spot
Luke Clarke
Luke Clarke Year ago
Mad video guys by the way you can keep you're plant foods haha.
D C Year ago
So technically the RX-7 "chopped" Supergramps
Nice Iron Maden Refrence Moog Fear Of The Dark is one of my favorite songs
Tor Morten Berg
We install a all new broccoli in Martys mouth!
Joe Year ago
Ending had me dying lmao
Can you guys share what settings you use for recording with GoPros to get this good results in post-processing ?
Can i have the old one?
E Abuhasbu
E Abuhasbu Year ago
Bitch Bs for build used it first in his LS swiped Lamborghini!
EJGOD Dan Year ago
Did you end up wiring in fuel level and indicators?
Abo999 Year ago
Don't like the position but it's all good if you can live with it. I had a display in about the same place and it was ok at first, but I got tired of looking down at it while driving.
Dan Hard
Dan Hard Year ago
stocks for that chip company just went to the basement lol
Potato PC
Potato PC Year ago
i love legacys dont you dare talk smack about them
Karen Murray
Karen Murray Year ago
that looks awesome !
pr0xZen Year ago
Can you config the haltec from this unit? Like all things configurable by software? (didn't see any practical data source inputs so I guess it can't do data flashes on its own)
jonathan wright
new/old turbo for the mira??
The science Of training
plant based diet - lol 😆 bokes sums up vegans
J E SPENCER Year ago
Check out Andrew Camarata’s video installing a stereo with a chain saw, you guys are just playing, LOL
cortin cortin
cortin cortin Year ago
Why is the bumper installed with large gaps between the headlights?
spoogie357 Year ago
Next time on MCM, how to mop yak up off the floor of your workshop!
GeFeldz Year ago
Fish flavoured BMW, Barra swap epic BMW confirmed!
GeFeldz Year ago
3:22 "That's an obscure reference" Dude, Marty, Fear of the dark, mate! Iron Maiden! Not that obscure, unless you only listen to oo-tss-oo-tss-oo-tss-oo-tss =D
Praise The Sun
What if you cut a little slit in the upper trim to allow the LED bar to flash through it? You could do that pretty incognito. I love Super Gramps.
pablo rages
pablo rages Year ago
Vegans are very very very annoying
Frank Bullitt
Frank Bullitt Year ago
So its a bigger more costlier Scanguage?
Dwayne Harralson
if you're doing a BMW, make sure you get the turn signals working - I hear that's a really expensive option on them, that's why nobody has them ;)
Doug Anderson
Doug Anderson Year ago
Least expected AvE reference so far.
Si Raff
Si Raff Year ago
"this ain't no how to" - we know. You never said "first you jack up your car".
Jason Bourke
Jason Bourke Year ago
Serious question.... Is it legal to use one of these dashes mounted in front of your stock instrument cluster? Also, how much are they??
Jason Bourke
Jason Bourke Year ago
Comparing milkshakes to modded cars 😂 I love it!! So philosophical! 🤣
VIRUS Year ago
I think where the LED strip is you should drill a line of little holes, then when the lights go off you’ll be able to see them. Stealth look
Daniel Burgin
Daniel Burgin Year ago
D for Destroyallnissans
The_Brutalist Year ago
12:22 Binky shout out! Yes boys! 🇬🇧💪🏻
Alex Ivanov
Alex Ivanov Year ago
Curious what the display frame rate is. Some dashes are slow which makes the rpm sweep look choppy.
CAD cardboard added design from #ColinFurze
drifta1600 Year ago
Can you control anything with it? Like relays or anything? Or just display?
Kristoph109 Year ago
Seems like Haltech need a double din design next?
Lassie Vision
Lassie Vision Year ago
Surprised it's not a standard DIN size.
Kelsey Crozier
Dave Start
Dave Start Year ago
owww its still in my mouth. love it best yet. You should have given Marty that on unicorn circuit would have been great content on random food bag.
Xavier Debeuf
Xavier Debeuf Year ago
Haha, not how to.... fuck it, just do what/how you want mate. Love every vids .Greetz from Antwerp
Matt Jones
Matt Jones Year ago
The song at 12:28 is dope!
Isaac Sherburn
4:50 what is that song?
Ask to seduce Miss
Some say how Marty reacted to those chips is the same as tasting Cheryl's box
Ambition BRB
Ambition BRB Year ago
If you could get a jaguar s type 2005 as a project car that would be amazin, they are hard to modify in the usa
Ask to seduce Miss
12:25 Binky!
Keith Hurd
Keith Hurd Year ago
Imagine: A small pickup (or Ute for yall), lowered, boosted and speed. You've made a SubarUte, but can you take a crappy one and make it better? I bet you can. I know you can fit a 351 into a early 90s for Ranger.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Year ago
Moog even laughs like "tsootoootoootoootooooo" :D Turbo all the way
jacob compton
jacob compton Year ago
Do they make a system for a 2000 Honda Accord with a oem ecu
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Year ago
Such a fulfilling episode, so happy to see Supergramps getting close to “completion”, every time I saw those gaps in the center console on previous episodes I got irritated lo
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Year ago
Hi Chaps. I would like to ask about help with shipping a Japanese spec car from Dubai to Australia. Less about shipping, more regarding the ADR regulations and how likely it would be that my car isn't legalised for road use that side. Thanks you legends.
Micheal Pahl
Micheal Pahl Year ago
Does ryobi just watch your vids and invent new tools for you ??
Jim Iatrou
Jim Iatrou Year ago
Ha Ha ... what a Pisser !! LOL ✔✔💯😂😂😜🤔
vkturbo Year ago
Getting all philosophical on us moogs? Just wondering when you become a vegan and hand your car in to love yoga and meditation. Just jokes you speak some truth sometimes, something we need more these days as everyone gets faker and faker to show everyone what they think they want to see and not the real them.
vkturbo Year ago
@Deep hug ?
vkturbo Year ago
If you wanted more info could you split the wires off to run 2 displays? Thinking for a car justbfor the road and all the stuff you just want to see working
Mark Wyngarden
soooooooooooooo BMW drift missile?
The ending was the best part 😂😂😂 Fishy broccoli crisps 🤢🤮🤣🤣
TechBaron, Cameras and more!
Haltech elite ecu????????
Watson Year ago
Galant VR4 PROJECT%!!!!!!!!!
Eddie H
Eddie H Year ago
Marty must’ve done car audio before. I had the same idea for fixing the plastic where they installed display.
Eddie H
Eddie H Year ago
Purity. Amazing song by Slipknot
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Year ago
Marty making all the sick noises from the broccoli chips just make me laugh so much and so hard. LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂
Finne72 Year ago
12:25 Binky!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Year ago
out of the dash
dantonel Year ago
Broccoli Chips FTW (LMAO I'm Dying!!!!)
Gickels McDoogle
Marty / Moog, I'll actually take the e36 book! my red 328i convertible is having some issues.
Eric Lambes
Eric Lambes Year ago
Such a fulfilling episode, so happy to see Supergramps getting close to “completion”, every time I saw those gaps in the center console on previous episodes I got irritated lol, can’t wait to see the stereo get put in. The new Haltech install turned out great! I can’t wait for the stereo and the Mira’s headliner lol!
Dead Reckon
Dead Reckon Year ago
So you use this if you're the type that fears engine detonation is always near? (Obscure reference, away!)
szczepek Year ago
15:29 the song is back! and I still don't know where to find it
Tam Murney
Tam Murney Year ago
No project car is ever truly finished.
Jacob Voigt
Jacob Voigt Year ago
BMW DRIFT CAR?!?? Let’s goooooo
Ryan Hatfield
Ryan Hatfield Year ago
I just got caught up with the Binky build too. Love that other youtuber's support one another.
Valentino Again
We have miyaunting bracket 🙄🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣✌🏻
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