Full Technicolour Dreamcoat Slamtacular 5000 Mira Slam Fest 

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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Aug 18, 2019




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Mighty Car Mods
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papakfmcnados king
If you don't race the Mira against the Supertubro I will be disappointed
bribirw Year ago
Barry O' Neill
You need to make or get an AJUSTABLE PANHARD BAR for rear axle to lower it and keep axle centre
blake wilson
blake wilson Year ago
guys I dont know if you are going to see this hopefully you will some rear shock absorbers are locked for shipping and you have to grab the top of them with a wrench and spin the stalk counter clockwise to allow the absorber to decompress and you are sometimes supposed to turn them upside down and compress them against the ground depending on the design, hopefully you see this and it helps you out with the rear suspension travel issues not a bad idea to look at the front either as sometimes even kwik struts or even coil overs can ship compressed as well, love you guys you have kept me entertained for years keep up the good work
Midnight Club
Midnight Club Year ago
Man... if you guys had this when I bought the hat. This sucks :(
Max Beard
Max Beard 24 days ago
You can't slam your car and be angry that you slammed it!
Momo 4 months ago
Only you guys would call 13” wheels “silly and oversized “ 😂😂😂
Momo 4 months ago
You guys should put out a book of “Moog-isms”.... like Tappity-do-dah.... 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roman Akimov
Roman Akimov 5 months ago
This series should've been called MARTY's CAR Mods
Key man
Key man 5 months ago
Can I see the scratches on the wing
jizburg 6 months ago
Its amazing that they buy that expensive stuff for whats essentialy a moped with a roof
GIMANG JUNGAN 7 months ago
In malaysia call this car "kereta kancil" with 4 doors
Justin Facer
Justin Facer 8 months ago
I was told there would be 30 pounds of boost
Xander Dafo
Xander Dafo 8 months ago
Close your eyes and watch 9:38 to 10:30
Samboi 8 months ago
Looked at my Kancil today. The rear suspension looks the same. Spring is separated from the shock 😅
Jonathan 8 months ago
John Vlahos
John Vlahos 9 months ago
You guys should make a podcast!
しーゴリ 9 months ago
出来上がり見せないのかよ! こいつらしゃべりすぎでうるさい!
Anthony Condon
Anthony Condon 9 months ago
Who peels multiple prawns at a time???
DKP Productions
DKP Productions 9 months ago
When you buff it you also shorten the lifespan of the finish unfortunately
Mohammad Farhan
Mohammad Farhan 10 months ago
The best build ever on youtube 😁
Haniff Jamal
Haniff Jamal 10 months ago
Hye guys,can you do daihatsu mira avy rs next?
MrLilo46 10 months ago
i want old Absorber new sr blue colour . can u sell it to me?..
Chong Kelvin
Chong Kelvin 10 months ago
8:35 Banana's rule😂This is funny and logical!!
Nagin Rathod
Nagin Rathod 11 months ago
You are good so just do what you want to do on your own car. Your decision is what matters and if things do go wrong, you are responsible.
Sebastian Dickson
Sebastian Dickson 11 months ago
#pUrity lol very subtle mate
Janice Tri
Janice Tri 11 months ago
That section around 10 minutes was the most beautiful sexual innuendo whilst working on a car that I've ever heard.
Final_Fantasteeze A
Final_Fantasteeze A 11 months ago
on the interballs, last twiddled with the gooche lol
NateNZ Year ago
I still want to know the song at 13:18? :) Not on Shazam or anything :(
shugga leaf
shugga leaf Year ago
Yall take linger than my favorite youtube channel = dough bernards /soundmans = amplified! Yall should do a colab & get him to fly there n install & tune for a week!
Scott Lanham
Scott Lanham Year ago
(Sorry if this has already been said but too many comments to read) That bottom bolt adjustment at 12:35 changes your kingpin inclination and hence your scrub radius, it isn't meant for camber adjustment although it will affect that too
A-dino Year ago
Is that a Daewoo Tico?
Kaylen Dinesh Moodley
Moog should rebuild Wasabi into a stance car. Make another unusual slammed car xD
DaPinkBublé Year ago
How am I three weeks late for this episode?
ryanjones55 Year ago
Ruined with the wheels 😭
lancer evo
lancer evo Year ago
You should Cera coat it too this thing deserves it at this point
Впізнали? Згідні? b
0:28 what's song please 🙏
It's better not to use live translation and just take a picture and translate afterwards
Matthew Burgner
Dude you paid $10k for that paint job? That seemed pretty basic. And you helped out. The shop I worked at last year would charge $3k US for that same sort of treatment.
Dwayne Harralson
that fit is phat
RR 10
RR 10 Year ago
Does anybody know what app Marty used to translate the Japanese words on the coilover?
ManBearPig 1968
You two aren't right in the head, keep up the good work💯👍🏻😂
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler Year ago
All i gotta say i love the mira fun nugget
Cave Munchies
Cave Munchies Year ago
Scientwist Year ago
This car deserves the scientific name of D. Slamsonite (Daihtsus Slamsoniteus)
SeenCreaTive Year ago
Do we just not talk about the innuendo scenes they have been doing for years? (Usually the best part of the video)
wackomanx Year ago
Threading the nuts on the rear shock from inside the car looks like a pain. Especially if you don't have magnetic sockets to keep the nut secure. If I have normal sockets, I will take some paper towel and put it over the nut/bolt head which keeps either in the socket. Nuts and bolts falling out are the worst.
JakeSnake07 Year ago
When are we getting the last parts of the Outfap build?!?
Ethan Dipple
Ethan Dipple Year ago
god, dragging the front of your freshly painted car with a jack. thats game as hell
Ask to seduce Miss
Mighty car mods doesn't click bait Be like mighty car mods Moog, Marty, I will always respect your hard work making all this happen from just a dream
Buju TM
Buju TM Year ago
I peel one prawn 🍤 at a time 🤷🏽‍♂️
Reploidx9 9 months ago
@Ask to seduce Miss TBH it's kind of context dependant
Ask to seduce Miss
Love your videos, but my biggest petpieve is that you say "scrubbing" rather than "rubbing" it's easier to say... and I believe "scrubbing" implies your cleaning something where
Chester Plebs
Chester Plebs Year ago
Why dont you guyz buy a 2 post lift... All this ground work is insane...
Paulo Teixeira
Moog will apparently never get better at filming no matter how many years they spend filming MCM. Every time he has the camera its always to close and to shaky. Always makes me actually feel sick. .... I'm still watching though so I guess I like the pain...
MiraCarMods?! MartyCarMoogs? Love the work, boys. Binged basically your entire channel over the past week. Solid content mates!
Rock girl
Rock girl Year ago
9:36 listen with your eyes closed
Dave Froman
Dave Froman Year ago
Smallest car in the channels history generate the most content....go figure.
stephen frank
stephen frank Year ago
Wait a minute. ...! What app was that he used to translate the text ?
Rock girl
Rock girl Year ago
I put coilovers on my car a couple of years ago and I regret it so much. Completely ruined it.
Andy Nawrocki
Andy Nawrocki Year ago
Seriously tho, when are u guys gona bite the bullet and do a civic?
Inspire Gaming
hey guys i was wondering if you'd have any information / or make a video, on legal car mods in Australia i've been watching alot of vids recently on people with rocket bunny kits on their "FRS's" (gt86, Brz) in australia but i've also recently been educated on the fact that alot of stuff in USA thats legal that seems safe is illegal in australia :( * Wondering what you can actually get away with in australia compared and if you can still have a clean looking car without being defected 5 times a day in Australia *
kiran reddy 7999
Clear headlights made a lot of difference
Rock girl
Rock girl Year ago
please paint a yaris and give it 80s style stickers so it becomes a mira wanna be.
9:46 lmfao
Absolute Longplay
uhh another boring Mira episode. I can not understand Martin's fascination with that car.
Rock girl
Rock girl Year ago
Anyone looking for a mira in the uk theres a 2wd 660cc turbo for sale in manchester 😉
Joshua Thompson
Mitsubishi still makes the Mira it's called the mirage
Vinnox Gaming
Vinnox Gaming Year ago
@ 9:50 i legit thought they were purposely trying to sound dirty while installing the coilover...
Falich Year ago
You must be new around here.. :)
Dominik Stangl
#pUrItY :D
Novagunner Year ago
Love your videos, but my biggest petpieve is that you say "scrubbing" rather than "rubbing" it's easier to say... and I believe "scrubbing" implies your cleaning something where rubbing doesnt... like I said small thing... but you guys say alot of odd things haha
Samuel Tippett
Are congratulations in order for me Moogs ? That ring was waved around like Sharons undies !!!
DONO Year ago
You guys should make a video on how to detail, and maybe even paint correction for a car?
Truth6500 Year ago
I put coilovers on my car a couple of years ago and I regret it so much. Completely ruined it.
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Year ago
9:36 listen with your eyes closed
Trevor Steinrichter
How long do your shipments typically take to get to the us? Ordered some stuff awhile ago and was just curious 🤗
robil rahantoeknam
did moog get married?
Harry Curtis
Harry Curtis Year ago
Whats the translator app called?
DAW 75
DAW 75 Year ago
just a small comment: two different springs can't be compared while unloaded.
l200s Nation kei-car
Marty u can check out my keicar..same as you l200s
With_Lv Year ago
Anyone looking for a mira in the uk theres a 2wd 660cc turbo for sale in manchester 😉
mine Year ago
With_Lv Year ago
Its still for sale £3295
With_Lv Year ago
Facebook marketplace i believe i saw it
mine Year ago
Can you remember which website? Or was it roadside
Benjamin Kuhrt
What happend to the Outback? I wont watch any new episodes till i have seen the Subaru finished and shredding!!!
Chertovski Zdorovo
It is necessary to saw the rear beam at an angle on both sides to fill up the wheels
Chertovski Zdorovo
The problems of rear longitudinal rods. LoL
Chertovski Zdorovo
O no - o no! No no no! This is Nissan Patrol. Not stance, too high!
Яна Наумова
What's the music from 13 minutes to 18 seconds? Who's playing?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Year ago
Proud be 🇲🇾❤️ perodua & proton 👌 I hope we can together MCM 👍
Allan Kemp
Allan Kemp Year ago
They should do a competition give away with the yaris. Because we know that they don't want to keep it.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Year ago
name of the song at 13:18 please everybody is asking the same can someone help?
Allan Kemp
Allan Kemp Year ago
I'm pretty sure the Mira may be approaching the most expensive mcm car yet, ironically because it was $300 to start with. All the donor cars, parts and respray. Must be getting up there.
Chubbysumo Year ago
$1400 USD. "a couple hundred bucks" over "average" ones.
HulluJanne Year ago
Epic "Stick A Honda Badge On It" tune! us-first.info/player/video/fJujhYqHqWqKnJ8.html&t=888 That 888 can't be an accident.
Clay Carlino
Clay Carlino Year ago
Marty is right. You peel the prawn then eat the prawn then peel the next and so on. Same with blanabas!
pixelflow Year ago
please paint a yaris and give it 80s style stickers so it becomes a mira wanna be.
Steven Grey
Steven Grey Year ago
Tmn 2
Tmn 2 Year ago
more mira please.. more content... more of everything. maybe do an volkswagen fox next. would make an Nice engine swap
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Year ago
mook is such a douche
Jobs Jobbed
Jobs Jobbed Year ago
Adverts Adverts Adverts Adverts Adverts Adverts Adverts Adverts Adverts...
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Year ago
Sergey Bubley
Sergey Bubley Year ago
Guys! Have you ever thought about any Italian cars like Alfa? GT, Brera, Spider or any other ? They have character , style, some power and 4 wheel drive sometimes :)
Nando Vee
Nando Vee Year ago
Moog get some russian hardbass into your videos. I know you like your EDM :-P
Morten Bakke
Morten Bakke Year ago
at first I thought what I was seeing was some old bilstein shocks, but then I remembered that they have the colour the other way around:) or often just silver strut and blue springs:>
Jordan Hynes
Jordan Hynes Year ago
Still waiting after all these years for that epic Yaris build!
James G
James G Year ago
I peel my prawns one at a time...
Nathan Parianos
what size tyres are you guys running on those sweet wheels?
TheBlade616 Year ago
I miss the Evo
Solomon Kinzie Hawver
Best title to date!
killamike312 Year ago
O man I was so scared when Marty was moving the car jacked up. I've had the car slip and destroy my bumper.
Ricardo Cordeiro
147.000 yens that is 5500 reais (brazil) that’s quite cheap for coilovers, we are used do pay like 8000 to 10.000 reais on coilovers bro
Patrick Herdener
Been watching mcm for about 6 years, I'm always chomping at the bit for the next installment
Peter Lyall
Peter Lyall Year ago