Fixing the best JDM 2 door AWD car ever made 

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We push a broken nugget into our shed and give it the love it so desperately deserves
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More info on the Haltech gear we used here: www.haltech.com/product-category/nissan/pulsar-n14-gtir/
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Dec 31, 2019




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Compeer Raa
Compeer Raa 14 days ago
This video is a lie and the entire line of Mazda GtX/GTR wants a word with you..Best awd 2 door..this is Mazda teritory bois. Seriously you guys have never made Mazda Nugget vids and theirs heaps!
GM Tuning
GM Tuning 15 days ago
Is there a reason you guys went with the Elite 1500 versus the 1000? I am planning on doing an Elite setup and am not sure on which to go with. I did notice Elite 1000 is for cable throttle bodied setups only, which the gti-r is, while 1500 can deal with electronic throttle bodies.
BevBilt Modified
BevBilt Modified 20 days ago
Gtir transmission is the weak point
Lee Oakes
Lee Oakes Month ago
We don't slap subaru owners, we slap hyundai owners.
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison Month ago
Your wiring expertise is really impressive
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green 2 months ago
eBay wrecked that car now eBay is fixing it..
Alexander Burrows
Alexander Burrows 3 months ago
“There’s something on your nose...”
Zoran Neskovic
Zoran Neskovic 3 months ago
cold and flu medication f... brilliant lol
MagicDarkLightMDL 3 months ago
I've been searching for years for one of these to appear for sale somewhere close to me and you guys just casually find one for 9 grand I'm honestly happy it was you guys that ended up with this nugget because I know she'll be treated right unlike almost every one ever made
Marion De Groot
Marion De Groot 4 months ago
Love your blog...did you or would you do n vr6 jetta mod..I drive one....lol..would love to see...I from Namibia Rehoboth
shadow sniper
shadow sniper 4 months ago
We'll the gtr won all 50 races till it was band
xBeNiTo111 4 months ago
What’s the song at 28:00?
Terrence Walker
Terrence Walker 5 months ago
What did you guys use for replacing the original Distributor?
Fabz F
Fabz F 5 months ago
I'm living my car dreams thought you guys!
Fabz F
Fabz F 5 months ago
LOVE THIS CAR. I had a friend who owned an orange one back in early 2000's in Melbourne and it destroyed STIs
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma 5 months ago
I love the 240
TheLeroy1981 6 months ago
My brother's mate had a GTiR and it was a freaking monster. Looked just like that one too. Thanks for the memories boys.
Henry-bob Blundell
Henry-bob Blundell 6 months ago
I absolutely love this. I currently own a 94. Best car I have ever owned!
Greger Holmes
Greger Holmes 6 months ago
Moogs laughter sounds like a blow off valve
Shammah Maharaj
Shammah Maharaj 6 months ago
Although not rear/mid engine this Pulsar would have made a nicely matched competitor for the Toyota MR2 to battle
Andrew Byrne
Andrew Byrne 7 months ago
Dig the old schoo tunes; reminds me of "The Dragon Experience"
Tommi Renwick
Tommi Renwick 7 months ago
31:15 damn when then song played I got a whole lotta good memories back
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 7 months ago
wicked slap 👍🤣 but that aside what a mega car!! I had two of their engines in my 200SX s14 & S13
Justin Couch
Justin Couch 7 months ago
I had to pause this video to go order a set of those wheels in gold for my car.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 7 months ago
rare is the word, from 600 GTI Rs sold in germany there are 17 left.
Head Chef
Head Chef 7 months ago
i feel like with the combination of the dc5 headlights in the thumbnail and Marty wearing the "i love Honda" t shirt, that you guys have bought a dc5 integra
Shug 7 months ago
what happened to this
plunder1956 7 months ago
The moment has arrived guys. You need a substantial VAN to move all this stuff around. Wearing an exhaust system at speed is inappropriate. Just a quick Ryobi question - Was that an 18 volt heat gun at 19:28? I have never seen one before.
Phil Rudd
Phil Rudd 7 months ago
Yes i had one of these little beauties. Awesome little car, and a car very few people are aware of. Not easy to work onas i found out when i had to replace the clutch.
jS197 7 months ago
Would be cool if you could do a comparison VS a Mazda 323 GTR.
Anton Campos
Anton Campos 7 months ago
marty car moog
SWAYZ LAZER 7 months ago
Am 7 months ago
We want a pulsar N16
Gilson Dias
Gilson Dias 7 months ago
the best awd 2 door JDM were celica and eclipse gsx
Tim Duckett
Tim Duckett 7 months ago
Good choice guy's there's alot of these car's here in jamaica
David Jovanovic
David Jovanovic 7 months ago
Sounds a lot like the 3000GT/GTO Market.. Currently the owner of a 91 3000GT VR4 that I bought in rough shape is now on its way to showroom condition overhaul..
Grooove e
Grooove e 7 months ago
I object what about the 22B
crizangel xD
crizangel xD 8 months ago
Was I the only one to notice the different headlights in the thumbnail? I think it's from an Integra slapped over the Pulsar headlights
Moe MacStuffins
Moe MacStuffins 8 months ago
Marty & Moog you are like the boondock saints for cars:)I love your show!
Kristian Ilievski
Kristian Ilievski 8 months ago
Quality episode, this has been really informative despite not being my favourite cars, thoroughly enjoyed this
MB Taber
MB Taber 8 months ago
Daniel Petersen
Daniel Petersen 8 months ago
How on earth did you guys figure out that Audi R8 coils would work??
Stephen Whalen
Stephen Whalen 8 months ago
Cold and flu 🤣🤪
Michael Benson
Michael Benson 8 months ago
The analog synth to MIDI analogy wasnt lost on me
shugga leaf
shugga leaf 8 months ago
Those are horrible looking seats, I can feel the bolts!, sounds good though, I think the sr20 is the only Nissan engine I like!
rel8 m8
rel8 m8 8 months ago
was watching this video on the tram when moog talked about lygon street melbourne, im on lygon stree going home after uni wtf ahahahah
Dave F
Dave F 8 months ago
Anyone know the song at 13:34 ?
KARVANZ NLIFE 8 months ago
I absolutely love these cars at the time they came out i owned primera gt's for a few years but have u ever considered the first car i ever owned a fiat uno turbo ie?
Alistair Deignan
Alistair Deignan 9 months ago
Still makes me smile when they actually start! And Moog, its well better than a WRX!!!
Harared 9 months ago
Please buy a proper Deutsch crimp tool to use on wiring.
Steve Reed
Steve Reed 9 months ago
By the way I know you guys aren't going to answer this however you guys are killing it when it comes to the videos... Thanks for showing one build all in one video God knows takes a lot longer than 36 minutes and 25 seconds
Steve Reed
Steve Reed 9 months ago
At 16:10 seconds what the hell is that on top of Muffler looks like a flame-throwing kit
dexter2433 9 months ago
we all know they cut the part out were he seed it is for storing your weed LOL or crack
McDoof 9 months ago
Love the videos and your music moog, pitty tubidy.mobi are ripping it off and taking money out your pocket that u could use to make great content for us
cnmckenna 9 months ago
I've been watching since that episode in 2008. BLLAAAACKKK....
John Filemyr
John Filemyr 9 months ago
That's a bad ass car
Bear Drums
Bear Drums 9 months ago
Can you lads please fix my Evo X? All it needs is the engine parts knackered by a timing chain failure at idle. I'd run your advertising on the car for the rest of its life, and that's after giving you the car for 6 months. Please?
Drd 9 months ago
The minute I saw those wheels I knew it was right. Nice one, they look sweet as bruv!
Degor 9 months ago
whats the song at 18:55???
Lestervai Cayetano
Lestervai Cayetano 9 months ago
marty is a electrical and welder wizard!
Lestervai Cayetano
Lestervai Cayetano 9 months ago
what car is moog using when he bought the wheels and exhaust?
metal head87
metal head87 9 months ago
you got something on your face "slap" it was pain
Dylan Watkins
Dylan Watkins 9 months ago
Man, you guys get such better cars then we do in the States. I'm so jealous!
lixxit 9 months ago
Yes, subarus are the best.
Eliot 9 months ago
ENKEI92s! I had those on my 02 Miata. Loved them
Fusion Thunder
Fusion Thunder 9 months ago
Song at 28:00?
XcrissRS13 9 months ago
I see a GTiR, I click like. B-)
Jerequan 9 months ago
aha.. you cant fool me!! aren't those the rsx black housing lights in the thumbnail??
Micah Bergman
Micah Bergman 9 months ago
I think the dump pipe looked pretty good. Way better than any of my custom downpipes...
redgc899 9 months ago
Came here expecting to see a 22b, much disappoint
Denny Box
Denny Box 9 months ago
Where. Is part 2 ?
Matthew webster
Matthew webster 10 months ago
Ridiculous amount of interruptions from ads.... so annoying, 3 for marmite ffs. Love the show
TE BE 10 months ago
You're supposed to put your cocaine in the shifter, makes everything faster!
Leon Mumford
Leon Mumford 10 months ago
Gtir, lancia delta intagrali and a 90's WRX when I win lotto
Richard Browne
Richard Browne 10 months ago
Moog, stop buying looser cars! Make it work to make the US-first channel great. Marty, no complaints for or from you from me. Just Moog.
Joe Bill
Joe Bill 10 months ago
What song do they keep playing
silverbullitt850 10 months ago
That slap is one of the top 5 moments of this show, ever.
Pro Herb
Pro Herb 10 months ago
You guys need to get a Mazda 323 Gtr 🙏
Ian Bradley
Ian Bradley 10 months ago
piss off Moog ya tosser.
Wyvern 10 months ago
who cares: every single WRX/Subaru owner: *raises hand*
It's Not a Phaze
It's Not a Phaze 10 months ago
I'm definitely gonna get one of those gearknobs to store my antidepressants in case I ever forget to take them before leaving home in the morning
It's Not a Phaze
It's Not a Phaze 8 months ago
@Nick Archer I mean you're making a good point
Nick Archer
Nick Archer 8 months ago
Buy a car like this and you'll be driving your antidepressant!
Nick Archer
Nick Archer 8 months ago
Buy a car like this and you'll be driving your antidepressant!
The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1
Subaru > Nissan
Emdzej 10 months ago
10:20 That feeling when you were thinking of THIS specific song just before it plays :O BTW, Good work lads! All the best from the UK ;)
James Boyle
James Boyle 10 months ago
Would you ever do a motorbike up as just got myself a 125cc motorbike and as its secondhand I need to fix / mod it up.
Adam Adams
Adam Adams 10 months ago
How much do the Haltech ECU’s(however it’s spelled) cost?
Imports and Atvs
Imports and Atvs 10 months ago
Yessssss Pulsar GTIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greg006 10 months ago
It sucks the States didn't ever get this
Fritz Bautista
Fritz Bautista 10 months ago
Whats your most rewatch episode of mighty car mods ?
Nicholas du Plessis
Nicholas du Plessis 10 months ago
Shows like yours, make me love cars more and make me want to build some of my own one day. The very first show I saw of someone modifying and thrashing cars was as show from about 2003, called "High Octane". This was a show based in NZ. Not sure if you guys know it, but since then, my love for cars just grew. I am now 23 and a student and I drive a 1.4t Opel Astra from 2013. My first turbo car.
I've been striked
I've been striked 10 months ago
Not even kidding, as I was watching this a Black GTI-R came past my house wtf
African Drone Rookie
African Drone Rookie 10 months ago
"The dump isn't pretty but it will do the job just fine." I've had similar thoughts before.
Andrei Tomarowski
Andrei Tomarowski 10 months ago
25:10 name of the track? Please!!)
azthar z
azthar z 10 months ago
Hmmmm it would be a good idea to use back purge when welding stainless. It's super easy to do, and will eliminate sugaring.
JanFrode84 10 months ago
Is the track used at 10:20 and forwards possible to find anywhere? :o
Nate Truss
Nate Truss 10 months ago
Man: do you make like, videos on US-first. Mcm: ya I do make videos for US-first.
Miroslav Ristic
Miroslav Ristic 10 months ago
Love this car
David Kanes
David Kanes 10 months ago
"Does it get any better than a 4WD turbocharged Nissan?" Yes, a standard K10 Micra BITCH
Blogzyboy AF
Blogzyboy AF 10 months ago
My first car was a N14 Sunny, 1,4 litre engine, 5 doors.... kind of, and WAAAAAAAY too much soundsystem. Full blown Pioneer PRS. This thing was blessed with no revlimiter, resulting in me know that thing went 120 KmH in second gear. And the thing that gave in was the gearbox. Turns out it didnt like going 40 KmH backwards and then engine brake.... But it was a joy to wrench on.
Дмитрий Алабугин
subaru won wrc a couple of years between the dominance of lancia, audi and citroën. but you probably have not heard about these brands
Сархан Алиев
give me these discs please !!!
Disrespected Evo