Fake Turbo VS Fake Turbo 

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Can you fool anyone with a fake turbo from eBay? (And is it actually worth it?) Today we find out!
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Aug 11, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 months ago
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Team33 2 months ago
Dudes. I've been watching you from the beginning. You are great. As you say. Garrett turbo sounds fine but you need ; Piping, intercooler, exhaust, dump pipe, Brakes, insurance .... and finally management. I currently have a heart pump and I need an entire hospital with cardiologists etc. Sorry; I have a ventricular pump to replace my heart - my motor - to keep me alive !!! I'm watching you from hospital here wahile waiting for a transplant. Great show. Rock on dudes. Not sure I'll make it. Cheers.
Dykio SupraMK4
Dykio SupraMK4 3 months ago
Hey yo, how about Supercharger?
Gsho Sugumaran
Gsho Sugumaran 3 months ago
link to background music please?
Alan Phillips
Alan Phillips 3 months ago
Mighty Car Mods I’m putting a fake turbo on my wheelchair this weekend. In the US it will still probably raise my health insurance rates. Where can I get a “chopped” fake turbo?
Dragan Simunovic
Dragan Simunovic 3 months ago
What a waste of viewing time.
Justin Gordon
Justin Gordon 17 hours ago
The red turbo is plastic
17 year olds with vauxhall corsas: i’ll take your whole stock
kingsman 1337
Why is there at 3:11 a "Hi cHeRyL"???
Brae Fae
Brae Fae 3 days ago
Who else clicked because it's called fake Turbo vs fake turbo
Dianne Lewis
Dianne Lewis 3 days ago
Wait hold on why does the title say fake turbo vr fake turbo you said real turbo vet fake turbo OK that is weird
Jacob Dovale
Jacob Dovale 3 days ago
you accidentally said fake vs fake
Adoniis THE ONE
Adoniis THE ONE 4 days ago
Mike James
Mike James 5 days ago
Sooo....blow off sound but zero turbo whine....
Oscar Gomez Roman
Garret vs torqueamp. No contra el turbo ese que parece de poketbike
Wouter Janssen
Wouter Janssen 5 days ago
You should try the torqamp electric turbo. That thing actually works.
Wait they are both fake?? The title says fake turbo vs fake turbo
larson beez
larson beez 6 days ago
Stu stu stuu vrroooooooom vrroooooom stu stuuu stu vroooooooomm stu stu stu stu stu
Grrae 6 days ago
So it’s not fake vs fake ?
Oktawian Juszczak
Hey bro nice dick, what's the music called in 9:36 whip?
Antreas Michael
Antreas Michael 6 days ago
I rather to have a fake turbo than a fake turbo 😂
Cristina Etoc Bongato
Title: fake turbo vs fake turbo Me: watches it The video: The guy said fake turbo and the other guy real turbo Me again: wait why is the title fake turbo vs fake turbo then the other guy said real turbo (illuminati music)
Flip FlopsMan
Flip FlopsMan 7 days ago
Its all fun until someone said'whats under the hood' 💀
Morgee Nee
Morgee Nee 7 days ago
As soon as i saw the red one my heart skipped a beat
Games And More
Games And More 7 days ago
But it said fake vs fake
shalowly 7 days ago
Hi cHeRyL
SnowingFire 8 days ago
I guess this is marketed for Evehicles ... the whole point of a turbocharger is more efficiency saving the environment through less fuel use if anything the insurance companys should have to pay you for your more efficient upgrades and a card in the bicycle spokes wouldn't count
bwjSports58 8 days ago
Wrong title
dominik ruzsas
dominik ruzsas 7 days ago
Good title tze old fake turbo is battle with the new fake turbo
gian dizon
gian dizon 8 days ago
it is weird beacuse the name of the video is fake turbo vs fake turbo😕
filip Kazacu
filip Kazacu 8 days ago
they say fake turbo vs fake turbo but in the vid the second turbo they say is real ?????? tf
bob the muthafuckin builder bitch
the first one sounds like a sqeaky belt
HikeyproductionENT HiKey
Bruh turbos are so smaller than I expected
xXTRITON1Xx 8 days ago
I’m confused. Why contact insurance?
TragicDribblur 8 days ago
Why does it say fake vs fake when u keep calling the silver one real
colt luke
colt luke 8 days ago
I like the mountain bike in the back
Mbm TJ
Mbm TJ 8 days ago
Intro lit asf🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾
Brenton LeeMasters
lol everything they say just makes england just sound like a trash pile who would ever want to live outside the USA Oi bruv you got a shankin loicense
StiKey 8 days ago
What’s this Subaru?
BRUCKSTER 8 days ago
I didn't knew fake turbos existed 😂
Lumpofchicken 9 days ago
Why am I watching 2 aussies talking over each other and rambling for 13 minutes
Tako kurge
Tako kurge 9 days ago
Toyota gt 36 ahhhh like the 3 othet copies there all really moddable and perfect
brook lyn
brook lyn 9 days ago
3:11 hello cheryl
Djordje Zaric
Djordje Zaric 9 days ago
That's a sick bike on the wall
null_404 not found
Umm who doesn’t need a turbo?😂
Adam Close
Adam Close 10 days ago
Did anyone read the title it says fake turbo vs fake turbo
Lord Tharogar
Lord Tharogar 10 days ago
Bildiğin malların aldığı fakir turbosu 🤣
sicc_playboys_13 10 days ago
Missy Elliot is pissed you fucked it all uo
jakko2400 0
jakko2400 0 10 days ago
Butt Sniffer
Butt Sniffer 10 days ago
Premature ejac-premature turbo charger failure 6:30 pretty close man
Boxing till death
Boxing till death 10 days ago
Put that on my bicycle
Paul Watson
Paul Watson 10 days ago
Do both on one car
PlyaBoy Gaming
PlyaBoy Gaming 10 days ago
I lost my shit when he had the turbo in his bag on the bike lmaoo
Small Town Loner
Small Town Loner 10 days ago
I remember watching that first fake turbo noises video when it came out. My friend John and I were just sophomores in high school and we thought it was the coolest thing ever for our NA cars. A great memory.
Clixxyyy. 10 days ago
Why’s the videos name fake turbo vs fake turbo
BIOHAZARD-42 10 days ago
Honda civic kids on xmas 😭🤣5:37
Jalapeño 10 days ago
If one is a real turbo then why did u say fake turbo vs fake turbo
Ηλίας Τσομπανοπουλος
Nobody : Carclowns : can I have a fake turbo plz cuz I just want the sound not the actual performance of the turbo
redslate32 10 days ago
Cracking up. 😂 "...will lead to premature ejac... premature turbocharger failure and warranty denial..."
SSDXX ABDD 10 days ago
Its me or the title is wrong
350Z gang 101
350Z gang 101 10 days ago
Real sound nice
Darknightmarewolf 10 days ago
why is the title of the video say Fake Turbo VS Fake Turbo
350Z gang 101
350Z gang 101 10 days ago
Dude I guessed 35
Tom Mortiers
Tom Mortiers 10 days ago
You messed up the title
- ZIKO 10 days ago
“No one is gonna know” “They gonna know”
Niks0_N 10 days ago
fake turbo vs faker turbo
TF_ RECRUIT 11 days ago
Hahaha sounds like a diesel truck breaking
Dominic Sanders
Dominic Sanders 11 days ago
sounds are different from the inside than on the outside. im sure they still sound very different. But a comparison between the sound should be either both inside the car or outside.
GIFan 2608
GIFan 2608 11 days ago
9:59 I've never seen a truer truth
Anonymous 101
Anonymous 101 11 days ago
Why does it say fake turbo vs fake turbo doesn’t it need to say fake v’s real??
felipe escobedo
felipe escobedo 11 days ago
Me gaste 10 minutos en un video en donde solo hablan y hablan y en 1 minuto hacen la reseña del turbo y después siguen hablando.
Riley N
Riley N 11 days ago
That fake turbo from ten years ago was an ultimate ricer mod
HYPE_H1GHL1GHTS 11 days ago
Why is it baked her both respect her boat if one of them is real?
Ethan McCrillis
Ethan McCrillis 11 days ago
Who is cHeRyL?
Danny Izoita
Danny Izoita 11 days ago
yall talk to much
MrBakedDaily 11 days ago
The blue one!
igor320302 11 days ago
hair dryer for car lovers
Andrew Pitt
Andrew Pitt 11 days ago
Holy. I remember when that old video with the fake turbo noise came out. Feels like yesterday watching all the old videos. Love from the uk . keep it up guys
Glizzy Man
Glizzy Man 11 days ago
you’re capping when you say that’s fake
Niklasfreestyle 11 days ago
Just need a cheap fm transmitter it excedently creats the reallest turbo wSound i ever heard
Stavrino gaming
Stavrino gaming 11 days ago
Fake v fake ??? Or real v fake
Neox Boi
Neox Boi 11 days ago
The first one
77772013 11 days ago
The car cooling off in the background had me trippin for a sec....
The Son Of Hercules
u mean fake vs real?
Lars Koster
Lars Koster 11 days ago
That stutu is mising
Dawson Webster
Dawson Webster 11 days ago
In all honesty, this could be either really cool for like someone who wants to keep their car stock but still be a show off, or a amazing gag gift, ngl id buy one
HX3_EnFr 11 days ago
So what, fake vs fake or real vs fake
Sergeant Atomcat
Sergeant Atomcat 11 days ago
This is the dumbest video I have ever seen the real turbo is better
I_ tryed
I_ tryed 11 days ago
But its literly just a speaker
Theophilus jule
Theophilus jule 12 days ago
Martin at 6:29 almost said premature ejaculation🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anony Mous
Anony Mous 12 days ago
You definitely don't need to contact your insurance company to install a turbocharger.
Deathmate Plays
Deathmate Plays 12 days ago
That ricer feeling is soo strong!!
Tart's Art
Tart's Art 12 days ago
50 pesos load sa gagamit ng code ko sa buzzbreak. Code: B20464863 Legit 50 pesos load guys
JJ OTT 12 days ago
Who actually tells their insurance about their turbo and their other mods? Lol
Mike James
Mike James 5 days ago
They don't know about ANY of it lol... Bigger motor✓ Bored out✓ Cammed✓ Forged MMR internals✓ Hellion twin turbos✓ Whipple✓ Exhaust✓ Tint✓ Blacked out✓.....I can go on... Hahaa
Mike James
Mike James 5 days ago
Quentin Tsosie
Quentin Tsosie 7 days ago
You’re supposed to? 😂
Justin Breen
Justin Breen 8 days ago
If you put 30k of mods, into your car and someone steals it you loose that 30k,
Cars And Guitars
Cars And Guitars 9 days ago
Lol no
Nick Munoz
Nick Munoz 12 days ago
Sumthin you can stick un ya nissin 👌🏼
Stefan Lazarov
Stefan Lazarov 12 days ago
Bro fake turbo vs real
Kenny MTFH
Kenny MTFH 12 days ago
Everyone: fake turbo Me: "hi cHeRyL"
Alfie. e
Alfie. e 12 days ago
Cool vid but weird act
Ryan Goodfriend
Ryan Goodfriend 12 days ago
When does the video start?
JacobPug Poirier
JacobPug Poirier 12 days ago
I bought this, and it works very well. You just hating.
3 strikes strider 1 Trigger
I like your funny turbo magic man
Joel Davey
Joel Davey 13 days ago
They looked like they were in pain while filming the whole episode.🤣😂
oskar Söderström
oskar Söderström 13 days ago
Is both fake ore just one
Earrape Maker
Earrape Maker 13 days ago
title:"fake turbo vs fake turbo"
AMAN THE KING 13 days ago
The fake one won
Duckilla 12
Duckilla 12 13 days ago
It looks like an air mattress blower.
Diaphragm Air Engine