Evo 9 vs Golf R [Final Battle] 

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Modified battle! It's time to settle this once and for all as these two AWD, turbo-charged 4 cylinder cars go head to head in a final battle. Fighting it out is a modified Mitsubishi EVO9 and a 'Stage 3+' Golf R, both making 280KW at the wheels.
Who will win? Which car is faster? And who will have their dreams crushed...
Watch the Golf Build Here: us-first.info/player/video/epaAdH9jcqqbrH0.html
Watch The EVO Build Here: us-first.info/player/video/hrRif2RpY5ynjZ8.html
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Oct 8, 2019




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vaspen89 Year ago
Loved the ending 😂
Jared Guy
Jared Guy Year ago
Can u all please build a sr20det jdm b13 my country will love that
I'M Running Thaangs
@Jan Heinrich That's because moog left his sti in it
Rich Boy P
Rich Boy P Year ago
Thomas Gires wow 🤩
Rich Boy P
Rich Boy P Year ago
Justin Clonts bro 😆
Themis Krinos
Themis Krinos 11 days ago
The EVO needs new suspension and springs too much noise
Ricardo Robledo
Ricardo Robledo 19 days ago
el piloto del golf r es un cobarde en las curvas
Steph Sellers
Steph Sellers 21 day ago
Everyone knows bar Marty there is launch control on the Evo... Put someone who is not a Noob in next time. Golfs are for hairdressers. If you want a proper comparison take them to a rally track in the dirt. Plus Evo's appreciating like Skylines, jzx100, and Supras
RedCastle3 29 days ago
The way people are shitting on the Evo is shocking
Brandon Marks
Brandon Marks Month ago
I'd go golf r even though I've always wanted an Evo golf r because hatch life
Jesus H Christ
Jesus H Christ Month ago
4000rpm laughs in motorcycle
ComandanteJ Month ago
TL;DW: The EVO destroys the VW.
Stereotype Month ago
Tyres rubbing against the car. Typical Marty nonsense.
Hans Wilsdorf
Hans Wilsdorf Month ago
How Fu**ing good are the RE003's right. Best tyre ive had so far i wonder how they compare to the Pilot Sport 4
spookanide Month ago
lmao the bucket at the end of the video
Shen Month ago
been driving 8 years, redline almost everyday, still late from work
oXyriam Z
oXyriam Z 2 months ago
I love both these cars ❤️
Hans Zemeckiz
Hans Zemeckiz 3 months ago
el cosito de la puerta
'2:53' Use *→ ZepisGuides* it worked for me. εξαιρετική λύση για όλους τους ανθρώπους
AJ K 3 months ago
Golf R 0-60 is not 2.9 is 4.9 😉
AJ K Month ago
@Ryan Jon fair enough I didnt see that episode
Ryan Jon
Ryan Jon Month ago
It’s running 500bhp and did sub 3’s at the drag strip in the previous video...
AJH AJH 3 months ago
Dsg vs manual isn't a fair race 😳
Something Productions
id destroy you both in that evo vs the golf lol
giannis dgs
giannis dgs 3 months ago
Ρε μαλακες ποιον προσπαθηται να δουλέψετε οποίος Έλληνας το είδε θα καταλάβει πως μόνο όταν έδειχνε η κάμερα το evo το πάταγε λίγο, το evo το πηγαιναι απλά βόλτα το golf r δεν το πατάει ούτε για 1 λεπτό. Και δεν κατάλαβα το γιατί για να δείξουν και καλά πως το golf είναι πιο δυνατό και έτσι, δεν νομίζω ας εφαζαν τον πιο φανατισμενο με τα evo να οδηγήσει και τον πιο φανατισμενο με τα golf πάλι θα κέρδιζε το evo τέλος απλά γέλασα με το ποσό άχρηστοι είστε
DatNippa Daz
DatNippa Daz 3 months ago
Ive heard people say that “VW Golfs are for hairdressers and fruitcakes”. What does that mean??
uSoLoV3 tRaYdeE3
uSoLoV3 tRaYdeE3 4 months ago
The guy driving the evo can't drive for shit...EVOPOWER
saiyed alklbani
saiyed alklbani 4 months ago
evo 9 is one of the best cars for ever coooool❤️
Carnut 4 months ago
I would like to see a pro drive these cars really see how they do
noblemav 4 months ago
Good track to drive especially in a Hyundai i30 N fastback, dyno to the shithouse.
Locked_Hydro 4 months ago
The water bucket ended me
Steve C
Steve C 4 months ago
Does anyone know what wheels are on the Golf R?
kamionkami1 4 months ago
Evo9 one of my favorite iconic cars A lot of butt hurt evo boys in here tho lol
Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans 5 months ago
I can't believe the stuff that Moog eats that he finds in cars
OzzyAlexMason 5 months ago
“Who keeps it above 4K when isn’t on track?” Me in my Civic Type R hitting the limiter in every gear on normal roads 🤣
Wendy Hardy
Wendy Hardy 5 months ago
What a shame they don’t make Evos now.
G L 5 months ago
Cmon mate learn to launch the evo
Just DoIt
Just DoIt 5 months ago
Evo was all the rage in late 2000s. However in late 2010s the R is a better car.
joseph bistran
joseph bistran 5 months ago
"Who drives like that unless you are on a track" me in my 91 nissan pickup v6 with no muffler, revving it out to 7500 rpm. Over 240k miles and the clutch gave first. Shame
joseph bistran
joseph bistran 5 months ago
@Scott Lennon lol no its the vg30de similar to the 300zx motor
Scott Lennon
Scott Lennon 5 months ago
Is it diesel cah if it is and its revving to 7500 Its on meth or sutten😂
Chris Trec
Chris Trec 5 months ago
Which car would you buy... a 200 series twin turbo 4.5lt V8
We use KW here 👍 🇦🇺
Eric Lee
Eric Lee 6 months ago
I'll keep my speed six tbh
Alex Vanburen
Alex Vanburen 6 months ago
I would like to see the both of you spending time with a driving instructor. I’m thinking there’s as much as makes no difference between the two cars. It appears that the track and driving style seem to make the only measurable difference. Should you boys need some pointers contact Skip Barber Racing School in the USA at +1-866-932-1949
Mathew levite
Mathew levite 6 months ago
I'm totally in love with that Evo,it pulls!
Justin Reves
Justin Reves 6 months ago
The 664 people that gave this a thumbs down are some of the most broken individuals on the planet. What a fantastic episode.
300zxdriver 6 months ago
I can’t even find a evo to buy.
Scott Lennon
Scott Lennon 5 months ago
Piston heads g 15000 20000
Kwezzy 6 months ago
That golf r is soo impressive. It just goes to show how well technology and wisdom improves cars.
james phimister
james phimister 6 months ago
Evo has better 4x4 system, mechanical with lsd and active yaw control. The golf has haldex and open diffs. 280kw is 375bhp? Surely your more than that the golf is 300bhp stock. I would still take the golf :)
Scott Lennon
Scott Lennon 5 months ago
Golf has a dsg box in it aswell but I'd have the evo fq 400 it's a viii or a ix I think 400bhp
junior Sena
junior Sena 6 months ago
Kkkkkkk vcs são loucos kkkkk
Nawaz Waseem
Nawaz Waseem 6 months ago
I'd take the Evo over the yob shite any day 🙂
Scott Lennon
Scott Lennon 5 months ago
😂same bro
JMW 6 months ago
Have you ever let us know how much the Revo kits for the Golf R cost?
Arthur 242630
Arthur 242630 6 months ago
Loved the video lads but I'd have loved to have seen the comparison of the standard Golf R vs the Evo 10 300bhp Auto to see how they both competed
Snickers S
Snickers S 7 months ago
Golf is king
Scott Lennon
Scott Lennon 5 months ago
Golf is punie
Allah Turbo
Allah Turbo 7 months ago
what's wrong with the evo gearbox?
Deki S
Deki S 7 months ago
Driving on the track in slow motion
Dino B.
Dino B. 7 months ago
Think it would of been more interesting if you had used a golf R with a manual transmission and the EVO 9 MR also with the 6 speed manual. Driver mod definitely would of shined a little more with that comparison and gearing ratio would had been a little closer.
Fareez Yahya
Fareez Yahya 7 months ago
Miss gear???....noob!!!.....
C1 Lon
C1 Lon 7 months ago
Y don’t u try a different map then revo revo isn’t that good
Sadri badaboom Stockholm
I love the Evo 9
Chilla Chilla
Chilla Chilla 7 months ago
Should’ve beat the golf
Eithnaan Khan
Eithnaan Khan 7 months ago
The evo driver is shit I would have wiped the floor with a golf r on track
Show Me What You Got
Maybe not do it on a go cart track next time.
James W
James W 7 months ago
Has anyone noticed that Moog acts quite maturely and normal in Marty's dream? :')
JaysCTR 7 months ago
I think Marty is just a better driver hehe
Maxiim 7 months ago
Any haldex tune on the golf r?
Richard Houlton
Richard Houlton 7 months ago
One is a proper AWD system and the other isn’t
PocketRocket1 7 months ago
Even though I own a Audi S3 8V, I would prefer to have a Evo 👌
carl lynch
carl lynch 7 months ago
Wicked vid
Rgp Rgp
Rgp Rgp 7 months ago
Leka boude baard
RobinYourHood 18
RobinYourHood 18 7 months ago
Why's It hard to get into 3rd
Jstall7543 7 months ago
Golf R is way cooler to me for a Dailey driver!
David Griggs
David Griggs 7 months ago
When that dsg breaks or wear's out you'll be up for 10K minimum to fix it. Evo all day
Junior Hallam
Junior Hallam 7 months ago
So can I get a list to everything on that Golf R for when I buy one?😂
Charny Sam
Charny Sam 7 months ago
That ending was better than the Titanic
Robelijam mitchell
Robelijam mitchell 8 months ago
i would buy the golf as a day 2 day and an evo or an sti as a track day
Kam Pillay
Kam Pillay 8 months ago
Watch top gear episode where the evo trolls the lambo , driver adds kilowatts in a manual , slapping dsg around is child’s play. You need a proper driver in the evo
Immature Mushroom
Immature Mushroom 8 months ago
All wheel drive or four wheel drive? There is a difference! Also, Id buy the evo. Looks better.
Noah B
Noah B 8 months ago
I find it interesting that the Golf only picked up 100 kW with every possible mod. Most of the turbo upgrades I have been looking at for the Mk7 R pick up 125 kW to 165 kW
Dave Cole
Dave Cole 8 months ago
Just watched the race between the two cars I think using ethanol fuel gives the EVO the advantage it's make a lot cooler combustion temperature over time as the GULF get hotter with the gasoline the ECU starts pull ignition timing thus reducing the performance of the car so if both car were using the same fuel I think the gulf would be hands down the victor.
asdf jklö
asdf jklö 8 months ago
This "i missed a gear" thing bugs me. It happens really often i think it is because of the shifting with the left hand (the WRONG hand) buy a Left Hand Drive car, or much better convert a RHD into a LHD, and drive it for 2 hours and i bet you will NEVER miss a gear with it afterwards. Why should someone do something with the weaker and less skillful hand while the better one does absolutely nothing?
Ian Chin
Ian Chin 8 months ago
the way i see it...the evo could've won...
Nicolas Winkel
Nicolas Winkel 8 months ago
The Golf. Definitely. All about that euro
kb karimi
kb karimi 8 months ago
Great video guys
murdo mcdonald
murdo mcdonald 8 months ago
For a daily/track car i’d have the golf
Mosch_4g63 8 months ago
The Evo driver can t Drive 🤦🏻‍♂️
danny Thorpe
danny Thorpe 8 months ago
put off watching this vid soooo long, glad too see nothing between the 2 cars, my all time fave 2, ill never own either till i can afford both dont reply at end one won i only watched until 8:05
Esmerald Shoshari
Esmerald Shoshari 8 months ago
Both cars are awesome . I have both of this car and love it
Esmerald Shoshari
Esmerald Shoshari 8 months ago
I got both cars and love them
David Griggs
David Griggs 8 months ago
The evo's manual trans will still be going strong long after the Flog R's auto has died.
zack zul
zack zul 8 months ago
Wat de fak is kilowatt? Where is horsepower and torque?
Sarge 8 months ago
How much would that Golf cost total?
chris 9 months ago
Wasn't driving the golf in manual with the paddles. You can hear it chop down which is not up in the rev range and off the boost.
Jan Šťastný
Jan Šťastný 9 months ago
According to Initial D. The faster car in corners is winner.
StreetDreamzTT 9 months ago
Marty. Evos don’t like to be babied.
music lover
music lover 9 months ago
Golf R every time
Nigel R
Nigel R 9 months ago
why not do race with the vw technology on also
Chris 9 months ago
i love mighty car mods, no bullshit, just fun, modding and driving! keep it up!
remiscone 9 months ago
whats wrong with Honda? :(
berto fly
berto fly 9 months ago
No i cant do the maths just give us all numbers
Killaplayers 9 months ago
Subaru life lol
LAU HONPAN 9 months ago
I want them both.
Paul Green
Paul Green 9 months ago
7:25 I was thinking the opposite.
PMP 9 months ago
I'm not a journalist. . .but the white one needs more hole in the bonnet.
VxO4fame 9 months ago
This is so embarssing to watch jesus
babygravy696 10 months ago
what a waste of perfectly good nachos mmmmmm
Aatrox 10 months ago
Actually you were slowing him down when you started first in that VW crap.
Disrespected Evo