Buying the strangest car we’ve ever seen!! ($10,000 Rear Engine Challenge) 

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Moog reveals his new car for the $10,000 rear engine challenge, but this is unlike anything the boys have ever worked on and with a battle looming, Marty is over and out...
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Mar 1, 2020




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Comments 100   
Josh 2 months ago
Does anyone happen to know the name of the wheel that’s on this? I really like the look of them and would like a set if they make a 6 lug set
Shane Davis
Shane Davis 2 months ago
the fact that this is the only street legal dune buggy in the country just proves the laws are fucking insane.
Ryan Hensley
Ryan Hensley 3 months ago
lol 200,000 rupee is like 14 dollars.... woh u guys are never playin cards at my table....we play penny enny round here fellas
Callum Dakers
Callum Dakers 3 months ago
200,000 rupiah is equal to 18.95AUD
Andrew Smedley
Andrew Smedley 4 months ago
I forgot why i stopped watching this crap, yet here I am the first ep. So much crap talking out for another year
Alvin Cornelius
Alvin Cornelius 5 months ago
200k rupiahs is not that much of money tbh
Kevin C
Kevin C 6 months ago
Looks like a ripped apart Tesla Cybertruck.
Cameron Brooks
Cameron Brooks 6 months ago
I was the producer working on this project when it was built - if you want any answers let me know if be happy to answer for you.
Da Os
Da Os 7 months ago
too much yapping not enough wrenching
Nikolay Budurov
Nikolay Budurov 7 months ago
What do you mean "It's Volkswagen"?! Honestly?! The Volkswagen solely and the VW Group in general have been manufacturing some of the best vehicles the world has ever seen, the Buggy, the Beetle and the Golf being legendary models. Some of the models are still simply unbeatable considering the price/quality/build/practicality ratio. Excuse me, but Japanese brands have never ever been even that close to doing what Germans have been manufacturing and to reaching them in their genius works. To be fair, Japanese manufacturers are still quite behind and I don't know if they would ever be ahead. Such comments like "I'm just allergic to VWs" is just stupid and irrelevant. This car maker has come up in the history of car production with some of the greatest and cleverest car manufacturing masterpieces and decisions, something which Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and all these Japanese cars cannot be proud of. Just look at the cars you have been working on over the years. About 90% of them are only Japanese. To be fair, I find this boring. Find something else, something more interesting. It could be German, French or Italian. Keep up the good work! ;)
Zachary Robertson
Zachary Robertson 7 months ago
I hope Mr. Poo wins this...
Olumide Iluyomade
Olumide Iluyomade 7 months ago
Why is it right hand drive in US?? Right hand drive??
Tom Hanrahan
Tom Hanrahan 8 months ago
This needs to be involved in an Electric Space Wizard reboot...
sl077766 8 months ago
A$8000 :D :D :D
Carlton Brooke
Carlton Brooke 8 months ago
Baaaaaa zhuuuuuu!!!!
Cameron Lovell
Cameron Lovell 8 months ago
Hey you guys, can you start doing a sort of homologated final challenge test routine? Then you can compare these challenges to each other - you’ve done quite a few now and it would be great to see them on like a chart together to see how each stacks up.
Raxer1299 8 months ago
Get a god damn Kia C'eed!!!! make it mighty so i can copy it
Adrian R
Adrian R 8 months ago
Awesome vehicle Moog. Googled "Lynx LSA buggy" and there's a crap load of stuff on this buggy. Engine according to what I found, is a 2.1ltr and weighs 660kg. Should boogy. One of the original stickers on it was "My other car is the Space Shuttle". That's GOT to go back on this buggy. I'm a fan of the MR2, both series, but I love this thing also.
USA4thewin 8 months ago
that junk wont beat Toyota
Aussie Militant
Aussie Militant 8 months ago
theres no way this thing cost 6 figures to build.
seb959 8 months ago
looks like a lego car
Fuzzbutt Woolsey
Fuzzbutt Woolsey 8 months ago
Does the fuel cell say Lynx Space Academy? I think I remember the add campaign!
Fuzzbutt Woolsey
Fuzzbutt Woolsey 8 months ago
There are a few build pictures on the internet here: www.evolutioncustomindustries.com/moonbuggy.html
Milkman69ner 8 months ago
How about t the loser has to give their car away to a fan?
Milkman69ner 8 months ago
VAG cars suck
SOFA King 8 months ago
Moon Buggy, or Moog Buggy?
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda 8 months ago
I would to go Aussie world to help you guys, but #CORONA lolGood luck boys
Paul Unrea
Paul Unrea 8 months ago
That Hyashi wheels looks awesome!
Michael 8 months ago
MCM is going to get banned in China because of all the Mr. Pooh references.
Chase Everts
Chase Everts 8 months ago
Best lap time, best slalom, best skid (longest), best j turn, best jump, most features
Revan Falcone
Revan Falcone 8 months ago
Is that a cybertruck tesla's buggy ?
Christian Radford
Christian Radford 8 months ago
What's going on with all the adds! There's loads.. not good guys
AE86 Driving Club
AE86 Driving Club 8 months ago
Nothing like being driven from the rear...
Anuskasv0 8 months ago
I reckon you know enough... ...clever people. HAHA!
Mango 8 months ago
As a classic 1968 beetle owner I am having a NERGASM over this car! I bought my bug in 2018 and im 2 years into restoring it. (california style, not patina) Recently ive been considering buying another bug and doing an offroad build but idk
Connor S
Connor S 8 months ago
This series I feel like moog is gonna issue a lot of fighting words
Vladimir Ulyanovsk
Vladimir Ulyanovsk 8 months ago
Кто после ролика bmi russian?)))
Immanum 8 months ago
Marty never won. This car awesome!
Mathew Remlin
Mathew Remlin 8 months ago
Predecessor to the cybertruck
Assassins Sheep
Assassins Sheep 8 months ago
The "Moog Buggy" (yeah i know its not that good) :)
Simon Sørensen
Simon Sørensen 8 months ago
with that design it looks as if it came straight from Tesla... :D
Southpaw_OW 8 months ago
Hey boys. My father passed away on Monday, i would just like to take the time to thank the entire might car mods team for bringing us closer and strengthening our bond father and son as we religiously watched your videos. It pains me that he wont be able to see the 10000 rear mounted engine challenge and your other upcoming builds but im going to tell him all about them when i see him next. Love you boys ❤❤
De-bodgery 8 months ago
The winner gets to sell the losers car. But the MR2 will win.
Atanas Tripzter
Atanas Tripzter 8 months ago
I cant work on this, i dont have my tetanus shot.
Shaun Snider
Shaun Snider 8 months ago
Devin Russell
Devin Russell 8 months ago
“Martin calm down with your Mr2”
Ivan Quaglia
Ivan Quaglia 8 months ago
those tires seems like for road use but are huge like off road use...i dont know if they look bigger than they are because of the car of what... what size are those?
Juan R
Juan R 8 months ago
i was having a shitty morning, but this 11 minutes fixed it. thanks MCM.
Rex McStiller
Rex McStiller 8 months ago
Moon Bug winn.
Steyn -
Steyn - 8 months ago
VAG stands for Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft not for Volkswagen Auto Group
Not Today Buddy
Not Today Buddy 8 months ago
Vin "Marty" Diesel, and a fuel cell, custom roll cage, oil cooler, aftermarket carbies, carbon fibre covers, full breather system, fuel pressure regulators. Not a bad way to spend 8K!
EJ UPGRADE IN THE BUG PLS that being said My brothers superbug used to do the fattest donuts
Justa 4banger
Justa 4banger 8 months ago
Sti swap !!!!!!!
Justa 4banger
Justa 4banger 8 months ago
Efi and turbo!!!
Paul S
Paul S 8 months ago
59 seconds and already 600,000 views!!
prerunnerwannabe 8 months ago
You could always throw on an EV conversion kit from EV West ;)
Geoff Kohoutek
Geoff Kohoutek 8 months ago
m.us-first.info/player/video/jdRsaqeagIWXZpM.html Hey mcm you should do a collab with this guy
The Viewer
The Viewer 8 months ago
If it had a V8 that is reliable fast and has much torque instead it be insanely fast
Jacob Mullen
Jacob Mullen 8 months ago
If that is the one from that commercial it rips
Mark S
Mark S 8 months ago
The VAG versus the MR-POO.....
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 8 months ago
the us-first.info/player/video/a9WGqYRrio5mZZs.html prophecy , it will change how you see life and the future.
Sean W
Sean W 8 months ago
When is the next video, or did you realize something isn't going to work? Come on people I think they're waiting for this to get a million views.
Sean W
Sean W 8 months ago
Whats up with the camber on the front?
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 8 months ago
You guys should do a “drive across the out back in this thing” episode.
Simon Says
Simon Says 8 months ago
Ahhhh man. Marty you are not alone. Im allergic to vag faggery too. MR2 turbo all day long.
John Bassett
John Bassett 8 months ago
The last of the Hitler Mo Biles.
hunter100t 8 months ago
MOOG ! I know I said a Herbie Bug but this is gold dust bruv ! cant wait to see her burning rubber ! phil.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 8 months ago
I wanted to make another challenge suggestion. You both get the same make model car, same gen, same drivetrain. Then see who can make it look cooler faster.
GhostEi 8 months ago
I need to help with contacting someone about a order I made that didn't work out right.
Mike Femenella
Mike Femenella 8 months ago
VW didn't make a 2.1L I don't believe. Biggest they made in an air cooled was the type 4 2.0L.
Hydra Salesman
Hydra Salesman 8 months ago
Mr poo and the VAG. Classic MCM.
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 8 months ago
Moog in the VAG and Marty in the poo, every car girls dream
ur awsome !! it would be cool if you guyz could mod a mini cooper with a 2l diesel engine. I would love to see how you guys would mod it to go fast
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 8 months ago
lol that's not even a car.... + it's VW eew....
Travis Holland
Travis Holland 8 months ago
Put a Subaru motor into it it will make Marty happy
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 8 months ago
I want to convert my 03 Lancer into a Manual, what manual transmissions will fit in it and where can I buy it?
Ricky Sauvage
Ricky Sauvage 8 months ago
This is an awesome project! I cant wait to see this thing ripping down the street!
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 8 months ago
Ok Moog whats next? The satellite dish of course...
alex billing
alex billing 8 months ago
us-first.info/player/video/jq2opWiIqZqHpp8.html Car Throttle doing their best impression of you guys
maxst2 8 months ago
This needs an ebay turbo...
stephen john gray
stephen john gray 8 months ago
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 8 months ago
Marty : so here's my JDM beauty, 8k for it, rear engine, beautiful lines, good car. Moog : Heck, let's just buy the alien buggy from gta
André Ribeiro
André Ribeiro 8 months ago
Put Miss Daisy engine on that buggy.. :))
Koito rob
Koito rob 8 months ago
Somebody charged over 100K for THAT? I'M IMPRESSED! Whoever paid the money should be locked up and the key thrown away...
Greg Gillham
Greg Gillham 8 months ago
So when is the next installment coming.... Hurry up... Want to see the MR2 kick ass
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 8 months ago
Nice introducing car music! what's the inspiration? it makes me think about Yellow Magic Orchestra, with the Rydeen song...
Intrepid Gaming
Intrepid Gaming 8 months ago
Looks like a mini Cybertruck
Niam Te Haeata
Niam Te Haeata 8 months ago
You guys need a "Skip Intro" button
Lloyd Howe
Lloyd Howe 8 months ago
Was 100% sure Moog would of been pushing in a Porsche, at least I'm half right with the with pushing part but then that's not hard to guess lol.
Emily An
Emily An 8 months ago
When they finally have the race to see who's rear engine car is best, Moog needs to be wearing a spacesuit
Oblithian 8 months ago
One should always wear protection.
Gaia Earthbound
Gaia Earthbound 8 months ago
I want to convert my 03 Lancer into a Manual, what manual transmissions will fit in it and where can I buy it?
Tomislav Hranietzsche
lol that's not even a car.... + it's VW eew....
Barrie McArthur
Barrie McArthur 8 months ago
Ok Moog whats next? The satellite dish of course...
Emily An
Emily An 8 months ago
When they finally have the race to see who's rear engine car is best, Moog needs to be wearing a spacesuit
kumakendo 8 months ago
The tin work in this buggy is butt ugly. I say just strip it off and run the exoskeleton
Jake The Snake Productions
Moogie is brain damage relentless!
DestinyCloudFist 8 months ago
Hey guys, have you ever thought of working on a rotary? RX 7 or 8 would be an awesome and unreliable project car!
Aulianur Rachman
Aulianur Rachman 8 months ago
ultimate prize 200.000 (two hundred thousand) RUPIAH !!! whoever win will get RICH !!!!
dan smith
dan smith 8 months ago
Mr Poo and The Vag..... you weirdos
Brayden Farrell
Brayden Farrell 8 months ago
Love the shirt moog
Achat A Chat
Achat A Chat 8 months ago
Nice introducing car music! what's the inspiration? it makes me think about Yellow Magic Orchestra, with the Rydeen song...
deja 8 months ago
Budget street cred 2!!!!!!
Jontebakhjul kautto
Jontebakhjul kautto 8 months ago
Buy a subaru boxer engine for it
Jontebakhjul kautto
Jontebakhjul kautto 8 months ago
Its stance in the front.👌🏽😂❤💯
Jontebakhjul kautto
Jontebakhjul kautto 8 months ago
Nah joknig is it rear wheel drive?
Jontebakhjul kautto
Jontebakhjul kautto 8 months ago
Scrap it ..😂
batch2448 8 months ago
Does it smell like Lynx Africa?
Ignorant White Male
Ignorant White Male 8 months ago
Turn it into a race cart like the stripped down caged 80s corvettes. Definitely take all the crap body work off of it put some big low profile wheels and tires and build some custom fibreglass body work. This thing could be so cool instead of being a moon buggy
bigmac turd
bigmac turd 8 months ago
i think the mr2 will chop all