Buying ANOTHER Modified Car Off Facebook (Without Ever Seeing It) 

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This modified masterpiece came up for sale on Facebook. Money was transferred and a tow truck was sent immediately. What arrived what more incredible than anything we could have imagined...
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Sep 24, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 months ago
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Speaking Out
Speaking Out Month ago
@mightycarmods this video depicts an EVO that’s very rare, and for sale us-first.info/player/video/nZZ7eq6scX2YqWg.html
james dalton
james dalton 2 months ago
I think that a Cell Block Booty Phone way an Ariel 🤣 wash yer Hands
Benjamin Hall
Benjamin Hall 2 months ago
If it was a breakaway style I'd so rock one!
Deniz Uzun
Deniz Uzun 2 months ago
Apparently most of the things that look like they are bodged are standard on this nugget (to mid console speaker and more) as can be seen in this Doug DeMuro video 🙄 us-first.info/player/video/hdSem4qBmIyBZ4E.html
Charles Leight
Charles Leight 2 months ago
Mighty car mods dArla
ItalianDogg Day ago
Sera in italian means evening, maybe it was called like that because you can enjoy a nice evening through the glass top.
rikter22 10 days ago
i like the ass end of that car
Bloodreign137 13 days ago
Apparently the hood/bonnet is off of a Celica gt4, the turbo is a tdo4l off of a wrx and the body kit was made by x racing
Rodrigo 14 days ago
I remember this type of tunning in the late 90-2000 era. Here people would slam the cheap cars and put crazy body kits with 10 subwoofers. Good times, not my taste but still looks crazy haha
spencer ellis
spencer ellis 15 days ago
I thought moog always called Marty “mutton”.....it’s Martin.....I’m so dumb
Be4st 16 days ago
Whoever pays you your wages needs to hold back Marty's money because he cannot be trusted with money or purchasing any vehicle by the looks of it. lol
Jessie ' s Ratrods
Jessie ' s Ratrods 19 days ago
Richard Stevenson
Richard Stevenson 23 days ago
The front bumper part of the body kit looks like a blitz Shogun I think 🤔 like you would see on 2ed Gen DSM cars.
Richard Stevenson
Richard Stevenson 23 days ago
That’s “ HotBoi Style “ on a extreme budget 🤣
Moussa .S
Moussa .S 24 days ago
4age engine I think
Syed Ahmed Reza
Syed Ahmed Reza 27 days ago
The titles music is 80s style. I miss my childhood. Excellent track guys..
Garrett Pattison
In response to Moog's question: The Toyota Sera is pronounced tou-yoh-tah seh-lah in Japanese!
Applebottemgs Month ago
Moog green pants are fresh. I need some on those.
Versatility Entertainment
From what I heard, the door struts will wear out overtime replace them soon as possible. Doors are heavy without them.
Logan Berry
Logan Berry Month ago
The vents remind me on my 3g eclipse
Jake Hancock
Jake Hancock Month ago
My car also came with a steering wheel
MoRbiD SikNeSS
MoRbiD SikNeSS Month ago
The ocean comes in and goes out.... Im dying laughing
xtian. Month ago
chappy2121 Month ago
The front bumper looks like it's off the Eclipse on the original fast and furious. In fact it looks like they've tried to replicate it 🤣. iirc that bonnet is the same or similar to the Celica GT-FOUR. That circular vent is to cool the cambelt weirdly
Jimmy Cave
Jimmy Cave Month ago
16:11 when you Know you paid too much for a car, and your mate keeps asking. lmao
JerkyFraser Month ago
The person responsible for this has very questionable taste. This looks too far gone.
Hastings Month ago
Back in 1991 I saw a guy driving down the road who owned one.
Ahrk Ricardo
Ahrk Ricardo Month ago
0:45 Toyota what? Like Michael Cera?
Mohammed Shameer
Can you guys build a custom scooter 😁🙏
Ubuntu Assessing chanel
now you really gone to far .......
Anton Sinyavin
Anton Sinyavin Month ago
Прикольное корытце
Just Aname
Just Aname Month ago
Wow...These 2 guys would have to be the most clueless clowns on youtube
Sean W
Sean W Month ago
Did you say Marty went to Lemon Town?
Trace Cole
Trace Cole Month ago
The previous modder ‘Homer’ left his e mail in a forum with his car staging pics......homez19@hotmail.com MCM should try and send him a shout out. He apparently sold the car back in 2008, after spending so much time and effort to bring it to the level he wanted.
Ju K.
Ju K. Month ago
You guys easily have one of the most unique car channels out their keep it up
David Hiscock
David Hiscock Month ago
It's got looks only a mother could love
T1NY Month ago
would be 100% come to that show if i was in AUS, was the best era for cars imo cos they was all different! now they are all clones of eachother
** Month ago
Plenty of the old cars and owners in this group if your keen to put on a show facebook.com/groups/sxspecmemorylane
Potardo Month ago
Guys I think I found more pics of that car www.toyotasera.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=2873
Alex Pearce
Alex Pearce Month ago
I’m in SA
Longrange Volley
The seats are from a suzuki baleno gti, or an old swift/justy
Neg Ative
Neg Ative Month ago
Tim Hulstaert
Tim Hulstaert Month ago
Those doors are either butterfly or Scissor doors not gullwing
bigtrucker26 Month ago
interesting car... I'd love to see you guys re-ignite the sex-spec show, even if toned down to it's once grandure...
That's cool, I live near a place in the UK called Leamington 😂
Flushdraw Month ago
the wheels are msw italy. i had those on my l501 mira in 12 inch
Alex Nairn
Alex Nairn Month ago
When are you guys gonna do a holden
Pierre Norlen
Pierre Norlen Month ago
Subaru SVX is a must for u guys, thats funky 90's retro future stuff :D
Ronald marty Martin
I absolutely care about the price
Ronald marty Martin
That's a BLITZ body kit on the front bumper I had the exact same front on my 95 eclipse.
Derrick Boyd
Derrick Boyd Month ago
I actually love it 🤣🤣
187 Mrpaco
187 Mrpaco Month ago
Could just cut one of the wires that connects to the alarm and reconnect if you want it working again 🤣 ghetto life
Opt1mystyq Month ago
Another addition to the lifesize Hotwheels collection.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Month ago
wer got the same oil fill cap,same bov valve and the same engine but the similarities end there i think...
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Month ago
"There's water coming out of the wiring" Struth.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Month ago
The black tint needs to come off the doors and rear glass, it looks so much cooler all clear.
Asher Fawcus
Asher Fawcus Month ago
Pretty sure I had the hot 4’s mag with this in it.
Chris Domingo
Chris Domingo Month ago
Hope you eventually do some tasteful aesthetic and performance mods on this little nugget and make it great. It's such a strange and rare vehicle, would be a shame to just do the track challenge and break it
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Month ago
Jumble SERA and you get ARSE
Diabolical Biscuit
Seaweed Sarah
Ben Medhurst
Ben Medhurst Month ago
I will be at the sex spec show
Niels Month ago
The Toyota Sera of based on a Toyota Paseo and original with a 1.5 90 hp motor. It sound like the motor is a 4efte with around 135 hp turbo.
The Yellow Cursor
Are the doors stock? That’s pretty trick.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Month ago
It's already doubled in value being an ex-MCM car 🤷‍♂️
Driveway Developments
I want it
Scaffolders Sausage party
Your US-first channel is Awesome, keep up the nice work. I wanted to add a pic of my project car ✌
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Month ago
That cars rad!! I don’t care what people say.
TERRAOperative Month ago
x-speed body kit, made in Australia. So-so quality, the Japanese ones were better looking. Celica GT4 bonnet scoop. Remnants of the Super Live Sound speakers from the factory option stereo. Many of the body and interior parts are hard to get and a little pricey these days, but the running gear, transmission, brakes, suspension etc are all the same as a Starlet. You can even do a rear disk brake swap directly from a Starlet too. I built one years ago, went ok but wasn't a performance car by any means... imgur.com/a/RxyZf
Edgee J. Drezwell
Wow! Really diggin' hat car. Right as it pulled in.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Month ago
I saw 2wisted broken down in Sydney a few weeks ago. Sex spec marmalade goodness😂 This ones worth keeping an eye on
Kruisin Wagen
Kruisin Wagen Month ago
Next challenge: 90's VW Golf GTi nugget?!
Flat4Life Month ago
The black tint needs to come off the doors and rear glass, it looks so much cooler all clear.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Month ago
many hours it takes to do it though out of curiosity
aps01 Month ago
wer got the same oil fill cap,same bov valve and the same engine but the similarities end there i think...
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Month ago
car starts to roll in, I glance at the screen "Cool, a gc8 with a body kit" glances back at the screen "What the... Oh no.."
ogden1583 Month ago
Jumble SERA and you get ARSE
L15EWT Month ago
When your parents question you how much you spent on car parts 😂
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Month ago
I just found the original owners "Stage 3" build thread www.toyotasera.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=2873 The car used to look unreal!!!
Ivo Kraaier
Ivo Kraaier Month ago
skip to 14:40 for the essential question: start it already!
Richard Walden
Richard Walden Month ago
That weird looking centre dash speaker is actually part of a factory fitted option from Toyota called the "Super Live Sound System" the SLSS consisted of 10 speakers in total, including a sub in the boot and a bar on the rear shelf designed to reflect off the glass, along with a specialist DSP to control it all. Presumably quite state of the art in its time!
CoreyP Month ago
revving an engine that hasnt ran in a while is a bad idea...
CoreyP Month ago
those ac vents are from a mitsubishi eclipse
matt crosson
matt crosson Month ago
Seras actually came with that center speaker and all those wild speaker mounts they just switched the speakers and amp out
V LM Month ago
That cars rad!! I don’t care what people say.
Jagdev Gill
Jagdev Gill Month ago
Hi guys.. great that u guys a giving it love.. what's the update though.. all prep up?
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Month ago
Hey so I was just chilling on Forza Horizon 4 when I saw a new event that popped up. I'll tell you why that's relevant in a second. I noticed in this video you guys mentioned you didn't know what hood this was, or if it was factory, or custom and whatnot. Well I found out that the hood is from a Toyota Celica GTFour RC. I only noticed that because I won the car on Forza and saw the same hood... anyways.. yeah
sandwich bar
sandwich bar Month ago
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Month ago
I can already see it: TriSeratops. Marty needs a Honda Beat now.
Raymond Hebert
Raymond Hebert Month ago
Those air vents are Toyota, my wife's RAV4 has the same ones. Keep an open mind, these guys will transform this thing as they do into something amazing. I want to hear how many hours it takes to do it though out of curiosity
Toyota version of the crx lol
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Month ago
about time someone did a Sera!!!
Harry Lucas
Harry Lucas Month ago
the speaker in middle of dash is oem
Tom Spiller
Tom Spiller Month ago
Still got nothing on 2wisted 😍
Ye' is in the building
I just found the original owners "Stage 3" build thread www.toyotasera.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=2873 The car used to look unreal!!!
Tom Cunnington
Tom Cunnington Month ago
This was the car earlier on - www.toyotasera.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=4403
kiro kurosaki
kiro kurosaki Month ago
Yes the hood does look like it was from a Celica GT4 lol they should have bought that it would have been a fun car
timtamz Month ago
its a 4efe was in my first super windy starlet
Vanessa Camp
Vanessa Camp Month ago
You should swap on the chrome wheels that came on 2sexy. Wait,....... I just looked it was 4 years ago. Those are long gone now. Hahaha.
Terry Prrston
Terry Prrston Month ago
Yes it is a toyota celica gt4 bonnet the little vent is to cool the alternator on the celica's
S Dub Projects
S Dub Projects Month ago
Neons!!!!! Hell yes!! Where's all these UK ex sex spec cars, send me one to save!!
Jamie Gent
Jamie Gent Month ago
I had one of those
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Month ago
be upgraded easily since glanza parts are widely available. greetings from a former sera and starlet owners hehe
Meike Month ago
omg, flip it back to its original state as much as possible. Save this little guy ! :(
Hoodwerks Films
Hoodwerks Films Month ago
Follow up comment....I hope this car becomes a widebody stancy boy 🙃
Hoodwerks Films
Hoodwerks Films Month ago
I’d drive it 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Incognito Bandito
about time someone did a Sera!!!
Ryan Prescott
Ryan Prescott Month ago
Toyota S-Era sexspec Era car! See what I did there?
Kazy gore
Kazy gore Month ago
Imagine finding new glass for that thing lol
Gabe A.
Gabe A. Month ago
For US viewers its a Paseo, aka "sporty" Tercel.
MotoGarage Month ago
I spat my drink out while u pushed that in 😂😂
Embrace Racing
Embrace Racing Month ago
"Nuts and shit" sums up the whole car, not just that box lol
kolim jone
kolim jone Month ago
It looks like if a Mitsubishi Eclipse Gen 1 ate too much Fairy bread