BRZ vs WRX STI - ReMatch [Disrespected Emotion] 

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130kw VS 180kw - Well that was unexpected! We take the BRZ and WRX STI to a smaller track to see if the RWD BRZ can keep up with the JDM Hero STI on a tighter circuit - an unexpected result that we didn't see coming!
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Aug 28, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 months ago
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Ridma Rajapaksha
Blue Bird
iTuMoxai Month ago
too late, but name this "карасик" (karasy'k)
Bruce Baxter
Bruce Baxter 2 months ago
i was surprised the wrx wasnt using the 4x4 advantage, yes the plough understeer sux, but try the old sweedish rally flick, load the car thewrong way under brakes and swap to light accel as you enter
Bruce Baxter
Bruce Baxter 2 months ago
HI808AF STATE 2 months ago
A different line for the WRX would be so much faster
Jessie ' s Ratrods
Jessie ' s Ratrods 17 days ago
*BRZ passes STI* My brain: DONT STOP THE MUSIC!!!!!
Fred Faour
Fred Faour 24 days ago
BRZ: Blue Ricey Zombie (AE86 rehash).
david uasdghfjaef
Bratz Doll
R3D-1 Truth
R3D-1 Truth Month ago
Name: Brown Rice Ziti - Cheers
Nikoxion Month ago
B is for BRZ... wait, wrong channel.
Russell Baker
Russell Baker Month ago
B-blue R- racing Zaftig (Zaftig- having a shapely and full figure; voluptuous; full-bosomed)
Brandon Fairbanks
Blue Raging Zucchini. Great build and very entertaining.
240sx In canada
240sx In canada Month ago
try 60/40 next time you will do less understeer !! :P
Deaven Jorgensen
How dare you call me the internet!
Austin Jolley
Austin Jolley Month ago
Bi racial zebra
Данил Корыстин
B-british R-rich Z-Zorro Sorry, i bed spekeng and writing in english
Toto Abicyclette
Better off Racing a Zebra ?
Ajay Vc
Ajay Vc Month ago
Gotta learn heel-toe downshifting. I'm surprised you guys haven't invested time in learning it yet.
Кирилл Гурцев
abas! 2 months ago
Cool video Hi from Ukraine
Thomas Rorstad
Thomas Rorstad 2 months ago
Big Rapey Zebra
WhereverHugo 2 months ago
Marty looks proper fast in that Subaru!
Stephen Hughes
Stephen Hughes 2 months ago
Scooby Doo...... every time!!
Fake Namenson
Fake Namenson 2 months ago
what is the scraping noises coming from martys car? and i don't mean the tyre squeal
Fake Namenson
Fake Namenson 2 months ago
Big Red Zubaru because it's not big, it's not red and thats not how you spell subaru?
Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes 2 months ago
Marty: It's a rally car, so DRIVE it like a rally car! Use the throttle to pull the front out of the corners when it understeers. Simultaneous gas and brake with your left foot, rally style, will let you transfer weight and angle the car as sideways or not as you want. You definitely have the aggressiveness! Nice driving! Moog: You've got this. :)
Cal Miller
Cal Miller 2 months ago
There you have it, all the STI needed was 50% more power and AWD to stay with the BRZ....
brian perez
brian perez 2 months ago
@mighty car mods name her the ballsy radical zealot!,,
Luca Sandrini
Luca Sandrini 2 months ago
Blue Raging Zeus
Vladoo153 2 months ago
Coolant temps stay at 90c° but be sure that oil will be at 120°C+ with the 86/brz. Be sure to add an oil cooler.
slydweis 2 months ago
Thanks for the shoutout! @10:57
KiraOnii Chan
KiraOnii Chan 2 months ago
I think you have it wrong, you're a video on the internet and I'm in the real world
DENetworkES 2 months ago
Moog should try and learn how to use heel-toe and double clutch and do more aggressive gear downshifts to keep the revs higher, BR-Z needs to keep high revs all time to keep up.
oblio125 2 months ago
Call it BLUZ
Yente Cool
Yente Cool 2 months ago
A good name would be "turtle poo"
feeesh. 2 months ago
sweet b110
Kyle Vlaming
Kyle Vlaming 2 months ago
BRZ Budget Raging Zygote
Riyaz Hosein
Riyaz Hosein 2 months ago
Blue racing zombie
Chris Sheen
Chris Sheen 2 months ago
Billie Rae Zyruss
Fuzaneko 2 months ago
Blue Rocket Zebra!
tanis nedic
tanis nedic 2 months ago
Call it oil leak
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin 2 months ago
Gentlemen, under Covid lockdown here in Northern California,. Your antics were much fun to watch. The only road fun I get is driving my 2019 WRX w/stick to the grocery store. Great to hear and see you play with those corners. Yep, those big (heavy) Dodges, Mercedes, Mustangs etc. take me on the straight. I leave them far behind after a curve. Light, small and quick is good. You both got fun cars!
Grier M
Grier M 2 months ago
Tyres getting well tested today 😆
Dayle 2 months ago
😂Vegan milkshake, what??
Zahari Stoyanov
Zahari Stoyanov 2 months ago
Where's the Gemini
Flummi 2 months ago
You might call it the Burrito.Did anyone of you left some tags/graffiti while in cologne?And the WRX looks like it needs faster rebound on the dampers (they go down too slow).You loose grip on the inside front wheel after the first initial sideload and then you are done.Upward pressure seems a bit harsh,hope you can adjust this.
Carlos Rosario
Carlos Rosario 2 months ago
The new name for the car should be (the zubí turbo").😁
Simon Acosta
Simon Acosta 2 months ago
2:09 nice FIAT
wtfomg 18
wtfomg 18 2 months ago
Brz = brezel (german for prezel (who would have thought)) or brzl cause its cooler
ding 2 months ago
I now know who chopped you both at 7:30 🤣
Keith 2 months ago
I'll stick with my WRX
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 2 months ago
big raunchy zimmer frame
Tshepo Mathang
Tshepo Mathang 2 months ago
SuBreezee. In south africa, we would say the blue Su Bru
Thomas Castellani
Thomas Castellani 2 months ago
BRZ = Blue Raunchy Zoombox
M Simo
M Simo 2 months ago
Neuronaut 2 months ago
Did the MR2 pass him?
BCzepa 2 months ago
car name: BeRealZ
Quentin Durrstein
Quentin Durrstein 2 months ago
Yeah, but what about the white 1980s Toyota MR2 that was keeping up with both of you surprisingly well for something that is more than a decade older than either car? You may have to try and build one and see how it compares!
ricardo1e93 2 months ago
Random aplause for the Corolla "SHIT FIRE 2"
bigtrucker26 2 months ago
I think you need to talk to the other wrx owner, about suspension tuning...
djUpRoar 2 months ago
So Moog did that awesome engine swap into not only the mini but the Datsun as well, Marty since you seem to really like the Miata how about an RX-7 Rotory engine swap into a Miata??? 😃
Walter Hankin
Walter Hankin 2 months ago
The takumi edition brz
Blahblahblah 2 months ago
Big Raging Zombie
flailios 2 months ago
Only 5% can solve this!
Bloke 2 months ago
James McMechan
James McMechan 2 months ago
Moog needs to get closer to the ripple strips on the apexes and use as much of the width of the track as possible.
connor ofarrell
connor ofarrell 2 months ago
Adam TeBeest
Adam TeBeest 2 months ago
BRZ = Blue Racing Zombie
VICWAVY 2 months ago
Call it BRAPZ 😁
Junior boy
Junior boy 2 months ago
Where is that golf R
dimacypher 2 months ago
Rblx_12] wavy
Rblx_12] wavy 2 months ago
Marty needs to adjust the DCCD to compensate for the understeer. Send as much drive to the rear as possible (65% rear and 35% front i think) and start from there. This will allow power oversteer and makes it much more controllable on the throttle. The only other issue is that it is a small car with small wheel guards and a 215mm wide tyre is about as wide as you can fit without rubbing on suspension or body parts. (yes i own a GC WRX)
Jason Chxn
Jason Chxn 2 months ago
Big Robot Zuckerburg
93GrayWolf93 2 months ago
Love watching the boys actually using themselves. MOOG. Final corner should be as late an apex as you can to maximise the straight line speed. So opposite to what you're doing in this vid. MARTY. you wanna take off some speed and reduce lock until the screaming stops from your front tyres. That's just burning rubber not helping turn in. If you leave your DCCD in auto try being heavy on the throttle them moment you notice your hands start to reduce steering lock.
Emmanuel Dedman
Emmanuel Dedman 2 months ago
Has anyone ever told you to use the ebrake on the sti?
Jao Nick
Jao Nick 2 months ago
brz and 86 is one of those cars every beginner car guy should own and learn on
moa labs
moa labs 2 months ago
wow, is that fiat 127 in the background? did they sell fiats down under?
Phillip Snowdon
Phillip Snowdon 2 months ago
Soften or ditch the front arb should help with the understeer on the sti.
Jacques Tube et vous
Name suggestion: BruiZeR
Will smith
Will smith 2 months ago
should be left foot braking like the group b quattro guys figured out back in the day
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle 2 months ago
Not sure about your technique still Marty but hell you were sending it on those laps (IMHO) . Maybe you were on it as hard as possible but a bloke cant tell that close to the tyre screeching limit in front of a screen. But I think to get a good bit quicker now a feller would have to be a remarkable driver . Both of those cars are motoring now guys.
Doodie Ploplets
Doodie Ploplets 2 months ago
BRZ - breeze, cause thats not what you are going to feel driving this stock...
Jason S
Jason S 2 months ago
BRZ = Beating Rally Zubies
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex 2 months ago
david hubbard
david hubbard 2 months ago
BRZ = BRoZilla
tweakmaster2k10 2 months ago
Big Raging Zebra!!!
Chris cringle
Chris cringle 2 months ago
Billie Ray Zyrus
Greg Pineda
Greg Pineda 2 months ago
I enjoy how each video I can recall ends with getting something to eat!!
Robert pembrey
Robert pembrey 2 months ago
BRZ Blue Rosie ‘Blue Ro-Zie’
John Ryan
John Ryan 2 months ago
BadRaZer 🤪
jonglo52 2 months ago
BRZ name: Bruiser (can replace S with Z if you want to tie it up more neatly)
Jeffrey Waite
Jeffrey Waite 2 months ago
If you put a wing on the back of the brz you can take corners faster without the ass end sliding out..
Jeffrey Waite
Jeffrey Waite 2 months ago
A wing will help on a Front wheel drive car also.. There was this big argument about a wings on a Front wheel drive car helping or not and a China man made a US-first video years ago on a race track with and without a wing and proved a wing helps a lot.. turns out down force can be your friend lol..
Squid 2 months ago
Vinyl wrap it black-and-white call it big racing zebra
Mason Bauer
Mason Bauer 2 months ago
Name it Burzum!
Kmorrt 2 months ago
why not calling it BRaZzers
Bemo 2 months ago
Broozr would fit when you chop the STi
Desert Drone
Desert Drone 2 months ago
BRZ : “Vipex” The front of the car looks like the snake head and they are both subie blue! Google search “blue viper snake”
Lancedaemon GT
Lancedaemon GT 2 months ago
Those are 2 different cars the brz is a great handeling fun daily drivable car but the wrx sti is a car forged for the hellfires of rally
Vic Cruz
Vic Cruz 2 months ago
Was it the Motive DVD with the other sti?
Brett Johnston
Brett Johnston 2 months ago
Call the BRZ Rudy. The underdog with a lot of fight that just wants a chance to play in a real game some day.
azagedon 2 months ago
Shit fire 2, that made me burst out laughing for sure.
David Ding
David Ding 2 months ago
tmac03119509 2 months ago
Which Tyres are fitted to the BRZ?
Eli Rodriguez
Eli Rodriguez 2 months ago
Call it The Breezy Blue Thunder lol