Brembo Brakes, Shocks & Full JDM Wheel Restoration // Marty's WRX STI 

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In this massive episode we finish the 6 speed conversion off with Brembo Brakes with new pads and rotors. We also make a set of customised shocks to match up the older and newer drivelines and then with the help of some good friends, get a set of custom re-finished SSR Type C 17" Wheels on the car.
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Jul 1, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 5 months ago
Can you believe this is the 12th Season of Mighty Car Mods? Want to start from the very first video? Challenge accepted?! mightycarmods.com/blogs/news/twelve-12-season-of-mighty-car-mods-are-you-up-to-the-challenge
tredigi 4 months ago
*This reminds me of the old days, this time they actually have money to spend on a car. XD*
GGC Hills
GGC Hills 4 months ago
Awesome guys. watching constantly from here in Brighton UK
2controled 4 months ago
WHEN YOU GOING TO GET THAT WHITE MAZDA AND PUT THIS? mevltd.co.uk/kit-cars/mev-exocet/pricing EXOCET BODY KIT 👌👌👌
Тимур Вафин
HONDA SITY TURBO 2 for Marty!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE !!!!!!! help spread
Тимур Вафин
HONDA SITY TURBO 2 for Marty!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE !!!!!!! help spread
Nicho Barricco
Nicho Barricco 14 days ago
For a Subaruist, this is getting to be the perfect car.
AM2prunejuice 21 day ago
What is the song at 17:50?
Paul Sheehan
Paul Sheehan 23 days ago
Why no Bridgestones?
thumpin1 Month ago
SHAME, SHAME... No centre caps for the wheels...! 😪😪😪
simon lloyd
simon lloyd Month ago
awesome video, awesome car, puerile music
Daniel Orellana
Daniel Orellana 2 months ago
I cannot believe that this was three months ago....feels like a year ago when I first watched this video. Keep up the great content!
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
I wanna do this to my '06 Mustang (also my dream car) by putting S550 (2015+) Mustang Brembos on my '06. It's definitely doable but not necessarily as bolt on as you guys got with the subie. But man, this STI has come such a long way in a short period of time, great stuff guys! A meaty nugget you guys got on your hands 👌
TheS1PikesPeak 2 months ago
Pilot Sport 4S would be better but it’s not a big mistake.
TheS1PikesPeak 2 months ago
Disc Brakes Australia are the best Aftermarket Rotors you can get. They are Good Enough to Stop on the German High Speed Autobahn again and again and again.
Paul_728 2 months ago
What are the wheel specs of the SSR Type C
SmIT 2 months ago
You guys should get a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G gsx or GST and do a build or competition with it agains the sti!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 3 months ago
Wow this is awesome now
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi 3 months ago
Is the Bridgestone sponsorship deal over ? I’m happy you guys are using PS4
YAMAURIXT500 3 months ago
.....and rebound. 😂
R Chow
R Chow 3 months ago
4;50 - wow your brows marty. go on then
ScaryValdis 3 months ago
Don't want to be a smartass, but having done wheel restoration for over 5 years, we've seen several cases where the paint between wheels and brakes caused bent rotors so we usually clean the contact surface of wheels before installing them on a car. Might not always be the case and powder coating has a bigger chance to cause problems, seems like the paint is keeping heat from transfering from brakes to wheels, but I might be completely wrong.
harrison tailby
harrison tailby 3 months ago
what brake rotors did you use?
Matt Marent
Matt Marent 3 months ago
What was the exact color that he had the wheels painted again? i know it is a Fiat body color but i couldn't quite catch the actual name of it
ScaryValdis 3 months ago
fiat 750 is the paint code. Named Fiat marron volciano.
Svenska VargenTV
Svenska VargenTV 3 months ago
Only me or did that car go on 3 sparkplugs ?
Dj Arcas
Dj Arcas 4 months ago
Wait, ABS? This model doesn't have DCCD?
DENetworkES 4 months ago
I hope you guys wiped the exhaust with isopropylic alcohol to clean all grease stains and fingerprints, after few heat cycles it will look uniformly burnt.
J-Rock Eastwood
J-Rock Eastwood 4 months ago
I wish you guys would do the BMW 335i. because your videos are entertaining and easy to understand. Im not sure if you get BMW's in Australia, do you?
VDuro1 4 months ago
...look, I know you guys wanna play like the evo was a dream. Just have a dream where you race it against the sti at the track on camera....
samuel ritsema
samuel ritsema 4 months ago
Subaru WRX STI vs nissan GTIR
Keld Tundraking
Keld Tundraking 4 months ago
"If you don't like your neighbors you can take it off" If?
Geoff Kelland
Geoff Kelland 4 months ago
Have some self respect
Geoff Kelland
Geoff Kelland 4 months ago
Omg the techno music is sooo chilish and sooo oh baad amateurizinglyamaturbaaad
DigiMindPrime 4 months ago
Hi guys! What greases and liquids do you use when installing brakes and pads? For ex. black "grease" on brake pad shims or liquid for clearing rusty parts of wheel hubs and so on. Thanks a lot! You are awesome!
DanP 4 months ago
big OOF spraypainted the inside wheel without masking off, hf with them coming loose in a few hundrets km's been there, done that.
vineman 4 months ago
Mighty Car Mods specifically Moog, I send rays of fire for not finding this awesome track in good quality!!!!I'm excited about this track)Here you are of course petty!!!!!violently dislike!!!!!
H.R. 4 months ago
Where is the STI lip spoiler on front bumper?
tredigi 4 months ago
*Don't drink the magic tank fluid.*
Andy Helfrich
Andy Helfrich 4 months ago
I was hoping the pointer would return!
dave martin
dave martin 4 months ago
this paint guy youve been using is brilliant tbh.
复刻包包家族 4 months ago
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BILLZ 1981
BILLZ 1981 4 months ago
this is benny really that’s a kick in the teeth how bout check out bennys custom works and the skid factory
Corie Hart
Corie Hart 4 months ago
I have always gone on the concept of if it needs replacing replace with factory or better/aftermarket. I had minis so when brakes fail wof I tracked down some disk brakes off a 2000 +mini which happens to be APracing calipers 4pot but rotors didnt fit 13x6.5rims and thay were thin so got rotors off a Austin 1300 but had to get the inside machined to clear the mini hubs little bumps inside rotor.rear had mini fin drums with new brake cylinders.
LowDoze 4 months ago
Those wheels look insane!! That guy is a wizard.
A.J. W.
A.J. W. 4 months ago
Absolutely love everything about this car. Excellent choice on the DBA rotors & wheel color, looks epic with the gold Brembos. Great video.
homerslogic 4 months ago
Did you voice over that Asian man?
homerslogic 4 months ago
Why would you not use new hardware with new pads.
jimmy nyoike
jimmy nyoike 4 months ago
what is the name of the soundtrack at 4:13 ?
Los Elmos Maximos
Los Elmos Maximos 4 months ago
18:46 geeez... Its the Car Wizard! :-D What are you doin in down under? ^^
CreamnCoffee2 4 months ago
Don't do coil overs, just do rear sway bar. It will reduce or remove the understeer without making it harsh riding.
justin walters
justin walters 4 months ago
I am so glad you went with bronze wheels. Simple perfection.
bvernon97 4 months ago
But the big question is, does Rake love it?
Robo Story
Robo Story 4 months ago
Why 17 inch wheels? Are 17’s better on the track than 18’s... same rubber.
MagicPoptartz14 4 months ago
God that’s a good looking car
豆腐店藤野屋 4 months ago
できればアルミホイルの修正も 自分たちで 業者に任せずに 自分たちの手でやって欲しかった
Андрей Смирнов
Ждём перевода.
Jbechara34 4 months ago
I’m having terrible dejavú. I’ve seen this before????
MOS6582 4 months ago
Footage has suddenly stepped up several notches - smooth af, crazy shallow DOF and 60fps? Looks like $$$
David 4 months ago
Using wd-40 on rubber things like exhaust hangers is a bad idea. The petroleum will ruin them. I recommend using silicone lubricant. Avoid liquid wrench "silicone" spray though because it has petroleum in it, and apparently its a lot because you can clearly smell it
TheSnareKid 4 months ago
I’m watching this series and just watching my dream Subaru. the coupe GC8 is my dream build, and sadly in the states the closest thing we got was the RS2.5 and finding a coupe is very rare. I love this car, I have a WRB 17 WRX so this would be a lovely duo. I would love to see this car in a Blue Steel Mica!
Livin 2 Race
Livin 2 Race 4 months ago
Love the wheels !!
A Brame
A Brame 4 months ago
thedementation666 4 months ago
The music was dogshit this episode.
Andrew Kilner
Andrew Kilner 4 months ago
Moog is in black hand I'm TRIGGERED us-first.info/player/video/oMuvYICep26Ha58.html :)
Mattouge 4 months ago
looking good m8!
Shannon 4 months ago
I spent 10s of thousands of dollars to ensure my Porsche 930 could be returned to stock/pure. I regret ever dollar.
Matthew McCarthy
Matthew McCarthy 4 months ago
"While the car is up in the air, I'm gonna change the diff oil. While the oil that's in it may be fine..." That oil that came out was pristine. Not criticizing the decision to change it, that's just good sense but I've never seen oil come out of any car part looking that good.
Tanner M
Tanner M 4 months ago
Hope you do more videos with the painter that dude is awesome
aola wili
aola wili 4 months ago
Every episode I watch I think “why does Moog do that weird jump?” 0:10
aola wili
aola wili 4 months ago
Purity, for people that don't want to spend money on their car but want street cred...
Gardo Santiago
Gardo Santiago 4 months ago
It’s gorgeous!
justin walters
justin walters 4 months ago
Got those same rotors on my Bugeye WRX Wagon. Really high quality.
Stephen E
Stephen E 4 months ago
I put those same dba discs on my STi. They feel great.
Matthew Garst
Matthew Garst 4 months ago
I might say much love from the US you guys are awesome you guys are chill man I like what you guys are doing keep up the work can't wait for your next full skid videos Man all the way from East Tennessee
Aqua 4 months ago
Man 10 years ago marty was sickened by gold rims on a subaru, now he's come full circle
MrGuvEuroman 4 months ago
I think Benny would look good with a Mad Max style Mohawk.
Tomi Kallela
Tomi Kallela 4 months ago
Blue subaru with basic golden wheels, where have i seen that before.....
Bernard Fender
Bernard Fender 4 months ago
Love those wheels Those wheels are terrible Wheels are bloody awful beautiful stupid ace
DonTimmay 4 months ago
those wheels are beautiful mate
Miguel Martin
Miguel Martin 4 months ago
I owned a this car but had to sell it 3 years ago. I had a smile ear to ear the whole time watching this video and past videos of this build. I'm excited for more! This makes me want to import another jdm and do a proper build.
Peter Schurr
Peter Schurr 4 months ago
I thought you might have done a bunch of bush at the same time (secret video?). Eg, gbox mount, shifter, rear subframe, those two diff stud bushes, etc?
Peter Schurr
Peter Schurr 4 months ago
Nice Wera wrenches and ratchets. Perhaps a little less production? And a bit more ‘sounds of the garage’?
traildevil67 4 months ago
!!!!!!! 16:36 SERIOUSLY NO ONE CAUGHT Marty calling it a 7 SPEED GEAR KNOB????????? Must of got hooked up with Brian's eclipse's gearbox. Better watch out for Danger to Manifold.
slowbird 4 months ago
Gorgeous! I'd try black lugs on the wheels
HavokStrifeX 4 months ago
Wow. You made the car perfect. Anyone who thinks otherwise can stfu. Speaking of stfu, I do a shit ton of it whenever Benny speaks. Is he legit like a Subaru engineer or something?
Jordan Kinberg
Jordan Kinberg 4 months ago
Purity, for people that don't want to spend money on their car but want street cred...
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 4 months ago
Can you guys show how to 2 step in a n/a car
dudefromkeene 4 months ago
Please do a video on the underrated first gen Mazda MX-6 and it’s bulletproof F2T engine. It’s a nugget so it’s perfect for this show.
Tyler Lucas
Tyler Lucas 4 months ago
I know this is a big ask, but I would love to see ya pick up a car from the junker, throw it up on the lift and replace it from front to back to get it back and running, but if I'm being straight I know it isn't happening lol.
Tyler Lucas
Tyler Lucas 4 months ago
I'd like to say I found your "Budget Street Cred" video and it was brilliant
Jon 4 months ago
Where'd all the Bridgestone's go? Not necessarily complaining, just curious. Just threw some PS4S' on my GTI, and they've been wonderful
lindsay brown
lindsay brown 4 months ago
I started watching you guys from day dot loved the quirky one off things you guys did flash forward a lot of years and I've watched your last six episodes......totally hooked again haha you guys don't age (in entertainment value anyway) looking forward to more car goodness, cheers guys
Robert Lv
Robert Lv 4 months ago
Dude that's a mouthfull, the look at Bennys face hahahahaha.
Joshua Hartford
Joshua Hartford 4 months ago
Wonder if u guys still have the homosexual vaccum from the honda episode when u found ky jelly under the seat
Anon 4 months ago
MCM has been a journey.. I love you guys
Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey 4 months ago
You tease! You didn't even let us see it moving down the street!
Madogen 4 months ago
Next week on MCM, Marty Chops Moog...
Delta BoXeR
Delta BoXeR 4 months ago
Look how easy everything is with a 4 poster car lift. I need one in my life. Working on your back on a concrete floor with no room to move isnt the best :(
Fred Banionis
Fred Banionis 4 months ago
That's the same Benny from GTA Online? lol
Ian Edwards
Ian Edwards 4 months ago
If you haven’t already, swap out the factory clutch line/damper, with a braided stainless unit. Your clutch feel and accuracy will increase 100%.
doliio volay
doliio volay 4 months ago
Respect for Ben’s Dunlop Volleys! 👟
Flanker84 4 months ago
Sick cars, sick tunes... MAN!!!
Charlie Karyanto
Charlie Karyanto 4 months ago
B e a Utiful
Roddy Dykes
Roddy Dykes 4 months ago
21:00 being trying to puzzle out a cheap setup to paint wheels without tires, stacks of milk crates seems like a great idea
Roddy Dykes
Roddy Dykes 4 months ago
The set-up in that guy’s shop was absolutely hilarious. Would love to be a tech or painter somewhere with this sense of humour
Bewry1000 4 months ago
You guys need to mod a ford probe. That would be different and cool
d4zzyb 4 months ago
Every episode I watch I think “why does Moog do that weird jump?” 0:10
flyboynextdoor 4 months ago
Finally a car worthy of the channel!! Guess most of us drive 2Sexies when were young, Awesome upgrade Marty
Disrespected Evo