All The Cars We Own - FULL WALKTHROUGH (4K) 

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What cars exactly are in the MCM Garage and which projects do we still own? We recently got all the cars out so we could give you a walkthrough of the current fleet: The Cars of Mighty Car Mods!
Limited numbers of our book left - we will sign them for you!
Shop: www.mightycarmods.com/collections/
Facebook: mightycarmods
Forum: forums.mightycarmods.com
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Dec 13, 2019




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Brandon Phillip
Brandon Phillip 9 days ago
Wait what happened to the s2000??!!
Nickssick 13 days ago
Get better cars damn. a Volkswagen really?
Duke Adamson
Duke Adamson 18 days ago
Dieing to know what the mini does in the quarter.
Abdelaziz Taysir
Abdelaziz Taysir 27 days ago
great work guys , would you sell the golf R ? I'm interested
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen Month ago
Man, I’m sad. The s2000, home garage black civic and 180sx(+taytay) were my favorite series. Sucks to see them gone. Daisy was also great but I knew it wasn’t a forever thing and that it had to be scraped for parts eventually.
Darren King
Darren King Month ago
All your cars guys? Poor ol' Super Turbo don't get no love?
Bonny Babu
Bonny Babu Month ago
Wonder what kind of people would dislike this video!
Shawn Steadman
Shawn Steadman Month ago
Francisco Rivera
You guys need a custom shop truck
IgoByaGo 2 months ago
It is sooo cool seeing the cars that you can get elsewhere. We don't have very many cool small cars. For years it has been about big V-8's, but nothing is as fun as making a slow car fast. They just have so much attitude. I drive an FR-S and my wife drives an STi. I just turbo'd my FR-S (Built engine, E85, full exhaust and AVO Turbo (Lee with AVO Turboworld Australia is the freaking man)). You guys have the best Car channel on the inter.. no best Car Channel on all forms of media and broadcast. Thank You for all that you do.
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
It was hilarious seeing them swat the flies away while still talking so casually lol, but that minicooper and fairlady are my two favourites of the garage! Super beautiful!
unsolve 2 months ago
I miss tay tay :(
StonedCollieGaming 2 months ago
love the plates on all the cars. trying to figure out if the focus means anything though. DQN-94D: duckin pad? fuckin mad? maybe i am thinking to hard on this one
Ethan Webb
Ethan Webb 2 months ago
Full half cage sounds like fully semi automatic
The Pumpkin King
The Pumpkin King 2 months ago
can we take a moment to appreciate one of them supports RackaRacka?
Georgeqaws 2 months ago
There are few things more reliable than an old 2 stroke as long as you have a strong leg.
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco 2 months ago
Anyone know what boots moog is wearing?
Crazyced 3 months ago
Wait did they get rid of Taylor Drift again?
antell markus
antell markus 3 months ago
nissan figaro, darn diddly
Brandon Dobernecker
Brandon Dobernecker 3 months ago
Would love to meet you guys in real life. You guys are down to earth and hilarous
DJDEX04Gaming 3 months ago
Racka racka hoodie, what a lad
w. woody
w. woody 3 months ago
look at how much of a bunch of rich twats we are F**k right off chaps
Ray Shade
Ray Shade 3 months ago
what happened to the s2000 and mx5?
Shaun Trevino
Shaun Trevino 3 months ago
What happened to the mad beetle?!
IT'S DAVE! 3 months ago
the mini got some massive POKE up front haha pls fix
T-Bag 3 months ago
So you guys wear hats 24/7? You're bald, except it.
Conor Farrell
Conor Farrell 4 months ago
Drag race RS vs R. Make it happen 🔥
Damian Mamm
Damian Mamm 4 months ago
All these cars and not one is an Aussie production vehicle. Show us some FPV and HSV the purest forms of Austalian production.
Dd of
Dd of 4 months ago
Any one else says Nissan and not niiiiiisan
Jorje Corvera
Jorje Corvera 4 months ago
muthukumaran krishnan
Hi guys good work im thinking of owning a golf mark 6 1.4 tsi can we use the same revo kits used in the 2.0 golf r mod for the car??
Joseph Ahles
Joseph Ahles 5 months ago
Anyone else notice the nissan figaro had FI-64-RO license plate?
Aryan RuleS
Aryan RuleS 5 months ago
Can i have one of those pls
Ryden Richards
Ryden Richards 5 months ago
Why they say Nissan like Nissn
Prince Edward
Prince Edward 5 months ago
Where's the Subaru BRZ?
Lahwuns 5 months ago
I want to see the Golf R against the Focus RS now...!
Jeremy Gregory
Jeremy Gregory 6 months ago
The Moogaru?
Ash wilkinson
Ash wilkinson 6 months ago
Wat happened to the K10 Nissan march from T&T2?
RC Tulio
RC Tulio 6 months ago
What a cool state of car collection vid!
Physical 6 months ago
That Lancer...🔥
Odie 92
Odie 92 6 months ago
Are they for sale?? Legit serious enquire here
Z D 6 months ago
Uteopia 6 months ago
the fairlady would have to be the one the best builds MCM has done, it's such a beautiful car.
Rhys Irvine
Rhys Irvine 6 months ago
Mod the Ranger, 4x4 modifications
digbick696969 6 months ago
Where's the Toyota with the Barra in it? Very disappointed
Cheda me
Cheda me 6 months ago
Check out Benny's Custom Works
Matthew Fisher
Matthew Fisher 6 months ago
Where on earth do you store them and how do you decide what to drive everyday with so many tasty options??
Nawza Richter
Nawza Richter 6 months ago
That Mirage Asti got potential to be converted as Evo Coupe.
Orion Gear
Orion Gear 6 months ago
7:17 As much as I love the Evos 3-6, the 7-9 were also Mitsubishi at the top of their rallying game until the Evo 10 when the moved away from performance.
Losermode 43
Losermode 43 6 months ago
Okay but did no one else see the “ENTRY” sign fly away in the background (left of the screen) at 8:28
Kyle Ramajo
Kyle Ramajo 6 months ago
Where’s the 350z???
Ben Valenzuela
Ben Valenzuela 6 months ago
No subie truck?
Joe Peluso
Joe Peluso 6 months ago
Where is the white s15, hiding?
Josh 6 months ago
The moment you realize your mk4 golf was made in wolfsburg too 🤣
Joezppy 6 months ago
this is so cool. keep being awesome guys
AJ 6 months ago
Rob Crowther
Rob Crowther 6 months ago
Figaro.... absolutely Horrible
M S 6 months ago
how do you pay for all this rego?
Why Buy this
Why Buy this 6 months ago
are you guys spending all your money on Rego and insurance? Great collection... if you ever want to part with that mini... Let me know
Maverick224 6 months ago
That 2 stroke 50, psick (want)
Zero 7 months ago
David Rivera
David Rivera 7 months ago
What happened to the Subarute?
CreBeats 7 months ago
Ghost stealing the fence at 8:26 lol
Brian Wekesa
Brian Wekesa 7 months ago
After what I've seen you guys do with the VW Golf R MK 7, I'd do anything to own one!!
Aaron Angeles
Aaron Angeles 7 months ago
Where is tayaty????
Omar Ali
Omar Ali 7 months ago
have you still got the nissan march turbo
johnathan bennett
johnathan bennett 7 months ago
CrossFit golf vegans 😂😂😂😂😂
manuel gallegos
manuel gallegos 7 months ago
race the golf r and the rs
Milin Balsara
Milin Balsara 7 months ago
you guys can't get the zoomer/ruckus?!? OH NO! they are so fun! I use mine for city errands and shopping!
Liam Russell
Liam Russell 7 months ago
How much power does the Fairlady Z make?
kelpshake421 8 months ago
1:50 love that lancer in the back :D
geo art
geo art 8 months ago
were is wv beetle ???
TechTopic 8 months ago
lol i love this channel but my 3 cars in my drive way cost more then all of there cars together
DosingBrick 8 months ago
The loan lone ranger haha
CriticalCurse 8 months ago
I missed the Ford TRD LZR
Scott Dreyfus
Scott Dreyfus 8 months ago
Congrats on all the success. I've been watching since you guys were still wrenching at home. Keep up the great work!
Jake Flynn
Jake Flynn 8 months ago
I was low key hoping to see the Trd laser
murdo mcdonald
murdo mcdonald 8 months ago
Great content but why no Honda’s?
Nick Pritchett
Nick Pritchett 8 months ago
I thought the Evo got sold when it lost to the wrx
Cash Daily
Cash Daily 8 months ago
Living my dream lads
gus 8 months ago
took me half the video to figure out hes not wearing a "man crush monday" shirt
gus 8 months ago
im new to the channel and cars in general so give me a break
Immanuel Bute
Immanuel Bute 8 months ago
Wait What did you guys do with the Toyota Cresta? Is that in Japan to
Brandon 8 months ago
Wow all the memories
Tomek Levy
Tomek Levy 8 months ago
Next do ev mod of old small car like mini m.
Robert Blackman
Robert Blackman 8 months ago
What happened to the Subaru swapped bug, Miss Daisy?
Gooz Music
Gooz Music 8 months ago
5:21 Only just seen the number plate, Kei 2 CT, key to city
Sarge 8 months ago
How much would the Golf cost total?
Andrianto Pradana
Andrianto Pradana 8 months ago
Where is the 10’s Cresta?
allanild 9 months ago
Where is taytay? It was a beautiful 180sx
Jeffrey Lim
Jeffrey Lim 9 months ago
Your Evo is too3vo
edward bellamy
edward bellamy 9 months ago
Does that mean the Cresta is gone :(
Dreamscape 9 months ago
Mini, figaro, fairlady 👌
Rhonda Whyte
Rhonda Whyte 9 months ago
I saw u today driving over the Cumberland hwy about 10.30AM was a light blue coloured car 🙂🙂🙂
GOD BEAR 9 months ago
Where is taytay
Nico Avanzado
Nico Avanzado 9 months ago
Where's the taytay
M3LT 9 months ago
Mini vs Mira
jkpenn2003 9 months ago
some nice rides ;-}
Eric and Emily somers
I'm confused I thought he owned an evo? I just got into this channel and I thought I seen a vid a while back about him getting an evo. so I'm sorry if I'm wrong. so people let me know though. I'm just curious . otherwise I'm subbing
Nick Kautz
Nick Kautz 9 months ago
There's way too much FWD going on here.
J 9 months ago
whats the insurance premium? haha
müsl 9 months ago
Amazing Cars!!! Respect Bros)