A tough new gearbox is required // Marty's WRX STI 

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Subaru 5 speed Gearboxes have a reputation of being weak, a few launches and they are often exploded into a thousand pieces. A 6 speed gearbox out of a newer STI is an excellent upgrade and in this episode with the help of our mate Benny (aka Mechanical Stig) we swap in an entire driveline into Marty's 1999 2 Door WRX STI.
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Jun 24, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 5 months ago
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tredigi 4 months ago
*You have a light out. ;)*
Тимур Вафин
HONDA SITY TURBO 2 for Marty!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE !!!!!!! help spread
Nathan Heaverlo
Nathan Heaverlo 5 months ago
Awesome video as always! Hey what’s the song around 13:34? Really jammed out to it, really want it in my library!
Dave Stephens
Dave Stephens 5 months ago
Order a Tranzilla from Rockland Standard Gear. It'll hold 1200 HP.
Mo Ho
Mo Ho 5 months ago
Wow, Mad....😏
Matojumala 2 months ago
I've heard that in japanese dccd 5speed is better than 5speeds that are installed wrx versions without dccd. It wont blow easily but that 6 speed is totally better. Here they say european models WRX GC8 with 5 speed the transmission is named as glassbox.
Jiří Nádvorník
Jiří Nádvorník 2 months ago
10:18 does someone know the song name, please?
Crazyced 3 months ago
5:43 Well look at them removing the long knuckle bolts like its nothing. Meanwhile in the north: us-first.info/player/video/rZynjK-aYI2JqXE.html
Goltzhar 3 months ago
I like it when they are putting like 1million billion dollars worth of parts and saying ... it is a really good upgrade... hahahahah
Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll 3 months ago
dump that 2 piece driveshaft and get an Aluminum one!
suttscraig 4 months ago
3:03 that sticker has the lucky strike font I love that detail from subaru
EHOONS 4 months ago
Power washed the old parts, but not the new ones? I don't understand...
Momo 4 months ago
Mechanical Stigs a Savage... swinging that hammer like the STI owes him money lol
Harry Nazarian
Harry Nazarian 4 months ago
Hopefully the seals were done on the Diff, bushings were checked on the suspension, before everything went together. Great show, mates! Cheers!
Takeshi Nakazato
Takeshi Nakazato 4 months ago
15:16 ouch that wouldve hurt
Asking Difficult Questions
No one wants to hear about about Martin’s STI. Go see a doctor man!!!
Cameron James
Cameron James 4 months ago
I’ve got an “Xtreme” twin plate in my E46 M3... ouff that chatter... “mate, think somethings wrong with your car”
Ben Alexander
Ben Alexander 4 months ago
MCM - what is the song starting from 10:16? I looked on Moogs soundtracks and cant find it
Erik Kongslien
Erik Kongslien 4 months ago
Probably late on this but I highly recommend braided stainless steel brake lines. They do make a difference in better pedal feel and reduce brake fade . Just make sure you mount them properly Nothing like letting off into a turn and hitting the brake to hear “SQUIRT” .
Ted Tedness
Ted Tedness 4 months ago
114.3 x5 Hyundai's too.!!!!! www.hyundaikonaforum.com/showcase/2018-kona-awd-1-6t-lowered.1162/
Psi Q
Psi Q 4 months ago
I wont get near cheryls box, i dont wanna know what i might get out of it in long term without lots of safety rubber.
Psi Q
Psi Q 4 months ago
Whats the secret in the green end on the driveshafts ? is it for geometry reasons or a internal reuse of older shafts and simply added length ?
Psi Q
Psi Q 4 months ago
I was checking out the hidden frame around us-first.info/player/video/b9uBoGeKY4NifHE.html to see hidden content at 0.25x speed.. nothing there, only green screen flash, but realized your soundtrack would make an epic movie theme / dubsteb at that speed... Also Benny but no Bumper-take-away shot ?? I say that was a fake Benny !! (...Doesn't matter if its needed...) Glad to see you added insulating cork to your shed along the AC upgrade. Heat not getting in is heat not needing to be removed. - Also nice to use as temporary spacers i see ;-)
ThisIsCush 4 months ago
I feel the spirit of Russel Coight in those handshakes.
A Brame
A Brame 4 months ago
Greater grip response means transfer of torque not applied to surface(road). Energy and torque sent back through transfer diff, driveshaft, gearbox. If torque continues could be felt at engine mounts.
Jackson Flint
Jackson Flint 4 months ago
I did this swap on the ground with a friend of mine into my 03 yellow bugeye, it took about 3 weeks worth of prep and tinkering to get everything from the donor car to my car (the donor car was in a barn with a super sketchy wood floor 🤣) and I tell you what, those 6spds are a lot heavier when one is right over your head 😂😂😂 it's so awesome to see you guys doing something that I have done, and seeing you all do it shows that I have a ways to go in my mechanical career haha
Kirin Earl Lee
Kirin Earl Lee 4 months ago
How many boxes has Marty smashed while he's been smashing Subi boxes? When is Shazza going to Tracey Grimshaw with her reveal all exposé?
dudefromkeene 4 months ago
Please do a video on the Mazda F2T engine! It’s the nugget that never got any love.
MassiveTrackHunter 4 months ago
Best video compilations, hosts and MUSIC, always.... Look forward to every post by you guys. That STi rocks
Тимур Вафин
HONDA SITY TURBO 2 for Marty!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE !!!!!!! help spread
Тимур Вафин
HONDA SITY TURBO 2 for Marty!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE !!!!!!! help spread
Bobgernut 4 months ago
1:54 Nice little nod to Russell Coight haha
Wizz 4 months ago
Welp... Marty was partially the reason i got a leggy and plan to build it up. I've wanted a GC8 for a while now, and he might be the reason I end up looking for for one down the road.....
catfish552 4 months ago
Benny! Benny! Benny!
Andre LaBeach
Andre LaBeach 5 months ago
Isn't it strange how Marty always manage to break his legacies
Николай Перов
Sorry, but what the music on 3:30? Try to find in apple music, and can't find it =(
Miro 5 months ago
3:36 - You wont believe how much pain I had with a drive shaft not going out!!! Only a 20ton press could stick it out after some long time.... And it took me quiet some time to find someone owning a 20 ton press!
Mitchell Meyer
Mitchell Meyer 5 months ago
Has anybody else sing a couple of random green flashes on the screen
Mazwan Sams
Mazwan Sams 5 months ago
It would be better if you clean and repaint it earlier.. it would compliment your new body paint..
andy scott
andy scott 5 months ago
My friend hooked me up with Cheryl's box last christmas, I have dipped my fingers in a few times since then, and it is always a pleasure, Still a few untouched things of beauty in there though. I used the towel immediately as I was sweating profusely throughout the experience. Cheers guys, another great video
Rohann vd Merwe
Rohann vd Merwe 5 months ago
Why not give the gearbox a good clean on the outside before putting it in?
James Wyllie
James Wyllie 5 months ago
Glad its getting new callipers as when you where talking it apart I noticed that it will clean up the look of the car
XiseTK 5 months ago
Did you get struts for an 06 sti? the 06 knuckles have different mounting points than the 5x100 knuckles...or did you just egg out the mounting holes on the strut?
DuhDuh 5 months ago
I get home working 9 hours as a mechanic, do a side job, work on my own car, and sit down to watch someone else do what I do for a living... I've never asked myself why until now.
cenourattis 3 months ago
also did that and now i miss being an actual mechanic and work on my car...miss that
Jack Mcclure
Jack Mcclure 4 months ago
Kevin Pham
Kevin Pham 4 months ago
Lucinda Payne
Lucinda Payne 5 months ago
Honestly I’m dying for Marty’s long sleeve shirt to turn up 😍 I’m in the U.K, I ordered the signed poster a week before and that’s just turned up so shouldn’t be long 😋😁💙
woody Foster
woody Foster 5 months ago
So goooooooood👍
Nick Fudge
Nick Fudge 5 months ago
the handshakes are so hilarious
Mike from Last night
Love this build! Keep it forever. Tastefully modify at your own discretion and keep up the awesome content!!
Jauffe Jauffreson
Jauffe Jauffreson 5 months ago
To save you some time, the green frame doesnt say anything
Brodie Fitton
Brodie Fitton 5 months ago
Wheres ur subaru badge at the front
Adam Bielby
Adam Bielby 5 months ago
Cant wait to see what's in Cheryl's box !! All the way to england
the last time I saw an X clutch it went into a 4 rotor AWD RX7.... anyone want to guess who this belongs to?
Levin Trueno
Levin Trueno 5 months ago
Pause and go to 1:11 and you can see the paint is already chipped
Jeremy Sanchez
Jeremy Sanchez 5 months ago
Where is the 180???
whattimacallit 5 months ago
Why would you not clean the dirty box before fitting it, maybe get the rust of the cross plates and give them a quick paint.........
Jude Sanchez
Jude Sanchez 5 months ago
Make a black Mighty Car Mods sticker
modgod123 5 months ago
i hope with that hand shake, your passing each other reverse bulbs !!!
TheRabidMachina 5 months ago
willing to sell your 4/2 pots?
justgarbage 5 months ago
cheryl's box arrived today and i'm very excited to say that it's a boy y'all
Howard Williams
Howard Williams 5 months ago
MCM merch is a total rip off. You pay and wait 2 months - nothing arrives and e mails stop and no REFUND - AVOID scammers!!!!!
Daniel Frankowski
Daniel Frankowski 5 months ago
15:16 ouch
SnglTrbo 2JZ
SnglTrbo 2JZ 5 months ago
You guys cut out the good part of the video where you talk about why Subaru built the 6spd.....lame.
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed 5 months ago
Get a civic type r on the channel. Like so they can see
heydudemanhey 5 months ago
mildly triggered over they didnt clean the shit off that gearbox before install
heydudemanhey 4 months ago
@Ltbookum nah im talking warm water and a sponge.... +10 minutes tops haha. i know you cant see it... but it was reaaal duuurty
Ltbookum 5 months ago
As do I, but that's how you get this done in a day. That's real life workshop versus most youtube builds. It would easily turn into multiday exercise otherwise.
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle 5 months ago
looking through you tube suggestion/list . Boring , nah , boring , nah , no good , seen that , oh that still on here ? Boring boring , Booring..What's this? MCM! what is it?? Doesn't matter - Marty's WRX STI - Sweet awesome. Something interesting to watch. YOU FELLA'S still Smashing it after like .. heaps of years. Thanks Moog & Marty . Even your music isn't shit men. I love it more than Cheryl's box .
Brendan Geraghty
Brendan Geraghty 5 months ago
It has 4 pot Sumitomo front brakes but no Sumitomo 2 pots on the back?! Weird AU spec car.
The Jetta Knight
The Jetta Knight 5 months ago
I won't lie, found it hilarious watching 3 men install a single CV shaft😂
Frank Kusmayadi
Frank Kusmayadi 5 months ago
One of the reverse light is not working ......
RSScott 5 months ago
How about a one piece prop shaft to get that power (you're going to make) through to the rear?
Richy Orr
Richy Orr 5 months ago
gr8 content
Sajaad Nazim
Sajaad Nazim 5 months ago
Evo's work the other way around, they prefer 5 speed boxes out of a iv v or vi over a 6speed
P Vella
P Vella 5 months ago
A comforting amount of pounding stuff with big hammers!
Alex77au 5 months ago
I was so disappointed with MCM ever since 2wstd vs 2sexxy. Sueely you could've put some effort into getting 2wstd running properly Instead it ran like shit and we missed out on the drag race
MazDaspeedG 5 months ago
Sounds like my speed6 never launch only if I want to replace my diff or axles which ever breaks first
Bulfwye 5 months ago
What is the name of the song at: 2:47 ?
Clinton 5 months ago
I really liked the tiny hand Subaru tech call out.
Janne Kokko
Janne Kokko 5 months ago
nice one!
Bill Grayson
Bill Grayson 5 months ago
5:44 you lucky af no salt having no rust having mfkssss
Gus Manessis
Gus Manessis 5 months ago
Too many commercials interrupting the video I counted 5.
LT Motor Co
LT Motor Co 5 months ago
We need a shop tour of ur shed :)
Farnard 5 months ago
The 6 speed gearbox covered in red dust. I wonder how the donor car was written off?
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray 5 months ago
" there's vag action in the box " - Moog 2020...haha :)
Viscous Shear
Viscous Shear 5 months ago
Next month Marty goes big turbo and a few weeks later replaces the bottom as Rodney came knocking.
HEADS TAILS 5 months ago
Taken to long to finish the Job fluck sake...
Troy Smith
Troy Smith 5 months ago
Beginning of this video noticed you have a reverse light out
matty BROWN
matty BROWN 5 months ago
assume it was the box from the SG9 STI (i had one for many years, loved the forester). you guys should have cleaned the box, thats driving me more nuts than what wheels you may have chosen. Great video as always. keep it up :)
Neil Gibson
Neil Gibson 5 months ago
I’m in real need of a dccd centre diff Send me your old one lol
Garth Donlon
Garth Donlon 5 months ago
Does rake love it?
John Paschal
John Paschal 5 months ago
I literally just did the 6 speed swap on my mean eye yesterday.
RSB Harley
RSB Harley 5 months ago
Great video guys, thanks for sharing. Cheers
Adriel Tampubolon
Adriel Tampubolon 5 months ago
Installing a new twin plate clutch without replacing the clutch bearing?? That's a no no..
Bentley Beckley
Bentley Beckley 5 months ago
I did the clutch on my 98 legacy. Also had the same thought to change the rear main seal. However, I installed it too deep and it didn't seal properly. Unfortunately I only realized after I put it all back together. So the next day I did it all again. What a weekend.
Ian Fairbanks
Ian Fairbanks 5 months ago
oh my god, the amount of ads.... MCM must need money.
james prasser
james prasser 5 months ago
Return of the shake! Glad to see it making a comeback!
Nicholas Murphy
Nicholas Murphy 5 months ago
Love that you’re doing laps of Pidding rd for a nice bushy backdrop
Eddie Oliver
Eddie Oliver 5 months ago
You can tell Marty is still haunted by that fight with the MR2. I think he has PTSD.
Michael King
Michael King 5 months ago
Have you boys tried Bolt Off penetrant? Much better than WD40 and wholly home grown.
Joe Fries
Joe Fries 5 months ago
Marty: Buys Subaru Boxer Engine: Boom Marty: Paints car Boxer Engine: Boom Marty: Replaces Gearbox Boxer Engine: Boom
Alisa Ritter
Alisa Ritter 5 months ago
Amazing video. I wish This channel makes it huge one day! Also, I want to be US-first friends
RSA DYNAMICS 5 months ago
That TY856WG7KA Gearbox can take over 900 bhp so it will Defo kill allot of skylines and nissan GTRs I expect at least 9.5 seconds on the quater
Chris Pietersen
Chris Pietersen 5 months ago
Man! Removing the Subi boxes looks like a royal pain in the aR$e!!!
headless_viper x
headless_viper x 5 months ago
If i got a gc8 i would just do a full 2005 sti swap
Toumeng moua
Toumeng moua 5 months ago
You know whats funny? I just started building my 2000 2.5rs wrx swap. Lol what good timing.
Peter Sohl
Peter Sohl 5 months ago
For someone from Northeast United States seeing that long bolt come out so easily from the rear knuckle on a 20+ year old Subaru is jaw-dropping material.