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50 Questions about cars, music, life and underpants from MCM viewers. Next video - 50 QUESTIONS WITH MARTY
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Aug 28, 2019




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Declan Online
Declan Online Year ago
@Kold le Blue A1
Kold le Blue
Kold le Blue Year ago
Hey! just got my Poster in the Mail! now i don't want to open it till i have a frame... but i don't know what size it is and i don't know where to find out. it looks like a regular poster size but i don't know if its some different measurements from Australia
Anonymous Travel Vidz.
I was in Japan last week, and there were so many JDM mini's rolling around. I could only take pics so often, but every time I saw one, I thought of you Moog.
RSProduxx Year ago
my god...i´m soooo jealous about your studio man.... nice playground
Joe makesdrifts
Noice, just got me a signed poster and a load of stickers coming my way
Lee Oakes
Lee Oakes Month ago
So cool to see inside your studio! Great collection of Analog synths. Those monitors look great in the wall, and you have a live room! You guys are such an inspiration
The Egocentric Predicament
Here’s a question you missed. Why do you have the sense of humour of a prepubescent add kid. IE all the lame dick, ball and sexual innuendos
fluffy1973 2 months ago
is moog bald headed
EakcoTV 2 months ago
Talented barsteward! Love this guy, he’s living my dream life. Maybe next time .. ;)
Life in China
Life in China 4 months ago
After Martins....how could I not watch this.....fantastic guys.
Richard, The Tech Guy
Excellent video ... Moog extremely talented you are 😀 ... you two work so well off of each other .. very entertaining and informative ♥
Jacob Sanders
Jacob Sanders 5 months ago
Now I know how to say "Martin" on the drums
Corne Muller
Corne Muller 6 months ago
This channel is one of the very few channels that reminds me what life is all about, for me anyway. Everything else is just waiting.
Johnny Turbo
Johnny Turbo 6 months ago
Wow lol the Dark Crystal.. DEFINITELY a classic. Right there with The Labyrinth (with David Bowie), The NeverEnding Story and Romancing The Stone (one of my favorite 80s movies), all must watch movies
Fremen On The Sand
Fremen On The Sand 6 months ago
I skipped through and I didn't find any minimoog music. Disappointed! Pleased that you have both Minimoog's and the Korg MS20. No solid confirmation but I'm pretty sure Boards of Canada use some sort of Korg on their music, the microkorg has a lots of warm soft boc esque presets.
Arne Larsen
Arne Larsen 8 months ago
Thank you... I so appreciated this episode.
Jonathan 8 months ago
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 8 months ago
I counted, it was 49 questions.
CalgarGTX 8 months ago
Where did the colors go
Ewen Cafe
Ewen Cafe 8 months ago
Fender Rhodes... we also have one that my father in law bought new. Still in the family.
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 8 months ago
I’ve got a question for moog, why does he like eggplants in his anus?
Tmn 2
Tmn 2 9 months ago
i want that book.
Cathy W
Cathy W 10 months ago
Love how passionate Moog is about his music and excited about the cool kit he’s collected. Knows as much about music as about cars. Brilliant. Could do a second channel about hotting up synths
Skuyler Knisely
Skuyler Knisely 10 months ago
I saw your synths and your studio and creamed my jeans.
Sean Jones
Sean Jones 11 months ago
Hey Moog, what DAW do you use?
Keith Hurd
Keith Hurd Year ago
Moog - after hearing your respsonse to the 'meaning of life' I'd probably hang out with yout. But you'd have to buy the soda.Fender Rhodes?
cdcdcd6777 Year ago
are moog and marty bald??
sauceboy Year ago
Wth was Marty referencing at 9:24? lmfaoooo
hackyou360 Year ago
The dark crystal 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
shugga leaf
shugga leaf Year ago
49.5 answered!
Philipp Truveller
Yeah, roald Dahl is my favorite author when I was a kid. Read all his books.
TheVeyron623 Year ago
8:09 That moment when he just casually previews Bullet XD
King Of Darkness
Jetro Järvelä
We need a Martin counter for Moog.
Darren Parkinson
I've just realised that my life is pathetic.
David Cox
David Cox Year ago
You cant name yourself after Dr. Robert Moog. Come up with your own identity.
Ex - Parrot
Ex - Parrot Year ago
Moog. Are you a DJ shadow fan? And f**k Take That! (That's the boy band you referred to. Gary Barlow wrote Back for good) I grew up with 2 older sisters. So my childhood was tortuous hearing that crap over and over... And now it's stuck in my head. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
patrick boxsell
Do u guys do mountain biking cause u mentioned it and u got some decent bikes hanging up
Lyle Douglass
Lyle Douglass Year ago
RIP Mr. Gentleman
furtivedig Year ago
bought the poster and had it shipped over to the UK. 12 pounds charge from Costums on an order of £18 or so. ridiculous. Can I advice shipping with a declared value of 1 dollar?
paul keplinger
MCM general opinion for the V8 SuperCar races? Marty? Moog?
OGSwagKillaP BeAstMoDe69
50 shades w/ Blair
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix Year ago
@2:48 No Conk, just Bepis. :)
ddavisism Year ago
Mind blown
Marcus Paul
Marcus Paul Year ago
Talented man👍
Chance Lee
Chance Lee Year ago
If there’s no question about the unicorn honda
Forzaguy125 Year ago
I got the older version of the sh101 the sh09
62 SingleCab
62 SingleCab Year ago
Sooooo true about GET THE AUDIO RIGHT!!
MileHighKrew Year ago
the circle tattoo on your wrist? does it have a meaning?
Nathaniel Barbeau
It funny the artsy musician would have his film in black and white. Nothing wrong with that. It just made me chuckle.
n8pu Year ago
I think this is one of my most favorite episodes.
geomwawaza Year ago
Does the R34 GTR on his desk mean that it's his next project car?
Benjamin Parker
Marty: Moog: Martin!
Geigerzoola 6 months ago
Road Trolls
Road Trolls Year ago
54+1 questions!
Daz H
Daz H Year ago
Q52, what’s happening with the outfap?
danield__91 Year ago
Dave grohl. Legend!
that_marc_guy Year ago
"sold out", balls!
Joshua Steele
Joshua Steele Year ago
Riders on the Stormmm
Ken K
Ken K Year ago
I need that mattress coffee table book.
Fry Year ago
What is that little riff he played on the piano/guitar thing? It sounds crazy familiar!
Rustin 1100
Rustin 1100 Year ago
Riders on the storm by The Doors. A remixed version with Snoop Dogg was used in NFS Underground 2
Viktor Pécsi
Viktor Pécsi Year ago
Favourite movie? The Dark Crystal. Hooolyyy sh****** awesome! I'm sold. Now I have to go and order some merch.
Craig Francis
Craig Francis Year ago
Studio looks great! Wish I could visit someday. I'm from the Caribbean.
Joaquin Juarez
Moog, What is your real first name?
Гинтоки Саката
Молодцы ребята!
Tyler Barbour
Tyler Barbour Year ago
You are an amazing creative spiritual being, I hope you come to know that some day
Mark Schaff
Mark Schaff Year ago
MOOG Busting out the DOORS!! Love it!!
vespizzari Year ago
What do you call video without audio? Surveillance.
Jeremy Arnone
Jeremy Arnone Year ago
Hot-damn....I'm impressed. I honestly had no idea Moog has such a diverse portfolio; came for the Car Mods stayed for all the other interests! Thanks for sharing.
So jealous of moog's recording studio
Christopher Year ago
Wait a minute Moog drove boats once?
Oh man that studio is rad.
Sabba Harati-Rad
the soiled mattress book was the highlight of this video
Richard Meyer
Richard Meyer Year ago
A true renaissance man. Also, Mr Gentleman 😆
Don’t like radio. From a music man. Really! Radio stations like the excellent Radio Scotland Get It On and BBC Radio 6 Music are great for introducing and enlightening you to new and older music you may not have otherwise heard.
Matt Roszak
Matt Roszak Year ago
I want unedited clips. Pretty please
Nathaniel Hamann
Sooo gooooood... Thanks, learnt quite abit and you both are very inspiring. Thanks for the awesome show.
Thomas Cotterill
That piano at 8:05 was lovely, I would be so here for acoustic versions of mighty car mods tracks
Circuit Bird
Circuit Bird Year ago
Moog, I am so jealous of your synths.
Kenteshimodo Year ago
Where can i find Moog's music?!
Gene Lawless
Gene Lawless Year ago
11 years of watching, 11 years of waiting to hear more about your music careers. Day made! Could watch an hour episode on both of you talking music and engineering!!
Mr Jakis
Mr Jakis Year ago
what was the black and white effect?? are they hiding a colour?
Ed Cumming
Ed Cumming Year ago
Slang is short language for short language. S-Lang 🤙🏼
Quantum Flux 420
Question 1: Martin How can you not be interested in commodores as well as evos etc.
nitehawk75 Year ago
Dark Crystal Age of Resistance season 1 now on Netflix! Haven't watched yet but looks just like the movie
Will Knights
Will Knights Year ago
Do I have to buy US-first red to get the in-color version?
Try Double J - none of the DJ antics just awesomely curated music, music facts and interviews - not top 40. It's what Triple J used to be - Sydney 2JJ AM then 2JJJ FM then went national in 1989 and then regional in the 90's ...arguably the thin edge of it's decline wedge (lost much of it's more niche content programs).
laidtorest387 Year ago
The Dark Crystal is such a fantastic movie 😍
King customz
King customz Year ago
im flying down to Australia, lets do a collab
Pyr01 Year ago
WHAT! He has a recording studio. Never thought that
revans425 Year ago
HERBIE HANCOCK yes moog I want to jam now that piano thing was sick
netronet Year ago
The Dark Crystal is fantastic. Check out the new prequel series on Netflix. It is good.
Brayden Stairmand
Why did you sell your Type X 180sx for a Jeep?
ryan_ryman Year ago
Hi guys got 1 more question? - why was it done in black and White?
Delas Year ago
Comfirmed next car is a S15... woke up at 5:15 ...
Stephen White
Stephen White Year ago
Wow 😮 holy fruit balls, 11 years congrats guys
Джон Партлов
Art of war by sun tsu?
FumblerX Year ago
i liked the part where it was in color
JRDN! Year ago
Poster ordered 👌
Stuart Hardman
Have you worked on an adult film?..... I like to make things out of wood... LMFAO
Stuart Hardman
Pants from Big W ha
Kimmy Year ago
But did he make a adult movie Asking for a friend haha 🤤
Songphol Aungkapipattanachai
Yes! I never heard Marty calls Moog as Moog lol.
Grooove e
Grooove e Year ago
Everytime I hear another person say Pantera my heart fills with joy
John Pitts
John Pitts Year ago
The way he kept bending hid thumb on the screwdriver actually cause me pain.
Disrespected Evo