50 Questions with Marty 

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50 Questions from MCM viewers about Cars, Excavators, US-first and Miras
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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Sep 1, 2019




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PMdrizzles 7 days ago
2:11 Little did we know...over a year later and they debut the Kei 4x4
Lee Oakes
Lee Oakes Month ago
Ah ya both musos |,,| *inserts bassist joke*
EakcoTV 2 months ago
What a humble chap! I don’t think both of em realize how talented they are. Maybe it’s an auzzie thing?
Life in China
Life in China 4 months ago
I so enjoyed this...so honest....great job guys...
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright 4 months ago
Rip wishbone
Charles Waite
Charles Waite 5 months ago
You like the Punch Brothers! You two are my favorite people. Thanks for being awesome
Doug Finlay
Doug Finlay 6 months ago
50Q's with Marty takes 16 minutes and what did he do to the car in that time, nothing 😆. Well he does like to walk! You gotta love these guys.
Mike Tovey
Mike Tovey 7 months ago
Not into it
Dailydriver 8 months ago
Love this !
supersmalls 8 months ago
I have a question, when you make videos sometimes there is a cut scene with a foot doing something, whos foot is it generally and how did that idea come about?
99MintAltezza 5 months ago
I’ve one question I’ve been watching for years and can’t remember seeing a foot between scenes then again could just me being naive
Michael Thorp
Michael Thorp 9 months ago
What were the batteries for?!? It's killing me! I've gotta know!
Luke Clarke
Luke Clarke 10 months ago
Do an au falcon but don't put a barra in it
Dude 11 months ago
Who is Cheryl?
Greg Hempsall
Greg Hempsall Year ago
You guys make me want to visit oz. Really sound down to earth guys
Keith Hurd
Keith Hurd Year ago
So - as someone who knows nothing but want's to say something anyway - Thanks. I really appreciate your videos.
The party Potato pooper
no news on 2sexy?
please make the posters permenantly available. theyre awesome.
BBoyDrkNova Year ago
The last question was my favorite about names 😂👌🏻❤️ because before seeing this weeks/months ago. I realized that moog never calls martin Marty and Martin never calls Him Moog LOL 😂
xBust3dx Year ago
Let’s seen them gemi
Put a 380 engine in a mirage!
Hooha888 Year ago
Why would Marty use his own tools when he's got you Blair, the biggest tool in the shed, lol.
Genuine question: will you guys ever record/upload your videos at 60fps? 4k is cool and all but 60fps is much nicer to watch :)
Антон Горшков
top comment in Russia version about 50 questions whit Alan) from myself I want to wish go to russia and make 4-wheel drive. Russian mountain is very beautiful
Mrkin Year ago
make another mod on daihatsu coure pls :(
Justice for George
So my question is: You had to cut the Mira in half to import it, and I loved the build it's one of my favorites. But didn't the restriction get lifted later on ? So can you bring one in now in one piece ?
Justice for George
I also said Canada.
Majid Taib
Majid Taib Year ago
Where is Rake that loves it??
Strike86 Year ago
I would marry Marty. I'm a straight man, but he's just such a great guy isn't he?
Iain Myatt
Iain Myatt Year ago
The ending was so pure.
wantsavtx Year ago
Dang! that radiator explosion was wild!
Organicvegan1 Year ago
When is the lifted Subaru coming back
Steve Reynolds
I'm a big fan of your videos. There's a whole group of Daihatsu coure/Mira owners, here in Jamaica, who have modified their cars to look and feel more modern.
I've been hearing him saying Martin for the better part of a decade
Marty and Moog stay true to their selves. Fuck the haters
Ivo Kraaier
Ivo Kraaier Year ago
15:36: the perfect opportunity to point out that Moog calls Marty "Mar-tin" like his mum would to emphasise the fact that he had done something wrong.
802 Garage
802 Garage Year ago
I've often thought that videos need to have a story, and I try to treat the cars like characters. It's difficult, but like you said, it's an art and a craft. You do it so well. Hopefully I'll improve over time. :)
Luke Petley
Luke Petley Year ago
I was at the Perth event on crutches! Still had so much fun seeing all the mad cars!
callum vincer
callum vincer Year ago
do you have a bf or gf?
Can you modify a falcon xr6 turbo?
Argentum 47
Argentum 47 Year ago
Пересекался с международными звёздами? Да вы сами международные звёзды!
Ryan Herrmann
Ryan Herrmann Year ago
What happened to the golf r?
Ethan Pinto
Ethan Pinto Year ago
Wait they have a Tv show what’s it called
n8pu Year ago
I think this is one of my most favorite episodes.
Don Gamble
Don Gamble Year ago
Funny marty likes the punch brothers chris and him look a bit similar
Chris P.
Chris P. Year ago
where is the 350z??
Jordan O'Rielly
If you do do a 4WD build do a Daihatsu Rocky/Feroza or Suzuki Samurai, Sierra or Jimmy I own a Feroza and love it to bits
Atlas Games
Atlas Games Year ago
Is the JDM Electric Turd ever making a comeback or is it dead dead
fearofchicken Year ago
These were an awesome couple of videos.
Mike Kiser
Mike Kiser Year ago
my poster has landed in USA...cant wait XD
I'm actually amazed that you guys never met up with alexi from nori yaro, during your trips to japan.
murdurer333 Year ago
Love from Canada!
Maxatrillion 47
Wholesome absolutely wholesome,
malcomthewasp Year ago
How have these two videos put me off two people who I (used to) enjoy watching....??
Harro Year ago
What about a Volvo on the show someday? An 850 with some 5 cilinder goodness or a 740 wagon...
Mirage22 Dav
Mirage22 Dav Year ago
Hi, i think what Martin is dreaming of is a home grown (Daihatsu Terios 4WD, with 1500cc 3SZ-VE VVti 10:1cr 80KW stock + intercooler AMR500 supercharger@10psi Haltech ECU, 120KW+ ish) with a front diff disengagement for RWD drift days! Martin gets his Daihatsu SC honk fix, Moog his Yaris engine fix and both get the AWD and RWD (drift) fix!
Mister Driftster
Bought a k11 1998 micra with 214000 km for 10€. It runs and the overall is good. I guess I spend 500 bucks and ready to roll out as a nice car. Which engine would you recommend to swap instead of the 1L engine? I‘m thinking about a 1.8 honda
Tony Martin
Tony Martin Year ago
£6:36 for ans mighty car mods key ring are you maddd
Victor Fu
Victor Fu Year ago
I want to see evo vs golf r rematch.
Broke4X4 Year ago
Know Martin isn’t a com lover but surly a turbo ecotec just the laughs
Brandon Avery
Brandon Avery Year ago
Thanks for doing it with Moog.
Jared Bennett
Jared Bennett Year ago
You chose a beautiful color to paint your car #FancyNuggetClub
Irfan Zailan
Irfan Zailan Year ago
I like how Marty love so much his JDM Mira.
thebudsterboy Year ago
Best question was the last. Do you love what you do?
Umair Amjad
Umair Amjad Year ago
What had happen to the saab 900?
Cooper Ward
Cooper Ward Year ago
Hey, you guys should build a burnout car for summernats. =)
MrNaf1 Year ago
Love your content guys it’s no click Bait goodness really feel you are genuine blokes would love to meet you guys one day and I’m sure your just as nice and cool irl as you seem in your videos keep up the good work creating awesome videos 👍
Julian Davis
Julian Davis Year ago
I wanna see a vid where y'all build a sweet bike/moto track with that excavator, then boost some jumps
Alex Paulsen
Alex Paulsen Year ago
Wait, Marty didn't have his usual dick for breakfast?! The world's gone wrong!
Keaton Hunter
Keaton Hunter Year ago
someones p already made this joke but im gonna anyway i love watching marty car moogs!
AlanDaesunLee Year ago
the zombie apocalypse is happening. It'll be caused by Satan and his demons. They'll come to earth soon
Because Miata
Because Miata Year ago
Thanks for the MX-5 love! Of course, I agree.
foodtuub Year ago
Love to see you do something with the new jimny dont think it will have much aftermarket yet...
Rory White
Rory White Year ago
What happened to the outfap?
Why wouldn't you or can't you call Moog a name or his real name?
Garage Avenger
That last question was the most important. Do I love what I do? That must be one of the keys to living an awesome life. Loving what you do. Thanks for the journey so far lads
Robert Haslip
Robert Haslip Year ago
Is Marty holding drift sleeves at around 15:00 ?
David Munday
David Munday Year ago
What was the US-first channel you said you watch?
Earle Miles
Earle Miles Year ago
How are the wiggles and dorothy the dinosaur . Lol
Flam Jong Un
Flam Jong Un Year ago
A suggestion: with the Australian Mira, make it a mini ute! That'd be fun
Flam Jong Un
Flam Jong Un Year ago
Hey I do woodwork with my hands daily too!! Just not in front of others, haha
Mr. C
Mr. C Year ago
Mod a porsche. Though it will expensive
Buckets OwO
Buckets OwO Year ago
Please do a Hyundai excel project and get crazy with it twin Cam
Leonard Chia
Leonard Chia Year ago
where's the video for the outfap!?!?!
Regulator Machine
the chicken prices are about volume as well, KFC buy's way more chicken at the same time as they mass produce their products , so get's cheaper prices in bulk, while wishbone buy's premium quality chicken in a lower quantity - basic market practices
Ben Hainsworth
Yes Punch Brothers
Michael Rivera
If the zombie apocalypse happened and I had you guys has cars I would choose mudmax
denai w
denai w Year ago
question... Where is the rest of the outfap video? Finished?
James Year ago
!! Where is rake and does he still love this??
ruckus_bj Year ago
I need to know why Marty has an excavator? Does he do this as a job? So random.
Soo.. When do we get "modding the kubota"?!
Jean-Pierre Jacques
What happened to the outfap?
Can any fellow MCM fans tell me how to contact the guys about merch not showing up?
Mighty Car Mods
email sales at mighty car mods
patrick del
patrick del Year ago
Come to Canada please 🇨🇦
bzacon Year ago
Please make more Kubota content?
D Palmer
D Palmer Year ago
The Mira and Super Gramps. What about the Evo?
Victor Dobrovatov
You guys are what's right with the internet these days. Thanks for making great content. Question that you might spot at some point: after asking each other these 50 questions and seeing yourselves on screens, how much do you believe you put on a created persona and how much of real self you show to the camera? I suppose that the answer is pretty simple. There is definitely some part of you that is different when you are on camera. I'm curious what you guys think of yourselves in retrospect.
Andrew Pulford
Can we meet Cheryl
Deloached Year ago
Whilst on the subject of excavators, does anyone else here like Andrew Camarata's channel? If not, I reckon most mcm fans would like his content and ingenuity.
Mighty Car Mods
checked it out, its good
rnbricky Year ago
50 Questions for Benny and Turbo Yoda
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Disrespected Evo
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