3 Broken Cars // What Went Wrong? 

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We took three cars to the track... they all left on tow trucks. In this episode we find out what went wrong.
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Sep 20, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 months ago
GRAB AN MCM PUZZLE BEFORE THEY'RE GONE mightycarmods.com/collections/books/products/mod-madness-mcm-jigsaw-puzzle-500pcs
Heavy hauling Idaho
How do you two not have a proper skid car? I mean seriously
MrDnLegacy 2 months ago
Guys... if this is a true Mighty Car Mods puzzle!! When it is completed there are some bits left over... Right? 🤣
5-Port Studios
5-Port Studios 2 months ago
Who doesn't like to Puzzle and Goat?
Nitrokiller 99
Nitrokiller 99 2 months ago
Forget Netflix and chill let’s have puzzle and f@$k
Terry Wright
Terry Wright 2 months ago
What is the floor lift you were using in this video on the STI. I really want it!
Jo Blow
Jo Blow 2 days ago
Subarus are trash, just rip the engine out of that thing and put a different, reliable engine from another company in the car.
240sx In canada
240sx In canada 26 days ago
Debadge clean look
weez Month ago
Puzzle and Fa! sounds great
Hyiak forte
Hyiak forte Month ago
Just Aname
Just Aname Month ago
Subaru...what did you expect
Andrew Burnett
Andrew Burnett Month ago
Billy Ray Zyrus
rover215 Month ago
Oh, how I hate hub spacers.
Tim Harris
Tim Harris Month ago
That big berg is just beautiful !
Lynerd Skynerd
Lynerd Skynerd Month ago
Hooray mates! Love the puzzle and the channel. Keep up the good work and the shenanigans!
Robert Black
Robert Black 2 months ago
Really curious about the no masks, but no hand shakes.... its transmitted via spittle in the air... shaking hands doesn't matter, unless you pick your nose after, lol
Rudi Smit
Rudi Smit 2 months ago
i have an oem sti badge for your sti!
commodore1979 2 months ago
the undertray was a warning before it broke
truth seeker1995
truth seeker1995 2 months ago
Debadged all the way!! Real car people will know, and stupid ppl will leave you alone.
Step 1 of BRZ ownership: Attach turbo Step 2: See video thumbnail
Aaron L
Aaron L 2 months ago
Dirt bike vids please!!!
Conspiracy_00 2 months ago
Please do an episode with the dirtbike in the shop
Good one!
Good one! 2 months ago
Hang on hang on hang on. The hand brake?! How did no one know that! That's a first
VESPA NUT 2 months ago
I would rather be on the burg 👍👍
MoVieZafterMidNiGhT 2 months ago
you are just doing diagnostics🌞🚗
Johnny Lucas
Johnny Lucas 2 months ago
What tool did you use to fix the BRZ ... Ahhh his name is 🤣
Matt Fisher
Matt Fisher 2 months ago
Will we be seeing the Isuzu Gemini anytime soon?
A.J. W.
A.J. W. 2 months ago
Always good news when it's a cheap and easy fix like the Big Raging Zucchini!
hunter100t 2 months ago
Its all good guys but a word of warning, STI's do make you itch so rubber up, with gloves I mean lol.
Hatch Attack!
Hatch Attack! 2 months ago
Shout outs to cheap fixes... thought it was broke... nope just the E-brake... Huge pocket and soul relief!
Polis88 are you ready for your red pill
There all new cars that’s why Thayer all broke down . Disposable Dixies
Go Clunker
Go Clunker 2 months ago
You guys need to make mcm model cars.
DRCoCoNuTT 2 months ago
What was that jack you used to lift the sti? Looks so much easier to use!
Kerwin Tan
Kerwin Tan 2 months ago
I miss turbo yoda and mechanical stig :(
370_CUSTOMS 2 months ago
Subarus doing subarus things
BradGamingHQ 2 months ago
15:48 “hEaDgAsKeT”😂😂😂
Derek Gardin
Derek Gardin 2 months ago
What went wrong is you bought shitboxes
Follow me outdoors
Follow me outdoors 2 months ago
Reaching out... Levorg or not to Levorg? What are your thoughts on this Subi?
Follow me outdoors
Follow me outdoors 2 months ago
And I’m thinking STI, but not sure if the levorg STI is actually up to par?
Regilio Bouma
Regilio Bouma 2 months ago
is that a husaberg motor?
A- Broid
A- Broid 2 months ago
Another merch thing idea, mcm memory, so you have many of the cars you've owned on different pieces.
Lucas Creed
Lucas Creed 2 months ago
Craig Brown
Craig Brown 2 months ago
wait when you guys have a dirt bike ???
Craig Brown
Craig Brown 2 months ago
awesome shirt Moog of Iron-Maiden Killer my favorite number of there's
Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant 2 months ago
I know Ebay is sketchy sometimes. But this appears to be OEM. You could pull the badge from it. www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-SUBARU-IMPREZA-GC8-WRX-STI-FRONT-GRILL-GRILLE-OEM-/203085345878?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10
Denny 2 months ago
All said and done what is really wrong with the STI?
Elias Gustavsson
Elias Gustavsson 2 months ago
@3:33 he sounds like owen wilson from every movie he's ever been in
TheRegret 2 months ago
the episode: heat makes parts expand, the e-brake in the BR-Z and the axels in the STI me: "it can't not be the-... it's not the day before yesterday." what? i get that it is the next day, just the mental flip flop after hearing that whole sentence had me out of focus the rest of the video
ShauntheF1rst 2 months ago
I wish one day you guys would do a huge project! That’d be so cool. Like a abandoned car rebuild where you start from scratch completely and build everything from the ground up! Call it the Mighty Car!
jimi jack
jimi jack 2 months ago
Is Marty's face dirty at the intro?
Dariusz Klokocki
Dariusz Klokocki 2 months ago
Have you guys seen or have any knowledge of there being a bolt on turbo kit like the one you guy did with the BRZ, for a 2020 subaru forester sport... yes I have the sport I love it, but wished it had the HP of the forester of the past with turbo engines...it has the 2.5 boxer engine FB25D
Rowdy420 2 months ago
Oy mate we bite off America thanks for your support because AU alone could never
snusguy 2 months ago
Can we have an episode from the good old mom's driveway? Would be MAD!
Loki 1815
Loki 1815 2 months ago
2 5exy @ Salon Privè @ 11:44 us-first.info/player/video/prSknYyTiIJ8aoU.html
marc moss
marc moss 2 months ago
Four fucking adverts through this one 🤷‍♂️
Maia Stenger
Maia Stenger 2 months ago
I keep getting unsubscribed from your channel!! Double check you’re still subscribed people!
Giobeam O
Giobeam O 2 months ago
What happened to 2twisted
Dangerous and uncertain times
Not so mighty now eh? If cars were meant to be modified by US-first idiots like this the manufacturaeres would say so.
Lee Smith
Lee Smith 2 months ago
14:51 "thanks for coming on the sti.........." 👉👌
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa 2 months ago
What the hack is that frame at 15:49? it's old school mcm that's what it is.
Speaking Out
Speaking Out 2 months ago
Next mod, hydraulic hand brake lol
Keddy Gaming
Keddy Gaming 2 months ago
You guys should do a german car challenge
Samuel Dobrow
Samuel Dobrow 2 months ago
Nearly chocked on my coke...Puzzle and fuck is a good one
Daniel Priest
Daniel Priest 2 months ago
Please put coilovers on the BRZ
Mark Swinhoe
Mark Swinhoe 2 months ago
Picked up 2 Puzzles! 'The holiday's are coming".
greg hernandez
greg hernandez 2 months ago
Cool so your BRZ falls flat on it’s face after 4K rpm too? Lol. I want that puzzle
Replica 2 months ago
that husaberg tho
Dennis Prow
Dennis Prow 2 months ago
I was ready to learn something so I dont do it to my 86 haha.
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 2 months ago
Strip puzzle. I don't know, work it out. :D These guys are gold.
davedonedis 2 months ago
Jon V
Jon V 2 months ago
Badgeless equals vagless (not talking about Volkswagen Group!)
Ryzza5 2 months ago
So is the Golf R still running strong?
william smith
william smith 2 months ago
Should have bought a honda haha
omni builders nz
omni builders nz 2 months ago
Yeh yeh Subaru blue beasts chop chop chop...... where is your new 180sx moog?......
Tugboatpb 2 months ago
Marty buy a badge from Marco Ville on instagram
Richard_AKL 2 months ago
First thing you check after doing time on the track when you have weird noises when driving... check your tires for marbles (I have not yet watched the whole video so don't know if that's what it is or not).
NOTaMOD 2 months ago
This has shit the life outta me 😂😂🔥 supposed to be taking my car drags next week and paranoid it’s gunna break now 😂😂😢😢
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson 2 months ago
Sydney speedway seems to break MCM cars
Darryl Easton
Darryl Easton 2 months ago
Moogs was driving with the handbrake on! Show us the in-car of him releasing it before the start.
Greg 2 months ago
+1 for the Husaberg (KTM offshoot) in the background. Where's the GasGas boyeeezzz? ;)
Rossski 2 months ago
Keep it badgeless please
alsaaidh 2 months ago
What's wrong with your car? It's a subaru......lol...
Jay's Workshop
Jay's Workshop 2 months ago
2SEXY! 🚗
Goldmarble 2 months ago
New car just arrived? GEMINI?!
MrRedtaco11 2 months ago
Never do puzzles with Moog lol
Joseph Schulte
Joseph Schulte 2 months ago
Puzzle ordered all the way to the (not quite)frozen north of NA.
hushlife777 2 months ago
You guys should do a tow truck build! That would save you a ton of money on tow jobs and would be interesting content 😎👍🏼
Jay S
Jay S 2 months ago
Why does Moog look beat like someone stole his vegemite?
Keegan Shannon
Keegan Shannon 2 months ago
I gotta ask what are the pants that Moog wears?
Jedidiah Johnson
Jedidiah Johnson 2 months ago
Hi Marty and moog please could you do a Commodore vs falcon build and challenge
Erdem Kırtık
Erdem Kırtık 2 months ago
without music its feels like little bit depresive
FraudOnTheTele 2 months ago
8:36 In Marty: It's a bit wheepy Moog: hows the gearbox though *shit eating grin that killed me i was laughing so hard
FraudOnTheTele 2 months ago
8:26 i am dumb
Dj Dj
Dj Dj 2 months ago
"Months and Months in the making". A jigsaw puzzle.... Don't lie to me. I Googled "VistaPrint jigsaw". Be honest about it. You spent months perfecting artwork that you turned into a jigsaw. There is a difference.
Revn STI
Revn STI 2 months ago
I’ve got two broken cars lol luckily I recently bought another as it’s going to cost a pretty penny to fix the subi
Dank McDankerton
Dank McDankerton 2 months ago
they should rotary swap the BRZ so it'll be BRapZ
MikeyMike0954 2 months ago
I like the humble conclusion.
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith 2 months ago
So a minor misadjustment of a handbrake, a badly sized driveshaft ring, and an undersized radiator all caused all of these issues? Oh Well, live and learn. as hey, if the big stuff is working a-okay, and its just the small crap that's breaking or the know issues, your doing damn well guys.
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen 2 months ago
If you can get some good quality stickers, get them on. I had the four door version of this car, complete with stickers. I loved it.
Lazrios Jenkins
Lazrios Jenkins 2 months ago
do a kdm challenge ?
Steven Gilmour-white
I can get you a genuine pink sti badge....£26 uk pounds
Dave L
Dave L 2 months ago
What went wrong is you never build Toyotas with staunch JZ or UZ motors. Then they’d only blow up when you get too far north of 1000hp. But nah, just keep building fragile Nissans, Mitsis and Subarus. Oh except when you build a guaranteed to explode in under 20 minutes f--- mini! Y’all are Toyota haters.
reece neil
reece neil 2 months ago
I just have to say it, thats a lovely looking dirtbike dude!!!
Alex 2 months ago
I still feel like there's more time in the STI with just a better alignment alone. I can tell just looking at the wheels there not much camber in it. Subarus like quite a bit of camber. Try -3* front, and -2* rear.
KnightofLightz 2 months ago
glenn forsyth
glenn forsyth 2 months ago
feel like a dick for calling a towtruck over a handbrake HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
Marty got chopped even with the handbrake on. Oh dear... xD