$169 eBay Turbo Yaris - MAX SPEED TEST (RIP) 

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We wind up our $169 turbo and push our 1.8L wrecker engine to the limit as we see just how fast Yaris Hilton can go. Will we be victorious, or will we push it over the edge (and have to push it back home?)
All of our work has led to this moment as we see just how far we can thrash a wrecker engine and eBay turbo.
Get the Yaris Hilton theme song here: music.apple.com/au/album/i-cant-do-forever-but-i-can-do-you/1486317460?i=1486317469
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Feb 15, 2020




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simon mann
simon mann 4 hours ago
Great stuff guys . Love the radiator and intercooler harp content . lol . Epic .
Marcel B
Marcel B Day ago
Many hours of work. Good Job! BUT in the 2 minutes, who the engine runs verry good, WE CANT LISTEN TO THE ENGINE -- YOU MUST SPEEK AND SPEEK ... In the next video please don't speak on track! Thanks from Germany
kjaques1 3 days ago
Just superb. Guys you are gold dust, Many thanks from the freezing UK.
Victor Daher
Victor Daher 6 days ago
That was almost poetic
kekette _b
kekette _b 7 days ago
What tyres is it ?
Southerlandjoseph 10 days ago
Just put another motor in it and do a rod and bearing build on lower end then some arp head studs cosmetic head gasket sand you will have a pretty reliable daily sleeper
KarsonNow 10 days ago
Yaris TS was also available with 215 HP...just sayin.
Leader 11 days ago
from toyata yaris to a build it yourself fiesta ST xD
jackson kau
jackson kau 12 days ago
you attach BOV on turbo ? how to create that sound . awesome!
Andy Ferriol
Andy Ferriol 12 days ago
Give me that damn yaris now I want it bad
Drew Koze
Drew Koze 13 days ago
Slaps roof, you can fit so many fucking wooks in here
emanuel emanuel
emanuel emanuel 13 days ago
Never though I'd shed a tear for yaris hilton...yet here we are
Desmond Arthur
Desmond Arthur 13 days ago
If u dont it send me it please
tavo stremai axujeni
What’s 0-60 on this thing?
Matt 18 days ago
hey marty and moog. please buy the new 4wd performance yaris that toyota is selling in oz. would be awesome to see you guys boost it even more
Maxy Probes
Maxy Probes 25 days ago
how do you guys use the track on non track days?
Joker Ismyname
Joker Ismyname 27 days ago
Their talking bout lotus :DD
Garrison Vlogs
Garrison Vlogs 27 days ago
That last lap was the best last lap that Yaris could’ve gotten in it’s life. What a beast.
Rob Dixson
Rob Dixson 28 days ago
I'm a little sad for Yaris Hilton.. She died giving her all..still no love.
Combine 28 days ago
Amazing episode 😊
Sivamaithily Parameswaran
amazing car
lupinevir Month ago
Damn you both....my kid wants a Yaris for his 1st car. Cool series, thanks.
Joshua Cheek
Joshua Cheek Month ago
Well since you killed it; I could use all the parts on my R50 mini, so just let me know what I gotta pay to ship it to America. Lol $170 for the the MCM TURBO KIT + $500 for wheels + $??? For shipping.
Keith Gatlin
Keith Gatlin Month ago
Yeah but I’m not like the biggest Toyota fan but I don’t understand why they say this car is a piece of shit you don’t know where the engines been and cheap turbos sometimes destroy engines so you can’t blame it on the Toyota Yaris
boost junkie
boost junkie Month ago
this build is funny and epic 😂👌
Zaw Win Hlaing
Zaw Win Hlaing Month ago
That car's engine dead 2 times.......wkwk
Nicki Bateson
Nicki Bateson 2 months ago
Turn it into a RALLY CAR guys.
dydy vacances
dydy vacances 2 months ago
RIP yaris
Manikantha Arun Paturi
Top speed after turbo charger attached?
Bob Jo
Bob Jo 2 months ago
You guys do make me laugh 🤣
Nikki Yosopay
Nikki Yosopay 2 months ago
Would you part out yaris hilton? I have a project yaris here in the Philippines
buzzedo1 2 months ago
Too funny
Autotune Indonesia
Autotune Indonesia 2 months ago
You can make the suspension lower than now, and you can more fast on the corner, try it . . . Nice turbo bro . . . Thumbs up from Autotune Indonesia . . .
junaid hussein
junaid hussein 2 months ago
Page up on the rods, pistons and head. I'm actually surprised the gearbox didn't go first. Awesome content 👌😄
Bryan Ang
Bryan Ang 2 months ago
Thia is like an Initial D moment but its on a race track, this is a time attack race and this is a corolla engine swapped yaris
Aidan Ramirez
Aidan Ramirez 2 months ago
Just finished watching the Yaris Hilton trilogy and I gotta say this is time I spent very wisely😂 May miss Hilton rest in choo-choo heaven with a godly lap-time of 59 seconds😎💪
John Tarver
John Tarver 2 months ago
I used to have a golf cart Yaris. I loved the way it drove!
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 3 months ago
She handles great, imagine a suspension upgrade.
l robinson
l robinson 3 months ago
Hello from Cali , you guys get is done ! like!
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green 3 months ago
Notice the plates on the floor
Kris Heaslip-Shaw
Kris Heaslip-Shaw 3 months ago
One wicked lap mate right on the ragged eage lol look like a ball to drive lol sad it blew lol
Johnny Neubecker
Johnny Neubecker 3 months ago
i would 100% rip this thing around all day lmao its the perfect sleeper.. should paint the intercooler black for maximum sleeper skill
Shaz Ali
Shaz Ali 3 months ago
Now i know why u guys wernt stretching the gears , u were keeping it alive
American Graffiti
American Graffiti 3 months ago
Just discovered these guys. There great! RIP Paris. Much respect from Ohio.
Afiz Sky
Afiz Sky 3 months ago
plz make mazda astina 323 pop up head light
Everyday Mind
Everyday Mind 3 months ago
"... I'd rather eat falafel in my Yaris... "
Salva Atractive
Salva Atractive 3 months ago
Whats the song name??? Love it 😄👌🙌
Danielsan Pesongco
Danielsan Pesongco 3 months ago
Sounds like rocker arm failure. Cam springs need upgrade yo
Georgi Kovachev
Georgi Kovachev 3 months ago
I hope you will change the pistons with race pistons and do another GO!
C S 3 months ago
Re build bigger and badder
gregrs46 3 months ago
How to get this BOV sound?
Iamuzairchhima 22
Iamuzairchhima 22 3 months ago
What rims are those 😍
Benjamin Froud
Benjamin Froud 3 months ago
can you black ceramic coat the intercooler and de badge it?
rapskallion 3 months ago
Lisa Dawn-Fisher
Lisa Dawn-Fisher 3 months ago
OMGGG LOVE you guys soo much keep it up.....Also, that montage at the end was absolutely perfection at its finest LOL!! !!
Adrian Purcell
Adrian Purcell 3 months ago
You guys earned a sub. Great build. Good job you guys.
Kirk Norris
Kirk Norris 3 months ago
Did anyone else notice the puff of black smoke from the exhaust?
Momo 3 months ago
I love what you guys do, but my god Yaris is FUGLY! Needs to be wrapped to look like the 💩 emoji.... 🤦🏼‍♂️🤔🤷‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼
Dave O
Dave O 3 months ago
Shame you can't put a few more km through the turbo, but then again it's lasted longer than the car technically.
Lorraine Williams
Lorraine Williams 4 months ago
Dang. I love my Yaris. She is solidly built, easy to maintain, and is a little workhorse. I guess it comes down to what you need/prefer. So, as the happy owner of a 'piece of shit', guess what I think of your channel?
StankYom Tom
StankYom Tom 4 months ago
Death trap 😂
#trumpty #dumpty
#trumpty #dumpty 4 months ago
Nice lol
marvin martin
marvin martin 4 months ago
Doing a U turn at the end of a straight, seems very very wrong lol
Graham Desinor
Graham Desinor 4 months ago
Rebuild Yaris it looks great and looks fun to drive.. 👍🏾
Oliver Strike
Oliver Strike 4 months ago
I actually think it looks really cool... Is that bad?
Uncle Reeko
Uncle Reeko 4 months ago
Out of interest, I would like to know the name of the track
Michael Basha
Michael Basha 4 months ago
It's a Corolla engine.. they can't die. Must have been the turbo..
MickMaan 4 months ago
I'm hoping to one day throw a 2.0ltr turbo in to my little 1.0ltr Corsa but when the time comes I want to make a custom manifold and chuck a turbo on the 1.0ltr and bash it til it blows! Only then will the car be ready to go from daily driver to full track day car.
Grumpy Modeler
Grumpy Modeler 4 months ago
Those wheel guards almost makes it look like a Ka.
lonewolf302nd 4 months ago
The machine spirit was with them for that last lap
J Reed
J Reed 4 months ago
Squeeze a beams in it
Marvin Buchmann
Marvin Buchmann 5 months ago
Which part broke?
P.T.R -sa
P.T.R -sa 5 months ago
👌🏾 good job
Harrison Portillo
Harrison Portillo 5 months ago
Lmfao this was an epic build
JACK LIGER ZERO 5 months ago
Bro I would own this track with my SER SPEC V
Robert Santiago
Robert Santiago 5 months ago
Hey guys you think is possible to tune a Pontiac G3 hatchback 2009 manual for the engine 1.6 is it possible to put turbo intercooler exhaust push it to over 200 horses. Comment back please or search me a Facebook my name is Robert Santiago I am using sunglasses on the picture.
Minimum Dorifto
Minimum Dorifto 5 months ago
Now I want to get a yaris
** 5 months ago
I vote to resurrect Yaris Hilton, and beat the track time
darrel petrie
darrel petrie 5 months ago
Just proves the point. If it wasn`t designed for it don`t add it. Bolt on horsepower kills motors. Fun when they run but they only run a short time. Of course you have to upgrade the internal parts of the motor. Chances are the oil pressure couldn`t keep up.
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma 5 months ago
She sounds mad!!
nana kofi
nana kofi 5 months ago
Please where did u purchase the turbo manifold I need one any ideas please am in Blacktown
President elect J Lee
I would consider donating my yaris just to see another one of these builds come alive. Im almost thinking of doing it myself just for shits and giggles.
Iswar Dahal
Iswar Dahal 5 months ago
I really love that whirring sound when you were shifting. What makesthat sound?
Ayan Anees
Ayan Anees 5 months ago
Im 16 and am about to get a yaris. Wish me luck pushing those numbers and making the engine go from ratataata to *sad yaris noises*
Aiah Santos
Aiah Santos 5 months ago
All i can say is ... WOW!!! 😮
AGoodKid 5 months ago
Miguel Figueroa
Miguel Figueroa 5 months ago
I’m missing the rider on the intro. 😔
Γιώργος Πανάγος
Raffy Magaling
Raffy Magaling 6 months ago
rebuild the engine
Nathaniel Donovan
Nathaniel Donovan 6 months ago
Put a 4age or a 3sgte in the yaris
Bruno Gregori
Bruno Gregori 6 months ago
She looks pretty cool with the intercooler the wheels and flares
Lily Rose Muir
Lily Rose Muir 6 months ago
This is the best automotive content on youtube handsdown. What an absolute crack up! Keep doing your thing guys you're killing the game
ngu quoc
ngu quoc 6 months ago
When will we see Marty’s second diy flamethrower exhaust kit
Riley Hance
Riley Hance 6 months ago
The song killed me
Dimitris Gewrgoulas
Dimitris Gewrgoulas 6 months ago
Biela ciao
RWoody1995 6 months ago
This just means the Yaris was the perfect race car, the perfect race car only needs to be fast up until it reaches the finish line and it did EXACTLY that, no less and no more.
Christopher Marshall
Who else had a tear in there eye when they played the yaris Hilton soundtrack at the end ....
Gary Sue
Gary Sue 6 months ago
Definitely needs a follow up episode, with the engine teardown. Show the carmod peeps what actually broke.
Waseem Bux
Waseem Bux 6 months ago
Rebuild this car !!
Med Bukenya
Med Bukenya 6 months ago
Put the legendary 2zz
Disrespected Evo