$169 eBay Turbo Dyno Results (EPIC!) 

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After installing our $169 Turbocharger we bought on Ebay, Yaris Hilton is strapped onto the dyno to see what kind of power we can extract from the 2ZRFE Corolla engine we bolted into it. In the search for more kilowatts we also installed bigger injectors, a front mount intercooler and in this episode upgrade the fuel system to support more power. Will it go or will it blow? Does a bargain hunter really pay twice? We find out in this epic episode of boosty action.
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Feb 4, 2020




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Jayden Chambers
Jayden Chambers 21 hour ago
In case your wondering 100,000 rupiah is 7 US dollars😂
Walther and Kaytlin's Vlogs
150 kilo watts. And that's 200 horse power. So the top speed will be 150 mph something?
Meusana Day ago
"so what do we do?" HEY I saw that sneaky page up right there! 13:20
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo Day ago
Lot of work for so little. What's the gain? Is it fast cause it's small
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo Day ago
How are they tuning the ECU to get the engine up..?
Shaun Mabena
Shaun Mabena 6 days ago
Will my car get increase power is I swap a 1.4l fuel pump with an 2.0l one?
ProjectDart 6 days ago
Can you guys freak out a Dodge Dart? Would love to see the video not much content up
Master Pc Builds
Master Pc Builds 7 days ago
This is insane 🤣🤘🏼
Imam Khaira
Imam Khaira 7 days ago
100 k rupiah halp 😭
Bagatuuri 7 days ago
budged, and you have full haltec ecu? :D
Fahrul Mashabi
Fahrul Mashabi 8 days ago
Just wondering, can you use IDR in aussie? How can you guys have that currency in your pocket??
Faisal Syafii
Faisal Syafii 8 days ago
hahah 100.000 rupiah in there
Joab Nyabuti
Joab Nyabuti 8 days ago
Page up using a foot🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
REGROUP 8 days ago
Joriel 9 days ago
Wait so that 1.8L only made 40kw at the wheels? thats only around 70hp at the crank! wtf... my gf's 1.0L yaris makes the same hp... how is this possible? im really confused here... they keep refering the 40kw originally at the wheels but are we talking about the yaris engine or the corolla engine they swapped? I mean as far as i know originally that 1.8L engine should've made around 130hp stock...
jimmy jbob
jimmy jbob 9 days ago
12:13 page up, you could say it's....a toe brainer...there is toe alternative, but maybe you should foot the cart before the horse(power)
Jr W
Jr W 9 days ago
What’s that power in American now
Abduhacker007 yt binod
Makes more than a miata
Energy LP
Energy LP 10 days ago
Jetzt hab ich Lust mein vw Fox 75ps einen Turbo zu verschaffen 😂😂
obamdick 10 days ago
Is nobody gonna say anything about him saying KW instead of hp
Micah POV
Micah POV 10 days ago
Love the subtle feet shots
kalevi vaahteramäki
I need that to my Punto
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 10 days ago
Damn this bet was over $7 us dollars
marwan thamer
marwan thamer 10 days ago
vikovi gaming
vikovi gaming 10 days ago
Wow Indonesian money
theboard 1
theboard 1 10 days ago
What's with the toes?
Nathan Baham
Nathan Baham 10 days ago
Makes more power than a brz
Hmh Mmhm
Hmh Mmhm 10 days ago
And a 4 thousand dollar ecu and a 2 thousand dollar tune
KarsonNow 10 days ago
"Engine...not Yaris, I mean proper engine cars" ... Wow, what a dumb sentence. Yaris had up to 1,8L engines with up to 215 HP. Have ever drove something like that? My Yaris 2002 1.4L with few modifications (without Turbo) go almost 150 MPH - German Autobahn. I think it's enough for small car. Check Yaris TS versions. Normal version 78KW/105 HP There were also turbo versions with 110 KW/150 HP... And 1.8 Liter versions up to 215 HP. Guys 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️what are you doing there?!... And it was almost 20 years ago...
EnDer Cozy
EnDer Cozy 10 days ago
Engines are rated differently. Most manufacturers down play the values at a consumer range. That's why car manufacturers have In-house racing team that runs factory parts, but racing spec tunes and setups. One good example are rally cars, they have to pass manufacturer participation EI parts to be labeled as OEM manufacturer car. FYI
KarsonNow 10 days ago
There are also Toyota Yaris TS editions.... Up to 215 HP. Just sayin.
john nedeau
john nedeau 11 days ago
Its cheep because the market is flooded with turbos for honda toyota etc expensive turbos are for expensive cars
timkat 11 days ago
As fast as a brz
Umair Radhi
Umair Radhi 11 days ago
I love how he wear the seat belt eventho the car isn’t moving
young savage 💯
young savage 💯 11 days ago
Could slip off the dyno or something
Peter Thomson
Peter Thomson 11 days ago
Pause @ 15:36 😂
I Pleedafif
I Pleedafif 11 days ago
That was a fine gentlemen's handshake.
FuzzyTacoGaming 11 days ago
Who uses Kw instead of Horsepower??
Premium Only
Premium Only 11 days ago
Indonesia money haha
Low Life
Low Life 11 days ago
M8 wut is a kilowatt speak English.
Johnny B
Johnny B 11 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks they should open their hood and maybe get a fan blowing at the intercooler if they’re tryna full send?
GabakUSA Free computer training
what is the MPG in real life now?
xo slim
xo slim 12 days ago
When you do the math and see that they legitimately bet 70k US dollars
matt889 12 days ago
@xo slim I looked it up too. Might not want to use your converter to pay for things on eBay!! Hahaha
xo slim
xo slim 12 days ago
@matt889 well that’s what happens when you claim to do math and look it up instead 😂😂😂
matt889 12 days ago
Your a little off. Its 100k Rupees which is $1300 USD approx. Still a decent bet for just a dyno run though
Sanny RC
Sanny RC 12 days ago
LOL.. 100K Rupiah is about 9.73675 AUD...
hiddeninja7 12 days ago
Bruh 169 no waaaaay
Kautsar Rafif
Kautsar Rafif 12 days ago
how's that 100k rupiah got there?
M. B.
M. B. 12 days ago
Why do you keep talking about kilowatts? Whats the horsepower😂
Daniel S.
Daniel S. 12 days ago
When you order your Toyota GR Yaris on Wish ->
SPANK CREW 12 days ago
Toyota engine be like "moreeee boosttt"😂
Gabriel Bowden
Gabriel Bowden 12 days ago
That’s one strong eBay turbo
Scott Lambeth
Scott Lambeth 12 days ago
200hp in a car that weighs 2,300lbs(1043kg) is actually pretty respectable. One thing though, i'm wondering if the Aussie version of the Yaris had a different engine than the US version. The US version was 106hp(79kw) at the crank, when they swapped the engine they either went down in power because the new engine was worn out and tired, or the factory Yaris engine was just so pathetic any swap would have been better.
Devo 13 days ago
Lol 12:13 foot. Page up.
Mercenary Sed
Mercenary Sed 13 days ago
Is kilowatts the same as horsies? I'm in america so please don't judge
no one
no one 13 days ago
Why is a 169$ turbo giving so much power?you might ask. I'll scientifically explain... ...the secret is in 69$.
Aaron Kung
Aaron Kung 13 days ago
Wtf is a killawatt
no one
no one 13 days ago
You should replace the fuel valve things
Tyler N
Tyler N 13 days ago
Sorry, but I don't understand any of the conversions in this vid. 100,000 "dollars" isnt actually dollars, 150 kw is 200 hp (are they converting from electric power to horsepower?), I don't get it. Anyway great bid and I'm sure that is that fastest yaris you'll come across.
Craig Nocantsorry
Craig Nocantsorry 13 days ago
how much is a fricken Kilowatt????????????
James 13 days ago
Yaris Hilton? Cheap, trashy, and wouldn't dare be caught in it....classy internet. Very classy. Love it!
Yao Wang
Yao Wang 14 days ago
A 1.8L 2ZR-FE engine puts out at least 95kw. . How come it normally makes 40kw on wheels? Is it "15%" loss on drivetrain?
Daniel Wilhelmsen
Daniel Wilhelmsen 14 days ago
12:47 is This a foot?
Sakari 14 days ago
1zr-fe corolla engine realiable af!
Rodrigo 14 days ago
GR yaris: Am i a joke to you?
Carter Gilbert
Carter Gilbert 14 days ago
My dumbass 13k into my WRX trying to make it go "ssstutututu" 😣
AllenSeeAllenDo 14 days ago
Hold on. Every time they chant page up that’s a dudes foot hitting the button.
Muhamad Jaya Hadi Kusuma
I just realize u guys do bet in rupiahs
Leo XL
Leo XL 14 days ago
I need yall to do that to mine.... 2012 Yaris Super Car. Great video
Jess Stuart
Jess Stuart 15 days ago
100,000 rupiah = 7.10 usd
Lil Bop
Lil Bop 15 days ago
Dat handshake was lit 💯😂
E L 15 days ago
What wheel and tire set up do you have ?
Frankie Forza
Frankie Forza 17 days ago
I'd rock that yaris, how much usd you want for it?
STiG 18 days ago
My 2015 civic si made 176 stock whp. I’m jealous this thing made more power. 😂😂🙈
Garbage Trash
Garbage Trash 19 days ago
Awesome shirt in the beginning! \m/
mrleenagle 19 days ago
Knock knock Who's there? Con Con who? Con rod Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
M1LAN 19 days ago
my dad has a yaris and you guys give me ideas.... dad if you see this im sorry
tasty lemons Chris
tasty lemons Chris 20 days ago
good times!
Hothyfa MAssalha
Hothyfa MAssalha 22 days ago
hi can i add the turbo in renaullt clio 4 1.25L / 75 hp ??
Hammyboi Gaming
Hammyboi Gaming 24 days ago
Levi Grauner
Levi Grauner 27 days ago
I love the handshake edit, reminds me of Russel Coight's All Aussie Adventures.
Sebastian Rodríguez
Now thats a sleeper
Russel Coight
Ricardo Month ago
When u see this kind of mods from Spain 😭😭😭 If you go turbo you won't be able to circulate
simon lloyd
simon lloyd Month ago
One of the best episodes ever... Stuff like this is why shows like Top Gear are just such utter shit.
Ridwan Arif
Ridwan Arif Month ago
100.000 idr ? :D:D:D this is hilarious dude.
Tevah Buchanan
Tevah Buchanan Month ago
15:36 was that a foot...
Ben Madsen
Ben Madsen Month ago
Ha I guessed 85kw...
Zaw Win Hlaing
Zaw Win Hlaing Month ago
19:40 internal damage
Roger Month ago
Drive it! Drive it! Drive it!
Roger Month ago
15:51 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT JIGA-WATTS of POWER !!! us-first.info/player/video/nJJsaq-nnKB0k4U.html
Roger Month ago
4:17 "and dropping her guts all over everyone and everything in this room..." ooh that's rather dramatic car lingo ...
Ulises Medrano
Ulises Medrano Month ago
this is the 3rd 2ZRFE Turbo i see on US-first, one guy got upto 218hp and another got 600hp, this engine has potential, but for 200hp you should've just swapped the 2.5 4cyl from the Camry which is 205hp and turboed that but good job all together.
James Whiteman
James Whiteman Month ago
Page up Page up lol
Matthew Abdelnour
100 000 rupiah is $9 Canadian lol
Aids_x Month ago
a yaris that is not P plate legal, lord
suppressor808 Month ago
Who else looked up the currency exchange for 100000 rupees...
Fails & Funny
Fails & Funny Month ago
Stage 1 + stage 2 + stage 3 + stage 4 + ... 😂
into the void
into the void Month ago
Its funny how you wankers are celebrating your great achievement when you have no idea how long the engine will last when driving it around and pushing it, hell you may kill that car in one day So stop counting your chickens untill you really know if the motor will last at least one full day of hard driving, if it can't take that then its all a wash and time to start thinking and instead of fucking around so much. ps. good show otherwise.
iluvwhtchix Month ago
I'd like to see you guys review the Torqamp electric turbo
Qisooyin Horror
Qisooyin Horror Month ago
169 - 100 = 69 *Nice*
ReedKoch 41
ReedKoch 41 Month ago
1st hand, and 2nd hand depending how many come out 😂😂💀
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman 2 months ago
What engine is it??