$15,000 Car vs $60,000 Car [Loser wins $5,000 CASH] 

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Does more cash mean more fast? Today we find out as we battle two very different cars in our $15,000 VS $60,000 Battle. The loser will win $5,000! In the blue corner we have a 2 door Subaru WRX STI, and in the other blue corner, we have a Subaru BRZ.
Which car will reign supreme and who will take home the cash? We've put in $2,500 each - loser takes all!
Song: RACE LINE by DJ Rod Knock
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Aug 5, 2020




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 months ago
Grab the new song featured in this episode 'RACE LINE' by DJ ROD KNOCK 😂 (Yes we made the song) music.apple.com/au/album/race-line-single/1525840740
1507Lachlan 29 days ago
There is a recent 22B on a UK subaru Facebook page for £170,000 there are Honda NSX cars on a japan export car company from 56,000, I'm damn sure I'd buy the NSX before a 22B and I have a 2007 STI in the drive and owned several other subaru imprezas and Toyotas. The NSX is becoming as rare as the 22B
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Month ago
Loving th new songs
B. None
B. None 2 months ago
I was waiting for 'Bunta' to fly past both of them, Marty does have his car :)
Spike Kastleman
Spike Kastleman 2 months ago
You idiot. It is Moog's song! ( In reply to myself. I'm the idiot. Lol. )
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 2 months ago
you should run a centrifugal supercharger on the brz, they make custom kits here in America to do that... you just have to find the right guy
Craig Green
Craig Green Day ago
Such an awesome episode
Just Aname
Just Aname 4 days ago
Subaru fan boys....Yawn
Stereotype 5 days ago
That Swift tho!!!!
James Mancuso
James Mancuso 6 days ago
Damn that 2dr sti just makes me .....
Adrian McDonagh
Adrian McDonagh 6 days ago
If u buy a Subaru for 60000 your an idiot about 15000 grand in Ireland
CLARK K.A.G 7 days ago
I think the sti needs a stiffer rear sway bar because in for wheel drives with a Bias towards the front diff you actually want the rear of your car to brake out and induce oversteer because you can just accelerate and it will pull you out with your front tires but the oversteer helps you turn sharper and faster as your rear comes out and is pointing you faster in the direction you want to go your front tires still have grip so by accelerating you pull your self though the corner extremely fast . Over steam is only slow in rear wheel drive cars because to control it you have to deduce throttle to your now slipping drive wheels were in all wheel drive 50% or more of your power is still going to your front wheel with traction so accelerating just pulls your bum back inline but now your pointing further into the corner without turning and you putting more power down to fix it instead of less
nickrod32 8 days ago
wtf its Psyched substances long lost identical twin
sky kills
sky kills 12 days ago
I'm trying to find a $60,000 Subaru. Where the fuck did they charge that much for a Subaru? The flaws with this video are there's no way that Subaru costs 60 Grand, 30 tops, don't believe me I can give you like 17 different importers. second they're comparing an old car that cost more to a modern car so the video title is completely misleading.
sky kills
sky kills 12 days ago
Literally just import one for half the price.
SteveBMX01 16 days ago
i lost it when i saw eurobeat intensifies
IMNOTA 16 days ago
I just realized that despite every Brz owner says "it's slow but it handles well" it's the first time I see someone tracking one, or driving one this hard.
IMNOTA 16 days ago
I feel like Moog was being too aggressive in the beginning and lost time. And that's a lesson right here, boys. Don't drive aggressive and try to pass unless you have a real opportunity, because taking a line that allows you to pass usually also slows you down so if you're not sure you're gonna be able to pass, you're actually making your chances of passing even smaller because you're gonna loose speed that will be needed on the next passing opportunity.
SemoneMerku 19 days ago
In STI two foot into turn to over steer better. Ride brake basically while flooring it. More or less
Azide Azidoazide
Azide Azidoazide 29 days ago
Felix Johnson-Standley
The end was like a 80s cop show 😂
nico tokeup
nico tokeup Month ago
the closing shot was awesome haha
Just Pelé
Just Pelé Month ago
$5000 Aussie dollarydoos is like what? $200 US?
Azza Month ago
Hats off for these guys donating to reachout.com. And with no disrespect to Reach Out, have the guys ever considered reacharound.com?
BoredArmour Month ago
Damn PS5 Graphic looks awesome
Thomas Lecyn
Thomas Lecyn Month ago
Whats the song at 1:19 ?
Michael nadolski
Love your videos! My boy @frankies garage showed me u guys. Great content. I got me 1 of them gt86’s, n got the same tires and same power problem lol. Bought an eBay turbo cuz of u guys! Lol fuk it! BooM. 😆
Osvaldo Valencia
There’s no comparison in here. The STi will win. Even if is old is better. If u ask any person what would u chose gc8 or BRZ they will pick the gc8
Johny Jackson
Johny Jackson Month ago
Supercharged the brz now
Johny Jackson
Johny Jackson Month ago
Japanese type r is second from the top
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
This was super great to watch. Sad I waited so long before watching it! Haha great job lads!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Month ago
Damnnnnnnn this is cool 😎 some brilliant moves here
Spaz 1966
Spaz 1966 Month ago
Thanks guys, don't be too perturboed Moog. About how much was spent on sway bars?I didn't catch that. I got 15.000ish for BRZ 1500ish for tune and exhaust. In US this is what I got for 2013 BRZ $16,995 with LSD.
STMgc8 Month ago
Whoever is driving the WRX has the worst racing line ever.
atokulous Month ago
This is the type of racing they should have done when they modded a miata and s2000.
XRAYAN MHX Month ago
Wait 60k for old one dang i wish I can grow faster
Andy Koe
Andy Koe Month ago
New tire sponsor :P
nicolas Boukas
nicolas Boukas Month ago
Can you send me a hoody like yours :)
Eason 22
Eason 22 Month ago
if I win, i will take the cash, and I will take the respect. : )
Savage937 Boss
Savage937 Boss Month ago
its not brzed its brzee
KaliKavala Month ago
Best win/loose ever :D
Pradana Wp
Pradana Wp Month ago
Driving skill... just the problem..
bob Month ago
Does b is for build really watch this channel???
speedy blue
speedy blue Month ago
Only $5000, not a typical island, I'm not interested.
#RideLife Month ago
For the price difference you can get a really nice turbo set up and tune.. and still have money for gas and insurance lol power problem gone
Siamese Dream
Siamese Dream Month ago
That STi is not a $60k car...
udubdave Month ago
You can't really compare the "worth" of an old, super rare collector's car to a modern car. That's a completely apples to oranges comparison. Old, rare collector's cars don't really have a worth. It's worth however much the buyer wants to pay for it. On the other hand, a modern car does have a more set-in-stone market value.
basher 101
basher 101 Month ago
what a waste of time
Ikan berapi [Ali R.P]
When you realized that WRX is a rally
Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell Month ago
BRZ are fun to drive but not in the city traffic is insane now a days everyone is flooring it lol
Harry Harger
Harry Harger Month ago
So ah, chuck a Turbo on the BRZ :D?
RokodoRL Month ago
60,000 AUD? Mine imported from Japan cost less than half that a year or two back. Bargain.
There’s no way that STI is worth 60k
katahiro Kazumi
katahiro Kazumi Month ago
where can i sign up for these competitions, i am a professional loser, its in the resume
Andy Lowe
Andy Lowe Month ago
Mad respect for helping young people with mental illness. Much Love
Joey Barnes
Joey Barnes Month ago
Mystical Zeus
Mystical Zeus Month ago
You mean two $15k dollar cars.
Иван Иванов
The sti needs to be driven like a rally car, not like a race car, only than it can be fast
PubgAtlantic Month ago
id like to know where tf you got the hoopty brz for 15k :,D I own one and spent months searching the market for new and old, average price for a decent condition lower milage stock one is around 25k
MrCalvous Month ago
Don't even need to watch. Brz =slow
kjevers1 Month ago
Put that 5k in the BRZ and it will smoke that WRX into the dirt.
Mr Fonzie Gaming
@16.09 bUt It HaNdLeS WeLL
Thomas Beshaw
Thomas Beshaw Month ago
I think these track challenges you should open it up to your viewers. Similar cars to yours add some more fun to the mix. friendly competition.
Random Ryder
Random Ryder Month ago
Quit mounting narrower tires on wider wheels. Then you won't have the tires "squirming" so damn much. I remember why I don't watch these vids now...
Jarred Krasman
Jarred Krasman Month ago
The wrx is over hyped as a tarmac car but on gravel and dirt they’re so much fun
Aurél Simon
Aurél Simon Month ago
Let's be honest... this N/A vs. Turbo beef seems waaaay overrated. I mean if you are an engine, why would you suck, if you can have something to blow you?
TuneboyR Month ago
BRZ sounds good
Lachlan Day
Lachlan Day Month ago
Good job with the donation fellas, new viewer but I'm enjoying the videos. The jdm mini brought me here.
Theo Devos-Vernes
13:20 "I'M DOING EVERYTHING I CAN TO CATCH THAT STI" alright then moog
x Botz
x Botz Month ago
Didnt have to watch this whoever choose the 86 or brz lost with there choice of car
eminemas000 Month ago
in uk that age sti is like £500-£3000 lol
Ben Chesterman
Ben Chesterman Month ago
@eminemas000 I'm comparing a impreza p1 sold locally) WRX is under 5000 pounds not a grey import sti 25 yrs old in UK
eminemas000 Month ago
@Ben Chesterman i said UK?
Ben Chesterman
Ben Chesterman Month ago
No it not it 25000 pounds , 3 million yen in Japan at auction
Suzuki Swift driver: Did that guy just give me the finger ?
Daniel M
Daniel M Month ago
Compare sector times? If the BRZ was seemingly quicker in S3.
Gintawa Seekami
Gintawa Seekami Month ago
The little Brz put up a. Good fight😀good race guys !
Qwert Month ago
9:38 that ACTUAL AE86 behind the BRZ *heart flutter*
kidsythe Month ago
I looked up 200kph, its only 125ish. You never realize how dangerous you are on your way to work till these guys are only hitting that on the track.
Nikolay Ganovski
the white BRZ is FAST!
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi Month ago
That wrx looks so good after the paint job and wheels. So so so good.
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 Month ago
Jdm is far better quality than there American counterparts.seems like quite the crock of shit to this fella....since when was unequal length headers a performance upgrade its supposed to be equal length. I had a 1991 Acura Integra 20 years ago that topped out at 220km/hr it was N.A. it would of kicked the shit outta that brz.
R4M Quattro
R4M Quattro Month ago
I agree
Daryl Hindle10
Daryl Hindle10 Month ago
turbo the BRZ
The Hobby Trio
The Hobby Trio 2 months ago
awesome race guys. Im in the same boat but lower budget. Im trying to race my $1500 R53 Mini against other cars worth more than 10 grand.
Togamau Auvaa
Togamau Auvaa 2 months ago
Not realted to the track race but, Looking at Marty's subaru makes me wish that the manufacturers had made all model upto the hawk eye a two door car because if we're being honest, the back seat space is realistically pointless. Just a personal opinion
Veronica Femina
Veronica Femina 2 months ago
The REAL car ! us-first.info/player/video/hKyMfJlpaXyWm6M.html
David Donaghy
David Donaghy 2 months ago
I can’t afford either of them.
gary brady
gary brady 2 months ago
great charity well done guys and great video :)
Dank Genetics
Dank Genetics 2 months ago
Even on paper the brz’s measly 200 horsepower is more then enough to push the cars driving dynamics to the edge. Something like this comes down to driver. If you had one of these guys driving the sti and hired a professional driver in the brz I’m sure the results would be much different. Having said that, 5k could turbo the brz, but Subaru AND Toyota have both said the reason why the platform remains without forced induction is the added weight and power throws off the entire driving dynamic of the car. This race came down to the extra power the jdm sti has & the driver. Both are beautiful cars too. After all we are talking 100 horsepower difference, 50% more then what the brz is making. Lol
Hayden Wallace
Hayden Wallace 2 months ago
the over under rated joke was all i needed for a like
mag321321 2 months ago
The GPS in your phone normaly works only whit 1hz. That means 1 position update per second. So you cant measure your tracktime realy accurate. 🤐
xJoshykinz 2 months ago
“bUt It HaNdLeS WeLL” lmfao
dooks4life 2 months ago
yoda on speed dial methinks
ouroesa 2 months ago
You gotta drive that Subie like a drunk teenager...slow into the corner, power out with a lot of turn in. The 4wd system really helps it steer with the weight on the back; some witchery I guess.
dave S
dave S 2 months ago
8250rpm I had no idea my my 06 with the 2.5 revs to 6500 ish. More torque less rev. Ideally a 2.2 or 2.3 would be a good compromise
Etienne Ogilvie
Etienne Ogilvie 2 months ago
Can you guys put the sti against the blue evo on the track?
Ben Chesterman
Ben Chesterman 2 months ago
V5 type r 3 million yen in Japan at auction
Michael Larsen
Michael Larsen 2 months ago
180 kw is like 241 horse power, thats not alot
Thomas Beshaw
Thomas Beshaw 2 months ago
If you really are going to build the brz keep the power well below 290 kilowatt/400 horse. 325-350 lbft is pretty much the max the car can reliably handle. If the engine is built for it, the rest of the car ISN'T. broken diffs, cracked transmission housing, broken driveshafts/cv, overheating, and the suspension can't keep the power down period the wheel hop when you try to accelerate is horrid. Keep fixing those issues and pretty soon you will have 60k you say marty's car is worth spent in the brz and it still will only be as fast as his with a turbo kit. After the time heartache and wasted funds I bought a better car instead of wasting time making my slow brz fast.
james lee
james lee 2 months ago
euro beat intensifies
Jason Colby
Jason Colby 2 months ago
I'm a little jealous. I'm stuck in California not enjoying a hot ass day. 111f/43c and they got a cold morning rocking hoodies. 😟
De-bodgery 2 months ago
The BRZ might be slower, but it looks so much better than the old STI.
Ian Gill
Ian Gill 2 months ago
1 UZ swap inbound
The Rebellious Geek
The Rebellious Geek 2 months ago
8:46 is this the same ae86 in the back as the paint shop one?
cody millien
cody millien 2 months ago
at 13:55 did he say v8 brz?
Wtf_Allan 2 months ago
Highlight of the video, “there’s a Honda behind me, but from the look of the wing it doesn’t look like it’ll be there for long.” Hahah
Bryan Dunbar
Bryan Dunbar 2 months ago
Brz has a appointment with turbo yoda next time on mcm
Kurtis O'Brien
Kurtis O'Brien 2 months ago
Instantly liked as soon as I heard about the donation you guys were making. Keep it up boys
thomasgt4e11 corolla.celica
The same badge but where is martys